Nailbiter, Vol. 2: Bloody Hands

Joshua Williamson Mike Henderson Adam Guzowski John J. Hill

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Nailbiter, Vol. 2: Bloody Hands

Nailbiter Vol Bloody Hands Army interrogator Nicholas Finch is hot on the trail for why sixteen of the world s worst serial killers are all from the same small town but his path to answers is lettered with deadly intentions Th

  • Title: Nailbiter, Vol. 2: Bloody Hands
  • Author: Joshua Williamson Mike Henderson Adam Guzowski John J. Hill
  • ISBN: 9781632152329
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Army interrogator Nicholas Finch is hot on the trail for why sixteen of the world s worst serial killers are all from the same small town, but his path to answers is lettered with deadly intentions There are dark forces that don t want the secrets of Buckaroo and it s murderous past to be revealed And the Nailbiter himself has to deal with being thrown in the spotlight aArmy interrogator Nicholas Finch is hot on the trail for why sixteen of the world s worst serial killers are all from the same small town, but his path to answers is lettered with deadly intentions There are dark forces that don t want the secrets of Buckaroo and it s murderous past to be revealed And the Nailbiter himself has to deal with being thrown in the spotlight again Guest stars Marvel and Ultimate Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis Collecting Nail biter 6 10

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    • [PDF] » Unlimited ☆ Nailbiter, Vol. 2: Bloody Hands : by Joshua Williamson Mike Henderson Adam Guzowski John J. Hill Ð
      312 Joshua Williamson Mike Henderson Adam Guzowski John J. Hill
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      Posted by:Joshua Williamson Mike Henderson Adam Guzowski John J. Hill
      Published :2018-011-26T09:24:32+00:00

    One thought on “Nailbiter, Vol. 2: Bloody Hands

    1. Kate (GirlReading) on said:

      3.5* this storyline keeps getting more and more messed up and disturbing as it goes on. I kinda don't want to keep reading but I know I can't stop. It's incredibly gripping but this volume felt a little disjointed with characters seemingly pointlessly appearing but I'm hoping the next volume will give them a little more context. I'm incredibly intrigued to see where this goes but damn it it's gruesome. 😅

    2. Jim on said:

      Still good.Like in the first vol crazy things happen, people being murdered and you have no idea what is going on. This series might not be the best thing ever, but there are some very good scenes and most importantly it keeps you interested.

    3. Crystal Starr Light on said:

      Bullet Review:This volume is SO disjointed. Each issue was episodic - the one with the crazy pregnant woman, the one with Brian Michael Bendis (the comic writer?! Seriously?!), the crazy bee guy, the bus driver. Did ANY questions get answered? Did we get ANY closer to finding out the origin of the Buckaroo Butchers?I should probably rate 2 stars but it wasn't bad per se, just.ess?

    4. Sooraya Evans on said:

      Being fast-paced and action-packed, Volume 1 definitely made a great first impression.But why do I sense like it's all now going downhill?The pregnant woman chapter and author Brian Michael Bendis' appearance as himself made no significant impact whatsoever. Just a couple of disjointed stories, among others.I'm still going to give Volume 3 a chance. That will then determine whether or not I continue further :(

    5. Charmaine on said:

      Actual rating: 3.5This is the second time I’m reading this graphic novel, and I spent issues six through to nine wondering how the frick I could have initially rated this 4 stars. I was absolutely sure I'd be bringing my rating down to at least a 3, but now it looks like I'll have to eat my words (or thoughts, I guess). It wasn't disappointing enough to drop an entire star, and I felt like it deserved to be rounded up rather than down, but I definitely think this volume suffered slightly becau [...]

    6. Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay) on said:

      More disjointed than the first book and didn't really have all that much to do with the main storyline. I did think that the whole thing with Brian Michael Bendis was especially stupid. It was basically just some extremely dumb filler, that had no place in this kind of comic book -- a waste of an entire issue! Curious to see where this goes in Volume 3, but I'm putting this series on hold for a little bit. I just need to wait and think on it, decide whether or not I'm wasting my time with this o [...]

