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Unleashed Librarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B KBJEV EBOOK of book and tell one tale WARNING This Erotic novel has scenes of violence and many many many scenes of sex which are

  • Title: Unleashed
  • Author: Scott Hildreth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B00KBJEV6EBOOK 3 of 4 book 2 and 3 tell one tale WARNING This Erotic novel has scenes of violence and many, many, many scenes of sex which are graphically depicted This is not intended for young or immature readers Mike Ripton Ripp is a ruthless fighter and a Dominant male A woman has had an other than cLibrarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B00KBJEV6EBOOK 3 of 4 book 2 and 3 tell one tale WARNING This Erotic novel has scenes of violence and many, many, many scenes of sex which are graphically depicted This is not intended for young or immature readers Mike Ripton Ripp is a ruthless fighter and a Dominant male A woman has had an other than consensual sexual encounter One problem the woman is Ripp s sister He resolves the issue on his terms His terms aren t legal, not even in Texas He s going to need an attorney, and a very good one His submissive is a Federal Attorney who takes no prisoners in the courtroom, but he ll have to allow her to call the shots during the trial Can Ripp submit in the courtroom, find a happy medium, or continue to live his life with reckless abandon This is the story of Ripp and his many friends Sexually speaking, prepare for the unexpected This book is HOT

    • ☆ Unleashed || ↠ PDF Read by Ú Scott Hildreth
      232 Scott Hildreth
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    One thought on “Unleashed

    1. Scott Hildreth on said:

      All 4 books of the series are now LIVE. Undefeated, Unstoppable, Unleashed, and the final chapter, UNBROKENe second installment in the lives of Mike "Ripp" Ripton and Vivian "Vee" Simon, something happensThe characters become real.And holy shit, do they ever.The author, again, breaks from the norm and creates a scene, setting, and atmosphere that depart from his typical erotica. The sex in this book? Bring spare pantiesThe love? As deep as the deepest dark sea.But the story? It's real. Mike Ript [...]

    2. Shannie's ⭐️Lookin' 4 My Next BBF⭐️ on said:

      3.75 Michael Allen Ripton - The Man Dreams Are Made Of Stars!!What can I say about Ripp!! These gifs represent my feelings as I got to know him in this series. When I first saw Ripp, I was likeI found myself turning the pages trying to glimpse more of this stud. I didn't care about the MC's in book one. I was all about Ripp.Of course the more I saw this fine specimen of a man, I was thinkingThan I saw Ripp in action with his Chuck Fuckin', head steppin', Good Egg adventure and we CAN NOT forget [...]

    3. ~ Stephanie Lynn ~ on said:

      *****5 Lifetime of Lifetimes Stars*****All of us come across so many Authors over the years. But to come across that ONE Author that anything they write you fall in LOVE with immediately is very rare. From the characters to the story you just can not seem to get enough of what that author writes.Well I have found that Author.When reading a Hildreth book you get so much more than a story. I know I have said this before but I truly mean what I am saying when I say you always think about your life [...]

    4. Karéz on said:

      3They Got ThisStarsUnleashed is the final book in the Fighter Erotic Romance Series. Start where Unstoppable left of. After knowing that Ripp's Sister Katie(bug). got Rapped by the Sick bastard Tucker. and we all know Ripp got a really bad temper. Knowing a man Rapped his little sister. Ripp accidentally kills him!. Ripp is really in a bad place, prepares to face trial for murder. the good thing we know is that. Vivian Simone. Ripp's attorney/Girlfriend prepares to do the one thing she does in a [...]

    5. Leona (Books Inside The Keep) on said:

      I wasn't going to write a review on Unleashed because I didn't think that I could come up with anything new to say about Ripp. I also didn't know if I would have anything really to say about the story in its totality since Unleashed and I got off to a rocky start. But, since something (Unleashed's review I presume) is knocking at my mind to be let out I am going to put pen to paper, keystrokes to screen and let words fall as they may.On the heels of Unstoppable, Unleashed carried on right where [...]

    6. Sassy Savvy Fabulous on said:

      I wasn’t sure if it was possible to love a book more then I loved Unstoppablebut I was wrong.The anticipation that built up for me while waiting was unprecedented, I almost couldn’t handle it.When I finally succeed in reading instant perfection!THIS BOOK WAS EPIC, IT WAS EVERYTHING!Action packed, suspenseful and then inspiring.It was the story of strength, of hope, and of trust. I laughed out loud, I cried and I was even left breathless and yearning for more.The relationships in this story w [...]

    7. Jen Campbell on said:

      How to begin???? First off I want to officially go on record as saying Scott Hildreth knows what he is doing. After reading Unstoppable I was challenged as stated in my review, in my mind, I thought he should have done it a different way… Mr. Hildreth I am formally stating that you are brilliant and that I will do my best to be more patient in the future, because…. YOU. GOT. THIS!!!What I took away from Unleashed is that to move forward with almost anything in your life you will accomplish i [...]

