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Rebecca Makkai

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Music for Wartime: Stories

Music for Wartime Stories Named a must read by the Chicago Tribune O Magazine BuzzFeed The Huffington Post Minneapolis Star Tribune and The L MagazineNamed one of the best short story collections of by Bookpage a

  • Title: Music for Wartime: Stories
  • Author: Rebecca Makkai
  • ISBN: 9780525426691
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Named a must read by the Chicago Tribune , O Magazine, BuzzFeed , The Huffington Post , Minneapolis Star Tribune , and The L MagazineNamed one of the best short story collections of 2015 by Bookpage and Kansas City StarRebecca Makkai s first two novels, The Borrower and The Hundred Year House, have established her as one of the freshest and most imaginative voicesNamed a must read by the Chicago Tribune, O Magazine, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and The L MagazineNamed one of the best short story collections of 2015 by Bookpage and Kansas City StarRebecca Makkai s first two novels, The Borrower and The Hundred Year House, have established her as one of the freshest and most imaginative voices in fiction Now, the award winning writer, whose stories have appeared in four consecutive editions of The Best American Short Stories, returns with a highly anticipated collection bearing her signature mix of intelligence, wit, and heart A reality show producer manipulates two contestants into falling in love, even as her own relationship falls apart Just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a young boy has a revelation about his father s past when a renowned Romanian violinist plays a concert in their home When the prized elephant of a traveling circus keels over dead, the small town minister tasked with burying its remains comes to question his own faith In an unnamed country, a composer records the folk songs of two women from a village on the brink of destruction These transporting, deeply moving stories some inspired by her own family history amply demonstrate Makkai s extraordinary range as a storyteller, and confirm her as a master of the short story form Richly imagined Chicago Tribune Impressive O, The Oprah Magazine Engrossing Minneapolis Star Tribune Inventive W Magazine

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    One thought on “Music for Wartime: Stories

    1. Esil on said:

      I have already mentioned on GR probably a few too many times how I feel about short stories: I am reluctant to read them, am often happily surprised at how much I like some of them when I finally get round to reading them, kick myself for being reluctant to read them, and then want to read a novel by the author of the good short stories I have just read. Which pretty much sums up my reaction to the stories in Music for Wartime. Some of these stories are stunning and some are very good and some a [...]

    2. Diane S ☔ on said:

      second story. The worst you ever feel. A young violinist watching a master play after years in a Romanian prison, is able to tell from the music what the man went through. Quite good.Third story , November. A reality show where the contestants are all artists of some kind. All sent to an artist's colony to live together. Every week has a theme and every week someone is eliminated. A good look at the behind scene staging of these shows and how it can rub off into personal lives.4th story, The Mir [...]

    3. Jill on said:

      There are only two types of stories in this splendid collection. Great ones. And outstanding ones. Truly, there is not a clunker in the batch.Typically, in reviewing a short story collection, I start out with my favorites. But I’d be hard put to choose from among 17 stories (including some short-shorts inspired by Rebecca Makkai’s own colorful family history. Among the most memorable for me: “Couple of Lovers On A Red Background”, which starts, “I’ve been calling him Bach so far, at [...]

    4. Blair on said:

      Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.I read Rebecca Makkai's second novel, The Hundred Year House, last year and was really impressed. This collection of short stories has only confirmed my faith in her talent: although it's slightly patchy, some of them are spectacular.I'll start with 'The November Story', because I thought it was absolutely perfect. It's about a woman who's working on the production team of a reality TV show, something a bit like Big Brother except all the contesta [...]

    5. Larry H on said:

      More than 4 stars, not quite 4.5 about 4.25 stars?Full disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.A reality show producer. A cellist dealing with the presence of a growing shrine on her property. A minister in a town plagued by weather-related issues. A college professor for whom nothing seems to be going right. These are just a few of the characters in Rebecca Makkai's wonderful and intriguing new story collection, Music for Wartime.Mak [...]

    6. Tammy Parks on said:

      4.75 stars. A beautiful collection of short stories, loosely tied together by themes of loss and sadness. I'll be thinking about some of these stories for a long time.

    7. Rachel León on said:

      Makkai is a fabulous writer and though I loved both of her novels, this short story collection is my favorite book by her. Obviously with any collection there will be stories that resonate more than others, but a couple of the stories rate among my favorite short stories ever. There is so much skill and emotion in these stories that it's hard not to be both impressed and moved. If you're looking for a great short story collection, I highly recommend checking out Makkai's.

