Finding My Invincible Summer

Muriel Vasconcellos

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Finding My Invincible Summer

Finding My Invincible Summer After a tumultuous life that included tragedy betrayal and corrosive guilt told in flashbacks Muriel finally finds love and happiness only to be stricken with breast cancer It appears that she ha

  • Title: Finding My Invincible Summer
  • Author: Muriel Vasconcellos
  • ISBN: 9781452561813
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a tumultuous life that included tragedy, betrayal, and corrosive guilt told in flashbacks , Muriel finally finds love and happiness, only to be stricken with breast cancer It appears that she has won that battle when life turns brutal again with the wrenching loss of her soul mate and, soon afterwards, another cancer diagnosis this time of metastasis to her bones.After a tumultuous life that included tragedy, betrayal, and corrosive guilt told in flashbacks , Muriel finally finds love and happiness, only to be stricken with breast cancer It appears that she has won that battle when life turns brutal again with the wrenching loss of her soul mate and, soon afterwards, another cancer diagnosis this time of metastasis to her bones She was given just six months to live Unremitting pain, both physical and psychological, sends her to the depth of despair, where she seeks to end her life.Instead, Muriel embarks on a courageous quest for health that includes not only her body, but also her psyche and spirit She discovers that all aspects of her being are woven into one tapestry you cannot permanently heal one part without the others In the midst of this journey she has her third bout with cancer This time she has the understanding and tools to walk away from conventional treatment and practice gentle approaches to becoming and staying well Ultimately, she is led to the joy and serenity that abide in the deep recesses of her soul her Invincible Summer.

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    One thought on “Finding My Invincible Summer

    1. Bob on said:

      Finding My Invivcible Summer by Muriel Vasconcellos is an autobiography memoir. She shares with the reader her life experiences that include love and a lot of heartbreak, loss, and pain both physically and mentally. After a couple of devastating childhood occurrences, her adult life is mared with cancer and widowhood. The best part about the book and her life though, is that it does not end in the despair or hopelessness that suffering all too often brings. The author finds ways to improve her l [...]

    2. Karen Klein on said:

      Won this from a month or so ago. It is a wonderful, well written book about a woman who didn't give up on herself or life, even though she very well could have. Cancer, death, miscarriage, you name it, it invaded her life and tried to bring her down. She's still here today to tell her story and let others know that there is always hope even when life seems the darkest. It's most definitely inspiring and I will be passing this copy on to my stepmom, who will benefit from reading this now. Thank [...]

    3. Emma Goldsmith on said:

      Muriel Vasconcellos' memoir takes the reader on a journey through her life, focusing on how she came to terms with breast cancer, her encounters with conventional treatment in the late 1970s and her search for alternative therapies. I avidly read "Finding My Invincible Summer" over the course of several evenings, and in the daytime my mind was full of her flashbacks and experiences. Thoroughly recommended.

    4. Whitney on said:

      "Finding My Invincible Summer" was an emotional first-hand account of what it is to go through grief, emotional discourse, pain, loss, and, even through the misguidings of those highly regarded individuals in the medical field, it is possible to find and heal yourself by yourself. Without giving too much detail about the plot, I will say that by the time I got to Part V, which is about 120 pages into the book, I found myself thinking, "How much more emotional gravity can this poor woman take? Al [...]

    5. M.M. Strawberry Reviews on said:

      I found this book to be insightful and rather educational. This book is an autobiography and some parts focus on stuff not about her cancer/treatment, such as her relationship with her aunt, her husband, and so on.Some people might think that Muriel is saying here to not bother with conventional cancer treatments, but that is not what she is saying. She's not telling you to eschew radiation, chemo, etc, only that you need to make your own decisions, and decide what is best for you, and to explor [...]

    6. Anne Martin on said:

      The book is very interesting. I feel bad not to give it more than 3 stars, but I would feel unfair to give it more. Well, five stars are only for very special books, mostly stuff I read as a teenager and loved like only at that age. Why not 4? because I am disappointed by the second part, i.e. when she understands she can heal herself.The first part, describing her life with Silvio and her breast cancer was very gripping and real. Stricken by cancer again after a few years, she has plenty of rea [...]

