To Sir Phillip, With Love

Julia Quinn

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To Sir Phillip, With Love

To Sir Phillip With Love Sir Phillip knew from his correspondence with his dead wife s distant cousin that Eloise Bridgerton was a spinster and so he d proposed figuring that she d be homely and unassuming and than a littl

  • Title: To Sir Phillip, With Love
  • Author: Julia Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780380820856
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sir Phillip knew from his correspondence with his dead wife s distant cousin that Eloise Bridgerton was a spinster, and so he d proposed, figuring that she d be homely and unassuming, and than a little desperate for an offer of marriage Except she wasn t The beautiful woman on his doorstep was anything but quiet, and when she stopped talking long enough to cloSir Phillip knew from his correspondence with his dead wife s distant cousin that Eloise Bridgerton was a spinster, and so he d proposed, figuring that she d be homely and unassuming, and than a little desperate for an offer of marriage Except she wasn t The beautiful woman on his doorstep was anything but quiet, and when she stopped talking long enough to close her mouth, all he wanted to do was kiss herEloise Bridgerton couldn t marry a man she had never met But then she started thinking and wondering and before she knew it, she was in a hired carriage in the middle of the night, on her way to meet the man she hoped might be her perfect match Except he wasn t Her perfect husband wouldn t be so moody and ill mannered And he certainly should have mentioned that he had two young and decidedly unruly children, as much in need of a mother as Phillip is in need of a wife.

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    • ✓ To Sir Phillip, With Love || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Julia Quinn
      168 Julia Quinn
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    One thought on “To Sir Phillip, With Love

    1. Eastofoz on said:

      Quinn hits another 5 stars with this latest addition to the Bridgerton series. It’s brilliantly written, fun, funny, serious and heart-warming all at the same time with a nice dollop of steam to go with it ;)The novel starts out with Eloise Bridgerton’s quest to find a husband because she’s feeling spinsterish at the ripe old age of 28. Everything starts when she sends out a standard condolence note to her cousin’s husband. After corresponding for some time he decides he wants to meet he [...]

    2. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish on said:

      My ReviewWell, what is there to say that hasn’t already been said? This is yet another fun installment of the Bridgerton series. I enjoyed the storyline, as it was different from the others, more unique – a nice change of pace from the usual plot in so many of today’s Historical Romances. *sigh* I really, really loved Sir Phillip. What a tortured soul! What a brave man! What a sexy hunk of man-flesh. *sigh*Eloise, with her common sense ways and affection for children which comes from being [...]

    3. Rane on said:

      It started off with a letter, and turned out to be a correspondence that lasted well over a year, but when Eloise Bridgerton is asked an marriage proposal through a missive she’s a leery to even think about it, but when an event of marriage between her best friend and fellow spinster takes place, Eloise feels this may be her last chance at marriage and love. Sir Phillip Crane is speechless when a beautiful woman appears on his doorstep, this couldn’t be the woman he’s been writing to? He i [...]

    4. [Aengell] on said:

      And this is said to be one of the not-so books in the series? I loved it! Phillip was a flawed, traumatized, silent and brooding hero, just like I like them. Eloise was like a heroine by Julia Quinn should be: strong, stubborn, talking a little bit too much, but in the end endearing as ever. Together, these two were a well-fitting couple, and I felt myself very much invested in their romance, seeing that it was just adorable. The twins were a delight to read about, and the relationship to their [...]

    5. Milica's Bookshelf on said:

      Sir Phillip Crane je udovac sa dvoje male djece koji se bavi botanikom. Njegova supruga je preminula od komplikacija nakon pokušaja samoubistva. Posle njene smrti on dobija pismo saučešća od Eloise Bridgerton. Njih dvoje nastavljaju konverzaciju dok u jednom pismu sir Phillip ne predloži Eloise da se uda za njega, iako se nikad nisu sreli. Eloise prolazi kroz životnu krizu, jer ima dvadeset osam godina i još uvek nije udata, dok su njenih četvoro starijih braće i sestara u srećnom brak [...]

    6. Grecia Robles on said:

      Mmmm no me gustó tanto como los anteriores libros, a mi me encantan las historias con cartas y todo eso pero quedó a deber, si hubiera más romance o nos hubieran presentado más su relación a base de carta me hubiera encantado pero todo se quedó en una palabra HUBIERA. Es la historia es muy sosa, Eloise como protagonista me quedó a deber y Phillip bastante equis no me emocionó.Mi pate favorita y lo que salva al libro es la intervención de los hermanos Bridgerton, ay es que no me acordaba [...]

    7. Nikoleta on said:

      Το λιγότερο ενδιαφέρον -για εμένα- βιβλίο, της σειράς εως τώρα.

