The Secret Prince

Justine Lewis

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The Secret Prince

The Secret Prince Prince Alexander Davros is on the run From the press from his bodyguards and from a secret that threatens his position as heir to his country s throne Journalist Maddie Lawson is determined to prove

  • Title: The Secret Prince
  • Author: Justine Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781760140939
  • Page: 307
  • Format: ebook
  • Prince Alexander Davros is on the run From the press, from his bodyguards, and from a secret that threatens his position as heir to his country s throne Journalist Maddie Lawson is determined to prove herself capable of covering hard news She s fuming when her boss tells her to investigate reports of a European prince holidaying undercover in Sydney As far as MaddiePrince Alexander Davros is on the run From the press, from his bodyguards, and from a secret that threatens his position as heir to his country s throne Journalist Maddie Lawson is determined to prove herself capable of covering hard news She s fuming when her boss tells her to investigate reports of a European prince holidaying undercover in Sydney As far as Maddie is concerned, Alexander Davros is a freeloading playboy.When their accidental meeting results in a media frenzy, Alex is convinced Maddie s just been using him for a story And Maddie can t believe the cute surfer she kissed was actually royalty With her professional reputation in tatters, Maddie has no choice but to accept the royal family s offer to travel to Europe to write a profile on the Prince.While furious that his father has arranged for Maddie to visit, Alex is forced to keep her close or risk having her uncover his secret And as they spend time together, the attraction between them grows But if Maddie discovers the truth, she ll have to choose between the career she s worked so hard for and the man she s just getting to know

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      307 Justine Lewis
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    One thought on “The Secret Prince

    1. Tash on said:

      Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsARC provided by Penguin Destiny in exchange for a honest review via Netgalley A fun little modern twist on a classic fairytale about a prince in hiding and how he falls for a ordinary woman. Well in this case I’m not totally convince like the other stories. The woman in question Maddie is a reporter and would be the last person not to recongised him righ . She seems to come off more smarter than most of the women who want to snag a prince. However she do [...]

    2. Brianna (The Book Vixen) on said:

      I love royalty/commoner tropes, and the fact that Maddie didn’t know Alex is a prince is even better. It reminded me of the movie ‘The Prince and Me’, which I loved. Sadly, I didn’t feel the same way with The Secret Prince. I was going to DNF at 70% because it was taking too long for something to happen between them (other than a couple of kisses). At that point, they're still trying to convince themselves that a relationship wouldn't work. There was too much thinking and over-analyzing. [...]

    3. Jess on said:

      The Secret Prince is ideal for fans of The Prince & Me, and anyone who dreams of meeting their prince.I'd been going through a book slump where nothing I read could hold my attention or encourage me to read, and then I stumbled across this one sitting on my e-reader and thought why not. Next thing I know the sun is setting and I've finished the book the entire book in one sitting! 'You don't want a prince?' The girl chuckled. 'What would I do with a prince? No, they are welcome to him' She w [...]

    4. Jeannie Zelos on said:

      The Secret Prince, Justine Lewis Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsI wasn’t wholly convinced by this book, it seemed a little too unrealistic even though thr Royals were from a small country I couldn’t see the informality and lack of security as genuine and it felt like a story, not reality. I need a book to feel at glimpse of real so that I can feel part of it. Maddie, I really liked her at first, and when she met the prince accidently she was so open and genuine, and Alex was such a n [...]

    5. Lee on said:

      I requested this via net galley because I have really enjoyed a couple of other Destiny Romances, and again, I think they delivered on most levels. On others, I was left disappointed. The good is that this is a very readable lighthearted romance that fits neatly into the chicklit category. The lead characters, for the most, are likeable and I wanted to keep reading and hoped their ending would come to an expected conclusion. The writing flows nicely and I will definitely choose to read another o [...]

    6. 2kasmom on said:

      This story is about Prince Alex Davros of Amorea and how he met Journalist Maddie Lawson in Australia. Their chemistry is immediate - and HOT! Maddie is sent by her boss to find the Prince. He is rumored to be in her hometown. She does meet up with him, but they do not tell each other who they really are. Maddie actually ends up news with him as someone kissing him on the beach! Her job then, as a reporter, is on the line since she did not recognize the man she was kissing,Alex just wants to be [...]

