We're All Mad Here

Leigh Raines

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We're All Mad Here

We re All Mad Here Jade Thompson had the kind of adolescence you would find in a Norman Rockwell painting But at years old when her seemingly normal life is flipped on its head she s forced to take a closer look at

  • Title: We're All Mad Here
  • Author: Leigh Raines
  • ISBN: 9781941541098
  • Page: 274
  • Format: None
  • Jade Thompson had the kind of adolescence you would find in a Norman Rockwell painting But at 19 years old when her seemingly normal life is flipped on its head, she s forced to take a closer look at the relationships in her life and the decisions she has made It feels as if she has fallen down a rabbit hole As she returns to college and stumbles through her new realityJade Thompson had the kind of adolescence you would find in a Norman Rockwell painting But at 19 years old when her seemingly normal life is flipped on its head, she s forced to take a closer look at the relationships in her life and the decisions she has made It feels as if she has fallen down a rabbit hole As she returns to college and stumbles through her new reality, she finds herself than a little lost With the help of her three closest friends, we spend the year with Jade through her ups and downs where she discovers everyone is a little bit mad in the world.

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      274 Leigh Raines
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    One thought on “We're All Mad Here

    1. Jason Lindenbaum on said:

      I was lucky enough to have received an advanced copy of Leigh Raines’ “We’re All Mad Here”. Though not typically the type of book I’d normally read, I decided to anyway and was very happy that I did. Leigh’s narrative style held my attention throughout which made it an easy read. The main character Jade’s seemingly downward spiral and back again, her struggle with what is now (but was not always) more mainstream health issues like anxiety and depression all the while trying to appe [...]

    2. Jessica.Ruben.Books on said:

      Couldn't stop reading this! This book starts with a typical girl coming to college. But between the drama and the heartache, Leigh Raines' brings us honesty and character depth that does nothing short of bringing the reader to her knees. This is what goes on when young people have real life problems but limited experience in navigation. Highly recommend.

    3. Kara Lauren on said:

      I received an advance reader copy of this book for an unbiased review.Wow! What else can I say? I loved this book. If you like Prozac Nation, White Oleander, Perks of being a Wallflower, you will love it too!Jade is the main character and has social anxiety and depression, something I have been through as well. So this book touched me close to my heart. Leigh actually experienced all these issues in the book too. she writes it perfectly, sometimes when you are even unable to describe how you fee [...]

    4. Privy Trifles on said:

      A perfect blend of innocence meets the smartness of the world around us!Detailed review at : privytrifles/2014/11

    5. Dionne Abouelela on said:

      First and foremost, this book caught my eye due to its raw and gritty nature. There is nothing held back and I felt it was a thorough and eye openeing look at what really happens during those college years. We're living in a day and age where medicating is the answer to everything, escaping problems is better than facing them, and we'd rather act like we're okay for the sake of those around us.Jade, the lead character, doesn't do any of this. She doesn't want to placate herself through the bulls [...]

    6. Jada on said:

      This book was a pleasant surprise! The beginning puts you into the narrator's life almost immediately, detailing the events that lead up to her major anxiety attack and the events that followed.At first, I wanted to call this book mediocre. But then why does this get 4 stars? Because by the end I completely understood the direction and style of the writing. This book was a little racy (expected) and sometimes completely predictable, but it was well written and I felt like the characters were con [...]

    7. Ella Drayton on said:

      The writing in this book was done really well. That's all I can really say that I liked about it. As someone who has dealt with serious mental illness, I could relate to some of what Jade was going through but I felt like Jade basically whined about everything going on in her life. I understand life is hard and people deal with things differently but it just felt like I was reading one spoiled girl's complaints instead of her actually learning how to deal with life. Did not enjoy it but I would [...]

    8. Carly Herbst on said:

      GREAT coming of age story for anyone who has ever felt their life wasn't quite as great as it seems. We can all relate to feeling lost and like we are falling down the Rabbit Hole and We're All Mad Here is a great illustration of that. I loved reading about Jade coming to terms with her anxiety, her entertaining cast of friends and family and the men in her life. It definitely brought me back to my college days and would be a wonderful read for anyone who has ever gone through a big life change [...]

    9. Ashley on said:

      This book is an absolute must read!! More detailed review to follow

    10. Jenna F on said:

      We're All Mad Here is an excellent debut novel by Leigh Raines. I work for a large publishing house, so it goes without saying that I have my pick of the litter across original fiction and nonfiction. Not only that, but my "to read" list is essentially infinite. While this sentiment may come off as an attempt to brag, it is actually intended to frame how talented I find Miss Raines to beher writing strikes the perfect balance between provocative and introspective. WAMH is one of those books that [...]

