We're in the Wrong Book!

Richard Byrne

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We're in the Wrong Book!

We re in the Wrong Book When a potato sack race goes awry Bella and Ben find themselves bumped from their familiar page into uncharted territory It s a brave new world of lollipops and sphinxes and Bella and Ben are on one

  • Title: We're in the Wrong Book!
  • Author: Richard Byrne
  • ISBN: 9781627794510
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a potato sack race goes awry, Bella and Ben find themselves bumped from their familiar page into uncharted territory It s a brave new world of lollipops and sphinxes and Bella and Ben are on one page turning adventure How will they find their way back into their very own book

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      297 Richard Byrne
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    One thought on “We're in the Wrong Book!

    1. Kirjapallo on said:

      What an excellent idea! Bella and Ben are living in a picture book, but Bella's dog accidently pushes them into a children's counting book. They try to find the right book and on the way they see a comic book, history book, puzzle book, fairy tale book, craft book, spot the difference book, scary book Will they ever find back home??

    2. Anna on said:

      Although young kids may not be able to recognize all the different literary genres, the conceit of this book is still really cool.

    3. Kate Everett on said:

      One day Bella and Ben bounce clean out of their own story book and so begins a fun adventure as they travel through all sorts of different books, from counting to comic books, to find their way back.I really enjoyed reading this - it stretches the conventional story book boundaries and gives the characters limitless freedom to play with the rules - they can float up and away within one book, rip a page to enter another and pick up items within the pages. This concept has been done before (eg. Op [...]

    4. Vivian on said:

      Children and adults alike enjoyed this book which I shared in a story time about being LOST. This would also work well for library tours. Two children and a dog are whisked OUT of their own story book into a CONCEPT book, then into a COMIC book, then into an INFORMATION book, then into a book of GAMES, a FAIRY TALE book, a HOW TO book, a PUZZLE book, a SCARY book, and they finally find their way back to their own story.

    5. Kathy (Kindle-aholic) on said:

      Very cute book. Illustrations are fantastic. 2 characters from a story are bounced out of their book into the pages of another. Counting books, fairytales, puzzle books, and origami book, a comic book, and so on as they try to find their way back to the right book.The kids love books with characters that break the 4th wall and know that they are being read in a book.

    6. Mehsi on said:

      Een grappig boek die heerlijk de 4th wall breekt. :) Misschien schrijf ik straks een langere review.

    7. Ana Calabresi on said:

      I loved the second Bella book as much as I loved This book just ate my dog. Too bad this won't work for storytime though.

    8. Caren Levin on said:

      Title: We’re in the Wrong Book!Author: Richard ByrneIllustrator: Richard ByrneGenre: Postmodern Picture BookTheme(s): Humor, ChildrenOpening line/sentence: “Bella and Ben were jumping down the street, from one side of the book… to the other.”Brief Book Summary: Bella and Ben, two young children, were hopping around in gunnysacks and end up hopping into a variety of different genres of books. They walk through a counting book, a historical book, to a maze activity and so many other genres [...]

    9. Nicola on said:

      Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes. We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new & favourite authors.This was a random picture book that I chose. It's a fun book where the characters move from book to book (although in a different way to Fish and Snail). Miss 3 thought it was ok.

    10. Stefanie Burns on said:

      A bit confusing especially on the comic book page. Some kids will definitely have trouble tracking the text. It does introduce kids to lots of different types of books and it's a great jumping of point to discuss the differences in books: pictures vs illustrations, coloring in illustrations, panels, etc.

    11. Amy Oberts on said:

      Richard Byrne's sequel, while entertaining, doesn't display the simplistic ingenuity of the original. Fans of Ben and Bella are sure to enjoy this second installment of the series, but "We're in the Wrong Book" doesn't lend itself as effortlessly to a story hour setting as "This Book Just Ate My Dog."

    12. Pat on said:

      "What begins as an existential absurdity," to quote Booklist, ends as an existential absurdity--unfortunately, with none of the redeeming features of This Book Just Ate My Dog except for the well-drawn Bobsy-like Bella and Ben.

    13. Mary on said:

      Bella and Ben are bumped out of their book and have to jump from book to book to get back. Madcap metafiction fun with a humorous dog-saves-the-day ending. Pairs well with David Wiesner's The Three Pigs.

    14. Laura on said:

      Bella and Ben accidentally fall through a hole in their book. They wander through several other books before finding their way back to where they belong. A cute, charming story with just enough clues to amuse younger reasers. Recommended for K 2.

    15. Miss Sarah on said:

      A brother and a sister are strolling around in their book when they accidently get bumped into another book and can't find their way home. Love the shout out to librarians. preschool and up for humor and concept.

    16. Kathleen on said:

      This is such a cute picture book, where two friends get knocked out of their book by their dog and hop in and out of different genres of books till they find their way home. The book also includes activities for the reader and child.

