Faith Precedes the Miracle

Spencer W. Kimball

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Faith Precedes the Miracle

Faith Precedes the Miracle Understanding the gospel concern for people love for the Savior these form the underlying theme of Faith Precedes the Miracle In nearly three decades as a General Authority President Kimball has sp

  • Title: Faith Precedes the Miracle
  • Author: Spencer W. Kimball
  • ISBN: 9780875797076
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • Understanding the gospel, concern for people, love for the Savior these form the underlying theme of Faith Precedes the Miracle In nearly three decades as a General Authority, President Kimball has spoken forthrightly to members of the Church, warning of the deceits of Satan and pointing out the road back for those who have erred and who yearn for reconciliation with theUnderstanding the gospel, concern for people, love for the Savior these form the underlying theme of Faith Precedes the Miracle In nearly three decades as a General Authority, President Kimball has spoken forthrightly to members of the Church, warning of the deceits of Satan and pointing out the road back for those who have erred and who yearn for reconciliation with the Lord This book is based on some of his sermons and messages, but each one has been edited and revised to a reading style while retaining the basic, highly personal mode of expression The subjects reflect a genuine concern for how Latter day Saints can find joy and happiness through living gospel principles, including testimony and revelation, marriage and the family, morality and repentance, righteousness, and the restored church Each message is an important, direct statement of gospel principles.

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      347 Spencer W. Kimball
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    One thought on “Faith Precedes the Miracle

    1. Carol on said:

      President Kimball wrote this book in stories and examples to help us understand the many different ideas and concepts of faith, and how we can use it in our life. I recommend this book as an excellent tool to help understand faith, and how it applies in our lives.

    2. Heather on said:

      It was good to read this book again. It is wonderful to read President Kimball's testimony and teachings of Christ and the importance of having faith in Him and His plan. Really each of these chapters are different teachings on several different principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but they really all tie back into faith in Christ. We must have faith in Him and trust in Him. Here are a few of my favorite quotes/ideas from this time reading through:"Faith is needed as much as ever before (pa [...]

    3. Nathalie S on said:

      I wanted to read this book because of a brother in my ward who had an enormous health challenge and after re-reading this book (and a lifetime of dedicated faith no doubt) did receive his amazing healing miracle. It so impressed me that I finally decided to read it after nearly 40 years since joining the LDS Church. President Spencer W. Kimball was the prophet when I joined the Church. It is based on his discourses, which means that I had heard or read many portions of this book over the years. [...]

    4. The Thousander Club on said:

      Adam C. Zern offers some thoughts . . ."In the Latter-day Saint culture, Spencer W. Kimball's The Miracle of Forgiveness is legendary. Spencer W. Kimball, the 12th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is known for his bold and forward speaking and writing style. The Miracle of Forgiveness has no shortage of 'straight talk,' and Faith Precedes the Miracle is no different. Less well-known and less read among Latter-day Saints than Kimball's other book, Faith Precedes the Mi [...]

    5. Kelly on said:

      I really enjoyed this book! After reading this book I wish I could remember Spencer W. Kimball as a prophet. He died when I was young and I don't remember him at all. This book helped me to get to know him a little better. It served as a great reminder that faith is such an important principle of the Gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is through faith that all great things come to past. Spencer W. Kimball was an amazing prophet and a very good writer. I loved how he we [...]

    6. Annika Paxman on said:

      My husband and I decided to read this in the evenings together. I believe every one of us at some point in our live has sought a miracle. The first chapter of this book delves immediately into the religious aspects of asking God for a miracle, and the role faith has in such a request.We are immediately taken into the Old Testament and shown examples of prophet showing their faith before receiving their miracle. The most moving example for me personally, was being that of Abraham and Isaac. Kimba [...]

    7. Erin on said:

      I love President Kimball's bold speech. Things are very black and white when he talks about them. You are either on the Lord's side or you are not. There is power in his words. At fist I had the thought that some things really do not apply to "today's society", most of these selections were written/given from the 1950's to the 1970's; however, gospel truth is eternal truth. Sometimes we have a great ability to "rationalize" what we do not like to hear. but like the title indicates, Faith and obe [...]

    8. Amanda on said:

      I did not realize when I picked this up that it is not technically a book written by President Spencer W. Kimball, but a compilation from his discourses. I felt that some of the chapters were put together strangely, bounced around from topic to topic, and were hard to follow. It was mostly in the first few chapters and I almost gave up reading the book altogether. There is a lot in this book and some of it is outdated. (For example, it was put together before the change to allow the black member [...]

