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Jessica Topper

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Courtship of the Cake

Courtship of the Cake From the author of Dictatorship of the Dress comes a new novel about a woman who s vowed to never walk down the aisle and the two men who ll do anything to get her to say I do Always a bridesmaid nev

  • Title: Courtship of the Cake
  • Author: Jessica Topper
  • ISBN: 9780425276853
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of Dictatorship of the Dress comes a new novel about a woman who s vowed to never walk down the aisle and the two men who ll do anything to get her to say I do Always a bridesmaid, never a bride has suited Danica James just fine until the mysterious man who crashed her sister s wedding steals her heart, leaves a slice of groom s cake under her pillowFrom the author of Dictatorship of the Dress comes a new novel about a woman who s vowed to never walk down the aisle and the two men who ll do anything to get her to say I do Always a bridesmaid, never a bride has suited Danica James just fine until the mysterious man who crashed her sister s wedding steals her heart, leaves a slice of groom s cake under her pillow, and then disappears Hoping to forget her unforgettable fling, Dani takes a job as a backstage masseuse for a rock music festival, not expecting the tour s headlining bad boy to make an offer she can t refuse Nash Drama needs a fianc e and fast Mick Spencer is the best wedding cake designer in New Hope and the town s most eligible bachelor But despite the bevy of bridesmaids he s sampled, Mick can t get the evening he spent with Dani out of his mind So when she shows up for a cake tasting at the Night Kitchen with his former best friend s ring on her finger Mick vows to charm the woman of his dreams into choosing a sweet and sinful ever after, with him

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    One thought on “Courtship of the Cake

    1. Baba on said:

      3.5 stars. Review posted May 14, 2015Hoping to forget Mick with whom she had shared a hot evening in New Orleans when he crashed her sister's wedding, Dani (short for Danica) is accepting the job as a backstage masseuse for the Minstrels & Mayhem Festival tour. Nash Drama, rock star and lead singer of Go Get Her, is one of of those artists who benefit from Dani's magic hands. Nash was at his truest state when he was at his most vulnerable.As chances would have it, Nash is being honored with [...]

    2. Jacqueline's Reads on said:

      3 Who to Pick StarsCourtship of the Cake is a standalone and is part of the Much “I Do” About Nothing series. I’m reading this series out of order (something new I’m doing) and completely random.This is Danica and Nash and **GASP** Mick story.So it’s a love triangle (sort of) storyline and we all know where I stand on these. I have major issues with love triangles, so just note that’s my personal preference.This book reads in different parts (to me). I felt like the first half of the [...]

    3. Tanja ~ KT Book Reviews on said:

      The follow up read from author Jessica Topper’s Much I Do about Nothing series has the same formula that I am beginning to appreciate, as good people with crazy lives injected with a bit of rock and roll that gives the series a nice bite.Courtship of the Cake is a second chance romance on two different levels. It’s a one night stand that won’t fade away for neither Dani nor Mick. Also, a childhood romance that is years past its expiration date still hasn’t had its final curtain call for [...]

    4. Christy LoveOfBooks on said:

      I read Dictatorship of the Dress last year and found it to be adorable and funny, so I was looking forward to getting Dani’s story in Courtship of the Cake. I enjoyed this book too, but not quite to the degree of DotD. It’s still a pretty fun book, though.Don’t be afraid of the blurb! It makes it sound like there is a love-triangle, but there isn’t. Actually, there’s a love-square. Okay, okay but it isn’t real. Promise. Courtship of the Cake reminds me of a cute romantic-comedy you [...]

    5. Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews on said:

      2 Sadly didn't do it for me stars! Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley | Penguin GroupAfter reading Dictatorship of the Dress, I thought I was going to love Dani but I gotta admit that this book didn't do it for me. Ugh! I so badly wanted to like it. I don't know if I wasn't in the mood to read this or what, but it just didn't float my boat. Dani is always a bridesmaid but never a bride. She was also like this in relationships. Even though Dani doesn't like to commit there is some [...]

    6. Melissa on said:

      “You’ll never find yourself, if you haven’t yet lost yourself.”Dictatorship of the Dress has a special place on my favorites shelf. It was adorable, funny and has stuck with me, even months after reading it. Danica was part of the fun in that story, along with being Laney's voice of reason, so I sort of went into this one expecting it to be light and kind of silly. It was much more than that though. Dani had a depth, I didn’t originally give her credit for."Listen to that little voice [...]

