Where Willows Won't Grow

Lia Black

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Where Willows Won't Grow

Where Willows Won t Grow Librarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B LR V UUndercover agent Alex Kley is a long way from home Six months of investigation have brought him to Willow House a high class brothel

  • Title: Where Willows Won't Grow
  • Author: Lia Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B00LR78V6UUndercover agent Alex Kley is a long way from home Six months of investigation have brought him to Willow House, a high class brothel on Omanai Station, as beautiful on the outside as it is corrupt on the inside Sold into sexual slavery to infiltrate an illegal prostitution ring, Alex must find the evideLibrarian s Note This is an alternate new cover for ASIN B00LR78V6UUndercover agent Alex Kley is a long way from home Six months of investigation have brought him to Willow House, a high class brothel on Omanai Station, as beautiful on the outside as it is corrupt on the inside Sold into sexual slavery to infiltrate an illegal prostitution ring, Alex must find the evidence he needs to bring down the leader of a powerful criminal cartel a man who may not even be human Illythe, the manager of Willow House, is a long way from freedom The jet skinned beauty with the face of an angel walks the halls of Willow House with serenity and authority, but underneath his cold and beautiful facade, Illythe is as much a slave as any of the young men working in the brothel In an undercover operation, falling in love is the worst thing an agent can do, but Illythe is a mystery that Alex can t resist It doesn t take long for Alex to realize that Illythe is not in his role by choice Yet Illythe holds the holds the information Alex needs The Alex learns, the clearer it becomes, that when the cartel falls, Illythe will be buried in the rubble In the end, Alex must make a choice save Illythe and forfeit the mission, or leave him behind in a place where willows won t grow Important Note to Readers This work of fiction is for adults only Please see content warnings in story info front matter before download This story was written as part of the M M Romance Group s 2014 Love s Landscapes event.

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      320 Lia Black
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    One thought on “Where Willows Won't Grow

    1. Vivian on said:

      Alien sex auction and placement. Now, that's just the opening. This is a darker one, folks. There is malevolence and torture, but like a snowdrop pushing through in Spring, there is also hope. Tenuous at times, but there. The impersonal, voyeuristic, objectified beginning gives way quickly to something deeper with a lot more emotion and sinister. Nice intrigue, backstabbing, and political shifting.

    2. SheReadsALot on said:

      BR with Adam - tent virgin no longer!(Once you see it, you can't unsee it.)I appreciated that boot in the butt to read this story because I kept meaning to read Lia Black. Her stories always caught my eye, her story tags always got me excited: non-con, dub-con, interspecies sex, dark stuff, etc = fun times to me.WHY THE HELL DID I WAIT SO LONG?! <~~~I have a feeling this will be my recurring theme for the year 2015.And this was free? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'd have paid for this.Alex is an under [...]

    3. Giulio on said:

      Oh my god; this story is awesome. Dark, twisted, pervy and at the same time deeply emotional and romantic. The sci-fi setting was perfectly crafted and the epilogue highly satisfying.My favorite part: the auction. So scary and arousing!My favorite quote:What a fucked up time to realize a new kink Almost every imaginable kink was contemplated, even a few I didn't know existed. I don't know if the Author read my mind or has somehow gained free access to my browser history but she really fulfilled [...]

    4. Sunny on said:

      Pleasure and pain, how the two mix. It's a theme in the story, but it also describes my experience reading it. It's beautifully written, but the darker parts were painful to read.I think Lia must have a very dark imagination. This was not an easy read, but everything that happened fit the story. Nothing felt gratuitous or over the top. For me to tolerate torture in a story is kind of amazing. And then to read about the hate for a tormenter all mixed up with a messed up love for a protector and h [...]

    5. Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion on said:

      Now, That's how you write dub-con!3 Things:1. Kinky wrestling.2. Sounding.3. Pierced peen.Alex has been working undercover to discover who's been abducting male prostitutes and wends up on the auction block himself where he's crudely inspected by a three fingered alien and mortified to discovered he's got a touch of the exhibitionist in him. He's chosen and has to go through the initiation process. Alex, the stuttering Mel and the giant Bryant (Hey, that rhymes!) and some other human captives mu [...]