    8. Caz on said:

      I've given this an A+ for narration and an A- for content at AudioGals.This fifth instalment in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series is one of the books I have somehow not got around to reading, and which, for some reason I can’t remember, I had thought to be one of the weaker books in the series. This new audio version has laid that misconception firmly to rest however, and is, I think, now one of my favourites of the set. To Sir Phillip With Love is perhaps not as light-hearted as many of the a [...]

    9. valee on said:

      Owww! Wow! I have to say that Julia Quinn did it again. I adored this book. It was so good that I finished it in 8 hours and read it without stopping. I believe this has been the best book in the series so far. I know most of you won't agree but IMHO it was much better than the first 4 books. Books 1 and 2 were amazing but this one just got me sobbing many times, LOL.Phillip and Eloise were such an amazing couple, just perfect for each other, exactly what they needed. The chemistry between both [...]

    10. CONSUELO on said:

      Ainsssss los Bridgherton. .que bueno que es este también y que final quedan los dos pequeños nada más, pero mi favorita sigue siendo la historia de Franchesca

    11. Kimberly Carrington-Fox on said:

      Nuestra reseña en A la cama con un libro Me lo he devorado

    12. Jasmin on said:

      How to search for true love?One could hope that a parcel, containing directions to find one’s soulmate, fall off from heaven. But unfortunately, that is highly unlikely. There is no easy way to find the one.And for Eloise Bridgerton, the search was definitely not easy. She endured a number of seasons only to accustom herself to a few years of spinsterhood. She refused six offers of marriage just to wait for her own epic romance of cosmic proportions.And all it took was a simple correspondence [...]

    13. Pat on said:

      4.5*Adorei, meu Deus, como eu amo romance de época, eu vou ser sincera eu só peguei este livro porque estou a espera do livro da Colleen, e como ele ainda não chegou eu olhei para a minha estante e disse vou continuar com a série dos Bridgerton e não me arrependi nada eu achei o livro tão bonito e tão bem conseguido, que terminei tão rápido que me deu vontade de mais. Este livro conta a história da 5°irmã Bridgerton a Eloise, ela tem uma personalidade muito fofa é super tagarela, e [...]

    14. Iliada on said:

      I read the first four Bridgerton books almost four years ago when I was taking my first tentative steps in Romancelandia. I regret having waited so long to read the rest as, back then, I used to read books with an enthusiasm I can't muster these days.However, TSPWL is a very sweet romance made all the better by two naughty but adorable children, and a romance that built up realistically even withing the short time frame this book spanned.Eloise was a wonderful heroine, intelligent and sunny - sh [...]

    15. Ana // TheBooktarian on said:

      It wasn't as good as the previous ones simply because of the main male character, Sir Phillip! As a woman, I feel really angry about some of the things he said during this book! I explain: Sir Phillip just wanted a woman to make his life easier, so that he wouldn't have to worry about 'stupid things' and could do whatever he wanted with his life and ultimately have all the fun! In his mind, the solution to all of his problems was to get a wife, so that she could take care of everything for him s [...]

    16. Cassandra Dexter Colby on said:

      Qué gusto leer nadismos así, con enaguas y sin pichotismos.

    17. Jennifer on said:

      2.5 stars. What began as a charming, albeit a bit sad, HR quickly devolved into the same old "you must marry since you've flaunted society's dictates" trope and I became bored. Plus, it didn't seem like Quinn could quite decide which big problem to focus on. Was it the H who feared becoming his father and thus avoided his children? Or was it the MCs' relationship and whether or not their marriage of convenience would become a marriage in the truest sense? I suppose the root cause of both problem [...]

    18. Zoe on said:

      Sometimes I feel like such an oddball on . What people love and rave about, I often find them not exactly my cup of tea. What people find not so great, I like a great deal. That is the case with To Sir Phillip, with Love. I read lots of reviews about the Bridgertons' stories. But I work my way slowly through them. Now I finally got to Eloise Bridgerton's story. It doesn't seem to be so well received. But I thought the relationship between Eloise and Phillip rather endearing, except for the last [...]

    19. ☕ Kimberly on said:

      Narrated by Rosalyn Landor, Quinn annoyed and delighted me as she shared Eloise Bridgerton's romance.  Eloise sent Sir Phillip Crane a note of sympathy when his wife, Marina, died fifteen months or so ago and the letter sparked a correspondence between the two.Quinn shares the death of Sir Phillip's wife which leaves him a widower and single parent to eight-year-old twins. He and Eloise strike up a friendship, and he proposes a meeting to discuss a possible marriage. Eloise, being, well, [...]