    7. Erin on said:

      Dnf :( just couldn't keep me interested. I really enjoyed book 1, and this one has the right recipe just not delivered in engaging way.

    8. Michelle [Helen Geek] on said:

      Very sad Penguin always turns down my ARC requests on NG. I don't have this issue with any other publisher. Sad. Guess my reviews for the previous books by this author didn't amount for SQUAT !!

    9. Sophia on said:

      I absolutely loved the first book in this series and the secondary character, Dani, so I was eager for this book with Dani as the lead. It was not long before the story had me rear back with surprise, ponder if I wanted to continue, and then cautiously proceed forward once again. Not what I was expecting and definitely feeling conflicted, but in the end I was pleased that I pushed through and gave it a chance.This is not an easy story and it really isn't a typical romance. In fact, the romance d [...]

    10. Ellie on said:

      3.5 StarsI really enjoyed the first half of the story but I felt too many things happened in the second half and they were rushed through. Note: This reads more like women's fiction, sort of family saga than romance. It does have a HEA but the focus was on the heroine's journey and not just on the romance.Here is my full review which you can also read on Ellie Reads Fiction:This is the second book in the I DO series and I can say these stories shape out more like women's fiction, family sagas, t [...]

    11. Cocktails and Books on said:

      This review was originally posted on Cocktails and Books.Courtship of the Cake was not what I expected. It was a good, well written book, but the emotions were heavier than a book about cake should be.We meet Dani, a travelling massage therapist; Nash, a famous musician; and Mick, a bakery owner.  Dani and Mick met in New Orleans when he crashed her sister’s wedding and formed an instant connection that circumstances didn’t allow to flourish. A year later, she is working the same music fest [...]

    12. Kimberly on said:

      My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2015/06A free-spirited massage therapist, a sexy cake designer who knows his way around more than the kitchen, a rock star at a crossroads in his life… There is a lot to capture readers’ interest in Courtship of the Cake. Jessica Topper’s second Much “I Do” About Nothing novel can be fun and charming, and at times almost captures your heart.Dani is the black sheep of her family, happier on the road treating festival musicians than stay [...]

    13. Joyfully Reviewed on said:

      Danica “Dani” James is a masseuse who is hoping to forget the one that got away. Taking on a job travelling with a rock group, she garners another position that brings her right back into the orbit of the mysterious man who left a slice of cake under her pillow and a fire burning that he didn’t bother to quench.Mick Spencer, cake decorator extraordinaire, has now been retained to present a cake for the upcoming nuptials of his former BFF. However, imagine Mick’s surprise when the bride-t [...]

    14. Diane Matlick on said:

      I really enjoyed this! I loved Nash's storyline, it really spoke to me being a physical therapist because I have watched many of my patients wrestle with the demons of their past at the same time as they come to terms with a life changing diagnosis. And in this case, the implications went beyond just how it affected him. I enjoyed the setting and all the characters and the journeys of self discovery each one went on, and how they all wove together. I didn't feel this love story as much as I have [...]

    15. Leslie on said:

      2.5-3I loved Dictatorship of the Dress and really was looking forward to this one. However, I found myself a bit bored and forcing myself to finish. There were a lot of flashbacks which got a bit old to me. Then, the POV was constantly changing. I don't usually mind that but some of the chapters are really short and with the constant POV change, it got a bit confusing. This one sadly didn't work for me. Although, it did put me in the mood for some amazing desserts. I received an ARC of this book [...]

    16. Teresa Mary Rose on said:

      DNF This book just isn't working for me. I'm really bummed too because I enjoyed Dictatorship of the Dress. I just don't think the writing is a good fit for me. With Dictatorship, I really enjoyed the quirky and geeky aspect that I looked past it, but with this one there isn't anything else I'm grabbing on to that is keeping me invested. I can't connect to Dani the way I did with Laney. Because of that I'm going to put this one aside. It does have a cute premise though and I'm sure it will be a [...]

    17. Obsmama on said:

      What a wonderful job Jessica Topper does with writing characters. I really adored every bit of this book. She is a fantastic storyteller and really wonderful at keeping the characters feeling real. They have flaws, they have goodness and they all deserve love.Really great book with such a strong voice.

