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Boo Mason and Shane are living the good life and looking forward to a happy Halloween Things take a spooky turn with a desperate call from Gran It seems she s in some ghostly trouble and the beauty and th

  • Title: Boo!
  • Author: Nick Pageant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mason and Shane are living the good life and looking forward to a happy Halloween.Things take a spooky turn with a desperate call from Gran It seems she s in some ghostly trouble and the beauty and the bookworm will need to ride off to her rescue Mason s got his trusty kindle and Shane s got his famous green jockstrap, but will they be enough to battle a spirit that seemMason and Shane are living the good life and looking forward to a happy Halloween.Things take a spooky turn with a desperate call from Gran It seems she s in some ghostly trouble and the beauty and the bookworm will need to ride off to her rescue Mason s got his trusty kindle and Shane s got his famous green jockstrap, but will they be enough to battle a spirit that seems to have his spectral eyes on Shane CONTENT WARNING THIS SHORT STORY CONTAINS DEPICTIONS OF M M SEXUAL PRACTICES AND SHOULD BE READ BY ADULTS ONLY IT ALSO CONTAINS A HORNY GHOST

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    One thought on “Boo!

    1. Nick Pageant on said:

      This is now free on until after Pumpkin Day.HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    2. Kat ☠ on said:

      **Warning: This is not a book review. There will be no articulate analysis (there never is from me, to be honest). Instead, what you are about to read is some shameless boasting by yours truly. Gosh, you are all so lucky** This book made lawl a lot blah, blah, blah. It was super sweet and a perfect follow up to Beauty And The Bookworm blah, blah, blah. Mason & Shane were still adorable blah, blah, blah. Twyla was still a bitch blah, blah, blah. Gran was back blah, blah, blah. As was the gree [...]

    3. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ on said:

      Mason and Shane are Ghost Busters at a haunted lighthouse!What can I say about a book that begins with an upsidedown blowjob and includes lines like these:Nothing says I love you like a pre-lubricated buttholedWrug-out lesbians are so sad to look at that I had to wipe away a tear.And my favorite:It was then I discovered the worst horror of all - my Kindle was dead.The HORROR!This story wasn't particularly creepy, but it was funny as hell (and a tiny bit sad too). I'm glad Mason and Shane were ab [...]

    4. Exina on said:

      This story is a great mix of paranormal, humor, erotica, with a nice amount of sweetness. Shane was chewing his lip. I’d never seen him looking so excited. (Well, I had, but those other times he’d had something up his butt.) “So,” he asked, “what do you want us to do, Gran?” Gran fished in her pocket and then handed Shane a key. “I want you boys to go out to the lighthouse and get rid of that ghost.”Oh, and Mona Lisa saves the day! It’s just hilarious! It was then I discovered [...]

    5. * Meli Mel * on said:

      ♥♥♥ 4 Hilariously Spooky Stars ♥♥♥●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●It was then I discovered the worst horror of all – my kindle was dead. “Nooooo!!!!!!” I screamed. “This can’t be happening. Oh, shit, Shane, I’ve got nothing to read. We have to get out of here!”Shane lay next to me and wrapped me in his arms. “You can live one night without your kindle.”Does this bastard know me [...]

    6. ☆ Todd on said:

      God, how I've missed Mason and Shane since I finished Beauty and the Bookworm, but this new short story helped quite a bit with that.“Did you pack your kindle?” Shane asked. “I’ll carry it. Did you pack your green jockstrap?” “Wearing it. Let’s go.” The new short story is titled "Boo!", but it was way more entertaining than scary, so here are a few of my own personal favorite alternate titles for this highly-entertaining little jewel:        Ass-tral Projection       [...]

    7. Rosa, really on said:

      Awwspending more time with Mason and Shane gives me the chuckles and warm and fuzzy feelz. (But I think I've been watching too much Supernatural. The minute they arrived at the lighthouse I wanted them to salt and burn the ghost.And then roleplay a little Wincest.)

