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Erik P. Kraft

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Miracle Wimp

Miracle Wimp Certain to appeal to boys Miracle Wimp takes readers on an episodic journey that is sure to keep them laughing The story follows Tom Mayo as he navigates his way through wood shop dating driving a

  • Title: Miracle Wimp
  • Author: Erik P. Kraft
  • ISBN: 9780316011655
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Certain to appeal to boys, Miracle Wimp takes readers on an episodic journey that is sure to keep them laughing The story follows Tom Mayo as he navigates his way through wood shop, dating, driving, and the meat headed Donkeys, bullies who are determined to make his life miserable Filled with humorous details and sardonic wit, Erik Kraft deftly portrays high school throuCertain to appeal to boys, Miracle Wimp takes readers on an episodic journey that is sure to keep them laughing The story follows Tom Mayo as he navigates his way through wood shop, dating, driving, and the meat headed Donkeys, bullies who are determined to make his life miserable Filled with humorous details and sardonic wit, Erik Kraft deftly portrays high school through the eyes of a wise cracking misfit.

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      128 Erik P. Kraft
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    One thought on “Miracle Wimp

    1. Brad Busching on said:

      Miracle Wimp, by Erik P. KraftSummary:This story is a teen(juvenile) fiction story of Tom Mayo. He classifies himself as a geek, mostly because he doesn't relate to any of the Donkeys(popular croud who tend to be bullies) or Heads(smokers). Tom gets the nickname of "miracle wimp" from his last name Mayo, which the Donkeys relate to "Miracle Whip". Tom's main challenges are escaping wedgies, dating, driving. Along with these, Tom gets put in Wood Shop(full of Donkeys) because of a computer error. [...]

    2. Carrie Lawler on said:

      Love it!!! This is a perfect book for the reluctant reader. It has short, humorous chapters that are accompanied by sketches that are equally as funny. Although it's geared more towards boys, there's actually a love story tucked away in it. It doesn't start until the middle, so boys will be hooked already.This would be a great boys' book club choice for reluctant readers. One thought though, because of some of the content (boners to name one) the facilitator might want to be a male teacher. Just [...]

    3. Matt Walker on said:

      the book miracle whip was good in my opinion because it really tried to make the main character tom mayo really likeable and funny. I think it would most appeal to middle school kids because it would help show what high school is like. Trying to get a girlfriend is tough and so is passing all of the classesis book tries to help people what to expect when high school rolls around.when kids start to get older this book tries to describe how getting older feels and with the drawings all throughout [...]

    4. Joshua Grasteit on said:

      this book is a very inertaining book. and if you like to be a trouble maker this is a book that will show you ways you can do it. it basically tells how this kid is very mischievous. and also how the teacher think he is a good kid. so he can get away with a lot. he is very smart. if i go any father it will spoil it

    5. Jocelyn White on said:

      I read this in high school and loved it. I thought it was funny, sometimes insightful and overall a great, quick read - especially for those who are reluctant to read or have minimal reading time. I don't know if I would still enjoy it now as an adult but it holds a spot in my top 100 books from my youth.

    6. Victoria on said:

      There is a continuous book sale at my library. Today I picked up this book because I like bright fun looking spines and I'll usually pick up the book to see what it's about if I like the spine. I flipped through and I liked the format, too - short, almost journal entries not longer than a couple pages, most less than one - and it had pictures. I was sold. I bought it and took it home. I figured it wouldn't take me long at all so I started it and finished it. It's a teenage boy's journey through [...]

    7. Lori Duff on said:

      This book has its place in a library. Just not my library. My son found it in a used bookstore, and I read it to make sure it was appropriate for him. It was, almost too appropriate. Meaning, sixteen year olds (as the narrator) are not that clean. The main character could have done with a little more roughness around the edges. As such, the voice was rather uneven. Tom, the main character, seemed to be on the same social and intellectual level as my middle schooler, and so I would forget how old [...]

