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Unstoppable Librarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B JP NWFQBOOK of book and tell one tale WARNING This Erotic novel has scenes of violence and many many many scenes of sex which are

  • Title: Unstoppable
  • Author: Scott Hildreth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B00JP0NWFQBOOK 2 of 4 book 2 and 3 tell one tale WARNING This Erotic novel has scenes of violence and many, many, many scenes of sex which are graphically depicted This is not intended for young or immature readers Mike Ripton Ripp is a street fighter and a boxer who doesn t necessarily care about title fiLibrarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B00JP0NWFQBOOK 2 of 4 book 2 and 3 tell one tale WARNING This Erotic novel has scenes of violence and many, many, many scenes of sex which are graphically depicted This is not intended for young or immature readers Mike Ripton Ripp is a street fighter and a boxer who doesn t necessarily care about title fights or notoriety He fights because he enjoys it Beating another man excites him Fighting bare knuckles matches for spare cash is his life His mode of transportation is either a Harley or his 1969 Chevelle Vivian Simone Vee is a ruthless Federal Attorney As savage as she is in court, she prefers to cower at the feet of a Dominant man at night Her only requirement is that she be in a relationship with her Dominant male counterpart Mike Ripton doesn t do relationships Never has And he believes he never will Vee and Ripp meet by chance in a bar one afternoon while she s at lunch Immediately, there s attraction from both sides But Ripp doesn t do relationships Or does he This is their story Sexually speaking it is not for the meek of heart.

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      428 Scott Hildreth
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    One thought on “Unstoppable

    1. Scott Hildreth on said:

      All 4 books of the series are LIVE. Undefeated, Unstoppable, Unleashed, and the final, UNBROKENWell, well, oh my God Yeah, well. Two words, Mike Ripton. Aka. "Ripp"Unstoppable. Talk about a departure form the norm for this author. The hero Alpha, a tattooed boxer, rides a motorcycle, and has a pierced cock. Yes, you read correctly, a pierced cock. As in a Jacob's Ladder as well as a Prince Albert. But, believe me, he is normal. Normal family, no idiosyncrasies, and a great view on his screwed up [...]

    2. ~ Stephanie Lynn ~ on said:

      5 LICKLE TONGUE LASHING STARSThis is the second book in the Fighter Erotic Romance Series by Scott Hildreth.We first met Mike 'RIPP' Ripton in Undefeated. RIPP~Mike 'Ripp' Ripton is many things. SO many thingsOne he is a man whore. Straight up MAN WHORE.But god do I love him. You know that old saying I am a lover not a fighter?Yea well Ripp loves F#CKING ANDFIGHTINGAnd he is beyond good at both!!!“Sex. Sex is my weakness. Sex is the common denominator in all of the misguided horseshit I get my [...]

    3. Shannie's ⭐️Lookin' 4 My Next BBF⭐️ on said:

      3.5 Chuck Fuckin', Lickle Lovin', Always be a Unicorn Stars!!I must be brutally honest with you all! I HAD to read this book when my fellow whore, Michelle,said Ripp had a 10 inch Prince Albert, Jacob's Ladder Pierced Cock!! Are you telling me you wouldn't?Michael Allen Ripton, Ripp, is a thirty-one year old, dominating, big muscled, tattooed, chicken eating boxer. Ripp doesn't make much money boxing. He makes the majority of his money in underground street fighting. He has never thought twice a [...]

    4. MandaLee on said:

      Review very soon! But I loved it :)) Merged review:5 STARS of Pizzzz <3 Ahhhhh!!! Yep. I'm in love w/another book character. It happens. Don't judge me. But come on! You read Ripp's story and tell me you can't help but kinda love the guy :)) I knew in Undefeated I could love this guy. Then I heard a rumor that he drove a 69 Chevelle and was ummmpierced. Sign me up! (Yes I'm shallow) I could not wait for his story. But at the same time, I was worried *hangs head* (I know. I should of had faith [...]

    5. Angela Wallace on said:

      "Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden" ~ Phaedrus a bit too deep? O.K let's make it a bit more fun! Have you ever gotten one of those variety boxes of chocolates? You know, the ones where they all pretty much look the same, but they are filled with a variety of fillings & they come with that oh so handy little pamphlet ,to let you know which is whichI emphasized the word little, becauseagi [...]

    6. Karéz on said:

      3I want Prince Albert, Jacob's Ladder Stars!!Although you might think i'm crazy! Continuing on with this series . As the first book was a For Me But, Since i heard from Shannie!. That this book includes A lot of Naughty Stuff.d 10 inches piercedy goddess. Simply i can't resist that. Now can we!?.Moving onRipp, A fighter, playboy, badass,Funny as hell, Amazingly good in bed.ah the list goes onHe has a quick temper, never try to mess with him!, but deep down he's sweetheart. loves his family and f [...]

