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Leo Tolstoy Rosemary Edmonds

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Childhood, Boyhood, Youth

Childhood Boyhood Youth Leo Tolstoy began his trilogy Childhood Boyhood Youth in his early twenties Although he would in his old age famously dismiss it as an awkward mixture of fact and fiction generations of readers

  • Title: Childhood, Boyhood, Youth
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy Rosemary Edmonds
  • ISBN: 9780140441390
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leo Tolstoy began his trilogy, Childhood, Boyhood, Youth, in his early twenties Although he would in his old age famously dismiss it as an awkward mixture of fact and fiction , generations of readers have not agreed, finding the novel to be a charming and insightful portrait of inner growth against the background of a world limned with extraordinary clarity, grace and coLeo Tolstoy began his trilogy, Childhood, Boyhood, Youth, in his early twenties Although he would in his old age famously dismiss it as an awkward mixture of fact and fiction , generations of readers have not agreed, finding the novel to be a charming and insightful portrait of inner growth against the background of a world limned with extraordinary clarity, grace and color Evident too in its brilliant account of a young person s emerging awareness of the world and of his place within it are many of the stances, techniques and themes that would come to full flower in the immortal War and Peace and Anna Karenina, and in the other great works of Tolstoy s maturity.

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    One thought on “Childhood, Boyhood, Youth

    1. Bojan Medić on said:

      Selindžer je jednom napisao da ono što ga stvarno obara jeste knjiga posle koje poželiš da ti je njen pisac najbolji prijatelj, i da možeš da ga okreneš telefonom kad god ti dođe. Prva knjiga u životu koja me je oborila u toj meri da sam poželeo sve što je Selindžer napisao, pa čak i više, da odem pravo pred piščeva vrata (da je tako nešto, jelte, moguće), je „Detinjstvo, dečaštvo, mladost“, Lava Tolstoja. Pročitao sam je bezmalo pet puta.Svaki put kad uzmem da je čitam [...]

    2. Evandro on said:

      Achei esse livro excepcional. Ainda está muito fresco em minha mente, o que me impede um pouco de dizer o que senti exatamente, ao lê-lo. Já se sente aqui aquele tom de arrependimento, de busca da redenção por uma vida desperdiçada, que se vê em "A morte de Ivan Ilitch". Mas é, acima de tudo, um livro bem escrito, cheio de lugares belamente descritos e de estados interiores profundamente explorados e meditados. E a tradução é fenomenal!

    3. Inderjit Sanghera on said:

      Childhood, Boyhood and Youth was Tolstoi's first novel, it is the novel, along with Turgenev's 'Sketches' which, at least in it's first part 'Childhood', best celebrates Russian country life and the peasantry. Some of the descriptions of nature would not look out of place from Turgenev's best works, a lot of the character portraits, sympathetic descriptions of lost, pathetic people, obviously influenced Chekhov. It is also nice to see elements of Leo's oft contradictory personality begin to emer [...]

    4. Steven on said:

      Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth were Tolstoy's first published works; they are loosely based on his early life up to his university days, told from the perspective of a boy named Nikolenka as he makes his way through the joys and miseries of childhood and early adulthood. Some parts of the trilogy are more interesting and better worked out than others; there is enough in them to hold interest, however, and one can see the germs of Tolstoy's later genius in this early writing. Many themes that he w [...]

    5. Nikola Jankovic on said:

      Možda sam imao prevelika očekivanja. Uz Anu Karenjinu i Rat i mir, dve najomiljenije Tolstojeve knjige su mi Smrt Ivana Iljiča i Porodična sreća. Pa tek onda Vaskrsenje. Računao sam da bi ovaj polu-autobiografski triptih o detinjstvu i mladosti mogao da se "umeša u borbu za najviše pozicije", ali nije uspeo.Rekao bih da se primećuje da je ovo njegovo prvo delo. Iako se mogu prepoznati delovi koji će u kasnijim romanima i novelama postati bravure, ipak je to često bledo. Ne samo to, ve [...]

    6. Gebanuzo on said:

      El poder de León Tolstói radica en que se adentra a esa cueva oscura y poco penetrable que es la psique misma del humano. En este texto, que al parecer no es de los favoritos del propio Tolstói -Lo menciona em la parte de "recuerdos" anexos al libro-, es una mezcla entre sus recuerdos de infancia, el querer retratar a amigos de la infancia, y claro, ficción. Me encanta que en los textos de este autor siempre hay un momento en que simplemente me pierdo, toma mi mente, y no puedo parar de leer [...]