    17. Emma Adams on said:

      Slightly complicated pictures .Good ideas bring the book to life.Make the reading of books eel like a journey

    18. Carly Montanez on said:

      This story follows Ben and Bella through a series of unfortunate events that leads them to end up in a bunch of different books. Ben and Bella are on a mission to get back to their own book. The book is interactive although there are no actual tabs, textures, etc. The interaction is all in the variety of pages and scrolling your eyes along to see what type of book it is. I feel the book would have been enhanced with interactions such as flip tabs, etc. Another improvement could have been actuall [...]

    19. Samuel Tyler on said:

      Rarely do you read a book written for adults that breaks the fourth wall, but not a month goes past that I don’t stumble across a children’s book that has characters talking to the reader, or jumping from book to book. Done well, the idea of leaping from genre to genre within the refines of the same text is a great way of introducing youngsters to different types of reading material. Done averagely and it feels more like an author ticking off that pesky fourth wall breaking book for their re [...]

    20. Kathryn (Nine Pages) on said:

      Originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.Bella, Ben, and Bella’s dog have appeared before in Byrne’s earlier book, This Book Just Ate My Dog. I hadn’t realized so until I was putting This Book Just Ate My Dog back on the shelves more than two weeks after reading We’re in the Wrong Book. In This Book Just Ate My Dog, characters disappear into the gutter of the book, unable to cross to the facing page. The kids to whom I read We’re in the Wrong Book! aloud really seemed to enjoy guess [...]

    21. Rachel on said:

      The concept of this book is more inspiring than the actual execution, although most children will still enjoy this fanciful tale of two children who are bumped out of their story and wander the pages of other books, looking for their original story. There are some real darling moments, such as when the characters are stuck with a wolf from fairy tale nightmares & readers can "slide" a button, as if this is a screen for an app, to move to the next page. This might have been improved by creati [...]

    22. Kayla on said:

      I chose two books by Byrne Richard because he is brand new to me and I have been pleasantly surprised by them both.I really like how the book explores different types of books and different types of text. This story would be perfect at the beginning of the year when we discuss "What is text?" It also includes examples of both fiction and nonfiction text. It would be a fantastic source for distinguishing between the two.The characters in this story are knocked out of their own book into a differe [...]

    23. Kate Puleo Unger on said:

      I love when books acknowledge that the book is a book. In this story, like in his last book, Byrne brings the reader into the fold of the characters. Bella and Ben get knocked out of their book by Bella's dog. And they have to travel through many other books to find their way home.A few of the other books are interactive. There is a picture comparison, a maze, and a how-to folding instructional page. Christopher and I both enjoyed those elements and followed along or discussed doing the related [...]

    24. Barbara on said:

      When Bella's dog accidentally bumps Bella and Ben from one book into another one, they end up in a counting book, a comic book, a nonfiction title, and several different activity pages including a maze, a path leading to Grandma's house, and various other instruction books. Young readers will enjoy all the places they go and the end in which they return home to the right book and the right dog. Readers may smile at the thought of being stuck in the wrong book since it's an experience most of us [...]

    25. Merrilyn Tucker on said:

      As in Byrne's first book, This Book Just Ate My Dog!, there are ample opportunities for laughs and exclamations of confusion and wonderings. The first grade class to whom I read We Are In the Wrong Book, enjoyed the main characters, Ben and Bella, getting lost in Ancient Egypt and meeting up with Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (although they found the teeth a bit too sharp and scary looking!). They loved the step-by-step instructions for making the boat and finding clues about where Bella's [...]

    26. Jana on said:

      This book is just as much fun as Richard Byrne's other book in the series, This Book Just Ate My Dog. I love the way the author breaks down the barrier between the reader and the characters in the book. Bella and Ben are hopping along the street, happily going from one page to another when a mishap knocks them off the page and into a completely different book. As they attempt to find their way back to their own book, they wander through several other, completely different types of books. The ill [...]

    27. Emily Stueven on said:

      Richard Byrne's This Book Just Ate My Dog! is one of my story time staples. It's fun and engaging, and kids love studying the book up close to search the folds for the various people and things swallowed up throughout the story--and then shaking them all loose! It allows for lots of interaction, simple yet effective. So, I was super excited to see this new picture book from Byrne, especially as it again features Bella and her dog. Sadly, however, it lacks the simplicity of the previous title. It [...]

    28. Jean Hussey-Stone on said:

      The first book I read by Richard Byrne was, "This Book Ate My Dog!" and I loved it. A colleague had this book by the same author and I just had to read it. I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, but was again completely taken in by it. What very clever and creative thinking and writing. I really enjoyed skipping through the many different types of books. It was a great discussion topic with my first grade students; talking about the different books the characters kept jumping into and how [...]

    29. Emily on said:

      Bella and Ben are two friends who are minding their own business when Bella’s dog bumps them into another book. As they attempt to get back into their own book they adventure into more and more books. From counting books to non-fiction books, to puzzle books to fairy tales, and how-to books to activity books, this would be a great way to introduce the different books to primary students and a great addition to any school or classroom library. Richard Bryne does a great job of differentiating t [...]

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