    7. Diane on said:

      I won a copy of this book through First Reads program. "Finding My Invincible Summer" by Muriel Vasconcellos is a powerful book chronicling her survival against all odds against three attacks - no other word fits better - of cancer. After a difficult life full of tragedy, she met her soulmate, Sylvio, who became her husband. He was the love of her life. Everything seemed to be going well - then Muriel was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent brutal treatment. Later, Sylvio fell ill with l [...]

    8. Deborah Escobar on said:

      Vasconcellos' story makes for a compelling read. Though it was not the best written memoir I've ever read, it is certainly one of the most memorable. The deliberately straightforward voice actually sustained the experiences at a level that made the reading very comfortable. I was both horrified that a woman would have to navigate such painful experiences, but the fact that she used those experiences to become stronger was inspirational. Her chapter on visualizing/meditation encouraged me to try [...]

    9. Peggy Snyder on said:

      I bought this memoir knowing little about it or about the author. I was quite delighted to find it to be a compelling read. The writing is excellent. The author knows how to capture the reader’s attention early and not let it go. She tells her heartfelt story with insight and candor. The writing flows and draws you in. Vasconcellos takes the reader on her remarkable journey. It’s impressive how she relates numerous events, some of them not only life-changing, but also life-saving, in a seaml [...]

    10. Nicole Ashley on said:

      This book is exceptional! A must read! A deeply touching, bittersweet story, brilliantly written. This book reflects the depth of a soulful woman who has learned to live through deeply wounding experiences, come to terms with her emotions and heal her pain. Reads like a thriller, yet is deep, raw and inspiring. This book is a gem. It is a gift to anyone who is in need of inspiration and hope, as well as to those who just wants an exceptionally good book to read. Pages come to life like in a movi [...]

    11. Lisa Cobb Sabatini on said:

      I won Muriel Vasconcellos’s Finding My Invincible Summer from . The author’s life story is heartbreaking, inspiring, and fascinating. Her encounters with the scions of sickness (i.e many practitioners of “modern” medicine) are horrifying. As a result, her ultimate choice to be the master of her own destiny is all the more poignant and satisfying. The author’s story is important for everyone and may be life-changing for some. Most of all, I recommend it as mandatory reading for every me [...]

    12. Michelle Mccormick on said:

      Muriel Vasconcellos is amazing!! From the first chapter to the last I was absolutely captivated by her story. How beautiful and gut wrenchingly devastating. She candidly tells of her diagnosis of breast cancer in the 1970's and how she took a stand and opted for unconventional methods of treatment. She meets the love of her life and you go on a journey with them and learn a bit of history on the way. Even through tragedy and loss she finds a way to live her life and be an inspiration and advocat [...]

    13. Jan on said:

      I was blessed to win this book from just as my mother-in-law is battling breast cancer. I believe it helped me to understand more about what she is facing. Although it looks as though mother-in-law won't be as blessed as Mrs. Vasoncellos I believe that is will help me to be there for my wonderful mother-in -law in ways I may not have if I didn't understand what this battle intails. My father-in-law has also passed as had the authors husband.I think this book will help others to help friends and [...]

    14. Laurie Gerber on said:

      Looking for growth in my own life, I re-read this memoir and found it even more enriching than the first reading early this year. Profound personal growth is so carefully described. The mental and external steps, and the practices that led the author not only to personal insight, but physical healing. It is compelling to read as a story, and very well substantiated with the resources and ideas that were helpful to her and which I, as a reader, can draw on as well.

    15. Claire Barfell on said:

      I am so very glad I got to read this book. Muriel is so brave and her quest to find herself is so inspiring. She discovers so much about herself and gave me food for thought in my life. She went through so much grief, pain and anxiety, but she learned through biofeedback and so many other methods how to deal with her problems and let go. There are some very important lessons in this book for all of us. I highly recommend this book.

    16. K. Mooney on said:

      It was difficult for me to keep picking up Finding My Invincible Summer. The author is a very accomplished woman, but reading about the trials of her life causing so much physical pain and disease was quite depressing. Glad to know she has found joy.

    17. Lynn Demsky on said:

      I felt sorry for the author, she’s had a hell of a life but found the book to be the most depressing thing I’ve come across! Glad she found happiness and peace in her life though and hope what she found helps her for the rest of her hopefully better life.

    18. Karan Page on said:

      I loved this book, Once I started it I could not put it down. Great story, great lady.

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