    8. Amy on said:

      What an exceptional, stunning and creative short-story collection. Rebecca Makkai seamlessly changes voice and point-of-view for her stories: male [“Peter Torrelli, Falling Apart”], female [“Couple of Lovers on a Red Background”], varied ages [“The Worst You Ever Feel” is told from a young boy’s perspective.], races [there’s Celine, the Asian musician in “Cross”] and sexual orientation. She transports to varied times and places with ease.“The November Story” details an im [...]

    9. Jenny (Reading Envy) on said:

      I received a copy of this from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I read one of Makkai's novels, The Borrower, previously, and I think I can say I enjoyed these short stories more. I liked the themes of music and war moving throughout them without the pressure to connect them otherwise. Some of the stories are very short, 2-3 pages, while others are longer.Some favorites:The Worst You Ever Feel - a little perspective, shall we say, from a nine-fingered violinistOthe [...]

    10. Kasa Cotugno on said:

      The best short story collections contain a paradox -- while short in print length, they can contain material of such complexity and meatiness, thus requiring more effort on the part of a reader than novels of same size. Such is the case here. Usually there is at least one story that makes the eyes roll, the impatience accelerate, but not here. Several of the stories do have music as an element, but they are handled in such a way as to demonstrate an insider's intense knowledge of the art form as [...]

    11. Terri Jacobson on said:

      Rebecca Makkai has written an extraordinary collection of short stories. Entitled Music for Wartime, the stories take place on battlefields of different kinds, and they portray the hand-to-hand combat of human relationships. The writing is outstanding; the prose dips and soars and takes you on amazing rides. Makkai has included references to bits of her family history, and this just deepens the meaning of the collection. An absolutely amazing reading experience; I can't wait to check out the nov [...]

    12. Jennifer on said:

      Even readers who typically do not enjoy short stories, I highly recommend adding Music For Wartime by Rebecca Makkai to all reading lists. Makkai’s latest release is due out in June 2015 and she has crafted some intense, thought provoking, and unforgettable stories. Typically when I read a collection of short stories I except to dislike a few, however that was not the case with Music For Wartime. Makkai’s writing is deeply moving, passionate, intense, descriptive, and not one story contained [...]

    13. Mi Na on said:

      کتاب مجموعه داستانهایی از این خانم نویسنده است که در طول سالهای مختلف نوشته شده وجز بهترین مجموعه داستانهای سال 2015 است.سی دی همراه کتاب هست که اثار موسیقی که منبع الهام نویسنده برای نوشتن داستانهای مختلف بودند در ان وجود داره. همینطور در انتهای کتاب چند نقاشی معروف اورده شده [...]

    14. Lolly K Dandeneau on said:

      I have been learning to love short stories a lot more lately because of such writers. This collection is pretty fantastic and each story touched a nerve with me. Sad is such an empty word for what the characters go through, but it's strangely beautiful too. I can't help but share some of my favorite lines."You know our whole thing about leapfrogging into someone else's body? it was like that, but like I suddenly leapfrogged into myself."he thought of mankind as a line of miserable monkeys chaine [...]

    15. Karen Fresh on said:

      A collection of short stories. Many tied in to a war, some were about music, some were about both. I really liked a few of these, but several were too arty or pretentious or trying to hard to be clever. A story would go on for a couple of pages and then end, and I was left to figure out what the heck it was about. Maybe that was the point.

    16. Sherry on said:

      Wow! Best collection of short stories I've read this year. Brilliant and compassionate- a small novel in each story.

    17. Daniel on said:

      Roughly one year ago I read and reviewed Rebecca Makkai’s second novel The Hundred-Year House. Looking back to those recorded thoughts compared to my memory I realize that a large part of my response to her novel stemmed from the power and promise of Makkai’s writing overcoming some flaws in the construction of a full novel. As impressive as the novel was, it really does resembles a collection of shorter stories interwoven around the history of a family and home. I wasn’t looking forward t [...]

