The Prince She Never Forgot

Scarlet Wilson

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The Prince She Never Forgot

The Prince She Never Forgot Ten years after therapist Ruby shared an unforgettable kiss in Paris with a stranger he shows up on her doorstep and reveals that he s a prince Duty has kept Prince Alexander away but now he can mak

  • Title: The Prince She Never Forgot
  • Author: Scarlet Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781474001274
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
  • Ten years after therapist Ruby shared an unforgettable kiss in Paris with a stranger, he shows up on her doorstep and reveals that he s a prince Duty has kept Prince Alexander away, but now he can make their dreams come true

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      164 Scarlet Wilson
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    One thought on “The Prince She Never Forgot

    1. Susan on said:

      Very good book. Ruby and Alex had met in Paris on New Year's Eve while in their twenties. He had rescued her from a crowd and they spent the next few hours together enjoying the holiday. Ruby had no idea who he was as they made plans to meet the next day for sightseeing. Alex is suddenly called away because his father is ill, and she doesn't hear from him again. She isn't surprised though, as she discovers who he is a few days later.Ten years later Alex suddenly appears at her workplace, asking [...]

    2. Melody Cox on said:

      I liked all the characters in this book, Alex (some of the time), Annabelle and Ruby always. Theirs' is a very deep and troubling love story that I had many difficulties with. A lot of the facts were just too unbelievable. I will give examples later. This was an emotional read for me and my review will reflect those emotions that were stirred in me. This book did have an HEA but unfortunately it did not leave me feeling happy or content. No warm and fuzzies in the least. In fact for hours after [...]

    3. Desty on said:

      Bagaimana mungkin sebuah ciuman dan perbincangan singkat membawa kesan yang mendalam dan bertahan hingga sepuluh tahun kemudian?Itulah yang dialami Ruby. Dia bertemu dengan Alex yang menyelamatkannya dari kerumunan orang pada malam tahun baru di Paris. Ketika Alex menciumnya di bawah kembang api tahun baru, Ruby tidak tahu siapa Alex yang sebenarnya. Malam itu mereka berpisah secara terpaksa ketika beberapa pria dengan setelan hitam menjemput Alex. Beberapa hari kemudian, Ruby baru mengetahui di [...]

    4. Megan on said:

      I actually really enjoyed this book.I think it was sweet and cute and I really enjoyed the romance between them.I think it could have been better, and would have been nicer to have had them meet a bit sooner but I do believe they were in love and I actually enjoyed this book the most out of the Christmas Collection 17

    5. Trenchologist on said:

      This read like a Hallmark movie. Which, since I like Hallmark movies, meant it was just fine. But just fine is all. For a book where fireworks featured so prominently there weren't many for me. I think the momentum (and Ruby's character) got too bogged down in the third act, and too much stop-start action before the obvious end. Like buying time or filling word count to get there.The premise all in is a bit preposterous but that doesn't bother me. I'm all about a fairy tale. I'm also fine with l [...]

    6. Sommertime on said:

      The writing is great and this book had a lot of potential but I just didn't enjoy it.There was too much going on that was just too unbelievable. (view spoiler)[Explain to me how you spend one really great hour with a man and then spend the next 10 years pining for him and comparing every man to him and never really living your life? It was an hour 10 years ago. Get some perspective. Then explain why it was a good idea to purposefully have a baby who will never know it's mother? Why would you pla [...]

    7. Nas Dean on said:

      THE PRINCE SHE NEVER FORGOT by author Scarlet Wilson is a January 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.Ten years ago Ruby Wetherspoon met and kissed a mystery man, Alex. But she could never forget him. She did find out that he was Crown Prince Alexander of Euronia. And then he married, had a daughter then became a widower. Now he needed Ruby. Would Ruby take this chance? Dare she risk her heart once again?But Alex wanted Ruby to work with his small daughter to help her speak. And Ruby’s h [...]

    8. Linda Walters on said:

      I liked this book, it had some surprising elements to it. Both Ruby and Alex were interesting people. So was some of the things that happened to them during the ten years that they have been apart. Ruby's best friend Polly, was someone who I wasn't too sure about. At times she seemed like kind of "Debbie Downer." I wasn't so sure that she was really looking out for Ruby. But in the story, Ruby probably put it best. It was like having her own professional cheerleader and piranha all in one. Well [...]

    9. CuteBadger on said:

      I've never read a Mills & Boon novel before and only read this one as I was thinking of entering a magazine competition to write one. The book felt like a summary of a longer work so there wasn't much description of people or places, other than the main characters. The plot was predictable but that's more the fault of the genre than of this author. It was fine as what it was, but not for me - and I've decided not to enter the competition!

    10. Becky on said:

      SO CAAAA-YUUUUUUTEEEE. ahem. I really enjoyed this one - it was the cute, soppy romance I really needed to read!

