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Jacob Since time began there have been Nightwalkers the races of the night who live in the shadows of the moonlight Love with humans is absolutely forbidden and one man makes certain to uphold this ancien

  • Title: Jacob
  • Author: Jacquelyn Frank
  • ISBN: 9780821780657
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Since time began, there have been Nightwalkers the races of the night who live in the shadows of the moonlight Love with humans is absolutely forbidden, and one man makes certain to uphold this ancient law Jacob, the EnforcerFor 700 Years, He has resisted temptation But not tonightJacob knows the excuses his people give when the madness overtakes them and they fSince time began, there have been Nightwalkers the races of the night who live in the shadows of the moonlight Love with humans is absolutely forbidden, and one man makes certain to uphold this ancient law Jacob, the EnforcerFor 700 Years, He has resisted temptation But not tonightJacob knows the excuses his people give when the madness overtakes them and they fall prey to their lust for humans He s heard every one and still brought the trespassers to justice Immune to forbidden desires, uncontrollable hungers, or the curse of the moon, his control is totaluntil the moment he sees Isabella on a shadowy New York City street Saving her life wasn t in his plans Nor were the overwhelming feelings she arouses in him But the moment he holds her in his arms and feels the soft explosion of her body against his, everything changes Their attraction is undeniable, volatile, and completely against the law Suddenly everything Jacob has ever believed is inflamed by the heat of desireBring on the night.

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    • Unlimited [Suspense Book] ¹ Jacob - by Jacquelyn Frank ì
      365 Jacquelyn Frank
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      Posted by:Jacquelyn Frank
      Published :2018-010-15T22:08:22+00:00

    One thought on “Jacob

    1. Emily May on said:

      I just cannot take it any longer! Maybe it was unfair that I gave the ending 1 star but I wouldn't know because I never made it there. This book just bugged me so much in every way. I love the paranormal romance genre, that and dystopias are what get me going book-wise; so I was thinking this would be another to add to the list: Fever Series, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lords Of The Underworld, etc, etc. I even ignored the terrible Mills & Boon style cover and pretended it didn't offend my eye [...]

    2. Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession on said:

      4.5 Stars *Spoilers*So this is my first Jacquelyn Frank book. I have put off starting this series for a while now because, a lot of my friends have had mixed reviews about it. I really Enjoyed it! Now I am ready for moreThis book is about Jacob a 700 year old demon. The Enforcer for his people, it is his job to uphold the ancient law that forbids demons to mate humans. A job that leaves him isolated and very lonely. He has never felt the forbidden desires for humans or the curse of the moon like [...]

    3. Shannon (Giraffe Days) on said:

      I really liked this book, but I can't give it more than 3 stars.ProsI love the new take on demons, on nightwalkers in general, turning them into an ancient race of honourable, magical beings who are only turned into hideous, slobbering, demonic fiends when summoned by human necromancers.I'm a big fan of elemental magic - the five elements are usually earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Here, instead of spirit, it's mind and body. Each demon is master of one particular element. Jacob's is earth.I [...]

    4. Gamze on said:

      gamzeninkitapdunyasi. "Jacob," dedi usulca Isabella, "nasıl bundan emin olmayayım? Sen benim kaderimsin. Bana bunu bir kehanetin filan söylemesine gerek yok." Uzanıp parmaklarını hafifçe yüzünün çevresinde ve üstünde gezdirdi. "Ruhumun yeri senin yanın. Kalbinin yeri benim yanım. Varlığımın her parçasında hissediyorum bunu. Gecenin en ürkütücü saatinde Bronx'taki karanlık sokaktan geçen aptalı ilk gördüğüm anda hissetmiştim." "Hımm. Ben de seni seviyorum," diye [...]

    5. Stacey is Sassy on said:

      d it all started from falling out of a window.Another new author to me and another crossed off my Want To Read list. I am really getting my monies worth with the Romance Package. Seriously, I'm not getting anything from Audible for saying that. I'm REALLY getting my monies worth. Obviously, they're not all brand spanking new releases, but it's almost better. I'm getting a chance to revisit old favourites and tackle my Want To Read list, finally.I really enjoyed this paranormal romance and I will [...]

    6. Sammy Loves Books on said:

      4 "I have a new favorite series" starsThis series has action and sexiness. I really look forward to more of this series.

    7. Duchess Nicole on said:

      I listened to the audiobook of this one, so my review reflects that. I think an audio experience colors my opinions in a big way. The narrator is a pretty popular one. She did a great job, although her voice is a bit sweet on the female lead's parts. Her Croatian accent (I think they're Croatian) was amazing. Not one you hear regularly, so kudos to her for that. It really delineated the male characters.I enjoyed this story, but honestly, it left me more interested in what is coming up for the re [...]

