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Rumor Haunted by the past Grim s story continues in Rumor book two of The Black Rebel Riders MC Grim is trying to keep the one promise he made Red finding her daughter Sarah Things are heating up between a

  • Title: Rumor
  • Author: Glenna Maynard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 249
  • Format: ebook
  • Haunted by the past Grim s story continues in Rumor book two of The Black Rebel Riders MC Grim is trying to keep the one promise he made Red, finding her daughter Sarah Things are heating up between a club once thought to be a friend and an old enemy Grim has to decide where his loyalties truly lie Will Grim keep his promise and keep his patch Sometimes, the lineHaunted by the past Grim s story continues in Rumor book two of The Black Rebel Riders MC Grim is trying to keep the one promise he made Red, finding her daughter Sarah Things are heating up between a club once thought to be a friend and an old enemy Grim has to decide where his loyalties truly lie Will Grim keep his promise and keep his patch Sometimes, the lines that bond you are the ones that threaten to end your very existence Loyalties are tested and lines are crossed, leaving a trail of despair on the highway to hell Rumor has it that, one day the Grim Reaper is going to come for you Those are the words that have reverberated through my head most of my life You know that saying about becoming a bird so you can fly away, I too want to be a bird, and I want to fly far away from here Sarah has lived a secluded life of torment and despair She longs for the day the Grim reaper she has been raised to fear comes to end the hell she has endured.

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      249 Glenna Maynard
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    One thought on “Rumor

    1. Tantalizing on said:

      Holy Crap!!! Glenna Maynard completely blew my mind yet again. She seamlessly mixes Sarah's (Rumor's) past memories with the present. Allowing us to see exactly how bad her life was. So bad that she wanted the Grim Reaper to take her away from it all. Little did she know, she was going to get her wish, and her life would never be the same again. Grim has searched and searched for Red's daugher Sarah for years, at times neglecting his own daughter. He finally finds her and saves her from the hell [...]

    2. Glenna Maynard on said:

      Live on Kobo store.kobobooks/en-US/ebooLive on :) amazon/dp/B00KR1MKLYLive on iTunes itunesle/us/book/id88

    3. Colleen Everly on said:

      Loved this book. This is a very good series. This book had so many emotions in it, from anger (I was so angry at a few of the people I wanted to climb into the book and hurt some one but Grim did it for me so all is well) raw passion ( Grim finding love again) happy ( when Grim got his revenge I actually said YES out loud.) Rumor lived a life no girl should ever have to but she survived and is still a good person. Baby needs to mature some she's kinda bratty right now but she's a teenager so som [...]

    4. Amber Brennan on said:

      This book continues Grim's story. He has made it his mission to bring justice to the only woman he's ever loved. He will stop at nothing to complete his task--blood, sweat, and tears! Rumor has had a hard life and this book takes you into her world and what she's had to endure. Another great work of art from Glenna!

    5. Jennifer Guffey on said:

      Rumor (Black Rebel Riders’ MC #2)By: Glenna Maynard4/5 starsThis book moves along the timeline from book 1, Grim: The Beginning, starting out 10 years later. Red’s death has so deeply affected Grim that he is no longer the man he used to be, he is hell bent on avenging Red’s death, getting revenge of his own and finding Red’s first daughter who lives with her madman of a father, Benji of the Devil’s Rejects MC.Grim has left his and Red’s daughter, Baby, back in Drag Creek, in the car [...]

    6. Kimber on said:

      I am in love with this series! Glenna is an amazing author. I can't wait to read Baby which is book 3 in the series. Sarah a.k.a Rumor is spirited, fiery, and amazing. Though she has literally been through hell most of her life she has not let any of it decide her fate. She has a Bette life now and can do anything she wants with her life. Though it will take time as she continues to heal. She has so much going for her and I cannot wait to see where her story takes her after this.Baby has grown u [...]

    7. Debbie on said:

      Bless his heart. I love Grim! His heart broke when he lost Red. But he kept his promise and searched for Sarah for years. Whenever he got close, somehow they'd be gone. But he never gave up. Baby, his and Red's daughter is very troubled. Trouble being the way to describe her. She's feisty and stubborn and definitely a handful. There are a number of twists and turns. You'll stay on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next. You'll learn that some people are worth trusting, when othe [...]

    8. Sue on said:

      Grim continues on his quest to find Saraha promise he made to Red and when he finally does, it is not before her young life has been turned upside down and she has been victimized for years and sexually abused.Meanwhile, brothers are keeping BIG secrets, traitors are in the club's fold and Baby is growing up to be a spoiled brat.Grim finally finds a woman to make him whole again and the lies and secrets held come to light, causing some big changes in leadership.The kids will be the focus in the [...]

    9. Michelle "Chelle" Thompson on said:

      Copy from author for an honest reviewWOW!! I love this series!!! I absolutely love the real, raw, and gritty emotions of the characters. 10 years after Red was killed, Grim is set on revenge and fulfilling a promise all while trying to be a dad to Baby. However, he will stop at nothing to get his revenge and fulfill the promise he made to Red. Grim and Rumor will take you on a ride that you will not forget!!! I was completely drawn into their world from the first page. I could not put this book [...]

    10. Barbara on said:

      This is my ZON Review :-)Another fast paced read, one with a sort of HEA but it sort of takes a back seat with all the twists that unravel in this Book, I don't really know what to say as I don't want to ruin anything for the next reader, well worth the read that's for sure!! . Hot you bet ya smoking, some heavey subjects from a young age hard to read , that's for sure, but a Book that you really have to remember what's been said to keep up with what's gone down, very exciting edge of ya seat [...]

