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Diana Palmer

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Wyoming Strong

Wyoming Strong New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author DIANA PALMER returns with a fiery new couple Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon are arch enemies from ages ago but mischievous fate has brought the tall r

  • Title: Wyoming Strong
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author DIANA PALMER returns with a fiery new couple Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon are arch enemies from ages ago, but mischievous fate has brought the tall rancher with the pale blue eyes together with the dark haired beauty on nearby Wyoming and Texas ranches At first, sparks fly, but despite Wolf s misguided notions about theNew York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author DIANA PALMER returns with a fiery new couple Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon are arch enemies from ages ago, but mischievous fate has brought the tall rancher with the pale blue eyes together with the dark haired beauty on nearby Wyoming and Texas ranches At first, sparks fly, but despite Wolf s misguided notions about the spirited Sara and her indignance over the assorted injustices he has thrown her way, a truce of sorts forms Suddenly Sara notices Wolf s face, while not conventionally handsome, draws her like no other man has ever attracted her And Wolf sees into the vulnerable soul that Sara hides from the rest of the world.They are two passionate people with a talent for falling out Will love be the spark they need to create what they both want the most a family Praise for DIANA PALMER This is a fascinating story It s nice to have a hero wise enough to know when he can t do things alone and willing to accept help when he needs it RT Book Reviews on Wyoming Bold

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      145 Diana Palmer
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    One thought on “Wyoming Strong

    1. Naksed on said:

      A train wreck that I could not put down. First things first. The title "Wyoming strong", along with the cover depicting a rugged cowboy, and even the blurb, led me to believe this was one of those cowboy romances, perhaps a la Lynda Chance. Nothing to do with it. Sure, the characters live in ranches and ride horses sometimes but this book is about a group of tight knit ex and current professional soldiers doing covert operations for the U.S. government, and the ladies who love them. Fine, it is [...]

    2. Mummy Cat Claire on said:

      Bahhhaaa This book was magnificently hideous! Brilliantly hideous! Worst book, I think, that's ever been written. The two leads are Wofford (horrible name), Wolf, for short, and Sara. In the beginning of the book Wolf had a pretty large dose of himself. He was very condescending to Sara and it's no wonder she didn't like him.However, the book is about Wolf, an ex secret op who has scars from a previous relationship and his childhood. Apparently, this woman verbally abused him. There are several [...]

    3. Liz on said:

      WHO IS THIS DIANA PALMER PERSON, AND WHO TOLD HER SHE COULD WRITE? Whoever it was didn't read this craparella book.

    4. Chantal ❤️ on said:

      SPOILERS AHEAD I read this book last year and I just got a paper copy given to me. So here goes my thoughts. Firstly, they both play an online game and it's a secure server right? So why the hell can I top ex military guy not get a message to her telling her about the crazy ex bitch who wants to cap his ass!? What computer stopped working!? Nope cause you are still playing your loser game on it? I know your cell phone is dead and you don't know how to charge it cause you are still in 1975. That [...]

    5. Jenny on said:

      Diana Palmer is my favorite author by far! We met Wolf and Sara in one of her previous books and I hated her. I was like there is no way she is gonna make me like her. But omg I was so wrong. Sara is sweet and vulnerable and so loving. Wolf and Sara hate each other at first. Sara was almost raped by her stepfather at age 13 and she is a tortured sad woman. Wolf is also haunted by the betrayal of a woman he loved and lost. His only friend now is a woman he talks to online. What he doesn't know is [...]

    6. Aarann on said:

      If romance novels are ice cream, Diana Palmer is like plain chocolate -- serviceable, but why bother when there are so many other flavors available? And yet I find myself reading her books, knowing that there are other kinds of "ice cream" available, kinds that I like so much more, but I waste my caloric intake on her and allow her books to rot my teeth. I don't know why this happens.Okay, enough mixed metaphors. This was This was definitely a Diana Palmer book. The virginal female had a super-h [...]

    7. Vashti on said:

      Diana Palmer is one of my long time favorite authors in the romance genre.Lately some of her books have been hit/ miss,but this one was a definite hit with me.3.75**

    8. Selly - Leggere Romanticamente on said:

      3 stelline e mezzoDiana Palmer è una di quelle autrici di cui ho letto praticamente tutto ciò che è stato pubblicato in Italia e che mi piace quasi sempre. Quando ho voglia di leggere una storia con protagonista una giovane inesperta e ingenua che fa perdere la testa ad un uomo maturo e protettivo, so che devo iniziare un suo romanzo.I libri della Palmer sono quasi sempre di questo tipo, ma raccontano ogni volta esperienze e situazioni diverse.Sara ha 24 anni, è bellissima, solitaria e ha un [...]