    7. Eva Poole on said:

      Lace up your chucks and get ready for the ride of your life!As always, Scott Hildreth’s books are unforgettable, emotional, thought provoking, brilliant. There’s a message and you’ll know it, you’ll feel it, you’ll live it. There are things in each and every one of his books that you will experience, something that will never be the same again, and for that - I thank you Scott. Unstoppable is an amazing story not just about Mike Ripton but about who he really is and what he wants. “I [...]

    8. Nina on said:

      I've put off writing a review because for one I don’t like doing it and two I fear that my review will never do the author justice with how amazing their books are. Scott, this one’s for you!First off, let me say I've read all of Scott’s books and every one of them have left quite an impact and there are only a few authors that I can say this about. When this happens, it’s an amazing feeling because even though you don’t know them personally you still feel a connection and I see the sa [...]

    9. Nikki on said:

      I am sorry. I just did not get it. A man that had an academic scholarship to college and he spoke like he never made it out of second grade. His family was quite normal and the way he grew up did not reflect his upbringing. I was confused. Crazy hot sex in the beginning but later it fell so flat that I was baffled . I felt it took way to long for two leads of book to come together. I felt like there were way to many scenes that were not needed and should have been better spent on developing more [...]

    10. Debi Price on said:

      WOW!! Another KNOCKOUT! Scott HildrethAs I sit here reflecting on what to write for my review of UNSTOPPABLE I realized I wanted to start it with "Thank You"! Yes! Thank you Scott Hildreth for giving us so many wonderful books filled with stories that have made me giggle, cry, laugh out loud and just stop and think. I have read ALL NINE of Scott Hildreth's books and have got something out of each and every book. All of Scott's books cause a yearning for more and more and I love that about this a [...]

    11. Sassy Savvy Fabulous on said:

      I was a little nervous when I picked up Unstoppable….I was slightly scared that it would not live up to all the hype. I mean how could it possibly ???? I had built it up so high…. Not only did it live up to the hype but it surpassed my every dream, my every fantasy. To be honest it is not often that I will 5 star an erotic novel. I love them but I'm more of an angst junkie myself. However I will tell you I had no choice but to give Unstoppable 5 stars It was the most fun I have EVER had whil [...]

    12. Janey on said:

      This just wasn't for me. Arrogant, rude, foul mouthed H with big, pierced cock and very few other endearing qualities

    13. Susan on said:

      Mike 'Ripp' Ripton. Tattooed, Chuck wearing bad ass. Hell if I couldn't get a night in the back of the Chevelle, I would at least want to eat chicken with him. Barbecued on a chicken grill.Ripp is real, unfiltered and I pizz him. He says what he thinks and he does what he wants. He is who he is and makes no apologies. For these qualities I couldn't help but adore him, never mind his huge umm *cough* and his piercing in the right places to please a woman.Vee, loved her. She was a ball busting wom [...]

    14. Indy on said:

      Wow, this was a pretty bad read for me (warning - cliffhanger!) Very oddly constructed - first is a prologue about a woman's rape (we don't know which character this is telling background). Then is from Ripp's POV (which is brash, immature, vulgar and crude). Then switches to a POV from a random hook-up called Barbee and details the specifics of their sex. Then down the line narrates another hook-up in depth with a waitress who dresses up as a unicorn and Ripp as Bill Clinton, followed by Vee's [...]

    15. Maria on said:

      I've been meaning to give one of Scott Hildreth's book a try, and I picked a winner for my first one.I thoroughly enjoyed reading Unstoppable. I compare it to spending a day at an amusement park, a fun filled and thrilling adventure!! I'm looking forward to reading Mr. Hildreth's other books.And now I'm gonna look for my Ed Hardy Chucks and put them on. ; )5 Satisfying Stars!!!!!P.S. I forgot to say that I also learned this, : D

    16. Jennifer on said:

      We all grow up with a preconceived notion of what we think our lives will become or even what they should be. Society dictates what we view as normal and what's acceptable. From the time we can think on our own we are guided to fit into a mold. No, that's not an oxymoron, think about it. From the time we are able to think for ourselves, we are shaped to think in a way that others find acceptable. We grow up writing out our lives in permanent marker. When we can't make our lives or ourselves fit [...]

    17. Natalie on said:

      WOW! Ripp is imperfectly PERFECT! Seriously. Ripp is a tattooed boxer, motorcycle riding, alpha male in ALL his pierced peen glory! He's a man whore, friend, provider, and pleaser. He LOVES FIGHTING and F*CKING! He is UNSTOPPABLE! Chapter 3, Chuck Fuckin' is MY chapter! Seriously, it holds a special place in my heart. *sigh* Ripp lickled me and chuck f*cked me till I was F*CK DRUNK! And I mean dahrunkkk! I couldn't even see spots! I was deaf and blind and could only speak 2 words “Yougottastop [...]

