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Taken Hope MacGowan is a city girl but reeling from a break up on top of a layoff has her determined to have a weekend away in the North Carolina mountains even if all her friends have bailed at the last mi

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Willow Danes
  • ISBN: 9780692377734
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hope MacGowan is a city girl but reeling from a break up on top of a layoff has her determined to have a weekend away in the North Carolina mountains even if all her friends have bailed at the last minute Hope s life is one big train wreck and getting kidnapped by a tall, blond alien even a gorgeous one sure isn t helping.R har crossed the galaxy to seek a mate on this neHope MacGowan is a city girl but reeling from a break up on top of a layoff has her determined to have a weekend away in the North Carolina mountains even if all her friends have bailed at the last minute Hope s life is one big train wreck and getting kidnapped by a tall, blond alien even a gorgeous one sure isn t helping.R har crossed the galaxy to seek a mate on this newly discovered world and this delicate red haired female is everything he s dreamed of except happy to find herself mated to him R har knows in his heart he s her true mate, even if he s not human But taking her doesn t mean he can keep her and somehow he has to convince Hope to choose him before time runs out

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    One thought on “Taken

    1. RJ on said:

      I enjoyed the first book but this was a little disappointing, namely Hope. I didn't really like her, especially towards the end when she turns into a total bitch. R’har was great though. He totally deserved someone better than Hope. I'll still be reading the next book though. I'm liking the writing style and these virgin aliens. I just hope the next heroine is a little more bearable.

    2. CC on said:

      Re readMy what a difference a few months make. I HATED this heroine! Wanted to bitch slap her up until the very end. Hoped the entire time that the Hero would move on. I have to lower my score because I hated her that much. Prior comments:3.5 stars. I liked this one. Not as much as the first because the heroine was too slow to come around. I understood her hesitance, but I still wanted her to move faster! Hero is great. Very sweet, protective and devoted.

    3. namericanwordcat on said:

      I am clearly in the mood for some good Science Fiction Romance. This was not it. I am happy enought with the Mars Needs Women Trope. Cheesy, yes? Do I care? No. No I don't.Big Tall Alien. Like it. Abuduction. Yeah. Fine. The hero is a sweetie. The heroine worked my last nerve. Okay. I wouldn't want to be hauled off either but move on so we can have a book. Also, come on about the nasty ex. Be more pissed about your crap friends. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Bleh. Off in search of better SFR candy.

    4. Daddy Calls Me:Abby on said:

      "You know, on Earth stalking a woman is creepy. And illegal." She folded her arms. "And creepy."His brow creased a little. "You said 'creepy' twice.""I didn't want you to miss it."The g'hir may start their mating rituals with a loud roar followed by kidnapping, but there is something in the ritual that human women just aren't understanding. Thankfully our lovely heroine from Book 1, Jenna, negotiated that the women could only be kidnapped for 1 moon cycle. Then if they didn't want to stay, they [...]

    5. Mei on said:

      I enjoy greatly Ms. Danes' Hir books! :)They're fun, light, endearing reads and this one is just that!Since the end of the first book I knew that R’har will be the hero of this one and I just knew that he would be unable to refrain himself from the mating roar!When exactly that happened, I started laughing! LOLHe's such a great hero. He's tender, he's fun and he's also devious, but, above all, he's so much in love that it's not even funny!A great book for all those who love SF abduction romanc [...]

    6. JudyB on said:

      After reading book 1 in this series and loving it, I knew I had to read the sequel. I’m not usually a big PNR fan and have read few alien romances that drew me in. Both of the books in this series managed to do so. Each one is a standalone about different couples, but you would really enjoy this one more if you read the first book in the series. The author has the ability to provide such glowing descriptive text that I could actually visualize the characters and the scenery. The g-hir people, [...]

    7. Me_LissaH on said:

      3.5 stars I enjoyed the story but I probably would have enjoyed it more if Hope wasn't so damn annoying. Hope's character just completely turned me off she was all over the place. It really annoyed me that Hope kept saying she couldn't stay with R'har and how she just met him when she has feelings for him and is having sex with him she played with his feelings a lot. And I thought it was really unfair that she judged R'har based on how others guys have treated her even though R'har proves time a [...]