    9. J.C. Hayden on said:

      This book is hilarious. It's seriously one of the funniest books I've ever read. Forget Amy Poehler and Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling, if you want a good laugh, read this book. I knew from the beginning that this book was bad. The dialogue is absurd, the relationships between the characters are contrived, the storyline is wow. It's actually pretty brilliant because it gets worse and worse and worse and worse, and something should honestly not have the ability to be so bad that it's impressive how ba [...]

    10. Amanda Sheila on said:

      Whoooop! It's been a while since Diana Palmer release a new book, not a reissue and I'm sooo happy! I really hope Diana Palmer is forever healthy, happy and, well, healthy! The fourth book of Wyoming Men series, this book is Wofford (or Wolf) and Sara's story. Both of these two souls are damaged. One of them by woman, the other by man. Wolf refuse to fall in love again after a sick game from the woman he loved before and Sara refuse to get intimate because of her sick stepfather. They both stumb [...]

    11. Terri on said:

      Review also found at kristineandterri/2** I won a copy of this book in a giveaway on in exchange for an honest review** It has just recently been released. The story got off to a bad start from the very first page for me. It described Wolf with a big patch of hair poking out of his shirt. Apparently some woman find this attractive but I am just gagging while I even think about itblaghhh! I decided it was not fair to judge a story based on this but I can not say that I visualized Wolf as an attr [...]

    12. Chitra *CJ* on said:

      Such a good book!I know I whine a lot about DP books, but she's one of my all time favorite authors and her books are always my comfort reads. I've read over 60 books by her easily- some I like- some I don't- this I did.With classic tortured hero and a sweet naive heroine- both with a bad past- this book followed the well used formula and it worked for me.We have a tortured hero and heroine with a bad sexual history. Wer have chemistry and a lot of mean words. We have angst and loads of heartbre [...]

    13. Dani C. (Paulette's Papers) on said:

      Years ago I was always excited to see a new book by Ms. Palmer coming out. Lately that has not been the case. I am not sure what happened but I am sad to say I have had a hard time enjoying her books and this one is at that top of that list.Where to begin… Well the plot was like a bad accident that you just can’t look away from. So much of it seemed to be reused storylines from past novels. We have a hero who is a womanizing jerk that seems to enjoy being emotionally abusive to the shy virgi [...]

    14. Jenny on said:

      Diana Palmer used to be one of my favorite authors but I'm getting bored with her recycling the same story over and over. *Received a review copy through Netgalley.

    15. Jonel Boyko on said:

      Palmer’s vivid yet realistic and down to earth writing drew me in from the beginning. Her style and approachability allows you to enter this story and picture it quite easily. Palmer packs a great deal of controversy into this novel. Whether I fully agree with her ideas and take on it or not, she does make it believable and allows readers to see how it works for her characters. I will admit, however, the fact that this book is called Wyoming Strong and the bulk of it takes place in Texas did t [...]

    16. Janie on said:

      Rating: 4 stars. (Because of entertainment value). First of all, I'd like to raise a toast to DP, as this book marks her timeline and characters stepping into the 21st century. Although I'm not going to lie, old century to me is far more appealing than this modernity, in morals, music, fashion and everything else. I found Sara extremely annoying at the start of the book. To me, it just seemed like she was a pampered brat, who doesn't know what hard work is. The hero and heroine here are unlike a [...]

    17. Caralyn Rubli on said:

      Received this book in a giveaway through .This book is a disgusting slap in the face for anyone one who has been sexually assaulted!She was all but penetrated by stepdad before her brother saved her. Dude finds this out and assumes she was "asking for it" because she probably was jealous of her mom and made him "hot" and then got scared. Knowing this he does pretty much the exact same thing as stepdad, emotionally ,verbally , mentally and sexually assaulting her. Only to find out after that she [...]

    18. Danielle on said:

      3.5 - 4 starsGoing to try to keep this as brief as I can.First of all I did enjoy this book much more than I have Diana Palmer's most recent written books. This one had more of the focus of the relationship between Wolf and Sara with the side plot being about the villainess Ysera and the whole drug smuggling plot that put our heroes in danger and unlike Diana Palmer's more recent books where that became the central focus and the romance was kind of put on the backburner and was lost in all the a [...]