    20. Juliana Philippa on said:

      A great romance with two very different leading characters, both vividly written and complex (+ perfect for each other) (4 stars) [May 1824, Gloucestershire:] To Sir Phillip, With Love is Julia Quinn's fifth Bridgerton book and one of the only ones (besides for When He Was Wicked) in the series that I had not yet read. It was a complete delight and after being disappointed (sometimes *severely*) in all of the post-Bridgerton books I have read by Quinn, it was great to once again read something b [...]

    21. Sonia De la rosa on said:

      No soy nada objetiva con esta serie, es mi debilidad. Siempre es un placer reencontrarse con los Bridgerton. Julia Quinn es una maestra para escribir diálogos, son ingeniosos, chispeantes siempre consigue como mínimo una sonrisa.Eloise es una protagonista fabulosa a la que he adorado. Phillip, el protagonista le ha faltado un poco para enamorarme completamente, la autora ha estado tan preocupada para mostrarnos en que no se da cuenta que se esta enamorando de Eloise que al final me ha resultad [...]

    22. ♛ Garima ♛ on said:

      I was not sure going into this without Penelope's funny alter-ego cunning reporterd I put this in my maybe-later shelf. It was definitely enjoyable but I missed our reporter way too much. So Eloise and Sir Philip, God knows, I like my heroines little bit less cheeky but cannot help but love Eloise. Sir Philip is grumpy, old man. So, at the end, it felt like Eeyore and Tigger pairI didn't enjoy until all Bridgerton brothers entered the story but after that it was too entertaining to put it down! [...]

    23. Jaclyn on said:

      *4.5*Love it! This one definitely dealt with some darker themes compared to the other ones but I still really enjoyed it. I’m obsessed with Julia Quinn and have officially brought all of her books, I’m in love with the Bridgerton world!Philip wasn’t my favorite hero but he had a lot of depth to him and I loved the progression of his relationship with Eloise, there were just times when I was extremely frustrated by himAll in all, another lovely installment to this series!

    24. Ivana Azap Feješ on said:

      First reading 2011/08/11WONDERFUL!!!Second reading 2016/03/06It started off with a letter, and turned out to be a correspondence that lasted well over a year, but when Eloise Bridgerton is asked an marriage proposal through a missive she’s a leery to even think about it, but when an event of marriage between her best friend and fellow spinster takes place, Eloise feels this may be her last chance at marriage and love. Sir Phillip Crane is speechless when a beautiful woman appears on his doorst [...]

    25. Lady Wesley on said:

      Rosalyn Landor gives her usual excellent performance of this marriage-of-convenience story. I enjoyed it, even though Sir Phillip was difficult to like sometimes. I also liked that his badly-behaved children did not immediately adore and obey Eloise; it took some work. It was fun to encounter some of the Bridgerton clan again.

    26. Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) on said:

      This and "Romancing Mr Bridgerton" are my favourite in this series. This tells the stroy of Eloise Bridgerton, who after her best friend Penelope Featherington and her brother Colin's wedding finds her self very spindertish and old. At twenty-eight she is firmly on the shelf, but she also has a secret, for a year she has been corresponding with Sr Phillip Crane, who in his last letter has offered a very practical marriage proposal. Showing her customary impulsiveness she decides to runaway to Gl [...]

    27. Linds on said:

      To Sir Philip with Love is another solid entry in the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn. Eloise is a 28 year old spinster. She has had other offers but was rich enough that she didn't have to marry for financial reasons.Eloise's best friend (whom she assumed would never marry) marries her brother (the plot of Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, the 4th book in the series.) Eloise panics. She has been corresponding with a widow and on impulse goes to stay with him. He has offered marriage if upon meeting th [...]

    28. İlkim on said:

      Eloise'in haşarı kişiliği kitabın en güzel faktörlerinden biriydi, bir hayli komik diyaloglar vardı ki beni baya güldürdüler. Kitap tabi Philip ve Eloise'in mektuplaşmaya başlayan ve büyük bir aşka dönüşen ilişkilerini çok güzel anlatıyor. Ayrıca babalarından istedikleri ilgiyi bulamayan iki küçük çocuk en başlarda içimi acıttı ama daha sonrasında ilişkilerin düzelmesi güzel bir finaldi. Julia Quinn öylesine romans hikayeleri yazan biri değil, romans anlat [...]

    29. Amanda on said:

      Eloise’s letters (especially the one that made up the epilogue), Oliver and Amanda (hey-oh! I love characters named after me because I’m shallow like that) and the hilarious and heartwarming appearances by various Bridgertons were the high points of the book. I also think Phillip was the first hero of the series to go down on his heroine so he definitely earned major kudo points there.The romance was okay but not the most memorable in my opinion. Honestly there were moments when I wasn’t s [...]

    30. Gillian Berry on said:

      3.5Liked that one a lot more than I thought I would! Might even be a 4. But I am so deeply in the Bridgerton trash can there is no hope for me.

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