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Shari Shattuck

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Becoming Ellen

Becoming Ellen Returning in the bestselling tradition of Jennifer Weiner Shattuck brilliantly illustrates the deep friendship between two absolutely unforgettable women in this touching yet funny novel Ellen Homes

  • Title: Becoming Ellen
  • Author: Shari Shattuck
  • ISBN: 9780399167621
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Returning in the bestselling tradition of Jennifer Weiner, Shattuck brilliantly illustrates the deep friendship between two absolutely unforgettable women in this touching yet funny novel.Ellen Homes is done being invisible Well, sort of Living with her closest friends, Temerity and Justice, has helped her step out of the shell of invisibility she once hid away in SheReturning in the bestselling tradition of Jennifer Weiner, Shattuck brilliantly illustrates the deep friendship between two absolutely unforgettable women in this touching yet funny novel.Ellen Homes is done being invisible Well, sort of Living with her closest friends, Temerity and Justice, has helped her step out of the shell of invisibility she once hid away in She still seeks refuge in solitary time and observing from afar, but she has pushed herself to open up to others in ways that bring her unexpected happiness But when a terrible bus crash upends her normal routine, Ellen finds herself on a whirlwind crusade for the unseen and downtrodden Only this time, helping others including two young children with no one else to turn to will mean facing a pain from her past that she s long tucked away Picking up where Invisible Ellen left off, Becoming Ellen returns us to the touching, poignant, and compassionate world of Ellen Homes as she learns how to navigate the world she has decided to become a part of.

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    One thought on “Becoming Ellen

    1. Melissa on said:

      I loved this book as much as I loved Invisible Ellen. Once again, Shari Shattuck has done an amazing job. I laughed, smiled, and got teary-eyed at times. I wanted to hug this book multiple times and hope I get to meet Shari one day so I can hug her for writing these novels! It's like a soothing balm for my soul, making me feel like I ate a bowl of my favorite soup. I hope she writes another story about Ellen and Temerity soon. Great story to end 2015 with and it's going on my favorites list, jus [...]

    2. WTF Are You Reading? on said:

      Reviewer's Note: Because book 1 of this duology provides readers with a detailed and very relevant backstory which is imperative to the understanding of both the characters and character motivations, which are the basis for book 2. It is strongly suggested that book 1, entitled Invisible Ellen, be read first. Ellen Homes has come a long way from the reclusive shadow that readers were introduced to in Invisible Ellen. Now living with her best friends, Temerity and Justice; Ellen is slowly coming [...]

    3. Rachel on said:

      ***This review has spoilers for Invisible Ellen but not for Becoming Ellen***Becoming Ellen is the sequel to Invisible Ellen. I highly recommend reading that book first to really understand who Ellen is. And Ellen is a very damaged individual. She has a paralyzing fear of interacting with other people and has used food as an emotional crutch in the past, although not so much in this book.As with Invisible Ellen, there are several subplots that have Temerity and Ellen involving themselves in stic [...]

    4. Tonya on said:

      Returning in the bestselling tradition of Jennifer Weiner, Shattuck brilliantly illustrates the deep friendship between two absolutely unforgettable women in this touching yet funny novel.Ellen Homes is done being invisible. Well, sort of. Living with her closest friends, Temerity and Justice, has helped her step out of the shell of invisibility she once hid away in. She still seeks refuge in solitary time and observing from afar, but she has pushed herself to open up to others in ways that brin [...]

    5. Patty on said:

      Becoming EllenByShari ShattuckWhat it's all aboutIt's all about Ellen. She has a blind roommate named Temeritye is working the night shift at Costcoe is still a bit chubby but in this book she is more socialized. When I was reading this book I kept thinking that I read it before but after again reading the back coverI realized I read the first bookInvisible Ellen. In that book her life was really sad this book her life is less sadbut still sade Costco cleaning scenes make me want to cry! She sti [...]

    6. Linda on said:

      Many thanks to Firsttoread for an advanced digital book of Becoming Ellen by Shari Shattuck in return for my honest review.Becoming Ellen continues where Invisible Ellen left off. The characters are charming, quirky, and lovable. Their friendship is protective and heart-warming; they are the best part of this novel. However as extraordinary as the character development is, the story itself is lacking. Like the first book, It is just too unrealistic. These characters are able to "move mountains." [...]

    7. SamanthaFowkes on said:

      I loved the return of these rich characters, but there wasn't really a strong storyline. I kind of wish the author would have just written Invisible Ellen, because in Becoming Ellen, it seemed to me that Ellen had taken steps backward from the ending of Invisible Ellen. I almost was getting annoyed with her creeping around and hiding all the time. I will say the ending was cute and tied everything up nicely.

