Hearths of Fire

Kennedy Layne

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Hearths of Fire

Hearths of Fire Moving forward with his lifeNeal Bauer tried returning home once before and he found that some things aren t meant to be When Red Starr HRT a paramilitary hostage rescue team offered him a position

  • Title: Hearths of Fire
  • Author: Kennedy Layne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Moving forward with his lifeNeal Bauer tried returning home once before and he found that some things aren t meant to be When Red Starr HRT, a paramilitary hostage rescue team, offered him a position that would use his specialized skillset that had served him well in the military he jumped at the chance.The past has a way of returningCharlotte Whitefall has made somMoving forward with his lifeNeal Bauer tried returning home once before and he found that some things aren t meant to be When Red Starr HRT, a paramilitary hostage rescue team, offered him a position that would use his specialized skillset that had served him well in the military he jumped at the chance.The past has a way of returningCharlotte Whitefall has made some really bad decisions in her life leaving Neal Bauer standing at the alter tops the list Growing up in Hearth, Missouri has taught her that when someone leaves their small town, they don t return She saved Neal from a painful choice by moving on with her life and raising her sister alone.Coming homeWhen a local cult invades the town of Hearth, the citizens do their best to stay clear of the members Everything changes when Charlotte s little sister is drawn into their way of life There is only one man who has the connections to eliminate the dangerous threat Can Charlotte persuade Neal to come home long enough to rescue her sister More importantly, can she convince him that she made a terrible mistake all those years ago and possibly rekindle their smoldering passion

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      318 Kennedy Layne
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    One thought on “Hearths of Fire

    1. Danielle Gypsy Soul on said:

      I really wanted to like this book. I thought the plot had potential but I just couldn't get past my dislike for the heroine. I love a good second chance romance when it's done well but this one just wasn't. Charlotte called her former fiancée when she is worried that her sister is getting involved with a cult. He's a former Seal and has just joined a Crisis Response Team but he drops everything to rush to her side to help. Charlotte just wasn't likeable to me. She is desperate so she calls her [...]

    2. Michelle on said:

      3.5 stars. I am rounding up because I think this has potential to be an awesome series and it may be that this book just suffers from FITS syndrome. There were parts of the book that I loved:1. Neal was a great hero.2. Different type of suspense (religious cult kidnaps girl).3. Awesome team of ex-military guys who save people.Parts of the book I didn't like:1. Charlotte - This one of the few times that I wish two people hadn't ended up together. She just really rubbed me the wrong way. 2. I wish [...]

    3. Dar on said:

      Barely started it and knew it wasn't my thing - over descriptive, too wordy - cults to take down, bored - hero still jumping for bitchy ex, yick - slutty best friend man whore, cliche - and that was in the first 5% of the story, so I opted out really fast

    4. Kathryn on said:

      Red Starr HRT is going to practice what they've been practicing for the few months they've all been together. There's a cult that is taking over the town where Doc comes from and his ex-fiance' and her sister are in trouble. Kennedy Layne manages to bring you to the edge of your seat time and time again in this story. From the meeting between ex's, Doc & Charlotte, to the rescue of a teenager within the cult walls. Keeping it real she's made you look over your shoulder to see if the Ashes To [...]

    5. Black Butterfly on said:


    6. Bonnie on said:

      A good start to a new series. Loved Neal but it took me a while to warm up to Charlotte. For a while she just rubbed me the wrong way. She wound up making the correct decisions by the end of the book, and through the strife and tension, an HEA for both was received. Can't wait for the next book in the series.

    7. Crystal Cooper on said:

      I had a hard time finishing this book. I knew where it was going before the first chapter was finished. I couldn't stand Charlotte, she was so unlikable. And then there's the fact that she's his ex-fiancé, who left him at the alter. I just couldn't get over that at all. I love a good second chance love story, but the whole leaving someone at the alter. It's too much.

    8. Jo-Ann Fitzgerald on said:

      This is the first book of its series. For about a third of the book was getting the history of the business, its past teams and members, and how the woman, who was also the wife of one of the soldiers and business partner on the mission that went wrong. A close friend of the woman and her husband decided the woman was not dealing with life and had closed herself off and needed a shake up. He found her and decided to prod her to get her back in the life of the living - by telling her to take the [...]