    18. ☕ Kimberly on said:

      Oh what a shame. I loved book one of this series but I just cannot connect with this character or story. I may be giving up on this book, but will certainly try book 3 and this author again.

    19. on said:

      openbooksociety/article/coBrought to you by OBS reviewer AndraCourtship of the Cake was an enjoyable albeit long read. As an introduction to this author, I was able to ascertain that I liked her writing style and she incorporates just the right amount of sizzle for my reading enjoyment.One thing I must say, and it is more about the presentation of the book. It was one of the hardest books to read electronically in a long while as I found it very difficult to tell when the person speaking and/or [...]

    20. Shelee at Book Reader Chronicles on said:

      Two people who shared an amazing night, like passing ships in the sea, were never meant to see each other again. Dani and Mick had instant chemistry on that fateful night, but with the incident that happened afterward, it meant they were never meant to be. But neither can forget the other, and neither are expecting to see each other again.Dani lives sort of a hippy lifestyle, minus the main hippy part of it. She loves to travel and seeing new things. It’s this craving, as well as trying to kee [...]

    21. Adrienne Scales on said:

      When I picked up Courtship of the Cake by Jessica Topper I had no idea it was going to be a love triangle of sorts. This is Dani's story. This is Nash's story. This is Mick's story. It's about all of them almost equally. I don't mind love triangles. I think sometimes they work and sometimes they don't as far as telling a story goes. In this case it really isn't a triangle in the normal sense. Yet it is about all three characters.I felt very disconnected at times while reading. The majority of th [...]

    22. Sheyla ✎ on said:

      Danica James is usually the voice of reason for her friends. She is also a massage therapist. She loves her job but she needs a way out of her home. A year ago, at her sister's wedding in New Orleans she had an encounter with a sexy party crasher name Mick. Their time together was short but by all means relevant. In search of a distraction, Danica joins a rock music festival. She becomes the masseuse of the famous singer Nash Drama. Nash needs her help. He wants her to play the part of his fianc [...]

    23. 1-Click Addict Support Group on said:

      This was the kind of book that you finish with a smile and an “awwwww”. It is definitely best described as cute. It had an original storyline, and spent the entire book flashing back and forth between past and present, weaving itself in and out of the characters lives before all becoming clear. I loved all the little connections between the characters, and how they always seemed to come back to each other. The secondary characters in this book were just as important as the main characters; t [...]

    24. Krissys on said:

      Courtship of the Cake (Much "I Do" About Nothing #2)by Jessica Topper “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” has suited Danica James just fine…until the mysterious man who crashed her sister’s wedding steals her heart, leaves a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow, and then disappears.Hoping to forget her unforgettable fling, Dani takes a job as a backstage masseuse for a rock music festival, not expecting the tour’s headlining bad boy to make an offer she can’t refuse. Nash Drama [...]

    25. Bookbesties on said:

      Let’s begin with I do not think there will be any book that Jessica Topper will write that I will not love due to the simple fact that her writing and character development is amazing. I love, love, loved Dictatorship of the Dress and have fallen in love with Laney and Noah. Now Dani, Mick, Bear and Angie have joined the family.As someone who has lived the event, losing your self in others due to a heart wrenching and life defining event, the going through people to qualify yourself in your ey [...]

    26. Kristin Contino on said:

      I adored the first book in this series and was excited to visit with Laney's BFF Dani in Courtship. One thing I really love about Jessica's books is how they explore deeper emotions and real-life situations versus super fluffy romances. Yes, the romance is a big part of the story, but love is complicated and I think she does a great job of showing that here. This was a satisfying read filled with second chances, rock and roll, and enough cake to make you really hungry! As someone from the Philly [...]

    27. Christiana on said:

      I was looking forward to reading the second book in Courtship of the Cake (Much "I Do" About Nothing Book 2) because I enjoyed Dictatorship of the Dress so much. I was not disappointed. The author weaved a story that was both believable and fun. It is helpful to have read the first book in the series but not required because the book could be a standalone. I hope that this series has many more books in its future. ARC provided by the author

    28. Jen on said:

      Dani and MickI was so disappointed in the book. I loved the first in this series so I was really excited to read this one. I couldn't find a reason to like most of the characters and the constant jumping from person to person and past to present kept me from ever settling in to the story. Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

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