    11. Dori Dupré on said:

      Leigh Raines' first person quick, sarcastic, witty, word slinging narrative is all New York. There's a certain verbal clip that comes with folks from the North East, and her ability to translate that to dialog and tell a raw story about basically spoiled college kids is incredible. Her main character, Jade, is a young college student from New York with some level of wealth who is around other students with the same or even more means. In a world of privileged young people, there is always way mo [...]

    12. Lizzy on said:

      The first thing I liked about this book were the Alice in Wonderland references. The title intrigued me and I was very excited to read this book. I liked Jade an extent. I thought she was a smart, well-developed character that fitted this novel well. What I didn't really like about her was that throughout the whole book, even when she is actively dealing with her mental issues, she is dating or seeking out a boyfriend. I think that while at times, a boyfriend helped her, she still should've take [...]

    13. Theresa Jarosick on said:

      With all the NA books out there today it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between the many different titles out there. If you’re lucky a book will stand out amongst the rest and really grab the reader. We’re All Mad Here by Leigh Raines is definitely that book. It’s raw and brutally honest story line drew me in from page one. Leigh wrote such a beautiful story involving the heroine; Jade, and her battle with both depression and anxiety. Throw in the craziness that is college and Greek l [...]

    14. Dee Price on said:

      Every once in a while you come across a book that is just downright honest and raw. The characters aren't perfect princes and princesses and they deal with real life issues that aren't wrapped up with a neat little bow. We're all Mad here is the story of Jade's Thonpson's struggle with depression, anxiety, drug use, and a fear of being alone. Jade and her friends are teens who are dealing wth a plethora of mature issues in the best way they know possible. While their actions and reactions may no [...]

    15. Tara on said:

      THIS BOOK. I felt that I could relate so much. I can't relate to the Greek frat or party hardcore girl she was at all but definitely to the depression, panic attacks, medications, trying to make it through, not knowing what to do, isolation, feeling alone, trying to figure it out, doing things you regret, having hate inside, etc. This was such an addictive book, I couldn't put it down.

    16. David O'Sullivan on said:

      A great book, the author took me into this world with precision. A young woman's attempt to navigate her world without losing her sanity.

    17. Michelle on said:

      (SPOILERS) I received We're All Mad Here as a free kindle download. The main character starts the book suffering from a 'mental breakdown' at the age of 19. I expected a story of how a young woman overcomes her anxiety but instead got a story of spoilt drug addled teenagers jumping in and out of bed with anyone who passes by and fixating on the one they don't happen to be sleeping with at the time. I've been 19 so I understand the pain that accompanies a broken heart but blaming depression and a [...]

    18. Hannah on said:

      Have you ever consumed a piece of media and thought "this would have been really great if it had just baked longer?"That's how I feel about "We're All Mad Here." It's good, the bones of this story are decent, but it falls short in a way that I think could have been remedied if the book had remained in development longer, or seen another round of reworking or edits. There were a noticeable amount of typos in the text (including "college" spelled wrong in the author's bio), and I frequently had to [...]

    19. Cam on said:

      The title and blurb immediately drew me in starting with my love of Alice in Wonderland and desire for gritty reads. Woah. So I'm not going to give too much away. That being said: I think it is truly incredible when an author can tackle so many important and serious issues in an honest and real way. Social anxiety and depression are both pretty close to home and it was probably the most spot on description that I've ever read. Jade was great, although I will say that I usually don't go for heroi [...]

    20. Lídia Pina on said:

      I really liked the book, its a very common story a lot of people can relate to this.We see the story of a group of friend in college and their story and paths, we see them struggle, we see their ups and downs but we see their true friendship and the way they lean on each other through ruff times. It's a really good book I recommend it :)Thank you for the opportunity to read it!

    21. Daniela Cardona on said:

      This book was everything I needed. One night I was feeling anxious and needed to find a distraction and this was just perfect Thank you.

    22. Alexandra Rolo on said:

      No âmbito da Mentalong, li o livro We're all mad here.Foi uma leitura rápida e interessante que me levou a recordar algumas passagens da minha vida quando comecei a frequentar a universidade.A autora aborda a depressão de uma forma leve e com um toque de inocência. No entanto isso não impede que o leitor se deixe levar pela história e talvez, se identificar com a personagem: folhaembrancospo/we

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