    9. Kirstie Ibrahim on said:

      Really enjoyed this series. Great characters and story along with some hot sex and mystery

    10. Mei on said:

      Not quite the adventurous follow up to Starr's Awakening that I had envisionedNeal heads back to his hometown of Hearths, Missouri to help "the one" that got away with a little problem with, of all things, a cult. Not what I was expecting seeing as how the team that Red Starr HRT recruited is full of deadly, testosterone skilled men. Yet hostage retrieval is what HRT does soA bit on the predictable side but enjoyable read nevertheless watching the fireworks between Neal and Charlotte. The cult i [...]

    11. Dee Cash on said:

      A bit too slow moving for me.Heart's of Fire was a little too drawn out for me What could have been said in a few pages was drawn out to many. There were numerous sex scenes and,like Charlotte, I began to wonder if Neal had some odd fetishes. But she didn't seem to mind. The author spent a lot of time describing the guns used by each member of the Starr team which seemed unnecessary. Maybe if men were reading the book but I kind of doubt many will be. The author never did explain why Charlotte l [...]

    12. Judith on said:

      As good as it getsHaving read Layne's previous series it was a no brainer to pick up the prequel and this first novel in the series. Old loves being left behind and then reconnecting is a common theme in romance fiction, but this author manages to give it a spin that keeps it from reading like a repeat performance. All of us can look back and recognize decisions made in our earliest adult years may have been one's we would have never considered later in life. So it is with Charlotte and Neal. Th [...]

    13. Darlene Dupee on said:

      What happens when your sister becomes involved with a cult? Who do you turn do for help? The one man that you know will help you even if he hates you or does he.Neal and Charlotte have a history but she know he would never walk away from her sister Mandy. After getting a call for help from Charlotte Neal heads to the one place that he really doesn't want to be Hearth Mississippi. But he can't let Charlotte down.Mandy is dating the son of Ashes to Dirt. This is a cult and everyone is afraid of th [...]

    14. Tanya on said:

      The plot summary for this free download caught my interest -- a hostage rescue team going into a cult compound after the kidnapping of an innocent girl, possibly for use in a ritual. The reality is that the plot was just a tidy cover to put around the romance, which was the main focus of the book. It got pretty steamy; this was as erotic as anything I've ever read, and I definitely would not want my unmarried daughter to read it. I was disappointed in the parts about the cult, as the author neve [...]

    15. Teresa on said:

      Hearts of Fire Charlotte Whitefall is an old flame of Neal Lane who is now a member of Catori's HRT. But when her sister, Mandy, gets involved with the son of a local cult, Ashes to Dirt, she calls Neal to come investigate the group and also help convince Mandy that this vs aren't what they are promoted with the group.Neal has a weekend leave to help Char but when arrives Hearth, Ms he finds that the sheriff doesn't seem to be bothered by Ashes until Mandy's best friend goes missing.Can Neal wit [...]

    16. Sparkymom on said:

      3.5 starsI found this series to be really different than the authors CSA series. Honestly, I preferred the characters and the writing of the CSA series. It also seemed to have more action. I do like that the Red Starr series is not BDSM related like the CSA series is. As far as this particular story, the plot was okay, but it was heavy on suspense and light on action. The Red Starr team members barely got introduced and remained fairly flat characters. Neal was a pretty likable, but Charlotte re [...]

    17. Poppy on said:

      Soul mates are forever But let's have some drama fist!The first of the Red Starr series and as I've come to adore Kenneny, I wasn't disappointed!Neal "Doc" Bauer is up first and when the demon -- Charlotte from his past calls asking for help, the still in training Starr HRT team have no idea their first real mission is on the horizon.A Cult is the name of the game and I loved this thread! Mandy, Charlotte's little sister being the intended target.Loved the dynamics between Doc & Char, glimp [...]

    18. Jill on said:

      Great story, this bbc proves you can go home. Neal returns to the woman who left him at the alter. She needs his help. His intention was to help and get out, that lasted long. I love the reconnection of the characters and watching the team in action.Great. Story. This proves you can go home. Neal returns to the woman who left him at the alter. She needs his help with her sister and the town cult. His intention was to help and get out, that lasted long. I love the reconnection of the characters a [...]