    7. Gavin on said:

      HmmI think it's not as silly as volume one. There's some stuff here that's OK, but then they throw Meta shit in, like Brian Michael Bendis coming to town to research a horror comic?? Ya no.I bought the creepy bee guy and his hillbilly grandsonI don't buy that Finch is still one the case.I buy the bus driver who is sick of it all and snaps. I also buy the irony of his death.I'd probably say 3 stars is apt. I'm not enthralled but I didn't hate it.

    8. Kristen on said:

      2.5/5Overall i'm liking these graphic novels, but this volume felt like it had TOO much going on. It had a very disjointed feel to it. Each of the "issues" within the graphic novel seemed to feature a different character with a unique storyline, and the storylines didn't really converge at the end. I'm wondering if in subsequent issues/volumes some of the pieces will come together. Or maybe the issues are supposed to be viewed independently? Either way, this wasn't really workin for me like volu [...]

    9. Sandra [the fucking book fairy] on said:

      The question of who is really killing all these people is still a question in this volume.WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS VOLUME:- crazy woman who wants her unborn to grow up as a serial killer- crazy man who experiments on killer bees.- serial killer hiding under beds- finger salad- underwater ruins- crazy bus driver who wants the kids to die to stop the curse of kids growing up to be serial killers- Brian Michael Bendis cameo (I loved this one)- bloody drawings on a wallBasically, this volume doesn't [...]

    10. Christopher on said:

      Not nearly as good as the first volume. These issues meander entirely too much and manage to include two stupid and overused small town cop story cliches (both the preacher who riles up the town against the good police and the federal agent who treats the good guys as suspects instead of catching the killer). This may all be fine if reading a completed tale, but standing by itself this volume feels like filler.

    11. Jonathan on said:

      4.5 starsI love this creepy shit.Death by beesCrazy guys on horses in the forestSerial killers under your bedAnd, Brian Michael Bendis?!?

    12. Chad on said:

      Things in town get even stranger in this volume. It really is Twin Peaks with serial killers. Worth it for the Brian Michael Bendis appearance alone!

    13. Juan Carlos on said:

      Nick y la sheriff Crane siguen investigando las pistas de Carroll para descifrar el misterio de los asesinos de Buckaroo. Una nueva pista lleva a la apicultura, parece que las abejas juegan un papel en la historia del pueblo.Más incógnitas que resolver y un claro guiño al silencio de los corderos. Y un curioso cameo¡Bendis!Continúa la buena senda que dejó el primer tomo.

    14. Jenna on said:

      I am really enjoying this graphic novel series and can't wait to see what happens in the next volume. I am curious to see if something I am predicting will end up happening. Love how this one ended even though I tend to hate cliffhangers.

    15. Ignacio on said:

      Con nuevos asesinos en serie y misterios, mantiene el tono. A destacar el divertido número protagonizado por Brian Michael Bendis, que se acerca a Buckaroo para documentarse para un nuevo cómic. Me ha sorprendido.

    16. Dan on said:

      While not as good as the first volume this was entertaining and creepy.

    17. Jonathan Maas on said:

      This series just gets better with every page. Vol 2 introduces some standalone tales (sort of), which gives you a break. But man, great series.

    18. Michael (Mai) on said:

      I personally love this series. It’s so weird and good with a dash of creepy stuff that makes me check under my bed before I go to sleep at night. This volume continues to follow Finch as he tries to solve why so many serial killers come from Buckaroo and what his friend Carroll was doing there and what happened to him.I think most people would consider this a horror story. And while there are a some creepy parts I feel this is more along the lines of a suspense or thriller story. I’ve seen n [...]

