Death on the Installment Plan

Louis-Ferdinand Céline Ralph Manheim

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Death on the Installment Plan

Death on the Installment Plan Published in rapid succession in the middle s Journey to the End of the Night and Death on the Installment Plan shocked European literature and world consciousness Nominally fiction but rightly c

  • Title: Death on the Installment Plan
  • Author: Louis-Ferdinand Céline Ralph Manheim
  • ISBN: 9780811200172
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published in rapid succession in the middle 1930s, Journey to the End of the Night and Death on the Installment Plan shocked European literature and world consciousness Nominally fiction but rightly called creative confessions, they told of the author s childhood in excoriating Paris slums, of service in the mud wastes of World War I and African jungles Mixing unmPublished in rapid succession in the middle 1930s, Journey to the End of the Night and Death on the Installment Plan shocked European literature and world consciousness Nominally fiction but rightly called creative confessions, they told of the author s childhood in excoriating Paris slums, of service in the mud wastes of World War I and African jungles Mixing unmitigated despair with Gargantuan comedy, they also created a new style, in which invective and obscenity were laced with phrases of unforgettable poetry C line s influence revolutionized the contemporary approach to fiction Under a cloud for a period, his work is now acknowledged as the forerunner of today s black comedy Death on the Installment Plan is the story of young Ferdinand s first 18 years His life is one of hatred, of the grinding struggle of small shopkeepers to survive, of childhood sensations and fantasies lusty, scatological, violent, but also poetic There is a running battle with his ineffectual insurance clerk of a father, with his mother, who lives and whines around the junkshop she runs for the boys benefit there is also the superbly funny Meanwell College in England where the boy went briefly, a Dickensian, nightmare institution Always there is humiliation, failure, and boredom, at least until he teams up with the scientist des Pereires This inventor, con man, incorrigible optimist whose last project is to grow enormous potatoes by electricity rescues him, if only temporarily for the reader he is one of the most lovable charlatans in literature.

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      213 Louis-Ferdinand Céline Ralph Manheim
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    1. Agir(آگِر) on said:

      آه، فردینان! غم انگیزست، غم انگیز! زندگی را نمی گویم، منظورم زمان است!زندگی یعنی ما! یعنی هیچاما زمان! زمان یعنی همه چیزآه! ای خدا، ای خدا!فکرش را که می کنم، چه معرکه ی گهیفردینان: آه! وحشتناک است جداهر چقدر هم که آدم جوان باشدوقتی اول بار متوجه می شود که توی راه خیلی ها را از دست م [...]

    2. Yücel Batu on said:

      Bitti Yine bitti! Ah! Lanet olsun be! Hepsi Ferdinand piçinin suçu! Ya da Céline mi diyelim İkisinin de canı cehenneme! Kurtuldum ya sonunda! On gündür neler çektim bu pislik herifler yüzünden Tanrı bilir! Ah Ferdinand ah anlamıyorlar oğlum, anlamazlar, anlayamazlar zaten! Beyinsiz öküzler kusmuklarında boğulsunlar irinleriyle, öksürükleriyle, balgamlarıyla boğuşarak can versinler be! Ah! Ferdinand Céline! Söyle pislik herif! Bu kadar mı kötü olmak zorundalardı Hiç [...]

    3. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      ‭‭‎Mort a Credit = Death on Credit = Death on the Installment Plan, Louis-Ferdinand Céline (1894 - 1961)Death on Credit (French: Mort à crédit), US translation: Death on the Installment Plan, is a novel by author Louis-Ferdinand Céline, published in 1936. In Death on Credit, Ferdinand, Céline's alter ego, is a doctor in Paris, treating the poor who seldom pay him but take every advantage of his availability. The action is not continuous but goes back in time to earlier memories and of [...]

    4. Tara on said:

      In Céline’s Death on the Installment Plan, scornful young Ferdinand unenthusiastically lugs readers along on the series of farcical (mis)adventures also known as his childhood. We encounter monstrously preposterous characters and stories with varying dimensions of outlandish implausibility. And through it all, we end up sympathizing completely with his disgust, contempt, frustration, and underlying disappointment. For although Ferdinand is emphatically vitriolic, bitter, pessimistic and snide [...]