    8. Lisa on said:

      This is the sequel to Invisible Ellen, which I read over a year ago. Definitely read that first. I really enjoyed being back in Ellen's world and seeing her continued progress. Just like the last book, there are a lot of coincidences and references to Temerity's blindness, but I would totally read another book about Ellen's life!

    9. Jane Healy on said:

      I ended up liking this book, though I wondered if I would at first. The main character, Ellen, is so different that I wasn't sure I would relate to her. The book ends up being a story of triumph, as "invisible" Ellen dares to become a little more visible and finds ways to help people and enact justice without being front and center. Made more confident by her friends/roommates, Temerity and Justice, Ellen helps bring down a drug dealing boss at work. With the help of her roommate and new friend, [...]

    10. Lisa on said:

      All the characters are believable and work together for a greater good. I hope the author keeps writing about Ellen and her friends. Read the first book Invisible Ellen first.

    11. Rebecca on said:

      I didn't like this one nearly as much as the first book in the series (Invisible Ellen). This one didn't seem quite as quirky. The various situations that Ellen and Temerity fix seem too contrived.

    12. Wendy on said:

      " Becoming Ellen" which I won through /First Reads is a poignant, darkly humorous story that revolves around the friendship of two women; shy, reclusive Ellen Homes and confident, energetic Temerity Bauer. As the story opens a young man in a black leather jacket on Ellen's bus is attacked by a bully, forcing the bus driver to slam on the brakes and flipping the vehicle onto its side. In the chaos that follows Ellen is forced to step out of her comfort zone saving the little girl sitting across f [...]

    13. Lexine U. on said:

      (Free copy from First to Read in exchange for an honest review)I've always disliked reading books that are a continuation of a previous book, when the aforementioned previous book is unknown to me. However, Shari Shattuck strikes a perfect balance between providing enough information to guide readers through those "flashback moments" the characters have and not enough information that will make readers feel like picking up the first book is unnecessary. That being said, the plot is charmingly st [...]

    14. Crazy Bookseller on said:

      I was delighted to have been asked to review this title as Invisible Ellen was one of my best reads of 2014. If you haven’t read it, go ahead and check it out immediately. Try the library if you must, but read it!Ellen Homes is not your typical, average person, despite what she might say. Having endured pretty much the worst childhood ever (with minor exceptions) she has managed to become a caring and loving adult. Unfortunately she is also scarred, scared, shy and afraid of human contact. In [...]

    15. Diane on said:

      Ellen Homes is a heartwarming character that was first introduced in Invisible Ellen. Ellen is a physically scarred and emotionally wounded young woman who meets a brother and sister who really care about her and who she begins to trust.Becoming Ellen picks up where the last novel left off, and IMO, you MUST read Invisible Ellen first. Ellen is now living with brother and sister team, Temerity, a blind violinist and her protective but kind brother Justice. As Ellen begins to open herself up emot [...]

    16. Jessica Bronder on said:

      Ellen is back. In Invisible Ellen we learn about her horrible childhood and how it has scarred her mentally and physically. She is now coming out of her shell with the help of Temerity and Justice and relying less on food than she has in the past. Ellen is still slowly working through her problems.But when she finds others in need, she can’t help but step up and protect and help them. In a bus accident Ellen finds a young girl to protect from the foster system. She also discovers a run away an [...]

    17. Charlotte Lynn on said:

      The main character is Ellen. Ellen is social awkward for many good reasons. Her history is not easy, yet she has managed to live a semi-normal life. She works, she has roommates, and she is getting more social. I loved her “relationship” with Rupert. While she was clueless as to what he was asking her, she realized that he was a good guy and managed to be in the same room with him and even have a conversation or two. The last part of this book definitely shows the leaps and bounds that Ellen [...]

    18. Gloria Bernal on said:

      What a treat to reacquaint myself with these wonderful characters featured in "Invisible Ellen." Ellen, Temerity and Justice are characters you feel you know, especially if you've read "Invisible." I do recommend reading that one first if possible, just so you have the character development, although it is not necessary. In this novel, we find Ellen coming out of her shell more now that her facial surgery has been completed, but still struggling to do so. She still works nights at Costco as a "p [...]