    8. Juniper on said:

      4 solid starsHopeR'harOne thing that I love about Willow Dane's writing is that it sucks me in so completely, from the start.Taken starts out with Hope, having just discovered that her fiancé was cheating on her with her best friend/bridesmaid, for quite some time. Hope, unfortunately, has experienced these kinds of hangups from a young age. Several cheating/lying boyfriends, a father who decided he didn't want to be apart of her family anymore and died, and a mother who also passed on.After he [...]

    9. Julia on said:

      I have to quit at 50%. The heroine in this is so god awful I just couldn't handle it anymore. There is a difference from being stubborn to being an outright bitch. Now, if this book was based on realism, I think the h's behavior is very believable. But I don't read paranormal romance for realism so the h's behavior had me pulling my hair out. So when the h bitches the ENTIRE first half of the book and then talks to the h about her insecurities, I honestly could not give less of a fuck. Side note [...]

    10. Vickie*** on said:

      Ok, I'm just gonna say it. I don't like Hope. I know that she has been burned a lot in the past with guys, but she takes it all out on the wrong person. Here she has a person willing to do anything for her, and she takes out all her insecurities on him. Rather than take out all her anger out on her cheating fiancee. I'm glad that Jenna gave her a verbal bitch slap in the end.Well they do eventually get their HEA, I mean all's well ends well.

    11. B.E.Love on said:

      I was obsessed with book one, I love PR/Sci-fi romance but this genre is lacking in my opinion so when I found book one I consumed it and loved it and wanted more once I finished the last word. Then I went to and followed this author and stalked (slightly) her I wanted book two sooooo badly. When the author contacted me and offered to gift me(so kindly) with this book I was over the moon and began to stalk my email for my copy. Once I started this book I was hooked like a fish on a line. And no [...]

    12. Pamela(AllHoney) on said:

      The second book in the Warriors of Hir series by Willow Danes. Holly MacGowan is taken from Earth by R'hur. Holly doesn't want to be an alien's mate but when technical difficulties strand them in space she gets to know the handsome alien warrior.I loved R'hur but I didn't care for Hope through most of the story. Still I rooted for them to find their HEA. A fun series and I am looking forward to more.

    13. Ðawn on said:

      Note to self before considering to read. Heroine is unlikable.Decided not to read. I HAVE to like the heroine. I can deal with an unlikeable h if she changes early on. I hear this is not the case.Don't want to waste my time with a read that will make me angry.I personally have had it with heroines who are nasty til the very end.

    14. Megan Fall on said:

      I loved this book. I just wished Hope was a little bit nicer to her alien!! Great HEA ending.

    15. Sarah on said:

      After the first book I was rather disappointed by this story. In the beginning you really feel bad for Hope, she just found out that her fiance was cheating on her before he even asked her to marry him, he then breaks up with her days before her wedding and to make it worse it was her best friend that he was cheating on her with. Then the icing on the cake is that her other friend who was to be a bride's maid knew for months and didn't tell her. Add on to that that her work just fired her and he [...]

    16. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ on said:

      1 star book, but it didn't make me hate (I don't thinkI can't remember!), so 2 stars for that.I may have just read this last week? but I really can't remember much. Why you ask? Because it was goddamn boring. I was dozing off while reading this and forgot each time what I'd read when I woke up again from the stupor of ennui this book had put me into. It's not really a 2 star book, but since I didn't exactly hate it and want to burn it, I'm letting it go with 2 stars. I think there was something [...]

    17. Dena on said:

      Keeps Getting BetterWow, I'm speechless this series is getting better and better. I like the way the Hir warriors are respectful and compassionate. This is definitely a good series to stay with.

    18. bookaholic on said:

      I didn't like this as much as the first one. The H was nice enough but I hated the h. She was so whinny and annoying. Her constant rejection of the H, who clearly adored her, got really old. I wished the H would tell her to go take a hike and be done with her.

    19. Audrey on said:

      like the story and world not so much the heroineI will have put a 5 stars for this story and world because I really loved it as I loved the first one. But all along the story I have this dual feeling because of the obnoxious narrow mind and selfcentered and problematic heroine that push me to put a 3 stars.I don't know if it is the author genius which made her write and depicted the heroine as this, and wanted me to be sooooo annoyed at the heroine that I wanted her to leave and come back on ear [...]