    19. Mariateresa Carone on said:

      Era ora che si decidessero a tradurre un inedito della regina del romance. Si, proprio regina perché ne sforna tanti senza sbagliare mai un colpo. Wolf è il classico uomo della Palmer, freddo e con gli occhi di ghiaccio, Sara invece è una forza esplosiva. Entrambi si conoscono da un piccolo incidente che gli ha coinvolti, entrambi hanno un passato doloroso alle spalle che pian piano viene fuori. All'inizio gli accesi battibecchi ci fanno pensare che tra i due c'è realmente molto astio, ma qu [...]

    20. Adriana Fogaça on said:

      Série: Homens de Wyoming 04 - Corações Blindados - Diana PalmerTítulo original: Wyoming StrongTítulo: Corações BlindadosAutor: Diana PalmerTradução: Gracinda VasconcelosSérie: Homens de Wyoming 04Editora: HarlequinAno: 2016Meus caros amigos, este livro da Diana Palmer é para todos, aqueles que amam e para os que odeiam os mocinhos da autora. Sim, há momentos que você vai querer matar Wolf e outros em que você vai amá-lo. Não há escolha, são os eternos sentimentos conflitantes q [...]

    21. Laura Calderone on said:

      Premetto che oltre ad essere il 4° della serie sopra indicata è collegato alla serie Long Tall Texas, perché del fratello della protagonista che fa ampiamente parte del racconto, si leggeranno le avventure nella lunghissima serie, se mai sarà pubblicato qui in Italia, visto che sono pubblicati a saltare e tanti non sono mai stati tradotti, per mio sommo dispiacere.Adoro questa autrice, che come sempre non mi ha deluso, ha saputo raccontare con molta delicatezza e in modo emozionante le dure [...]

    22. Emily on said:

      I have read several of Diana Palmer books and have enjoyed them. This particular book was okay but it was a plot line that i had figured out buy the time i got through just part of the book. I knew what was going to happen and it made for a spoiled read, like somebody had already told me the juicy details and now am just reading it so i can say i read it.

    23. Sabrina (Soter) Sally on said:

      "Lei lo zittì con un bacio colmo di tenerezza, più leggero del battito d'ali di una farfalla. «Non ti lascerò mai» sussurrò. «Ti amerò fino all'ultimo giorno della mia vita, e anche dopo. Niente di quello che puoi dirmi riuscirà a cambiare questa realtà.»Lui si sentì sbocciare dentro una gioia inebriante. Se la strinse al petto e la cullò, il viso seppellito nei suoi capelli. «Da un abisso di terrore e disperazione, la speranza» sussurrò.«Un mondo di speranza.»"Vi prego, cari e [...]

    24. Jessica on said:

      Loved the book, but wonder why it is part of the series when so much of it doesn't take place in Wyoming. This series reminds me of how great it is to read 1-2 books in one day. I loved the love/hate relationship between these two.

    25. Gina on said:

      First read of Palmer. I don't think I will read any more of her work. What a disappointment!

    26. Judith on said:

      If you have read one Diana Palmer book, then you have read them all.Palmer’s books usually carry the same themes. Young innocent girl meets mid-thirties rugged man. He is uncomfortable with the age difference or there is an instant dislike. Throw in a cattle rancher, a sheriff, maybe an ex-CIA operative and you have a Diana Palmer romance. Sometimes they are historical westerns or contemporary.Over the years, I have continued to check out Palmer’s books…but these books can get a little rid [...]

    27. Donna Parker on said:

      I read my way through my town’s library as a child and many others since. My reading could be best described as voracious and eclectic, but my favourite reading palate cleanser is still romance novels, even more so when I’m ill and want something lovely to think about other than being ill. Perhaps I’m trying to find romance or love without the pain that comes with it. This may need deeper analysis, or none at all.Some romances are taken seriously, others aren’t, when really, all romances [...]

    28. Lu Bielefeld *read.laugh.love* on said:

      Resenha em português e inglês / Review in Portuguese and EnglishARC recebido via Netgalley para resenha honesta / ARC received from Netgalley to honest reviewNós conhecemos Wolf e Sara no livro Texas Born. O casal está ligados ao personagem Gabriel, ela é irmã dele e ele é amigo e colega mercenário.Sara e Wolf tem um ódio a primeira vista e passam a se antagonizar cada vez que se encontram. As cenas são realmente hilárias.O herói é tipico da autora sendo um ogro, malandro e mulheren [...]

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