    19. Ionia on said:

      Before I get going on a review, I'd like to say that I think anyone who is going to read this book, should read the first book in the series, "Invisible Ellen." This book, "Becoming Ellen," does offer enough info to keep a reader going without feeling completely lost, but they will learn a lot more about the somewhat neurotic and yet loveable main character if they read the first. I enjoyed reading this book. The author takes a very straight-forward approach with her character. You don't have to [...]

    20. Lesley Visutsiri on said:

      There is something about Ellen that I feel I can sympathize with. I didn't grow up in foster homes and have abusive parents so it couldn't be that. Perhaps it's the fact that I suffer from self esteem issues as well? Perhaps it is because I have felt invisible at times, sometimes because I wanted to be invisible and others because I just felt that way. Ellen is the type of character that I think anyone can relate to on some level. She is so endearing and wonderful and I hope to see another book [...]

    21. (;Missy.Lala;) on said:

      Becoming Ellen was a sequel to Invisible Ellen, and the author did not do a bad job catching me up on the series since I started on the sequel Anyway, Becoming Ellen starts off with a deep friendship between two absolutely unforgettable women in this touching yet funny novel.Ellen Homes is back and done being invisible! Living with her closest friends, Temerity and Justice, they have helped her step out of the shell of invisibility she once hid away in. She still seeks refuge in solitary time an [...]

    22. Suzanne on said:

      "Becoming Ellen" is the second book that deals with the same characters (Ellen, Temerity and Justice) as "Invisible Ellen" by the same author. These are fascinating characters and while the books really do best when read in order, they offer enough individually to be read independently. Ellen is tentatively joining social settings, engaging delicately with neighborhood runaways, roommates and very cautiously with co-workers. Her background as an abused foster child has severely crippled her abil [...]

    23. Caitlin on said:

      I received a free copy of this book from Penguin First to Read in exchange for an honest review. It is the sequel to Invisible Ellen, and really works best if you read that book first.Ellen used to be invisible, but she's slowly working her way toward something like a life. She lives with the twins, Temerity and Justice, but she's slowly unfolding from her shell, interacting with the people around her in small ways. And then a man makes the bus she is on crash, and Ellen finds someone who needs [...]

    24. Suzanne on said:

      WOW!! This the fastest book I've read in awhile.I did not read the first installment oo Ellen's dilemma of her life. This can be a stand alone book. It does give you a glimpse of her life before now. She was in and out of foster homes, was abused and this is why she keeps to herself. People scare her.She becomes roommates with a brother and sister. They protect her and help her come out of her shell. Evidently, she acquired a job in the first book and still has in this one. She works at night so [...]

    25. CL on said:

      Coming from an abusive background and a foster care system that has not nurtured her Ellen prefers to be invisible, which she is very good at. New people and new situations make her very nervous and she tries very hard not to feel any emotions. She arrives at work early so as not to have to converse with her co-workers and she sees things. For instance, personal moments they would rather keep private, the co-worker who is dealing drugs or the gossip they exchange. She writes it all down and then [...]

    26. Stacey Lechner on said:

      Thank you to Net Galley and Penguin Group Putnam for a copy of this book. Becoming Ellen was just as delightful and enjoyable as Invisible Ellen. Picking up shortly after that book ended, Becoming Ellen follows Ellen as she tried to adjust to a world where she is no longer as invisible as she once was and tries to cultivate relationships with people who have become a part of her world. She still struggles with her need to remain invisible and her desire to help people and have daily interactions [...]

    27. Melissa on said:

      3.5 starsShattuck’s second book featuring Ellen is endearing, yet not quite as magical as the first. Ellen still struggles with feeling invisible, which works for a while, but is getting a bit tired as a plot point. Overall, the character interaction, funny situations and heartfelt drama elevate this tale above many others in this genre.Ellen is content to remain anonymously invisible, working the night shift at Costco and keeping to herself, living with Temerity and Justice. When she is invol [...]

    28. Liza Shaw on said:

      Becoming Ellen I haven’t read the first book from the Ellen series,  so found one or 2 references in Becoming Ellen difficult to follow, but that was not a problem. I loved how the author has covered some difficult subject areas, those we all know about but most try to ignore. Sharing covered the topics very tastefully, but still with enough force to get her message across.The story is well paced and well-developed, as are all the characters. Everything is very believable. I am looking forw [...]

    29. Rachel Reeves on said:

      Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a follow-up to another book, which I didn't realize until reading a few other reviews. I felt it provides enough details on the characters to not feel lost, despite not having read the first book. I enjoyed the book and really liked the main characters. It deals with a few heavier topics but in a lighter way that keeps it from being too intense of a read. It's a great summe [...]

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