    6. Sofia on said:

      A dark, painful story about a man cut adrift, living a nightmare, totally forgotten because there is no one to remember him And Another man also cut adrift, alone, no real ties but not forgotten, so with him comes hope, connection and love.Black got the tormented mix of feelings Illythe had for Scion down pat. That mix of hate, anger, love, need, despair, loneliness. All those basic human emotions concentrated on that one ‘person’ because all there is, is that one person, because that person [...]

    7. Kim Alan on said:

      Content Warnings: graphic violence, rape, dubious consent, references to child sexual abuse, character death (secondary), extreme taboo: gruesome alien sex, sounding, sadismHoly Hell. This was so far beyond my comfort zone and I couldn't have stopped reading if I'd wanted to. The writing is so compelling (and evil and sadistic and horrifying) that despite my discomfort I was in a constant state of NEEDING to know what happened next. The bad guy is by far the baddest, most twisted bad guy I've ev [...]

    8. Emma Sea on said:

      Gosh, what a great response to the prompt. Ambitious in scale, with characters that stick in the mind. The writing is evocative: I spent part of the story with gritted teeth, peeking from behind my fingers. Great descriptions of Scion; I can totally see the bastard.

    9. Alona on said:

      I will start with what I loved in the book.The times when Illythe and Alex showed their emotions toward one another. it was sweet, beautiful and heart warming.I loved the end (thank god my husband is a dentist ;))The writing was nice and the author's imagination was great, but that is also where I had a bit of a problem.Now, I am not a "serious" ci fi reader, but I read some that I really liked, but they where also somewhat "tame" on the alien side of the story.I mean, I need the characters in m [...]

    10. Lori on said:

      This story contains many things I would not consider reading normally, in fact I wasn't going to, I had no plans to read it at all. Then I saw all the great reviews for it and decided to give it a go. I'm so glad I did.A great story, well written and thoroughly enjoyable, despite the hard and horrible themes involved. Thank you Lia Black.

    11. Samantha on said:

      So if you want a light, fluffy read about puppies and flowers well, keep looking. In fact, you should go to like the other side of the globe from this book, because you won't find any puppies or flowers here (unless you count oddly adorable Admiral, 'cus yeah, he's kind of like a dopey puppy.)Lia in these past two years has seemed to develop a way to take a prompt and just run with it. She did it last year, and she did it again this year. If I could just play in her dark imagination for a day, I [...]

    12. ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ on said:

      ★★★★☆ A Love's Landscape Story from the GR M/M Romance GroupDark story of undercover Federation officer Alex trying to break up a prostitution ring and finding almost more than he can chew off. Horrifying at times but ultimately a beautiful love story.

    13. Elizabetta on said:

      Enter with caution, this has a badass bad guy to end all bad guys. He almost steals the show. The Scion is a tentacled monster who owns a brothel for aliens. And human rentboys are at a premium with his customers. The beautiful alien, Illythe, runs the brothel for the Scion but is also his personal pet slave. This takes a darker turn in that Illythe has been a slave since he was a child. While there is only off-page reference to the child abuse, there is certainly on-page sexual abuse/torture fo [...]

    14. Jaye McKenna on said:

      This story is a like one of those rich, sinful desserts dark, delicious, and I couldn't stop reading it. Not for the faint of heart, this one, but it pushed all my twisted little buttons just right!

    15. Lilia Ford on said:

      I'm a big Lia Black fan dating from last year's M/M event with her contribution, Worthy, and was thrilled to see another dark, sexy tale on offer this year.This year's is quite dark indeed, so much that it managed to raise a genuine fear about what would happen to the characters. By far the most interesting aspect for me was Illythe's relationship with Scion. I have a fascination with Stockholm stories, and Where Willows Won't Grow was sharp and effective in its exploration of Illythe's conflict [...]

    16. Al on said:

      OMG Lia Black looked into my mind and wrote a book about what's in there!It is dark, twisted and BRILLIANT!!! (also hot but don't hold that against me). Truthfully it is all the things I like in a book. The only downside really is that because I couldn't put it down I did not eat and therefor starved to death.So here is my graveDear Lia,I heart you 4 eva.Thank U for this book.It made me smile/grimace at all my openings.Love Alxxxx

    17. Kristan on said:

      4.5 starsI had to force myself to push through this book. This was dark; I'm not one for dub-con and rape, and I don't often venture into sci-fi, but I'm happy I did. I'm shocked (in a really good way) over how much I ended up liking this story.The world building was very well done and I especially appreciate that there where no large pieces of info dump. The attention to detail was excellent and the setting, as a result, was a rich, and unique alien environment that felt authentic.I loved the t [...]