    19. Ashley on said:

      Oooh things are getting interesting very interesting.And Scary Too! What is going on in this town!?I can't wait to read more of this. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of what's going on in this town. Perfect Halloween Reading. It's a very good horror comic. I would recommendOKCITEMENT LEVEL 4/5

    20. Adam Fisher on said:

      3.5 StarsBack into the horror world of Nailbiter to find. Brian Michael Bendis? LOL Bendis makes an appearance here as an author researching for a new comic based on the serial killer town featured in this title. Very meta issue, but also very funny.The rest was typical for the comic's storyline, but it seems like we might be headed to "ancient burial ground"?? Still compelling, but needs to watch that it doesn't fall into clichés. Recommend

    21. Marianna Neal on said:

      OK, so I didn't love the second volume of Nailbiter as much as the first one (mainly because I thought the story got sidetracked at one point), but I'm still very much digging it. I'm sad I don't have another volume to read. Yes, I know I can read issues, but I'm not a fan of the whole one issue a month thing - I prefer to read a bunch of them in one sitting, hence why I mostly read in volumes. Can't wait for the next one to come out! I'm oddly addicted :)

    22. Seth on said:

      This was another solid installment to an awesome story. This series is incredibly creative and a lot of fun(if you consider crazy serial killers and an edge of your seat suspense fun.) So if you are looking for a good book that is steeped in unpredictability take it from me, this series will not leave you bored.

    23. Aaron on said:

      Not as strong as the first volume (mainly due to the out-of-place second chapter starring real life comic book writer Brain Michael Bendis), but otherwise enjoyable. Also, some of the clues presented here to the mysterious reason(s) behind the town's legacy of serial killers gave me an uneasy feeling as to what direction Nailbiter is headed - and not in a good way.

    24. Frances on said:

      A little more episodic than the last one, but sets up a few more things that I hope will be dealt with in the third book (which I am really going to hope provides a wrap-up to at least some of the plot threads we are dealing with).

    25. Justine on said:

      I love this series so much. It's so dark and twisted and I need more! It wasn't as good as the first one but it's still f-ed up. I can't wait to read more in the series.

    26. Brianna on said:

      Slightly disjointed, but still interesting. I am so excited to continue with this <3

    27. Mat Davies on said:

      3.5Issue 6 and 7 in this volume set up some really nice character development. Firstly, of our potential new serial killer, and secondly our primary characters by what they do to a visiting comic writer. The initial introduction of a woman who wants her child to be born in a murder town to be famous is creepy as hell. There are parts of this volume that are Kingesque in a good way. Particularly, over religious issues, and the way that the solution for some people, to so many unfortunate events, [...]

    28. Brent Ecenbarger on said:

      Volume 2 of Nailbiter was a bit of a letdown from the first volume. The main culprit was story decompression as 2 of the 5 issues included featured what read like stand alone issues (featuring stories about a Beekeeper and a pregnant girl who wants her baby to be a killer). The issues that tied back into the main plot didn’t advance the overarching storyline much, with some further interrogations being teased and the Nailbiter acting creepier but not much else going on besides s religious guy [...]

    29. Mathilde on said:

      Ce second tome est toujours aussi sombre, aussi noir et intrigant. Les auteurs montrent qu'ils maîtrisent totalement les codes du thriller. Cette fois ce n'est pas seulement à travers l'intrigue de base, mais de multiples histoires imbriquées.J'ai trouvé cela particulièrement intéressant que les numéros de chapitres suivent ceux du premier volume. C'est clairement annoncé : nous sommes dans la suite chronologique de l'histoire et il vaut mieux avoir lu le premier tome pour pouvoir se lan [...]

    30. Samira on said:

      -very pretty-fast paced but not in the good way; hallway-like + rushed-lots of different bits of the stories were introduced but none of the subplots were really resolved which is a bit annoying -interesting perspective on townsfolk- there were some extra at the end by different artists which were not only stupid and ugly but also didn't really fit in with my headcanons for the rest of the comic

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