Swept Away Volume Three

J. Haymore

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Swept Away Volume Three

Swept Away Volume Three It s yet another bomb The past week has been full of them exploding when least suspected This one though this one shatters me Like all the other bombs have combined into one nuclear missile and Eth

  • Title: Swept Away Volume Three
  • Author: J. Haymore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook
  • It s yet another bomb The past week has been full of them, exploding when least suspected This one, though this one shatters me Like all the other bombs have combined into one nuclear missile, and Ethan has just rammed it into my chest Survival was what should ve been foremost on my mind But Ethan s lies consumed me instead I trusted him, and the devastation of his bIt s yet another bomb The past week has been full of them, exploding when least suspected This one, though this one shatters me Like all the other bombs have combined into one nuclear missile, and Ethan has just rammed it into my chest Survival was what should ve been foremost on my mind But Ethan s lies consumed me instead I trusted him, and the devastation of his betrayal cut so deep, I was surprised I wasn t bleeding.Warning Swept Away is a 4 part serial This story is messy and twisted and very, very sexy It is not for people under 18.

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    One thought on “Swept Away Volume Three

    1. ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥ on said:

      Swept Away is a four part sexy and suspenseful novella series and it's getting better and better.It's about a five man crew who sale to Hawaii on a catamaran. The attention centres on the intrigue and romance that surrounds Ethan, a rich sexy millionaire business man and Tara, the girl with a tragic past. Volume Three dives right into the revelations that Tara discovers at the end of the last book. She’s uncertain of her feelings and has a lot to get her head around. Nothing is as she thought. [...]

    2. Jen on said:

      Review to Come.Received ARC from author in exchange for an honest opinion.

    3. Michelle on said:

      Part three ended in an explosive way, leaving Tara questioning everything she’s felt and still feeling. What started off as a simple trip, turned into a nightmare but one that came with the fantasy of having Ethan, even for the limited amount of time. But the discovery is proving to be too much for Tara, betrayal is difficult to ignore, but so is the way her heart is breaking. We continue on the journey of these two as the story just continues to grow a little more mysterious. It’s like with [...]

    4. Teri on said:

      I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for a honest review. OMG!!! That ending!!!! Chick is CRAZY!!!!!Tara and Kyle I really feel bad for the guy. Tara isn't being considerate to his feelings AT ALL!! One thing that does bother me about Kyle though, if he was so in love with her, didn't he think it would bother her that he continued to sleep with girls after he realized he loved her????? That would have turned me off. But Tara She really goes to the extreme with wallowin [...]

    5. KathyAnne on said:

      Not much I can say about this third installment without revealing spoilers!But in short we have a bit of schmexy time secrets are revealed and we are left with a pretty surprising twist at the end So it's on to part 4 to find out What the heck??!! ktbookreviews

    6. Dirty Dayna on said:

      I was given an ARC for all 4 books that will be published soon as 1 novel so my review will encompass all serials. and this will be my review for all of them. 4 Wreckage Stars This series starts off with a serious bang!5 people sail to Hawaii and each one has their own reasons to do it I cant wait to find out what they are 5 people get on a boat that is going from LA to Honolulu and each person goes for their own reasons. The series main character Tara has been dealt and aweful hand and is going [...]

    7. Landslide on said:

      *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*It’s getting increasingly harder to write an opinion about this series without spoiling too much. The third volume of Swept Away also begins exactly where volume two ended, and once again Tara has to deal with a bombastic revelation. But dealing with it is not easy when you’re trapped in a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and in the company of the one person you’d most like to be far away fromSo the thing is, [...]

    8. Leone (She Reads too Much Romance) on said:

      This novella is another great win penned by Haymore with volume three possibly being the best out of the first two volumes, but I am still debating about that because this series has been so good from the beginning and it has continued with this review.So much has happened since I started reading Tara and Ethan's story. There is a large amount of suspense in this book and some of it actually surprised me. I love that because not many books can do that but Swept Away has done just that. Volume th [...]

    9. Aaly on said:

      This story is making me crazy!!!***************************************************** ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review ***In this one, let’s take a ride into craziness!!! Little by little, characters were revealed, and the journey of Tara and Ethan took and another turn; on a big storm! Could they survive through it? Or Ethan’s big secret gonna destroyed her?The third volume is showing how big Ethan’s revelation was a big slap on her face, he betrayed her in a way she wouldn [...]