    18. Dee Aditya on said:

      *curls into a ball and whimpers*It hurt so bad but it was so good

    19. Nick Pageant on said:

      Giulio's prompt!I really need to process this for a while before I review it.

    20. Amy Spector on said:

      I was not familiar with Lia Black until just recently. In fact, this is the first of her stories I have ever read. So, perhaps everyone has the same reactionHoly hell! That was fabulous!Despite the fact that she wielded her story content warnings like a sword, trying to keep everyone away, I started reading and couldn't stop. (I was actually late for work!)I tend to shy away from stories (and movies) with rape content as I tend not to handle it well but I am glad I didn't let the warning deter m [...]

    21. Dee Wy on said:

      Really good M/M science fiction/romance makes me very happy, so this story had me smiling from ear to ear. I really don't mind dark stuff when there is hope and characters haven't given up on finding a better life. The balance of dark, brutal scenes and sweet attraction in a cruel environment was perfectly balanced so that I could enjoy every word. And seeing the Scion get his due reward was hugely satisfying. Long live Alex and Illythe! More stories in this world of aliens would make me even ha [...]

    22. Jo * Smut-Dickted * on said:

      WOW. I really enjoyed this story and how it evolved. It was harsh and bloody and brilliant. It's just my type of story - no sugar coating of what's going on. I want to see it all - all the pain, all the emotions, all the drama. Great descriptions and setting mean I really felt like I knew this place and could "see" it in my head. Smooth flowing prose, great plot that had a point the entire time. I have liked this author's work before in the DRitC events so no surprise here!

    23. Bookwatcher on said:

      What I have to say about this book? Believe me, all the tags I added must not be taken lightly. Everything from rape to abuse is in this story And well. I don't have more to say. I just want to stand up To applause

    24. Bree Cheese on said:

      4.5 stars! Really enjoyed this dark little dub-con, alien prostitute auction, undercover operation!

    25. Shelby on said:

      God! Ms. Black's stories are always so dark, but yet so beautiful. I always end up falling in love with her worlds and her characters. My heart was breaking for Illythe! His life has been pure hell and yet he's still such a gorgeous soul. This is dark and twisty in all the ways things are best when they're dark and twisty. Alex is a about to dive into one of the toughest undercover assignments anyone could undertake. Working in the sex crimes division means no assignment is ever easy, but this r [...]

    26. Joan on said:

      Damn. I read this last night, read it again and re-read it this morning and I KNOW I will read it again later. Fabulous.A wonderful story. I know exactly when a book is 'right' for me - it's that difficult moment when I want to skip straight to the end as I am so depserate to see what happens to the MCs.! ( I managed to restrain myself this time - Kindles are not co-operative as paperbacks!) That was the moment when I knew that I had fallen in love with this book. (view spoiler)[A few quibbles. [...]

    27. Chappy on said:

      OK, I won't lieis book deals with very difficult themes and won't be for everyone.But if you enjoy dark, M/M dub/non-con this book is for you.It's so well written and the sci-fi aspect is not over the topexcept for the multiple super freaky aliens. But no techno-babble or anything like that.Alex is an undercover agent trying to dismantle a brutal sex-slave ring. He gets auctioned off but thankfully it's Illythe that buys him to work at Willow House. Illythe may be the manager of the best prostit [...]

    28. Тамрико on said:

      I guess it's not a bad book just not what I expected. Alex had it easy as a slave, while his alien "angel" handler was the one who had it rough. The ending was way too sweet, though I have never complained about a HEA before.Something was off in this book for me. 3 stars.

    29. Don Bradshaw on said:

      Nude oil wrestling, human sex slaves, non-con, fantastically drawn aliens, some torture and one survivor of an annihilated race. Step right up, buy a ticket, enter this dark whore house and set your kinks free.

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