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Brad Thor

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Act of War

Act of War After a CIA agent mysteriously dies overseas his top asset surfaces with a startling and terrifying claim There s just one problem no one knows if she can be trusted But when six exchange students go

  • Title: Act of War
  • Author: Brad Thor
  • ISBN: 9781476717135
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a CIA agent mysteriously dies overseas, his top asset surfaces with a startling and terrifying claim There s just one problem no one knows if she can be trusted But when six exchange students go missing, two airplane passengers trade places, and one political asylum seeker is arrested, a deadly chain of events is set in motion.With the United States facing an immAfter a CIA agent mysteriously dies overseas, his top asset surfaces with a startling and terrifying claim There s just one problem no one knows if she can be trusted But when six exchange students go missing, two airplane passengers trade places, and one political asylum seeker is arrested, a deadly chain of events is set in motion.With the United States facing an imminent and devastating attack, America s new president must turn to covert counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath to help carry out two of the most dangerous operations in the country s history.Code named Gold Dust and Blackbird , they are shrouded in absolute secrecy as either of them, if discovered, will constitute an act of war.

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    One thought on “Act of War

    1. David Eppenstein on said:

      Brad Thor is a talented thriller writer that spins a good yarn. I have read all of his books to date and enjoyed them and would hope to continue. Unfortunately, Brad's books have become a bit tiresome. How many ways are there to kill a terrorist, usually a Muslim, before it become trite? Additionally, and this is becoming very annoying and insulting, Brad has started supplying his characters with speeches on political theory and national policy. Thor's books are fiction and I, and probably all h [...]

    2. D.W. Ulsterman on said:

      This is Brad Thor's best work yet. He and Vince Flynn have been for some time, a collective 1-2 punch in the popular thriller category, and both authors have been significant influences upon my own work.With Flynn's too early departure, Thor now stands (nearly) alone atop the genre and he is clearly not sitting back and merely going through the motions. Act of War is his most successfully constructed tale yet, and left me thinking I have much more yet to learn from this author in how to craft an [...]

    3. Kimberly Chavez on said:

      One of the things that I find so thrilling about Thor’s novels is that the scenarios he describes and technology used by his characters often show up in the real news over the next 12-18 months. So you know he’s done his research thoroughly and crafted a story that, while it is fiction, feels completely real when you are reading it. And that adds an unbelievable edge to the reading experience.In ACT OF WAR, Scot Harvath is faced with a new threat that no one sees coming until it is almost to [...]

    4. Vicki Elia on said:

      Audiobook Review1 StarThere was a reason I deleted all Brad Thor books, and Act of War is the poster child. From horrid writing, "best laid plans of mice and men," to "proud to have a President that pays for everything on the front lines," to "Americans value life and terrorists don't. Harvath wanted to kill every one of them right now."Mr. Thor, take your battle-cry back to the battle field. Trite tripe.

    5. Eric Orkin on said:

      After reading my first Thor book, Black List, I was primed to enjoy another. What a disappointment this was. The story line was predictable and somewhat unbelievable. Most most offensive was the author's use of a novel to lay out his right wing beliefs. I have no issue with novels having a point of view, but this was just blatant propagandizing. It doesn't matter whether I agree or disagree, the stuff of an op-ed piece does not belong in a novel.

    6. Houstonguy7777 on said:

      As a huge fan of Brad Thor I was very excited about this one! The book kept me interested from the first page and it was hard to put down. I really enjoyed the story and the writing. The only complaint is that I felt the ending was lacking and just felt a little rushed.

    7. Neil on said:

      Book 13 in the series, and until more are written this is the final book so far. Once again the author writes a plausible plotline, and you are left wondering if such an event could happen. The book itself seemed to be split between three sections, Scot Harvath and his team chasing the bad guys. The bad guys evading attempts to capture them, and a SEAL team gathering intelligence in North Korea. To my mind each of these elements was visited, but none of them in great depth which spoilt it a litt [...]

    8. Skip on said:

      Scot Horvath is once again trying to save America. To create an incentive for the Chinese to continue buying U.S. Treasury bonds, real assets have been secretly offered. Meanwhile, economic growth in China has faltered, causing the leadership to launch a devastating attack on the U.S. to be followed by invasion, with Chinese troops and farmers training in North Korea. The Chinese are pretending the attack is from Al Qaeda, causing Scot to press the Arab cutouts while a Chinese agent is trying to [...]

    9. G.H. Eckel on said:

      The Chinese are out of natural resources and decide to secretly grab America's. They plan to launch an attack, blame it on a terrorist organization, and when America is in ruins and depopulated, make claim to the country based on outstanding, unpaid loans.It's kind of a clever conceit. The action is slow in the first half of the novel; much brisker in the second half. The writing is adequate, nothing to write home about. There are some nice passages and others that are monologs broken by witless [...]

    10. Jon Kurtz on said:

      Act of War is a Shelby Mustang of a tale, 750 hp of American muscle. I could stop there, but since I've begun, I might as well place a little more meat on the skeleton. Ex-Navy Seal and Ex-Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath has returned as a private counter-terrorism operative with the ear of the new President. Information is received that China, or a segment of the Chinese government, has developed a method to surreptitiously incapacitate the United States. Millions of Americans will die, the go [...]