    8. Terra on said:

      Jacob (Book 1 of The Nightwalkers Series) by Jacquelyn Frank is a better than delightful romantic treat in the world of paranormal. Deliciously sensual ground shaking love and Demons like you have never seen before encompass this book with an elemental frenzy.Jacob is young for his six hundred years and every bit the professional when it comes to his job. Being an immortal Demon does have it's drawbacks and it's up to Jacob as The Enforcer to make sure that things go as they should and if a law [...]

    9. Kristen on said:

      I had a blast reading this book! Jacob (Nightwalkers series) is a fun, sexy, charming, fascinating, and highly captivating read. I fell in love with the hero and heroine, Jacob and Bella, right from the start. Jacob stole my heart. He was funny, sweet, fierce, domineering, and extremely loyal. It was impossible not to love him. Bella was an extremely strong and determined heroine, while still remaining feminine with a touch of vulnerability. At times she did get on my nerves (putting her hand [...]

    10. Buggy on said:

      Opening Line:"How ridiculously simple it would be to cause them harm."Jacob is the Demon enforcer for his people. His responsibility for the past 700 years has been to protect the human population from fellow Nightwalkers who fall victim to the maddening Moonlust. He takes his duties as enforcer seriously and over the years has even had to punish close friends and family members when they stray too close to humans. Because of this Jacob has become feared within Demon society, now an involuntary [...]

    11. Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ on said:

      The book that made me create a shelf for "gal I hated/annoyed me to no end" or something along the lines. The heroes, the nightwalkers were ok likeable characters, but the heroine, oh my god, the heroineI have never read such an annoying character before. It's safe to say that she's ruined the whole book for me and even though I wonder about the other guys I'm kinda afraid of their females turning out to be just like this one. She was a cocky, extremely childish little brat that kept on snapping [...]

    12. CC on said:

      Really enjoyed this one! It was written quite awhile ago and I did not know what to expect. But I really liked the world and the characters. Jacob was broody, lonely and a bad ass. I loved Bella. She was a perfect match for him. I loved that she did not spend the entire book in denial or shock about demons or their mating. I am not so sure about the next book since the hero pushed the heroine away almost 10 years ago. I am not sure I can get passed that. But I am going to try it since the entire [...]

    13. Ezinwanyi on said:

      3.5 Stars.Unfortunately, I wanted to put Isabella Russ in a headlock for most of the book. She goes down as top 5 most annoying heroines. Miss "Hand on the Hip" smart mouth. Does she really think she is the female Jackie Chan? Okay, a couple of males let you punch them, now you think you are Mike Tysonrl, go sit down on a ledge--and really fall down this time.She wasn't even suave like Cat to be so mouthy. Jacob, I really liked, but I look forward to reading the books of Gideon, Elijah & Noa [...]

    14. Büşra Öztürk on said:

      Jacop " minnoş " çıktı Rıza Baba ! Minik Çiçeğim bana çok ağır geldi çok. :'(

    15. Kelli on said:

      This review is for the audiobook version of Jacob, narrated by Xe Sands.Warning: this review contains blatant preconceptions about the PNR genre, lots of exclamation points, phrases entirely in capital letters, some commentary on the sexy bits of the book, and a little bit of tongue-in-cheek. No offense intended if I insult your favorite book ever.I am tempted to give this one a 4 star rating but my rational brain might make me stick to 3. I may even come back and change it after some thought.In [...]

    16. Christel on said:

      A little different take on the paranormal world.Jacob is a Demon who is the Enforcer of the Nightwalkers. he is centuries old and it is his job to make sure his species of Demons do not bother or chase after humans. This mainlky happens during 2 phases of the year, Samhaim (Autumn) and Beltran (Spring). Jacob is immune to forbidden desires and the curse of the full moon.Isabella works as a Librairian in New York City. She lives in an apartment with her sister Corrine. One night while she is lean [...]

    17. Anita on said:

      I'm surprised I liked this book, but I did - quite a lot. It's a soulmate-type paranormal romance, and I'm not a huge fan of "soulmate" romances, but this one really worked for me. The affection between the lead characters felt real, the humorous reparte had me laughing out loud a few times, and the 'verse was interesting - lots of fun special effect powers to learn about.Basic plot: Demons are a hidden subculture of night creatures inhabiting our world. (There are also vampires and weres out th [...]

    18. Carolyn F. on said:

      Re-read by audiobook. I also have the paperback. At first I didn't care for Xe Sands' narration much but she definitely got better. The problem is though that scenes from the book that I found unforgettable - him hiding around a corner just to be near her and him falling asleep with his nose at her neck so he could smell her all night - were just read through quickly and I almost missed them. I'll keep the rating the same because I did enjoy the book. 06/16/10 previous reviewThis book started ou [...]

    19. Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) on said:

      Quick review:Cover: Nice Rating:NC-17 Steaminess: Smoking Thumbs Up:4Overall: I admit, I lusted over a demonCharacters: Well donePlot: Can he keep her safe until she comes into her ownPage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: JacobSUMMARY (50 words or less)This series starts off with world building surrounding demons. But don’t think Hell demons. No, this series takes the word and uses it for a race that’s nothing like the interpretation you may have now. This beings ar [...]