    10. Lara on said:

      *ARC courtesy of NetGalley: I've received a a compilation of Volumes 1-3*Review also at JustOneMoreBlogAboutBooksThe Swept Away Series was an okay read to me. While I'm curious about how Tara and Ethan will resolve the mess that is their relationship, reading the 4th volume of the series is not exactly on the top position of my TBR list.One of the reasons I couldn't enjoy more this series is the amount of drama in it. There's a lot of itA LOT! Both Ethan's and Tara's lives - mostly Tara's - are [...]

    11. Shelley on said:

      3.5 StarsARC generously provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.So the ARC I received was for volumes 1-4 so I am going to write one review that will be for all four books in one. If you have not read all the books then I would suggest you skip this review and read all the volumes before reading my review. I will try to write it without any spoilers but as my memory isn't as good as it use to be I may forget which part was in which volume. Tara has been breathing but [...]

    12. Melissa on said:

      There have been so many unanswered questions along the way and now everything is starting to come together. Ethan, in shock, after what him and Tara went through, dropped a major bomb at the end of the last volume. He's been keeping a pretty big secret from Tara. Something that she might not be able to look past. It played into one of her biggest insecurities and had the potential to ruin everything, but somehow she was still able to let it go. I don't know if I could do it, but maybe he's worth [...]

    13. Kelly on said:

      In this book we learn that (view spoiler)[Ethan was her dead sister's boyfriend and that he slept with her, of course. So, he had sex with both sisters (hide spoiler)]. And I found it just plain disgusting. I don't think I could ever forgive something like that so I can't understand how she thinks it's ok. I was scared it was going to be something like that right from the start but then I thought maybe she'd finally see than Ethan isn't perfect and that Kyle is better than him or something like [...]

    14. Liz on said:

      SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSThis is really 3.5 stars. The pacing is still quite good and there's always something interesting going on with this plot. Tara needs to navigate a lot of emotionally heavy crap throughout, especially with E.After the explosion and sinking of the boat, it appears that it's only T and E who's left alive and it just a matter of waiting for rescue. But then we learn about Ethan's secret. and it's a doozy. They're rescued, but Tara is reeling from these revelations, Kyle is [...]

    15. Rhiannon Overby on said:

      This is book three in a four part serial and should be read in order.Just when life can't get any worse for Tara, Ethan drops a life shattering bomb on her. All trust that Tara had in Ethan what shattered in one small confession. Now Tara must come to term with all of this information while trying to find out why someone is trying to harm her. And just when Tara feels like life is beginning to work itself out, one more bomb is dropped on her. While this book isn't as suspenseful the the previous [...]

    16. Linda K on said:

      This book was absolutely riveting. I'm so glad I got the set (volumes 1-4) it would've been I can't even imagine waiting for the next book, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty. Obviously I could not put it down. The emotional trauma Tara goes through even before the first page is so bizarre compared to what she faces while aboard a catamaran adventure from the west coast to Hawaii. The crew alone are an adventure themselves. The wealthy and overprotective and very secretive "Hot" Ethan, Tara’ [...]

    17. Luisa Rivas on said:

      Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest opinion. This was the best of the 3 installments so far. Now I'm sure Justine is behind all the bad things happening to Tara, but how can Ethan be able to protect Tara? Justine seems to be everywhere and keeps very good track of all of Ethan's movements. Tara feels betrayed by Ethan when he finally informs her of his previous involvement with her deceased sister Emily. She loved her sister dearly but she felt like a shadow of her sister, [...]

    18. Jessica Alcazar on said:

      So again . EPIC PEOPLE EPIC!WARNING: Obviously, these story have cliffhangers but they're more like endless abyss-hangers!I was so captivated and nervous in some parts, just waiting for her to lower the boom again. And of course, she does! HOLY sh*t on a cracker . you think you KNOW but YOU HAVE NO IDEA! THAT is the theme for this story.I can't really give you details except to say that I cried in parts, and then I laughed and they I was stunned into mind blowing silence WAIT!!! WHAT?? was my t [...]

    19. Barbara on said:

      Oh my Gosh! I just knew when part 2 of this 4 part book ended that I'd figured it out! Boy was I wrong. Once again in part 3; 0Ms. Haymore has held us spellbound not knowing what is going to happen next! The hero's are still being pulled in all directions. The book is more than just a romance/suspense story. It borders on a thriller, IMHO! The reader is not only held captive by all the twists and turns, they become emotionally attached to the main characters. I found myself laughing, crying and [...]