    8. Aurora Dimitre on said:

      ~3.5 Stars~This is a book that a grabbed from the library - like cheesy 80s/90s teen horror, books definitely geared toward 8th grade boys are kind of my guilty pleasures. And it looked like it had basically everything that I would secretly love in a book, all of those fun tropes.But it sort of came off as a less effective Winger. I mean, I know that this book came out a few years before Winger, so I'm not saying it's a copy. I'm just saying that you've got a main character who's got some proble [...]

    9. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooMIRACLE WIMP by Erik P. Kraft is the account of life as a high school nerd. Tom Mayo, yes Mayo, hence the nickname Miracle Wimp, tells his story. Early on, Tom attempts to explain how he tried to tell his tormentors the Donkeys (jock-types) that mayonnaise and Miracle Whip were not the same, but no one ever said the Donkeys were very bright. As many will remember, high school can be filled with "painful" moments, and Tom describes them [...]

    10. Miss Ryoko on said:

      Dear Diary of a Fairy Godmother, this is how you write a book that feels like it's excerpts from a diary.I really liked the format of this book. It seemed to be perfect for the story it told. I really liked Tom's voice - we was witty and had some good thoughts in his head. I even liked how he realized that sometime he wasn't any better than the people he was complaining about, and I was REALLY happy with how his having a girlfriend played out. (view spoiler)[When that happened at the end of the [...]

    11. Noah Lyons on said:

      After finishing Miracle Wimp I instantly gained more interest in reading books by Erik P. Kraft. The book is about a teenager named Tom Mayo, which is where the name of the book comes from Miracle Whip (Mayonaise), Miracle Wimp. He is the average highschool kid who just wants to fit in with everyone else, although he really isn't successful with it. Through out the book he meets friends and starts talking to more and more people but he still doesn't quite fit in with the crowd he wished he could [...]

    12. Edward on said:

      I really enjoyed (Miracle Wimp) by Erik P. Kraft, because it shows how it was in school for a kid our age. The book is all about tom who is the main character who is a nerd and gets picked on by the donkeys (jocks). Threw out the book he explained how he did in school and how he got away with it.The book was in first person view from tom. It all explains what happened to him in high school and how he reacted and handled it. He handles being picked on by the donkeys (jocks) by grouping up with ot [...]

    13. Jared Kinney on said:

      All around the book is pretty good. It kept you entertained and laughing throughout. The story is about a boy in high school named Tom Mayo. He calls himself a geek because he doesn't quite fit in with the Heads (smokers) or the Donkeys (bullies/jocks). The Donkeys call him Miracle Wimp because his last name is Mayo. Towards the end of the novel, he gets a girlfriend who lives in another town, so the last %0 or so pages talks about the complications of being in a relationship and what not. The e [...]

    14. Jackie "the Librarian" on said:

      A kid named Tom Mayo is just trying to survive high school, shop class, and awkward first dates. He's been nicknamed "Miracle Wimp" by what he calls the Donkeys, though he's tried to explain "that Miracle Whip is not technically mayonnaise, it's actually "salad dressing" (read the label), but all I get is, "Yeah, whatever, Miracle Wimp," so I've given up trying."Tom tries to be cool, and fails, then he tries to be dorky, and somehow ends up being kinda cool. Illustrated with cartoon line drawing [...]

    15. Christina BookTasty on said:

      On my quest to read more “boy books” I came across Miracle Wimp by Erik P. Kraft, and immediately was drawn to the cover. I love this cover! The bright yellow and blue with hand drawn title is amazingly eye-catching, but not in a retina burning way! Anyway, back to my quest to find more books that will appeal to boys, I’m pretty sure this one is mission accomplished!To view the complete review go here: booktasty.wordpress/2012/0

    16. Deb on said:

      I am surprised that the overall rating for this book isn't higher because I really liked it. The short-entry format is great and definately would be appealing to young male readers. The cartoon drawings are great, too. The message in the book is great - adolescent males need fun books that come from the point-of-view of someone struggling to find his way. There is some mature content and language, so, as an educator, I would probably recommend for 9th or 10th grade readers.