    11. Morgan Mitchell on said:

      Gritty, raw, emotional and captivating, Rumor picks up in the life and times of Grim and the Black Rebels MC, weaving a dark tale of revenge, redemption and revelations. Rumor's life is scary and she prays for the boogie man her parents use to scare her to come take her away from it. Failing to find Red's daughter, Grim is ready to settle down, allowing him to see there is still good left in his life but that's when he gets what he wants and Rumor might get her wish. This was my favorite book by [...]

    12. Alison Chewning on said:

      This was the first book that I have read from Glenna Maynard. Wow I was blown away from this epic story. Rumor tells the story of Grim a biker from Black Rebel Riders' he is on the mission to find his daughter. There is lots of action and suspense all thrown into Rumor. I couldn't put this down I was so stoked to read it. Rumor has been on my kindle for awhile and I finally got to it to read it. I highly recommend this series by Glenna Maynard I added all the others to my wish list. Can't wait t [...]

    13. Cassie Caskey on said:

      Unexpected I'm not an idiot and I can usually sense things coming but I was wrong this time. My heart aches for Rumor and she deserves a good life. Grim's life is improving and looking not so. Now if he could just get a better grip on Baby (who obviously needs her dad). I look forward to Baby's story and catching up with Rumor's life in the next book. Each one just gets better!

    14. Jenny Bowering on said:

      Really enjoyed the second book in this series and the only reason I gave it 4 stars was because I didn't like it that Grim went with Foxie and every time Baby was mentioned I wanted to slap her face. I hope in Baby's book that she changes and I wont have to throw my kindle at the wall. Was happy that Grim got his HEA and could not believe it about Red, usually I can see things coming in books but that did catch me of guard.

    15. Robyn Corcoran on said:

      Glenna Maynard continues this series by moving straight into the next part of the story with very little recapping- this is refreshing to say the least.The intrigue and mystery of this club and it's history is fascinating, but you have to wait until the end to find out. This is a fast paced book that has a strong storyline with excellent character descriptions making it easy to visualise as you read.Bring on the next book!

    16. booklover on said:

      Loved it !!In this Grim is trying to keep a promise he made to Gypsy but in doing so forgets about his other commitments, but as soon as he realises he needs to concentrate on his other commitment he gets given the information he's been after for the past 13 years. Will he be able to keep good on his promise to Gypsy ?? Will his other commitments suffer ??? Hold on tight it's one hell of a ride and things will only get bumpier !!!

    17. Tammy Fisher on said:

      this is is why I stuck with the story getting to know the charcters there are so many twists and turns so much betrayal I, m really loving where the story is going and rebal and striker u just gotta love those crazy brothers rumor and baby are really becoming interesting am excited to read the nest chapter 4 stars

    18. JudyB on said:

      I bought book 1 and 2 together. This book was a definite improvement over book 1 but still left many unanswered questions. The actually covers about 16 years in the life of Grim, Baby (his daughter) and Sara (his step-daughter). I can't quite identify it but there is something there that keeps me distant from the book and prevents me from really engaging with the characters.

    19. Lea's *~*Book Nook*~* on said:

      this book was definitely redemption for the events in book one!! I so love Rumor, and she is turning into a favorite of mine. I love the independence she is gaining. I do hope she can learn to love a man, but glad she is learning to be herself first. I didn't want to hate Baby, but she seems to be turning into a B**** we will see how I feel about her after her book.

    20. Stacy Kirkpatrick-Marlton on said:

      WOW! NO words! I feel as if this book series has taken over my mind!! It will stay with you, you will sit and try to figure out were the next one is going to go! Strong characters some you may hate and some you will love,but all the same you will love it! I am going into the 3rd one and I am super excited that there is even more to read. Stop wasting time and read this series!

    21. Marcia Fearing on said:

      This is by far one of the most amazing series of all, this is the first biker book series I have read and I am Hooked! I can't wait for Baby to be released. You will be on your toes at all times and slapped with a huge surprise that you never would have guessed.

    22. Darla on said:

      Another great part of this series!!! Grim still pulled pretty hard at my heart. So, so happy that he found his happy!!! My heart just broke for Sarah(Rumor). Fingers crossed for her happy & that Baby learns how to grow up a little!!!

    23. Karen Anderson on said:

      Wow i think i've found another queen of MC books that i'll automatically 1-click I'm loving this series it has all the normal drama that you expect from an MC & loved Grim, he is such a bad ass with a heart of gold, not quite sure about Baby but away to read her book next

    24. YasminVasquez on said:

      WowWell in this book you get plenty of answers about Grim, Red, Hook the girls the whole damn club. I'm dying to see how all these situations play out especially with Baby and her sister.

    25. Stephanie Beasley on said:

      Good bookReally good story line and I enjoyed the way the Author put Grins family together. I am not sure if I really like Baby. Seems like she has her own agenda going on. I think she is going to cause a lot more trouble for Sarah. Can't wait to read more of this series.

    26. Anne Milne on said:

      Another great story from Glenna. Grim is out for revenge and still trying to keep his promise to Red to find Sarah. Can't wait to read the next one.

    27. Jeanette on said:

      Holy shit this series just keeps getting better and better!! LOVE Grim, Grims the man!!

    28. Donna on said:

      Good readI was easily drawn into this book and the characters. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it has a SOA quality about it!

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