    5. FeReSHte on said:

      محشر، فوق العاده و به یادماندنیو چه ترجمه ای !!! شاهکاری بود واقعنسلین صادق ترین و از اونجا که حقیقت تلخه، تلخ ترین نویسنده ای بود که دیدم. اصلن قرار نیست حوادث و اتفاقات زندگی و یا ادم های اطرافمون با قلم سلین کمی برای خواننده تلطیف بشنبه همون زشتی و به همون تلخی که موجودن به تص [...]

    6. MJ Nicholls on said:

      Relentless, unforgiving, morbid, histrionic, hilarious, insufferable, in permanent fear of a full clause, miserable, depressing, sick-minded . . . this pell-mell assault on taste and the universe pirouettes along its two billion ellipses and nine zillion exclamation points into a world of squalor and shit and the doldrums of being a French peasant at the dawn of modernism. Céline takes the kitchen-sink horror of Zola and reinstates the swear words Zola’s late-Victorian censors forbade him, ad [...]

    7. Amir on said:

      پیش پرداخت موقع خوندن جای خالی سلوچ در به در دنبال اصطلاحی بودم که بالاخره با خوندن مرگ قسطی به ذهنم رسید. دنبال کلمه ای بودم که بتونه فضای تیره و تار این رمان ها رو برسونه. کلمه ای که بتونه همه ی اون چیزی باشه که این رمان ها می خواستند به زبون بی زبونی جار بزنن. کلمه ای که با گفتن [...]

    8. Zi on said:

      آره دایی .زیر انبوهی از پتو همینطور که لرز می کند دراز شده است فردینان و بعد هم آخر کار می گوید آره دایی و بعد تمام ! تمام نشده است که دلم می گیرد اصلا کجا حالا ؟ الان که وقت رفتن نبودکتابم را که می بندم درست اندازه ی فردینان بعد از مرگ کورسیال دلم می گیرد .یکی نوشته بود که وقتی وار [...]

    9. Sarah Alirezaee on said:

      «زندگی ما گذراست، حقیقتی‌ست، اما تا همین جایش هم زیادی گذشته.»این اولین جمله ای بود که در کتاب مرگ قسطی توجهم را جلب کرد. کتابی تلخ و تاریک که از زبان یک پزشک نقل می شود. و در طول داستان می فهمی که چرا «تا همین جاش هم زیادی گذشته» و چه طور می شود که قسطی مرد. کتابی که نشانت می دهد د [...]

    10. Szplug on said:

      If you haven't been through that you'll never know what obsessive hatred really smells likee hatred that goes through your guts, all the way to your heartReal hatred comes from deep down, from a defenseless childhood crushed with work. That's the hatred that kills you. There'll be more of it, so deep and thick there will always be some left, enough to go aroundIt will ooze out over the earthd poison it, so nothing will grow but viciousness, among the dead, among men.Céline's acerbic follow-up t [...]

    11. Arman Mohammadi yazdi on said:

      سلين زندگي را طرد نمي‌كند بلكه مدام __‌حتا در گه‌ترين شرايطي كه مي‌توان به تصور در آورد‌__ به استقبالش مي‌رود. اين جز در پذيرش دو حقيقت ممكن نيست. نخست حقيقت حتميت مرگ در انتهاي سرنوشت. و دو، حقيقتي نكبت‌بار به نام وجود. و اين مي‌تواند كم‌تر نكبت‌بار شود اگر كه بشود بدون اغر [...]