    8. Jean on said:

      As Mr. Hildreth knows, I have been in love with Mike Ripton since Undefeated. Well, that has not changed!! He is definitely my all-time favorite! This book had me at page one and just continued to get better and better! A-Train talking about death in the beginningwow, just wow. I had chills and tears in my eyes. A-Train rocks and now I am seriously looking forward to his story! I was loving the part where Ripp was telling the "finger" story and telling how Shane and Kace initially got together. [...]

    9. Susan on said:

      Michael 'Ripp' Ripton. Vivian 'Vee'' Simon. This pair. In this book. Yeah they are Unleashed. Ripp continued to be that bad ass storyteller that literally had me snorting. He's that guy everyone wants as their friend because he can make you laugh yourself silly, but would bust balls in an instant if you messed with his friends or family. He also was a man who finally met his match with Vee. Their relationship was something to envy.Vee. Yeah the bitch is a force to be reckoned with. A powerhouse [...]

    10. Angela Wallace on said:

      KNIFE HANDS"Knife hands, motherfucker. That shit works,"I am literally sitting here blinking my eyes and staring! I too have lost all forms of verbal communication and funnily enough, that seems to happen A LOT after reading one of Scott Hildreth's books!"I blinked my eyes and looked around the room, still somewhat uncertain of exactly what had happened. I felt like my brains had been scrambled."^^^ THAT!!! Michael "Ripp" Ripton has hit the nail on the bloody head! THAT!!! THAT is exactly how I [...]

    11. Jennifer Edwards on said:

      Hell yes, Vee is my woman! I want to be her best friend, truly.I love a story where the man doesn't swoop in and save the damsel in distress. HERE. IT. IS. "Unleashed" picks up where "Unstoppable" ended. We see Mike "Ripp" Ripton become a little more vulnerable. You come to love him more this time. I didn't even think that was possible. His introspection pulls you in and you "feel" what he's feeling. You feel his fear, his worry, his pizzVee is a beast. We get to see her confidence and control a [...]

    12. Bing on said:

      Like I mentioned in my reviews of Undefeated and Unstoppable - SCOTT, you deserve the all-caps way of typing your name, which I reserve only for my favorite book characters because you, SCOTT, is a book junkie's dream!You create characters that simply cannot be ignored. You made me fall in love with a gentleman fighter in UndefeatedThen you made me an obsessed stalker of dirty-mouthed, Chucks-wearing fighter in UnstoppableNow, you introduced A-train?? I'll be a fan for a lifetime of lifetimes.Un [...]

    13. Diane Laferla on said:

      First of all I would like to bow down and congratulate Scott on his tenth book!! All within 12 monthsTen amazing books, loved every single one of themIn Undefeated I liked Mike as Dekkar swooned me with his gentle ways. In Unstoppable Mike stole my heart with his tough exterior, hilarious banter, his love and protectiveness for his friends and family esp when his eyes caught Vee's attentionWhat can I say about Unleashed? Well what I can is that I bloody loved it!!! My favourite of so far.Just th [...]

    14. Michele ~ la Smoocherina on said:

      I really loved book 3 in this series and I'm hoping that we'll get a book 4! Scott Hildreth's writing has become seamless. Whereas I found book 1 in this series to be a bit stiff, this book was the epitome of 'Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight.' I loved it.Vee is a great heroine and the ancillary characters have me crossing my fingers for follow up books for them.I can't wait to see what's next out of the mind of this author. He has a very unique voice. Which is what I have come to value as a reader. [...]

    15. Jennifer on said:

      "They're certainly entitled to think that, and they're entitled to full respect for their opinions… but before I can live with other folks I've got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience." ~ Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird Integrity, a man's word, his belief of whats right and wrong, those are the things that make a man. Do you stand up and fight for what you know is inherently right, or do you take the easy way out to save yourself? " [...]

    16. Francine Petro on said:

      I have a confession to make. I was finishing Unstoppable on a business trip, reading it at 30k feet when I got to the end. Thank god for inflight wifi! I paid the money to get connected so that I could buy Unleashed to continue! I paid a lot more than the book cost but it was worth EVERY CENT! The "Un" series is more than just hot boxers who have incredible sex, it's much more! The sex sure it's hot and it's definitely a bonus, but It's about growing, learning, acceptance, friendship, loyalty an [...]

    17. Suleika Santana -All About Books on said:

      5 stars Gifted ecopy for and honest review.This is part 2 of RIPP's story and I have to say the author definitely ended the story with a BANG! You know when sometimes you read a book and when you finish it you feel satisfied? That was me at the end of this one, I was full of happy and satisfied. I LOVED how the author ended the story. I want to give it 10 stars just for how happy I was when I finished reading it. I also have to say that it was very nerve wracking when the trial was going, I didn [...]

    18. Sarah on said:

      Another 5* read from Scott!! This continuation of Ripp and Vee's story was probably my favourite in the series. From the very beginning it had me laughing out loud! Love Ripp's sense of humour!Vee is a total bad arse female, seeing her in court shows exactly how strong and confident she is within her job and Ripp was completely able to put his whole trust in her when he needed it the most. There were a lot of parts in this which were pretty intense, I just wanted to see what happened as soon as [...]