    7. Hadrian on said:

      A tender, sensitive book, and partly autobiographical - but only partly.Tolstoy had a difficult childhood, and at this time in his life, after seeing the Crimean War, and having been through so much - a difficult childhood, with both parents dying young, we see both the intense frustration he has with the world, but also his sensitivity and goodness - his ability to understand people, which so colors the rest of his work. It is partly his own life shown here, but also the childhood he wished he [...]

    8. Röhan on said:

      In youth, the powers of the mind are directed wholly to the future, and that future assumes such various, vivid, and alluring forms under the influence of hope; hope based, not upon the experience of the past, but upon an assumed possibility of happiness to come, that dreams of expected felicity constitute in themselves the true happiness of that period of our life. Only God Himself knows whether those blessed dreams of youth were ridiculous, or whose the fault was that they never became realize [...]

    9. Janet on said:

      A brand-new, from-scratch translation by Judson Rosengrant of Tolstoy's remarkable trilogy, for Penguin Classics. I heard a chapter of this new translation--chapter 7 of Childhood, the Hunt-- when I was in Russia, in a cabin on the grounds of a monastery in Suzdal, read aloud by the translator. A translation is a very special gift to the world, the gift of tasteful self-effacement, the demand that a work must be truthful on all levels, as close as is humanly possible--to give the reader both the [...]

    10. Tyler Jones on said:

      Stunningly good. Tolstoy was so successful at making this fictional childhood seem real that to this day many readers still regard it more as a work of non-fiction. It is so vivid! Tolstoy puts you there - you can smell the fresh mown grasses at the roadside and hear the first fat drops of rain fall on the roof of the carriage. As impressive as Tolstoy's descriptions of the physical world are, I was even more impressed by his dead-on descriptions of the state of mind all of us pass through as we [...]

    11. Savanna on said:

      Tolstoy’s first published work, Childhood, is a touching story that reveals as much about the author’s childhood experience as it does about maturation in general. Although the story is not a biography, Tolstoy draws on his own past with the belief that “what he learned from self-observation could be applied to humankind in general.” (Orwin, 54) Indeed, the narrator’s account is so similar to the author’s own life that “his sister, not knowing the author’s identity when she firs [...]

    12. Nujoud on said:

      Childhood, Boyhood, youth the name of the book that takes about the life of Leo Tolstoy. It is actually takes about a boy in his childhood, boyhood and youth.The story of the book is a narrative of the life of this writer that revolves in Russia. His book had defined his life and it had a lot of emotions and experiences that waged in his life. The book contains several chapters which represent the title of the book.I did not like the book because it was free of suspense. I have enjoyed the first [...]

    13. Alex Gubarev on said:

      «Детство, Отрочество, Юность» – Повесть Льва Николаевича Толстого, благодаря которой тогда еще начинающий молодой писатель стал широко известен среди современников. Произведение не является автобиографическим, и является по своей сути воспоминаниями о детстве, о первых [...]

    14. Zainab on said:

      Childhood and Boyhood get 5 stars! Youth was disappointing because the main character became affected and it was altogether too similar to the uncomfortable realities of youth. So that's not a good reason to give this book fewer stars

    15. Marie Hurt on said:

      Got a free version on my kindle. Some typos but they don't distract from the story.

    16. John on said:

      As the first thing that Tolstoy wrote, I saw glimpses of the brilliant, but lots of rough edges too. There were some incredible passages in the book. I think the description of the thunderstorm on the way to Moscow was my favorite. But there were sections that were dull, especially in the Youth section. I have not read any Tolstoy that relies on a driving plot, but Youth seems to meander all over the place and flop around like a fish until it dies. I liked the first two sections of the book much [...]

    17. Riley on said:

      The second and third parts of this book are classic Tolstoy and have his usual interesting and sometimes humorous philosophical meditations:"My fondness for abstract reasoning developed consciousness in me so unnaturally that often when I began thinking about the simplest things, I fell into the vicious circle of analysis of my thoughts, and I no longer thought about the original question that had occupied me, but thought about what I was thinking about. I asked myself: 'What am I thinking about [...]