    20. Audra on said:

      (view spoiler)[ After finishing the book Captured, I wanted to go right into the next book, but couldn’t find anything on or . I emailed Ms. Danes, desperate to find out if this was indeed going to be a series. Ra’kur & Jenna’s story caught and held my attention from page one, being introduced to the other clans, learning about the deception of the head physician and let’s not forget those wonderful purist…ere was a lot going on. We knew whose story would be next when R’har asks [...]

    21. Boundless Book Reviews on said:

      Hope was just dumped by her fiance' via text. So he could be with her BFF who is also supposed to be her maid of honor! To make matter worse, her other bridesmaid and BFF knew about the affair and never said anything! So she has lost her two BFFs her soon to be husband, oh did I mention she was also fired!Yep, officially worst week ever!Hope and her now Ex BFFs had a weekend trip planned out in the woods in a big rental with a hot tub. Instead of going back to her apartment (lease is up in ten d [...]

    22. Nickcole on said:

      Stars: 4Overall: Hope is supposed to he on her bridal getaway with her two best friends, when she finds out that her maid of honor has been sleeping with her fiance for awhile and her other friend didn't want to tell her the news and decides not to show up at the lodge either. Hope is lost and depressed and runs out into the woods only to be almost attacked by a mama bear and her cubs, but a man jumps out and saves her, than tazes her. When Hope awakens she finds out that the man that took her i [...]

    23. Judy Lewis on said:

      JOURNEY FOR HOPE !!!Wow! Just Wow! I totally fell in love with this book. I accidentally stumbled upon the work of this author while doing a somewhat random search for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Romance novels and I am ever so ever so grateful I did. Taken is the second book of the Warriors of Hir series by Willow Danes and my very first time reading Danes work, and I must say, I'm definitely impressed. The story is cute, entertaining, exciting, thrilling, riveting, fast paced, humorous, heartwarming, sensu [...]

    24. Riley on said:

      Taken is a charming Sci Fi Romance from Willow Danes, the second in her Warriors of Hir series. In this story, just about everything bad that can happen does happen to Hope MacGowan. On top of all that, she gets kidnapped. By an alien. With a spaceship. R'har, has come all the way to earth to find the female that is perfect for him. Kidnapping Hope may be the accepted way to take a mate on R'har's homeworld, but not so much on earth. The concept of the series is a familiar one. Due to war, disea [...]

    25. Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers** on said:

      Book Facts:TakenGenre: SciFi Romance Part of a Series/Installment:(view spoiler)[ Series (hide spoiler)]Standalone/Cliffhanger:(view spoiler)[Standalone (hide spoiler)]M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc:(view spoiler)[ M/F (hide spoiler)]Multi-Luv'n/Ménages:(view spoiler)[ No (hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[ Yes (hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating:(view spoiler)[ No (hide spoiler)]Amount of Sex in The Book 1-10:(view spoiler)[4 (hide spoiler)]Overall Steam Factor/Chemistry: (view sp [...]

    26. Angela on said:

      It was interesting to see how the author managed to make this story fresh and different from the first one. I really enjoyed R'har. He was charming with his attempts to make jokes, his loving attention to Hope, and his protectiveness towards her. This is one of those books that I call "gallant alien" style, where the aliens are protective and possessive and just live to please and serve the woman they cherish. They are like white knights--except that these aliens like to capture their women! I t [...]

    27. Theresa on said:

      A MUST READOf course read book 1 first just so you know who Jenna is and plus you get more background on Hir's past. This is a wonderful series. I couldn't wait for this 2nd book after reading the first. There is so much detail in it ( but not so much you start to just skim over parts) and so much emotion. The love these warriors have for their woman is so amazing. But the book is so much more, there's action and humor in it too. Yes there's sex and yes it's hot but at the same time it's not jus [...]

    28. Jennifer on said:

      I LOVE this series. Aliens from another planet looking for women isn't a new concept for a story. However, it is normally corny and not well done. These stories are fantastic though. I was worried that seeing as how the premise for this one is the same as the first, they would be too similar. Thankfully they were two very different stories told. I hope this series continues for a long time. I can't wait for the doctors book next. It doesn't hurt that the stories include more than one of my weakn [...]

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