    7. Kat DM on said:

      *Copy provided via Netgalley*The story about is about the Prince of Amorea, Alex Davros and an Australian journalist named Maddie Lawson. Maddie being sent to find the prince by her boss was very exciting. Who wouldn't want to be on this mission? When she finds Prince Alex, she doesn't recognize him as the person, whom she was sent by her boss to find. Not until the media get a hold of photos, of her kissing the one and only, Prince Alex of Amorea. Her job is on the line since this was her assig [...]

    8. Fiona Marsden on said:

      3.5 stars. I really wish we had the option of half stars, especially as ratings do not match .This is a classic fairy story of the ilk of movies like The Prince and Me where a Prince falls for an ordinary girl. Something beloved in Australia because we had our real life fairy tale with Princess Mary of Denmark.Madeline is the kind of girl you wouldn't think of as Princess material. She hasn't really been successful at anything so far in life but she wants to make a difference. At the moment she [...]

    9. Cas H. on said:

      Justine Lewis's book The Secret Prince was a very good book. This book was well written. The main female character was a bit too hard headed in my opinion, however I did like this author and I will read more by her. Maddie is a journalist, and in charge of writing an article for her paper. This article is supposed to be an expose of Prince Alexander who supposedly ran away from home and is now hiding out in Australia. Maddie shows up at a bar looking for Prince Alexander and meets Alex, a man wh [...]

    10. ***Cheryl*** on said:

      3.5 stars I really enjoyed this sweet romance story of a normal girl falling in love with a prince (although she didn’t know to begin with). It reminds me of one of my favourite films from growing up called the Prince and me. Maddie meets Alexander in a local bar and there is an instant attraction between the two of them apart he is hiding a secret. When this secret and their true identities are relieved can they pair really trust the other and can normally girl bag herself a prince. I really [...]

    11. Nash Norden on said:

      The Secret Prince is definitely a light, entertaining read. It was nicely written and reading this book feels like reading a fairy tale, with the Amorea prince fell for a common girl from Australia.Maddie met Alex on her job to investigate reports of a European prince holidaying undercover in Sydney. Maddie had no idea who Alex were when she met him. But after they shared a kiss, everything changed. Alex turned out to be the prince she was looking for. I love the characters in the book. But I lo [...]

    12. Dawn Brower on said:

      It was a charming tale. I enjoyed how they met and how things flipped around once they knew the secret each held. I would have liked to see them hold on to their secrets just a little bit longer. That arc wrapped up too quickly and the animosity the prince felt toward Maddie didn't roll right for me. Sure he was mad because Maddie told him to go home, but the rest of it didn't jive. His parents assuming Maddie would possibly be a good daughter-in-law from those actions also had a forced feeling [...]

    13. Kim Beck on said:

      This is the debut book for this author and with saying that she did an exceptional job bringing us a great book with likable characters. Madeline Lawson meets Alex, and some how her reputation ends up in tatters. Well the reason was because the prince she was looking for just happened to be the man she was kissing. She get requested by a king to travel to Europe and she has to go to save her career. Alex wants to protect a secret, one that can ruin a lot of things. It's a very good book that kee [...]

    14. Nicki Edwards on said:

      I have to confess that I was one of Justine's critique partners for this book so I guess I'm biased! Personally, I think it's a fabulous book by a debut author. The writing is clear and fast paced, the characters well developed and who doesn't secretly wish they met a prince and lived happily ever after?

    15. Kristine Ruiz on said:

      Maddie meets her Prince Charming in a bar to find out he really is a prince and he finds out she's a report and walks out. But when his dad calls her to do a story keeping their feelings at bay is harder then they thought.

    16. Brittany on said:

      I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This was actually a surprisingly good read. I just did not like Alex during most of the book. He was just really came across as a jerk. I am glad that he did some reforming and the scene at the end was awesome!!

    17. Isha Coleman on said:

      The Secret Prince by Justine Lewis I am quite surprised how much I liked this book. The main characters Prince Alexander and Maddie were adorable. A kind of cheesy simplistic fairytale- but still a great read. Cute Story.

    18. Juanita Kees on said:

      I do love a good fairytale and Justine Lewis delivered.Full review: kees2create/the-oth

    19. Stephanie Powell on said:

      I really thought that this was cute and sweet story for all ages. Watching these two fall for each other was a breath of fresh air. Thanks for letting me review netgally.

    20. June Thorn on said:

      Really enjoyed this book. Read it while on holidays, perfect quick read

    21. Georgina Penney on said:

      4.5 stars. Had such a fun time reading this wonderful story.

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