    12. amin akbari on said:

      یک رمانِ دیوانه‌یِ دیوانه‌یِ دیوانه، روایتی با نثری غریزی و وحشی. شاید به مذاق افراد مبادی آداب خوش نیاید ولی خب شکر خدا این تعداد از افراد زیاد نیستند، بخوانید و لذت ببرید

    13. Anthony on said:

      Pure unadulterated brilliance. Celine is one of those few authors one comes across whose genius makes one appreciate life, art, and the great fortune one has to be able to experience it. Celine's writings are like a dark gem shining blackly in a sea of mediocre banality. Celine manages to mix severe misanthropy, pessimism, violent disgust with life and humanity with hilarity. Easily one of the best books I've ever read as well as one of the most humorous. This isn't happy humor though. It is dar [...]

    14. Hadrian on said:

      Simultaneously one of the most depressing and hilarious novels I've read. The author has creative sex metaphors that would make fan-fiction authors weep.The style has changed considerably since "Journey to the End of the Night". There is still the same nihilistic mocking tone, the paranoia, the distrust of everything. But instead of tense packed essays, this novel is studded with ellipses like bullet holes. See Celine taking out a Chicago typewriter and blasting down the ennui of interwar bourge [...]

    15. Rana Heshmati on said:

      کتاب خیلی عجیبی بود نمیدونم که چه چیزی باید بگم دقیقاً، اما، یکی از چیزهایی که به ذهنم میرسه الان اینه که تصویرسازی خیلی خیلی قوی ای داره. آدم همه چیز رو میتونه تصور کنه و بیاره جلوی چشمش بدبختی رو با تک تک سلول هاش حس کنه، حالت تهوع بگیره، یا احساس عجز کنه و بیخیال شه کاملاً سر [...]

    16. Leila on said:

      باید اعتراف کنم تا صد صفحه آخر کتاب نمیتونستم هیچ ارتباطی با کتاب برقرار کنم و وقتی متن رو میخوندم گاهی اوقات سرگیجه میگرفتم و تمرکزم رو از دست میدادم ،شاید بخاطر شلوغ بودن ذهن خودم توی این چند وقت نمیتونستم روی زندگی یه بچه ای که تو این نکبت زندگی میکنه و متن درهم و پاره پاره و [...]

    17. Kamrani Adnan on said:

        خاطره‌های قدیمی سمج‌اند اما شکننده هم هستند، ظریفنداولین تجربه از سلین و اولین رمانی با این حجم که در طول دوهفته مطالعه‌اش کردم. ۷۱۹ صفحهْ سفر با فردیناناولین نویسنده‌ایی بود که وقتی به دیدار هم می‌رفتیم اینقدر رُک و بی‌پرده حرفش رو میزد که در لابلای همین صفحه‌ها خنده‌ [...]

    18. Vit Babenco on said:

      “As soon as things begin to look up a little, all people can think of is piggishness…”Louis-Ferdinand Céline is a virtuoso of explicit narration, a prodigy of grotesque and a czar of cynicism…“‘You’re working too hard! You’re a sap! You think they appreciate it? If you knock yourself out, who’s going to take care of you? Not your boss, I bet! Buy me a menthe, kid! I’ll sing you The Girl from Mostaganem It’ll drive you crazy, you’ll see’ For that little number she’d h [...]

    19. ablomof on said:

      سلین در نامه‌ای به لئون دوده می‌گوید: «من همان‌طوری می‌نویسم که حس می‌کنمازم خرده می‌گیرند که بددهنم، زبان بی‌ادبانه دارم. از بیرحمی و خشونت دائمی [کتاب‌هایم] انتقاد می‌کنندچه کنم، این دنیا ذاتش را عوض کند، من هم سبکم را عوض می‌کنم» به راستی که سلین زندگی را می‌نویسد بد [...]

    20. Zahra on said:

      بی‌نظیر، و نه حتا کم‌نظیر. لاابالی، بی‌رحم، شگفت‌انگیز. هنوز هم خوندن‌اش از بهترین و عجیب‌ ترین خاطرات کتابی‌مه

    21. Christine on said:

      What an asshole. What a pig. What a bigot. But jesus, can he write. This is a good one to pick up and just read passages from anywhere then set down when you just can't take it anymore.