    20. Leah on said:

      This book started out a bit slow for me and therefore took me longer to read, but it eventually picked up and I thought it was great.I loved Jacob; he was strong, sexy, powerful, loyal, funny, loving, patient, determined. I loved his first encounter with Isabella when they were talking and she fell out of the window. It was hilarious how crazy possessive he got when Bella saw Noah in only shorts or when other men touched her. Their mind conversations were very cool, also.Isabella was an interest [...]

    21. valee on said:

      I started this book thinking that I would like it, but I never expected to found another awesome series. This book was so good that I couldn't stop with it until it was over.I loved this book. The bond between Bella and Jacob was so strong and sweet that I felt like sentimental the whole time I was reading this book.And this new world of druids and Demonds! so good. Also I felt like I wanted to know more about the other characters. I loved this book and I can't wait to read the nexts. If you hav [...]

    22. Nadine on said:

      Das beste, was man über dieses Buch sagen kann ist, dass es konsequent auf sämtlichen Ebenen enttäuscht.Charaktere:Bella: Sie schwankt zwischen kindlicher Naivität (und hüpft gerne mal vor Aufregung von einem Fuss auf den anderen) und absoluter Genialität (wenn sie gerade erst dabei ist, die "Damönensprache" zu lernen, sich 3 Tage im Archiv vergräbt und dort die alten Schriften ind er gerade erst erlernten Sprache mit den vielen Bänen voller Damönengestze vergleicht und ihr dabei auff [...]

    23. Filiz on said:

      Yine yeni bir seri ve yine yeni bir seriye giriş kitabına 3,5 ama bu kez kanaat kullanarak 4 verdim. Kitap gerçekten de güzel bir seriye giriş kitabıydı. Çok benzer tür kitap okuduğum için tabi ki harikulade bulmadım. Hatta ana karakterlerin tüm Allahuekber dağlarına çıkan libidolarıyla arzı endam etmelerine rağmen dayandım, ki bazen benzer sahnelere denk gelince “kaptan şuradan infazcı için bir tam, jr. infazcı için de bir öğrenci libidosu alabilir misin lütfen” [...]

    24. Heather C on said:

      I can't believe I bought this TWICE!! Paperback years ago and eBook recently I was really liking this in the beginning but then around 20% I hit a road block. I kept pushing forward because the sexual tension was crazy, hot and I was really liking the concept of the story. Then the author's writing started driving me crazy!!! There was all this "telling" and not "showing" and the adjective overuse and eye-rolling metaphors were gagging me. At 32% I finally had enough when I got to this:"Her mout [...]

    25. DarienMoya on said:

      So the first book in the Nightwalker series is just plain good. I am seriously in love with these tortured demon men. The first book is titled Jacob easily named after the hero in this book.Jacob is the Enforcer the one whose job it is to see that Demons who have broken their law be brought to justice. He is the embodiment of earth, able to cause hurricanes and earthquakes, because the earth is everything so Jacob is everywhere. Because under the bright light of the full moon Demons become fille [...]

    26. Liz F on said:

      Let me start by saying that I'm not a huge fan of paranormal romance. The love stories are just as good but sometimes I find it difficult to fully immerse myself in a story if there are details in the story that are difficult to wrap my mind around. Don't get me wrong: I love paranormal stuff: Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton, etc. But when we're talking ROMANCE, its hard for me to get INTO it when you're talking about an (undead) vampire getting his groove on, ya know? I mean, do [...]

    27. Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) on said:

      3.5 StarsI liked this book, it reminds me of the Demonica series in the sense that I like it bit I don't LOVE it. It doesn't inspire me to build shrines and write poetry and become genrally obsessed, not that I do that of course! *quickly hides Black Dagger Brotherhood and Immortals After Dark Shrine* But I did like it, it made me laugh, it was romantic and it had a little bit of action in it as well. Set in a world where there is a whole different group of species collectively called Nightwalke [...]

    28. Kathleen on said:

      Decent plot. Likeable characters. Sexy, too. Weak and sometimes frustrating writing style, even though I appreciated the absence of excessive profanity and vulgar terms for female anatomy. So, to be fair, I will elaborate on why this writing is weak, IMO. Some of the dialogue is just silly, especially given the characters are demons and necromancers. Examples: "That magic using bastard never had a chance against my little enforcer." (p. 209)Jacob repeatedly calls Bella "my little enforcer" and " [...]

    29. Laura the Highland Hussy on said:

      demonloversbooksandmoreThis was a really interesting start to what promises to be an interesting series. Jacob is the demon king's Enforcer. That means he enforces their laws on any of his people found consorting with humans. Their bestial natures are too much for humans-especially at the Beltane and Samhain moons-May and October. They call it the Hallowed madness. Enter Isabella.She falls out of her apartment window and Jacob catches hermid-air! He is instantly connected to her, and she suddenl [...]

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