    8. Giulio on said:

      If you are in the mood for a sexy, funny and slightly creepy tale this is your book!Boo! is a short sequel to Beauty And The Bookworm.An old, creepy lighthouse on the coast, a ghost, a drunken English lady (who rings a glitter bell) and of course Mason & Shane who are an amazing couple and who totally deserve another book together (hint! hint!) although I must confess that now I'm a proud member of the Twyla-fanclub (formed only by me and the real Twyla).I loved it. I even learned that some [...]

    9. Lena♥Ribka on said:

      Adorable, amusing, sweet and sexy!I've read some great books recently but they managed to empty all my energy supplies because of a painful and depressing content. It is WHY I WANTED something easy and funny, just for a change. I have to admit, I didn't pick this book immediately but browsed first through my shelves looking for the right book before I decided to give Shane and Mason one more chance. I'm so happy I did it!Now I'm thinking about to try Beauty And The Bookworm againMaybe it was jus [...]

    10. Tara♥ on said:

      Boo! was such an enjoyable read. It was funny and sweet and it also made me a little sad. Poor Ben and Patrick. Shane and Mason are adorable and I'm so happy we got to read about them and their motley crew again. Gran was full of all kinds of awesome yet again. I desperately want their to be real life version of her somewhere out there. I just loved everything about this. I adore the name and as previously stated I can't even with that cover. I want a poster version of it and I want it yesterday [...]

    11. Lisa *-* GiViNg It To YoU * LoCk StOcK & TwO SmOkiNg BaRrELs on said:

      ****4 BoO yaka StaRs****Crazy, Fun, Highly Entertaining Halloween Read!!!

    12. ~Mindy Lynn~ on said:

      The story did exactly what I was hoping it would do, make me laugh. I really loved Beauty And The Bookworm and was very happy to see Nick had wrote a Halloween tale with his characters from that book, Mason and Shane. As usual, grandma stole the show in every scene she was in. The lady gave me a laugh cramp with her talk of, 'the walking farts'. I had tears. It was so funny because omigawd it is so freaking true! Those who have spent a good amount of time around their elders know this to be true [...]

    13. Ann on said:

      Adorable!Adorable and Funny!Adorable and Funny and Sexy!Adorable and Funny and Sexy and Creepy!I love all those things. Really well balanced short story that let me visit some favorite characters, gave me the heebie jeebies and wrapped up the mystery at a good pace. Now, when do I get more?ETA - references to Shane in a corset and manties? Yes, that is definitely something I want more of. Thankyouverymuch.

    14. Jen on said:

      4.5 StarsMason and Shane are so freaking CUTE together! Love this series.

    15. Heidi on said:

      Sweet, short & super cute! Ok. I've just re-read this and it's better the second time around! Still laughing and my highlighter went crazy -- again! I'm bumping it up to five stars!

    16. Sonia ~Ruber's fiancé in Crystal Court universe~ on said:

      4.5 starsThis was such a funny and romantic read!I was either laughing my ass off or "aww"-ing all over the place!!Nick, babe, you're awesome!!Favorite quote: Lee the librarian was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. He was in his mid-60s and, not only was he wearing a sky-blue cardigan, he had a bowtie to match. Shane nudged me as we followed him and pointed at Lee’s back. “That’s your future,” he mouthed. “I know!” I mouthed back.(this almost made me have a laughing stroke)So looking [...]

    17. Richard on said:

      BOO! (Beauty & the Bookworm #2) finds Mason & Shane in ghostly mystery, EEK!I LOVED this short story so I read it twice.Some of you may know how much I love my men.I love Kit & J.X, Ty & Zane, Dex & Sloan.Yup- I do love, Charlie & Travis, Whyborn & Griffin, Stephen & CraneAnd of course I love Nick & Perry (oh Perry!)And let’s not forget how much I love Griff & Dante, Prophet & Tom, Alan & Jem.Ah, Lyon & Tobin ( my first loves)And could I ever [...]

    18. .Lili. on said:

      Me before reading:Eeeeeeek! So excited for this little treat!Can't wait to dive into it!Beauty And The Bookworm was one of my standout reads this year! Yay! ♥Me during:Me after:Grinning like a full. This was hilarious and sweet. It felt like coming back home and seeing old friends. If you've not read the first one: Beauty And The Bookworm- read it! Here's the link:amazon/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_Then jump into this one! Can't wait to read more from this author. 4.5 stars rounded up :D***Note for the aut [...]