    22. Jim on said:

      It's all those damned dots one after another here comes one fragment then another and before you know it you're being carried along like flotsam in the sewers Poor Ferdinand hard-luck kid nothing but abuse at home surrounded by gargoyles work was no escape everyone was such a stinking sneak, until Ferdinand was forced out once again only to undergo the treatment again at home they always took it so personally not that maman and papa were doing that well on their own no, they expec [...]

    23. ArturoBelano on said:

      2017 Kasım’ında Profesör Y ile başlayıp 2. Okuması yapılan Yolculuk’tan sonra yılı Taksitle Ölüm ile bitiriyorum. Böylelikle Celine faslını uzun bir süre açılmamak üzere kapatıyorum, yeni eserleri çevrildiğinde okur muyum bilmiyorum.Bu kısa girişten de anlaşılacağı üzere Celine benim yazarım değilmiş, onu öğrenmiş oldum. Gecenin Sonunda’ ya yazdığım yorumda 20’li yaşlarda okuduğumda etkilendiğimi belirtmiştim, o etki bu günkü okumalarıma taşı [...]

    24. Sanam on said:

      مرگ قسطی خود زندگی نامه سلین نیست اما چنان نوشته شده که توهم واقعی بودن آن وحشت انگیز است سلین شاگردی نمونه در مدرسه بوده و زندگی خانوادگی متوسطی داشته و اینها را در یادبودی که ده ها سال بعد از او برایش گرفته اند با یادداشتی که در استعلام از مدرسه او به دست آمده اعلام کردند و جا [...]

    25. Danny Axelrod on said:

      The master of the ellipse, Celine recounts his tragi-comic career as a youth and doctor in the Paris suburb of Montemartre. If you know Celine, this is his darkest but, in my opinion , most beautifully and vividly written novel. He spins and sputters off into an inner world that has great clarity concerning the surrounding outer world, without any great ability to relate properly to it.I just found myself relating to like my own. If you are new to Celine, think of it as Bukowski meets Moulin Rou [...]

    26. Shaghayegh.l3 on said:

      كتابو كه شروع كردم لحن و خودمونى بودن جمله ها رو دوست داشتم ، دو هفته فاصله انداختم و از اينجا مشكلم باهاش شروع شد ريتم اذيتم مى كرد و پيش نميرفت . ذهنم مدام مى پريد از رو كتاب و صفحه ها ميخوندم بدون ذره اى دقت جدا از همه ى تلخى و سياهى و كثافتى كه از سرو روى بخت و اقبال و زندگى فر [...]

    27. ♍ on said:

      آه وحشتناک است جداًهر چقدر هم که آدم جوان باشدوقتی اول بار متوجه می شود که توی راه خیلی ها را از دست می دهدرفقایی که آدم دیگر نمی بیندهیچ وقت هیچ وقتمثل خاب تمام شده اند و رفته اندتمامغیبکه خود آدم هم یک روز غیبش می زندشاید خیلی بعداما به هر حال،ناچاربا همه ی سیلاب هولناک چیزها [...]

    28. Tyler on said:

      Wherever I go lately in literature, it seems the French have been there first. Today's episode of this might be called, "How the French saved Modernism from itself." Or at least, how Céline did. This companion to Journey to the End of the Night can be read equally well by itself. In it, a boy – why Ferdinand, it just so happens is his name – grows up at the turn of the century in middle-class Paris. This story looks closely at that boy and that environment, and adds a creative twist to the [...]

    29. ژیار Jiyar on said:

      ئاخ لە دەست سێلین! چ جواننووسیکە خودایا! لە نێو گشت نووسەرە فڕەنسییەکاندا، 'لوی فێردینان سێلین' خۆشەویسترین نووسەرە لام، هەڵبەت کتێبی سەفەر بەرەو کۆتایی شەو و مردن بە قیست زۆر تایبەتن، شاکاری سێلینن. لێرەدا پاڕاگرافێکی ئەم کتێبە (مردن بە قیست) دادەنێم بە زمانی کوردی.* * *ئەو سا [...]

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