    17. Temoca on said:

      I'm not sure if it's because I just finished reading Carter Finally Gets It or if this book truly bores me, but I struggled to push my way through the last half of it. The book is a fast read, but it just didn't grab me like I thought it would. I can't even remember laughing at pieces of this book. If you read Carter Finally Gets It, this book is extremely disappointing. You could read it to your kids, but why? There are better books that would hook your kids into reading.

    18. William McGinn on said:

      0.5/4 FI was really close to giving this book 0 stars. A few things save it, but pretty much all of these things, including the ones that give this half a star, are unnecessary, unfunny, unimaginative, and unexciting. What was Erik P. Kraft thinking, dismissing so many opportunities, including a moral-worthy death?You can read my full review at weldonwitness.weebly/books

    19. Cynthia on said:

      It was kind of cute I found this book in the 'e-library', & this was my 3rd book read as an e-book, checked out from the library. It relates back to those old days of 9th-12th gradeswhere alot of 'learning' takes place! I guess those experiences in those grades keep repeating, still today! Kind of funny to be reminded of those days in a book, but I sure wouldn't want to go back & relive them!

    20. Sandy on said:

      Tom Mayo is a funny guy and a sophomore in high school. This book is told like a journal of entries, his thoughts and feelings and a few instances at school that stand out his memory. Each chapter is peppered with doodles as well. Fast, easy read. Tom doesn't really read like a high school student so much to me, there is not a lot about girls, so the book reads very young.

    21. Kricket on said:

      tom mayo, aka "miracle wimp" shares his thoughts on life, love, high school, and his shop teacher's pants in these short vignettes illustrated with goofy comics. this book totally cracked me up. i think reluctant readers would like it because the chapters are only a page or two, but kraft manages to sum up high school perfectly and hilariously.

    22. Elizabeth on said:

      Amusing teen read and PG coming of age story of Tom Mayo, aka "Miracle Wimp," who manages to be an angst-filled teen while maintaining a sense of humor and engaging his values. The ending could have used some work but the book was funny and moved along at a good clip, in part because half of it was filled with goofy notebook doodles.

    23. Bridget on said:

      Great book for boys. Main character is a boy desperate to be cool, try hard funny and hanging on the fringes of the cool crowd. I liked the style, short passages and almost journal style. Lovely cast of characters.

    24. Kathy Lane on said:

      Miracle Wimp cracked me up. The drawings are fun and Tom's comments seem to nail high school hierarchy.I agree with Kara though - great for reluctant readers but not Thumbs Up top 20. (KDL)thumbsupaward/sea

    25. Berta on said:

      Great story about a nerd in high school and his dealings with life, love and classmates. Told in little vignettes. Very humorous. Not an award winner but great for high school guys especially reluctant readers.

    26. narajaponesa on said:

      Little snippets of very real-sounding high school life. I could appreciate parts of the writing and even the "drawings" at times but ultimately it wasn't taking me anywhere interesting. However, it's a good recommendation for a reluctant reader who's looking for something fast.

    27. Bcpl on said:

      Weak. Short segments but reading this book really dragged out for me. "Illustrated" throughout but the term "illustrated" is generous to the sketches.The cover recalls Napolean Dynamite, and this book is sort of a poor imitation of that aesthetic with less humor, heart and plot.

    28. Patty on said:

      Fun and relatable. The book's narrator is an Everyman high school student, not part of the popular crowd but also not the bottom of the barrel. Tom Mayo's experiences with friends (and ex-friends), driving, girlfriends, and Boogietown Dance Party will appeal to even the most reluctant readers.

    29. Kate on said:

      I thought this book was HILARIOUS! It did say some bad words so you should ask your parents before you read it. This book actually seemed like an exaggerated version of high school. I would recommend Miracle Wimp for both boys and girls.

    30. cristina on said:

      The ending was so terribly written and concluded, I could've thrown up on the last 2 pages and it would have been 3 times more interesting.

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