    9. Heather on said:

      Very great read. It's kind of like the Priesthood/Relief Society manuals on the Presidents of the Church in that each chapter is a compilation of his words on a particular topic. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated his insights. My one complaint is that I read it because of the title, and the title ended up having very little to do with what it was actually about. Still very glad I read it, though.

    10. Melinda on said:

      Considering her obsession about miracles and such (and telling me that faith is not a part of it), I really think this book would benefit. And all the other principles covered would be helpful, too. I may have to consider buying my own audio copy so she can listen and not wait upon someone to read it to her. I've wanted to read it for myself anyhow.

    11. Ruth on said:

      was a really good book. basically a collection of the discourses of SWK a little bit outdated (one chapter was about how we shouldn't hate against the native americans and another one was on the issue of blacks not being able to hold the priesthood), but overall, a fantastic read. my second time reading it! :)

    12. Jana Hill on said:

      This took me a long time to work my way through, but I liked it a lot. As always with Pres. Kimball he just lays it right out there, doesn't beat around the bush about what we're supposed to be doing. And it never ceases to amaze me how even though his (and other apostles) writings were decades ago, they seem so perfectly applicable today.

    13. Greg on said:

      Sequel to Spencer W. Kimball's seminal work, The Miracle of Forgiveness. Based on some of his writings and sermons, he addresses topics such as family, marriage, testimony, personal revelation, and morality. Through it all runs the thread of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    14. Meg on said:

      I enjoyed this book, however I was expecting another book like "The Miracle of Forgiveness". This book is a collection of talks given by Spencer W. Kimball. Although all the talks are good I was disapointed that it wasn't one solid book.

    15. Chrisanne on said:

      I liked it. I was surprised at the continuity-- I was expecting the regular compilation but it seemed to flow really well. Of course, if you've read/listened to his previous works you might find some repetition. But it had been a while so it didn't bother me.

    16. Conni Chavez on said:

      Loved this book. I can tell it was used to compile much of the "Teachings of our Times, Spencer W. Kimball" There were many things in the book I'd read and studied over the last year. A must read for everyone at an appropriate time in life.

    17. Bryan Tanner on said:

      This feels like it came directly out of Pres. Kimball's personal scripture journal. It's full of citations from scripture and other personal accounts. Pres. Kimball is very straightforward and methodical in his approach towards the subjects of faith, love, and discipleship.

    18. Kirsten on said:

      President Kimball is an amazing man, and I love how straight forward he is in his council. There were so many different areas of the gospel this book touches on, it's one you can refer to again and again.

    19. Michele on said:

      I love President Kimball's forthright way of telling it like it is. This is a collection of his talks, which I didn't realize before I started reading it. I thought it'll all be on building faith, but it progressed through several different topics.

    20. Nola on said:

      I first read this book as a senior in high school. I learned so much about faith. At the time, Elder Kimball was in the Quorum of the Twelve, but when he became the Prophet, I felt as if I knew him because of the insights that he gave in this book. I highly recommend reading it.

    21. Angie on said:

      I was expecting this book to be different. I was looking forward to reading a book about Faith, but alasI only got one chapter. It should have been named Thoughts On Various Subjects by Spencer W. Kimball. It is not that I disagreed with what he wrote, it was just that I learned nothing new.

    22. Sara on said:

      This book, the words of the sharp-tongued, sugar-free prophet Spencer W. Kimball changed my life. If you are looking for an overview of why we are here, or are looking for answers to any pressing questions about the church or the gospel, this is a great place to look.

    23. Emily on said:

      I have loved reading this book, especially as I prepare my Relief Society lessons. It is fun to read the powerful talks written by a man that I remember as being so sick, yet so strong. I love it dearly and only have about 100 pages to go.

    24. Patti on said:

      What didn't I learn from this book? The title says it all. Faith precedes the miracle. I have always struggled with having faith, and this book taught me the differenct between belief, desire, and faith. I will keep this book on my shelf for sure.

    25. Josephine on said:

      This was a great collection of talks by Pres. Kimball. I read it straight through to read it and found some talks I will probably read over and over again and some I may never read again. I especially liked the sections on faith, and the ones on marriage and family.

    26. Kristen on said:

      Good stuff! President Kimball might have had a career as an essayist. I especially enjoyed Chapter 2, where throughout he addresses the reader as Nicodemusry interesting.

    27. Sherri on said:

      I had forgotten how straight forward President Kimball was. I felt it worthwhile to refresh my memory of his teachings and enjoyed reading his words.

    28. Ethel on said:

      I loved President Kimball. He was a true prophet and his words are as true today as when he wrote them. Very inspiring and life changing book

    29. Zack Thornton on said:

      Anything that pres kimball has written or said is worth the time.

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