    20. DeAnna on said:

      After the ending of volume 2, I was very anxious to see what happened. I've got to say that Tara's reaction really disappointed me. I guess I get it to an extent, but it just seemed kind of extreme.Along the way, we learn a little more about Tara and her relationships with her sister and Kyle.We also finally get some answers about the happenings about the Temptation. I can't say that they really surprised me, as I had a feeling it was coming, but I still really like it.I was very surprised with [...]

    21. Michelle on said:

      This is part 3 of a 4 part serial so if you haven’t read the first two I do not recommend picking up this book just yet. And I do recommend having part 4 close by because there is a pretty compelling cliffhanger at the end of this portion. Tara embarked on a journey of a lifetime and after one too many revelations from Ethan she’s not sure where they stand. She’s still drawn to him but is he still hiding any more secrets? As they recover in Hawaii and prepare for their trip home Tara and E [...]

    22. Amanda Lee Disheveled Book Blog on said:

      In book three there are so many things that Ethan needs to explain but Tara is not ready for any of it. But I have to say that in this book Ethan won me over. I was on the fence with him in Books one and two but in the book three he stole my heart. I still love Kyle so I hope he finds love as well.Justine…K….That woman is crazy. Like needs meds, and maybe to be hospitalized crazy. Which leads me to the ending, its a cliffy again but I’m just gonna say that I don’t trust Justine so someth [...]

    23. Tonya on said:

      ARC review for Rising Indies UnitedOMG, I thought I had this serial figured out, but boy was I wrong! I kind of figured Justine was behind it somehow, but I just wasn't sure how. I know I haven't mentioned her in any of my other reviews, I hate posting any type of spoilers. I still was really hoping she would forgive Ethan. But after the end of this book, I want to flippin slap him silly! There are twists and turns in this 3rd part, just like the other 2 parts. I can't wait to get the 4th part a [...]

    24. The Lusty Literate on said:

      3.5 Stars | Hot SteamReeling from shock and sorrow, these troubled characters begin to make sense of the chaos surrounding them. Startling revelations elicit difficult confessions. However, powerful emotions conquer fear and mistrust leading to a sizzling and highly satisfying reconciliation.I LOVE Ethan. After facing terror and loss his raw need, tenacity, intensity and romantic fervor are all on overdrive—making him more appealing than ever! Swoon! Tara is one lucky unlucky lady ;)!And just [...]

    25. Aimee on said:

      So many more twists and turns are revealed with part 3! We learn who has been behind all of the odd things going on while on the ship and start to see why, but aren't sure what is going to happen in part 4! This was really thrilling in the beginning but fell a bit flat for me in the middle. We find out what Ethan has been hiding from Tara all this time and she really reacts negatively to it. The strain on Tara and Kyle's relationship takes a toll in this part and that was a shame for me to read [...]

    26. EscapeNBooks on said:

      I received this book (1-3 in series) from the publisher via NetGalley I will take a deep breath before writing this, as I just finished reading the last page. How did I not know about this series? It is amazing! If I could give it 6 stars I would. The twists and turns were mostly unexpected. The chemistry between the main characters was HOT! I really enjoyed the dual points of view and have to say that J. Haymore can write just as intriguing a villain as she does the "good guys". I cannot wait f [...]

    27. Angela on said:

      Where is part 4?? I'm not sure I'll be able to stand waiting for the conclusion to this mind blowing serial. Cliffhanger alerts in the previous 3 installments, but wow. The author has crafted an amazing story! I can hardly wait to read the final part. I found myself nervous in some parts, just waiting for her to lower the boom again. And of course, she does! Amazing serial. Amazing story. Loved this!!

    28. Casey on said:

      A copy was provided by Netgalley for an honest review.Swept Away vol.3’s cliffy has me re-guessing my whole theory on this series. And now I really hate that I have to wait until December for the conclusion of Swept Away (I am impatient). I like that we get to know Ethan more in this volume. Tara is still not a considerate friend. I am really wanting to see where this cliffy takes the story now. This cliffy was really not what I expected, It was way more exciting.

    29. loves 2 read romance on said:

      I received a copy of this book from Netgalley. OMG!! This story is nail biting at its best. The end of book Two left me in a stunned silence. In book 3 more is revealed to Tara. She has already been through so much but it seems the hits keep coming. Once again we are left in shock at the end of this book. J Haymore has a way of intertwining her stories with suspense, drama, and romance that leaves the reader captivated.

    30. Wrenà on said:

      "Swept Away Vol. 3" d the story continues to unfold!!I got this book off for free, and when I read the first book I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this series. But, I stuck with it and it certainly got better. So much more of the story was revealed in this installment & it brought everything you think is 'off' about the story make sense!! I am glad I decided to continue reading and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick easy read.

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