    19. Carol Tietsworth on said:

      A mix of subterfuge and an old romance gone wrongOn their wedding day, Charlotte decides that she cannot marry Neal. Her reasoning are sound, except she gives him no time to allay her fears.Now, out of the blue, she calls Neal for help. Neal is still upset, all these years later, but he goes.I'm a copy-editor on the side, and one thing stood out to me, over and over, when Neal is describing Charlotte's breasts, he always used the exact same modifier. There are other descriptors. Come on.

    20. Deb Diem on said:

      Hearths Of Fire by Kennedy Layne is a fantastic read. Hearths Of Fire is well written with characters so lovable you wish they were your neighbors. Kennedy Layne has delivered action, drama, suspense, smokin' hot sexy bits and a bit of humor in one package named Hearths Of Fire. Charlotte and Neal's story is a bit creepy with the cult issues but it made the read a real page turner. I enjoyed Hearths Of Fire and look forward to reading more from Kennedy Layne in the future.

    21. Carole Cruder on said:

      A Cult, Intrigue, and RomanceChar calls her former fiancee who she left at the altar to help save her sister who was being drawn into a cult. It was discerning to learn how people can be deceived into giving up their life savings and led to believe they are becoming part of a higher power who will take over the country. The story is tense at times and learning a little about the attraction of cults was interesting. However, the story had more explicit sex than I expected.

    22. Eve on said:

      This book is the beginning of what promises to be an amazing series! These characters really spoke to me and I couldn't get enough. The ending came way too soon, but that's okay because there will be another one. Neal and his team are the kind of men that you instantly fall in love with and want to spend all of your time with!

    23. Amy on said:

      A well written military romance with characters that are well rounded with depth and personalities. The story is about Neal and Charlotte 's past history and present, there is adventure, suspense, romance, drama and hot sex!!!! This is book #1, prequel is Starr's awakening. Great read HIGHLY recommended!

    24. Carol and Gary Curtis on said:

      Interesting story, better than one would think. The two main characters went around in circles before they found a solution. I must admit that the sex scenes were more than I wanted. A little less of this piece of the plot would have been welcome. Still, this was a good story, well worth the time.

    25. Debra Johnson on said:

      This was not my favorite Kennedy Layne book. That said it was still outstandingly good. Well written. The words flowing from the pages. My mind wondersHow good would a book be written by both Kennedy Layne & Kresley Cole? I think they have complementary writing styles. Their co-authored books could be the biggest thing to hit the literary world!

    26. Lauren on said:

      Second chance at loveNeal was left at the alter by Charlotte. When Charlotte's sister is in danger from the cult that has overtaken the town she call on the one and only man that can help. Neal. He comes back to town reluctantly to help Mandy. It soon realizes it is more than Mandy that is in trouble. Good sex scenes and the story line was unique.

    27. Cris on said:

      Another DNF for me. It's not that the book is bad per se, it just wasn't all that interesting. I got a bit more than halfway through, and when I still couldn't care less about the characters or feel compelled by the plot, I gave it up in favour of something more appealing (Nora Roberts' latest release, THE OBSESSION).

    28. Denise H. on said:

      This wasn't a "great" story for me, because of the characters. Didn't like Charlotte, and Neal seemed weak. I'm not a huge fan of the gals who seem more like an alpha male, too cocky, too rigid, too much a smarty pants, demanding and bitchy. I Love Kennedy Layne's writing and other works, but not so much this one. The first in this series was Starr's Awakening, and I loved that one.

    29. Denyse R on said:

      Great readRecently started reading this series, having read the CSA series and I'm in awe , Kennedy Payne has now been added to my list of fav authors. I'm on my way to read book 2 now. I must admit, I'm looking forward to reading Starr's story and I'm getting an includingStarr and Gunny will be a couple.

    30. Paula Collins on said:

      If you enjoy the CSA stories then you will love this new series. You only get a little bit of knowledge of the Red Starr team in this book with the main focus on Neal and Charlotte story. I enjoy how Kennedy develops the story and gets you to love both characters and hoping that things turn out at the end. I have already preorder Book2 and started reading the Prequel.

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