    19. Tracey on said:

      I had received arcs of previous books. I purchased this one as didn't want to wait to be asked to review :)It starts by going into more detail about the events at the end of other book, then goes into to courtroom action. There's not too much in court though and even while that's going on we get characther development. I love the newer characters A train and Austin.Vee, what can you say, Respect woman *virtual high five* 'I've got this' , she sure did have it. I love how she's so strong and conf [...]

    20. Luvtoread45 on said:

      Loved it! Vee, Rippe whole family! AmazingVee is a total badass,I love it! This book had me laughing ,crying and on the edge of my seat! The sex was hot( like ,I was looking around to see if anyone was watching me read when I was on the hot as sex scenes) I mean damn! Hot! Hot! Hot!I'm swooning over A-Train, can't wait to see whatever Scott Hildreth has in store for us next! This fighter series is a must read! Love it!

    21. Samantha Knight on said:

      First off let me just give Kudos for Vee because she is amazing. I loved her badassness. She knew what she wanted and she went after it with a vengeance. She was incredibly strong willed which is hard to come by in erotic romance novels. I loved how the story unfolded and even more how it ended. I am however sad to see Ripp and Vee`s story end. I will be anxiously waiting for whatever you have in store for your readers next.

    22. Dawn-Cora on said:

      Another awesome addition to the series Scott! Vee knows how to stand her ground and kick some butt when need be. There was some great plot twist action during the trial and I loved, again, how there was character cross over from your Baby Girl series! And by the sound of another couple coming together, the last chapter and epilogue There will more in this series, which makes me smile. Thank you, as always, for writing these awesome books!

    23. Tarah on said:

      Awesome read. Ok I liked Unstoppable but I Love Unleashed! Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I think I'm in love with A-train. I loved how we get to see Mike grow up in the short time he's been with V. This was a very steamy read and I loved every minute of it. Please tell me there is a continuous of this story?

    24. Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets on said:

      Review coming. Just know this. Amazing. 5+ stars. Scott did it again. The man is talented. Takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Every time! Happy. Sad. Crying. Laughing. Smiling. Angry. Anxious. Screaming. Yelling. Horny. Yep. That's Scott.Characters are real. Believable. You become a part of them.He fucking rocks my socks! He fucking rocks!#TeamScottHildrethTakesOverTheWorld That is all. Carry on.*****My review of Unleashed by Scott Hildreth*******Another EPIC ride by Scott! Holy. Shit! Th [...]

    25. Shanyn on said:

      Family. It’s a relatively fluid concept. It can encompass so many different relationships from those who are bound to us by blood and those we choose to walk with us on this earth for the length of our lives. It’s vital and makes up such a huge component of our heart and where we belong in our individual lives. Family gives shape and tangibility to what matters most. Unleashed is about family. The process of finding it, claiming it and then letting it do what it does best – love you when y [...]

    26. Jennifer Guffey on said:

      Unleashed (Fighter Erotic Romance #3)By: Scott “S.D.” Hildreth5/5 starsThis is book 3 in Scott Hildreth’s Fighter Erotic Romance series, and book 2 of Vee & Ripp’s story. Book 1 of Ripp & Vee’s story, Unstoppable, ended somewhat on a cliffhanger that had fans badgering our dear author for several days. He is an appeasing man & let us know that he’d already started on the sequel & it would be out in 2 weeks…AND IT DIDN’T DISAPPOINT!At the end of Unstoppable, Ripp h [...]

    27. Amy on said:

      First, thank you to the brilliant mind of Scott Hildreth for writing another book that doesn't feature a whiney ass, cant stand on my own two feet, female lead or much less any weak females in this series. Sweet baby Jesus -- Thank you Mr. Hildreth! You have Bug; tough as nails -- Kace or "Shorty" big ass balls of steel who says what she thinks and stands by her "soon to be Heavy Weight Champion" -- and then there is Vee. -- Vee IS the White Wolf. An all consuming predator by nature, ensuing dan [...]

    28. KatChadwick on said:

      Abliss. I need to sit and take this all in after finishing this book.___________QUOTE: Vee"Don't fucking" I opened my eye lids in the middle of an eye roll and stared at the wall. "Talk. Just don't." I sighed as I closed my eyes exhausted.I shook my head and opened my eyes, "Don'tSpeakMe."____________Yeah that's how I feel right after finishing the book. I'm needing quite time to reflect and take it all in. There is always a few nuggets of wisdom to be learned in Scott's books, even amid the sex [...]

    29. RelentlessBookChic Ramblings & Reviews on said:

      Unleashed is just that "Unleashed" It is a perfect combination of hot and sexy and profound wisdom. It will lickle your soul. When Scott Hildreth writes a book you can believe there is going to be a message even if it is an erotic novel. His message in this onefaith, loyalty, standing tall and firm in the belief that you did something right even if it is morally questionable.Unleashed is the continuation of Ripp and Vee's story Unstoppable. In this story we get to see more of Vee's character, we [...]

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