    18. Roger Brunyate on said:

      A Stunning Set of StoriesAs a musician myself, I am generally leery of authors who use music in their fiction, as it is so often only half understood. But by the same token, writers who get it right are a sheer joy; I am thinking especially of Vikram Seth (An Equal Music), Richard Powers (The Time of Our Singing and Orfeo), and now Rebecca Makkai. There is not music in every one of these seventeen stories, but those that do use it are memorable. "The Worst You Ever Feel" has a twelve-year-old pr [...]

    19. Francesca Marciano on said:

      Great collection of short stories! So unusual and surprising in tone. A whirlwind blend of different voices, Makkai goes effortlessly from straightforward realism to magical. Her touch one moment is light, filled with subtle humor, surreal (How about having Bach wiggle out of your piano and settle on your couch with a beer?) and the next is melancholic, heartbreaking and incredibly real. Favourites:Couples of Lovers on a Red background, The Miracle years of Little Fork, Painted ocean Painted shi [...]

    20. Joanne-in-Canada on said:

      Engaging stories. And don't you just love references to one of your favourite books?"'Did you ever read that book when you were a kid?' Peter said as we walked through the emptying halls. 'The one where the kids run away and live in the Met?'"'And they bathe in the fountain,' I said." (p. 79-80)

    21. Len Joy on said:

      I read this collection on a long flight. Sometimes I find it challenging to read a collection of stories in one sitting. With some collections there is a sameness that makes it sort of wearying to read one story after another; (after a reading a bunch of Raymond Carver stories I either wanted a drink or to check into AA;); and some short stories while skillfully written require so much work to understand (I have my limitations) that it is just not fun to read more than one at a time.But Makkai [...]

    22. Graham Wilhauk on said:

      This was a rather good collection, though there was a lot of filler in it. There is really only 220 pages in this collection and at least 60 to 70 pages of it were stories that felt unnecessary. I do really like Rebecca Makkai's writing style and about three or four of the stories in here are REALLY good. However, there is just too much mediocrity for me to say that this is a great collection. In short, this collection is a good one that handles a lot of complex topics, but it just isn't enough [...]

    23. Kitty on said:

      Truly excellent stories of survivors, musicians, and the perils and rewards of human relationships.

    24. Gina Whitlock on said:

      Wonderful collection of short stories dealing with loss, war, and sadness. Thought it was a great collection.

    25. Karen Germain on said:

      I'm a fan of short stories, both as a reader and as a writer. I love them for their ability to capture a whole story world in a economical amount of words. Mostly, I love that the entire story can usually be read in a single sitting, allowing me to fully embrace the entire experience without interruption. Thank You to Viking Penguin Group for an advanced copy of Rebecca Makkai's short story collection, Music for Wartime, in exchange for an honest reviewOT - The stories in Rebecca Makkai's new co [...]

    26. Corinna Fabre on said:

      There are some authors that you fall in love with fast and hard – it’s a whirlwind and by the time you’ve finished that first book you’re totally out of breath. For me, Rebecca Makkai was one of those authors. I vividly remember brining The Hundred Year House with me on a Labor Day camping adventure and accidentally leaving the book behind and waiting anxiously for 24-hours until my father in law could drop off the book.When you find an author like that, a new book is almost terrifying. [...]

    27. Leah on said:

      Were I to choose one favorite story or a starting point for readers, it would be The Miracle Years of Little Fork. From its excellent first sentence ("In the fourth week of drought, at the third and final performance of the Roundabout Traveling Circus, the elephant keeled over dead.") to its colorful cast of characters and surprisingly thought-provoking subject, this one was hands-down my top pick of the book. The Worst You Ever Feel, about a young boy's revelation when a renowned violinist visi [...]

    28. Rachel Lewis on said:

      Makkai's collection of short stories is enthralling. There are some absolutely stunning stories, some good stories, and some that fell a little flat for me. Makkai's writing is beautiful, quirky, and poignant. I absolutely loved several of the stories including "The November Story" which tells the tale of a woman working for a reality television show who is hooking up two contestants as her relationship with her girlfriend falls apart. This is a collection that is well worth picking up and divin [...]

    29. Karen Michele on said:

      Rarely do I encounter a story collection that I can rate with 5 stars, but every single story in this collection was original and beautifully crafted. Each one had an unusual take on subject matter I had read many times before and that is what put this collection over the top for me. Sometimes, an amazing impact was achieved in a few pages. The stories had emotional impact without "preaching" or heavy handed moralizing. I will be putting Rebecca Makkai's novels on my TBR and I highly recommend t [...]

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