    11. Debra Ashwood on said:

      The Prince She Never ForgotA sweet timeless take of a common woman who fell for a prince. But they didn't get together at first. He left her when called home. She didn't see him for over ten years. Now he needs her help with his daughter. Since she had gotten a degree in the speech part of medicine she was perfect for him. But was that all she was going to be involved in? He was a widow with a country to run. How could she, a commoner be anything more to him?

    12. Marian on said:

      This was okay. I had to suspend all belief that a brief encounter was the start of a deep love that lasted through 10 years of no contact, especially since he's the prince regent of a country with resources to find her and send anonymous flowers.

    13. Serenity on said:

      This book was ok nothing special. Just proves why I hate Romance in the first place. I only read it because I got free it on my computer, then my stupid computer was acting up, so I bought a physical copy so I could finish it. Side note to the author, Scarlet, your prologue should never be as long as your chapters. In this book the prologue was 25 & a half pages, that's a chapter not a prologue. To quote another author, if you need a prologue it should be half of your chapters. It would have [...]

    14. A.M. on said:

      Ruby Wetherspoon and her friends are in Paris for New Year’s Eve. She gets separated from them and almost trampled by the crowd. A handsome dark haired man picks her up and they spend a few stolen moments together with the fireworks and a trip to a cafe. But just as things get interesting, he is hurried away by a family emergency. He asked for her number but she lost her phone in the fall so she tells him the name of her hotel. He doesn’t contact her.He only gave his name as Alex, and it is [...]

    15. Dannica Zulestin on said:

      This was a cute little romance. It doesn't feel at all realistic-princes and expensive dresses and meeting after ten years. But as a sort of fantasy it is very fun and sweet, though somewhat lacking in tension.I have to admit I like the idea of meeting again after a chance meeting many years ago. There are a couple of guys in this world I'd love to see again, to see if we'd ever have a chance at a real relationship. Hat that I've had a ton of flings or anything. But I think we all know what it's [...]

    16. Jane on said:

      On New Years Eve in Paris for the holiday, Ruby Witherspoon is lost in the crowd when a handsome man pulls her from the crush and up on a wall to watch the fireworks. He is just Alex and they stay together after the fireworks until he has to leave for a family emergency. Later she finds out he is Alex—Crown Prince Alexander of Euronia, The Prince She Never Forgot.Ten years later Alex comes to Ruby's work and arranges for her to come to Euronia to work with his daughter. Will the romance and dr [...]

    17. Carla Simoes on said:

      Este é o primeiro livro de 2017, e confesso que so peguei nele agora porque tinha a torre eifel na capa e eu precisava dela para um desafio que estou a fazer, no entanto tenho de dizer que gostei muito. Foi uma leitura agradavel e uma historia romântica, fez me pensar que mesmo depois de muitos anos o amor verdadeiro ainda continua forte e que apesar de todas as miúdas sonharem con o príncipe encantado muitas delas não estariam preparadas para una verdadeira relação Com alguém da realeza [...]

    18. Alison on said:

      This is one of those books where you think you know what will happen next, and you're totally wrong.A great read over the Christmas holidays particularly as it begins in Paris during the new year celebrations, Ruby a speech therapist and Alex a prince from a small principality will meet. But their time is not now.Fast forward ten years and both their lives have changed but neither forgot, and now is the time for truth and hopefully a shared future.I really loved this book.

    19. Pippa on said:

      A kiss at midnight… Ten years ago Ruby Wetherspoon shared a stolen New Year’s kiss with enigmatic stranger Alex. A kiss she has never forgotten… Now a renowned language therapist, Ruby is stunned when her Alex—Crown Prince Alexander of Euronia to the rest of the world!—shows up to ask for her help. Ruby has never been far from Alex’s thoughts, but duty to his country has kept him away. Now he has a chance to make both their dreams come true…

    20. Devika Fernando on said:

      I loved the characters in this, both with the right mix of strength and vulnerability. It was great to see that Ruby didn't rush into things, didn't settle for compromises, didn't just swoon. And Alex was wonderful too, definitely a prince worthy of falling in love with. I was rooting for their happy ending and for little Annabelle to finally speak.

    21. gemsbooknookGeramie Kate Barker on said:

      Won this Through First Read.Lovely story. Sweet and romantic. I didn't like the way it kept going between her view, to his view, to the writers view. Apart from that I liked it. Nice book for summer afternoon reading.

    22. Judio on said:

      Essentially a fairy tale for adults. I really liked it - in spite of all the hand-waving.

    23. Britney Dillon on said:

      This was an adorable book with a sassy heroine and a charming hero.

    24. Veronica on said:

      I thought this would be another typical romance novel, and it was. But it had a really good story line and the execution was perfect.

    25. Season on said:

      Very very cute, but I wanted just a little bit more. Maybe more time for them to be together or something.

    26. Cheryl Hammond on said:

      Very emotional heart wrenching loved it though. Would defiantly buy more of these books from mills and boon as they are my favorite

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