    18. EllenSmall on said:

      Five huge well deserved stars blown away by Ripp!!!!I'm not sure sure how to start my heads still in the book chuck f**ckin, honest to god I'd go live in this book if I couldRipp is the ultimate alpha male he's huge and I mean all of him 10 pierced inches of huge!!!!! But there's so much more to Ripp than his huge c**k, he's a man who knows what he likes, he loves his family and friends! and thinks fuckin feels as good as fighting! but then there's his sweet side and I promise you he has one alm [...]

    19. Dottie on said:

      This genre of book is always interesting when a man writes it and this book is written by a man. My only complaint is that it just kind ofends. You think you know what's going to happen but you're not entirely sure. This guy, Ripp, he's really just a big kid. He loves life and knows how to have fun. When meets "the one," his entire life changes and without loosing track of who he is, just becomes himself but more. It's a pretty cool book. I hope there will be more on this series so we'll know fo [...]

    20. Katie on said:

      I really Loved this book BUT WTF, WTF, W.T.F!!!! Noooooooooo a huge cliffhanger. I NEED the next book NOW!!!

    21. Kimber Dawn on said:

      Reviewed by Kimber @ lipsmackingoodbooksThat was exactly what I needed. I have been in an authors reader rut from hell! I've 1-clicked recommendations, I've book cover 1-clicked, as well as 1-clicked for nothing other than the illicit sex content warning. Blah! All of it. And dammit I don't have time for shit like that! I have three maybe four days a month to read as many bad ass, preverted, and/or boundary pushing smut books as I can before I hit the cave and let the voices take over for a sol [...]

    22. Michele ~ la Smoocherina on said:

      4.5 Left Hookery Stars! ;) The greatness of this book is in the details. (view spoiler)[I could list the details but I HATE spoilers. However I can't wait for you to discover "the Lickle", and all the other details that the complicated Mike "Ripp" Ripton supply. From his shoes to what he does with them.(hide spoiler)]Scott Hildreth's writing just continually improves--something that is one of the highest compliments I can pay. The interesting thing is, the hero in Unstoppable grows leaps and bou [...]

    23. ☮ Syrina ☮ RWBR on said:

      Once you're an adult, you don't change. We have the capacity to change, we just have to want to do it. We become stuck in our routines, unwilling to take the risk - we don't see the value in change.I really just love this author's style of writing: the passion, drive, and tenacity he puts into all his characters really just snatches at your emotions until your not sure if you let out some sort of mad sob like chuckle. The hilarity in this book surely let my family know what kind of nut I truly a [...]

    24. Linda on said:

      I don't know really where to begin, I have to say it's a crazy, mixed up alpha male of a book. I found it absolutely hilarious in places. Mike Ripton 'Ripp' is one of the best alpha males I have come across in a long time, sometimes I wanted to slap him and other times I wanted to hug him. I really think he is going to be a character you will either love or hate, I really love him! I loved his relationship with Vee, and his family easily remind me of Sunday's round at my mums! It was so wacky in [...]

    25. Michelle on said:

      Welllet me just say that I haven't laughed so hard reading a book in a while. Michael "Ripp" was just to much for me! He was so funny!! A motorcycle riding, fast car driving, scared of cats and clowns, a ten inch pierced (Prince Albert and Jacobs ladder) cock, Chuck fuckin, cock whacking, head steppin, lickle making, fucking for two hours, sexy tattoos, hot temper and a bare knuckles fighter. Whew!!!!The garage and motorcycle sex scene did me in!!! I literally had to quit reading for a while so [...]

    26. Jean on said:

      Oh, my heart! I can’t take it oh Ripp! I am dying hereI loved this book and if you read my review of Undefeated, you know it is because of Ripp! He is the ultimate in hotness! I have a new fondness for Converse Chucks that’s for sure! He makes me laugh and he is, as the author states, “real”! His thoughts and comments, REAL! His relationship with Shane is just awesomeI could actually picture two guys with this very type of friendship! I love them both, but I really “pizz” Ripp! Oh, a [...]

    27. Trish on said:

      Michael Ripton, aka Ripp. I was so looking forward to this book. After reading "Undefeated", I anxiously awaited Ripp' s story. while I was waiting, I picked up "Dying to Survive" and got a much closer look into the depths of Scott Hildreth' s mind. That seems to be a scary place that produces some fkn amazing stories. I knew "Unstoppable" wouldn't disappoint. I feel myself being sucked in to the erotic realm that surrounds this magnificent mind every time I pick up one of his books. This book w [...]

    28. Kami on said:

      DNF 58%This is RIPP's storyP is a thirty-one year old in a 14 year old's body.He "Chuck Fucks". He has a 10 inch penis, that we're all supposed to bow down to. He impersonates Dom's, just because. And he has a problem with people who are disabled and midgets. “Fuck no, I’m not alright. That fucker just slid by where we were sittin’. No warning, no nothing. Just a fucking head rollin’ by in a chair. Seriously, that’s fucked up.” -Enough said.The problem with this story is RIPP, actual [...]

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