    19. Cristina T. on said:

      LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!Because✓ Mason and Shane were adorable, sexy and funny!✓ The green jockstrap was back–and I'm a sucker for jockstraps.✓ Gran was as hilarious as ever.✓ Then there was this drunken English lady called Kat, whom I happen to adore and whose cardigan I might plot to steal. ;-)✓ Also, Shane wearing a corset and manties? YES, PLEASE!✓ And last, but not least, I liked the setting and the mystery part was done very well.Highly recommended!P.S.Nick, you're awesome!!! [...]

    20. R * A Reader Obsessed * on said:

      The snark and impressively smart humor continues as we revisit Mason and Shane. Throw in a spooky twist and this was a perfect, fun short to get you in the spirit for Halloween!

    21. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ on said:

      This is cute, snarky, sweet and has a healthy dash of Halloween hooliganism.Mason's voice is definitely Mason's voice and I still have much fun reading it. Shane is as loveable as ever and a superhero in Mason's eyes.The pace and style made this read like a Halloween special for your favorite cartoon or sitcom. This is endearing and a little frustrating. We've barely scratched the surface. Mason is as irreverent and unfiltered in his thoughts and words as he was in Beauty And The Bookworm which [...]

    22. Emma Sea on said:

      I love love love the cover on this. Humour in fiction is so subjective, and this one isn't in my particular vein, but it was well-written and engaging for all that it wasn't to my taste.

    23. Alona on said:

      BR with Mark.Oh, how I enjoyed it!This was EXACTLY what it said it will be, a short funny, yet spooky story, and I enjoyed every moment of it!There is something very appealing to me in the combination of humor and mystery, it's the only genre of TV series I watch (The Mentalist for example) it makes the funny part extra witty, and the mystery more edgy, and let me tell you, Nick knows how to write it!And the hotness?? Dear oh dear! This two are so hot and sexy together, and I could feel their lo [...]

    24. Erika on said:

      3.5 starsWant to know how to put a perma smile on an avid reader's face? Mention them in one of your stories, which is totally what happened to me in this one. Yep, I'm that Erika, of the Korean fried chicken. I took it in stride though, 'coz that's what I doST PRE-XMAS, PRE-BIRTHDAY GIFT EVERRRR! :koff: But I digress. I'm supposed to be leaving a serious and unbiased review here. :Ahem:This short story by author Nick Pageant is a fun, cute and meta glimpse into the lives of Mason and Shane of B [...]

    25. Catherine on said:

      This was a campy, hilarious, original Halloween short that put a massive smile on my face. I friggin' love this entire cast of characters! I also love when Nick breaks the fourth wall - it gives the whole story (not just the parenthetical asides) a larger-than-life/fish story vibe that few other authors do (or do so well) and I just eat it up with a spoon.I had more thoughts, but then I forgot 'em. *Shrugs* Oh well, I'm pretty sure my buddy Mish said it all more eloquently in her review.

    26. Karéz on said:

      Utterly sweet, funny as hell- quckie story. And one kickass cover! Loved it.

    27. Debra on said:

      A fun Halloween ghost story that catches up with Mason, Shane and the rest of the gang from Beauty And The Bookworm. All the fun and humor of the first is there along with the truly nerve jangling horror of Mason's dead Kindle. There is also further evidence that Shane was likely really slutty before meeting Mason. I am going to have to call Nick Pageant out for teasing me with mention of manties and a corset (but wouldn't that make a perfect Valentine's Day story?).

    28. Elsbeth on said:

      Just a lovely, funny Halloween story!!! It was great reading about Mason, Shane and the crazy grandma againBut soooo short :( Need me some more Mason and Shane!!!!!"Gran’s voice turned into a snarl. “You’re lucky I can’t get through this phone, Mason, or you’d be choking on one of your damned cardigans right now. You can bury us in a minivan if you want. Until then, we’re keeping the hogs.”

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