    18. Arno on said:

      Արդեն 2-րդ անգամ գրածս review-ն ջնջեցի։Փորձում էի ինչ-որ ունիվերսալ, կիսաօբյեկտիվ բնութագիր տալ։ Դրա փոխարեն, շատ հակիրճ կփորձեմ ներկայացնել առաջնային տպավորություններս։Գրքի օգնությամբ տեղափոխվեցի մանկություն, դեպի անհիշելի ժամանակներ։ Փաստորեն մոտս դեռ պահպանվել էին հիշո [...]

    19. Ashley on said:

      This is an instance where, I think, translation matters. I checked this book out electronically from my library--the only copy in the entire system--and realized too late that it was a Barnes & Noble production with an anonymous translator. In the preface, in fact, the translator spoke of Tolstoy as being alive, so I imagine this was translated during the author's lifetime! I have a sense that if I'd read the newer translations, I'd have gotten even more out of this. That being said, Tolstoy [...]

    20. buse on said:

      "Şimdi bütün bunları hatırladığımda, yalnızca o bir anlık kendini unutma duygusunun gerçek keder olduğunu düşünüyorum. Cenazeden önce ve sonra durmadan ağladım; çok mutsuzdum, ama o üzüntüyü hatırlamak vicdanımı rahatsız ediyordu; çünkü bunun içinde bir tür bencillik vardı. Bazen herkesten daha fazla acı çektiğimi göstermek istiyordum, bazen başkaları üzerinde oluşturduğum izlenimleri düşünerek kaygılanıyordum, bazen de amaçsız bir merakla Mimi'n [...]

    21. Pranjal Sahu on said:

      The novel series which got Leo Tolstoy famous.The series starts of really well with author sharing his amusing childhood experiences for instance his first Love, childhood friends and teachers but gradually it gets boring. There is nothing so notable in this novel, and I guess it is just a collection of quotidian events. Reader will be able to relate to several events from their life experiences, for example death of an elderly member in the family, graduation ceremony, exam fears, puberty chang [...]

    22. Caitlin on said:

      "Childhood" is particularly well written. "Boyhood" and "Youth" are good too. They are semi-autobiographical novels that Tolstoy wrote when he was in his early to mid twenties. He is very perceptive about himself and others and while there is not a lot of action, just reading about the day to day developments is really moving. Makes you long for a simpler time. Tolstoy started writing, while in the Crimea. Witnessing war as a young man moved him to write about this peaceful time in his life, and [...]

    23. Melinda on said:

      Tolstoy writes this semi-autobiographical novel of his childhood thru his young adult life. It is no secret Tolstoy's life was difficult, thus this story depicts both his actual childhood and what he hoped his childhood entailed. We read the struggle Tolstoy grapples with in becoming the man he yearns to be. Tolstoy also gives us a glimpse into the writer he developes into with this very intimate novel. Tolstoy's writing makes the reader reminiscent of their own childhood to adulthood. You feel [...]

    24. Vatroslav Herceg on said:

      Nakladni zavod Matice hrvatske, Zagreb-1977.Tipično realističarsko štivo, formom i sadržajem.Simpatična knjigica, ali po ničemu posebna.Nadam se da moje zilijunsko čitateljstvo neće biti pogođeno kratkoćom ovog kratkosvrta. Zvan sam na večeru, čika Vava mora papiti.P.S.Pozdravljam posebice čitateljice i čitatelje mojih kratkosvrta iz zemlje Dembelija!

    25. Cat on said:

      I love and respect Tolstoy's work, especially this book it was like he knew what was I thinking and feeling at the same moment I was reading it. His sense of feeling, his unique way of describing nature around him, his honesty and you just get sucked into his world and his mindset.All in all, pure and beautiful book. It meant a lot to me.Recommendations 4 sho! <3

    26. Rose Gowen on said:

      Cut one star for not being Anna Karenina or War & Peace. Pretty good for not being Anna Karenina or War & Peace. The man was so perceptive about inner and outer life-- it almost does not seem possible.

    27. Sandra on said:

      Malo je duže trajalo zbog obaveza i poteškoća pri čitanju, pogotovo noćnom. Nakraju smo ustanovili da su mi potrebne naočale +1,50 dioptrija. Tako da sam sada pravi knjiški moljac i knjigu konačno završila s oduševljenjem i lakoćom. Savršenstvo.

    28. Cosmo Kramer on said:

      Chhildhood is extremely good. Boyhood and Youth not so much.

    29. Thorlakur on said:

      Fallega skrifaðar og að einhverju leyti skáldaðar endurminningar þessa höfuðskálds Rússa. Stíllinn er lipur og ljúfur.

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