    11. Will on said:

      Act of War has a great plot concept but is thoroughly underdeveloped. The usual Scot Harvath is replaced with a cardboard cut out. It was almost like Thor said, "you know Harvath so I am not going to delve very deep here." Very one dimensional book. I have enjoyed most of the Harvath series but Act of War just missed the mark. There are two plots unfolding simultaneously and the far more interesting plot taking place behind the North Korean border could have been awesome, but it was just good. I [...]

    12. Bonnie Murrow on said:

      I should have read the negative reviews before tackling this preposterous bloated right-wing tome. China is plotting to wipe out 90% of the US population and then take over the country because we borrowed so much money from them. Really? Seriously? And, "Yeah! Yeah! USA! We're the best and torture is a virtue since we're the one's doing it to preserve our superior way of life." This kind of simplemindedness would get laughed off any news talk show, even Fox. There is no entertainment value in re [...]

    13. Ameen on said:

      I've always liked Bard Thor's titles; I've read 2 books so far but this one just got on my nerves. I'm a Muslim and when I see someone making fun of my religion it's not something I can let slide by. Why did you have to make fun of Islam ? First the 6 engineers where Muslim, I'm like 'alright' , then you start praising Israel for there ruthlessness and political prowess, I'm like 'meh, Israeli propaganda' but did you have to go make fun of Allah ? That's totally not cool and I'm pained to know t [...]

    14. Sojourner on said:

      Act of War by #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor is the thirteenth book in the Scot Harvath series, and is an engrossing military thriller in which United States planted a NOC secret agent in China to spy on suspicious activities that could threaten its security. The death of the agent brings to light the existence of an operation in progress code-named Snow Dragon which is known only to a few key individuals in the Chinese government. Its objective is to destabilize the United State [...]

    15. Pamela on said:

      4.5 Brad Thor does it againd the villain is not a Muslim! The real threat is Korea and China, and the scenario in this novel could be all too real in the near future - to destabilize America. Very well researched and crafted, this is a political thriller in the vein of Tom Clancy - all too possible if not probable! A delicious read for espionage fans! Brad Thor is at the top of the international political thriller genre!

    16. Will on said:

      SUBJECTIVE READER REVIEW FOLLOWS:I'm unsure of the malaise my key authors have contracted, but this is the first Brad Thor book I haven't given five stars. Although his preface is powerful, the book doesn't deliver in nearly the umph of previous Scott Harvath miracle ops. I don't know if the split angle of the conspiracy--the Chinese hiring the jihadists to do the dirty work--is too unwieldy, but it sort of disconnects from the typical rides we've come to expect of Thor and Harvath. Jesus Brad, [...]

    17. Jason Anthony on said:

      Upon finishing this book, I went back to my library to see what other Brad Thor books I have read and could not find any. I don't remember which ones I did read, but I can say that my memories of his writing were much better than what I got here. The writing is choppy, the character construction is non-existent, and the good moments (often more North Korea-based) are outnumbered by the bad. While I have not read the national security thriller genre in a few months, they are a guilty pleasure of [...]

    18. Mike on said:

      Act of War by Brad ThorA hired Ivy League blue blood type known as an NOC, "non official cover" secret agent, is planted in China by the United States to uncover suspicious national security activity. When his peculiar death occurs The Agency calls in backup and discovers Snow Dragon, an operation in progress that brings with it darkness, cold, and death. As the Central Intelligence Agency investigates, Washington brings to light China's intention to reinvent the term, "the inferior can defeat t [...]

    19. Matt on said:

      Thor brings Scot Harvath back for another covert ops thriller, with a spin sure to raise eyebrows. When a secret Chinese mission, code-named Snow Dragon, is given the go-ahead, events begin to put a larger plan in motion, one sure to leave America begging for mercy. When a known terrorist is seen liaising in the Middle East, US officials send Harvath in to determine what's in the works. What he discovers sheds light on Snow Dragon, though only a sliver. With that small piece of intel, Harvath an [...]

    20. Liz on said:

      I enjoyed this outing much more than Hidden Order. It was a return to the classic Scot Harvath novel. I liked that it started with a bang and we were not subjected to tales of SH new relationship. My only complaints would be that a) it seemed to be a waste of the troll. He was kinda thrown in there like an afterthought. I love seeing the Troll but give him something to do! and b) the ending was waaay too rushed. I felt like I had missed something. I was also very confused at the whole boat scene [...]

    21. Dee Haddrill on said:

      Brad Thor has once again delivered a heart-pounding thriller that is terrifying in how easily it could happen. Scot Harvath is once again called on to do the job that most people wouldn't be able to do: defend his country no matter the cost. One line really stood out to me: "When your enemies succeed because they aren't constrained by rules, at some point you either have to accept defeat, or tear up the rulebook." Thankfully, Scot Harvath is, as always, ready to tear up the rulebook. Another gre [...]

    22. Mark Fallon on said:

      Was expecting so much more after his last book, but this is Thor's worst outing to date (yes, worse than the Athena Project). A good plotline destroyed by silly pandering to the Glen Beck-WND crowd by including untrue conspiracies about President Obama and H. Clinton (without naming them). And the ending was an unbelievable "wrap it up with a bow and the world's now a better place". I recommend Thor go back and read some early Clancy or Ludlum. There is no "clean ending" in the world of internat [...]

    23. Michael Connick on said:

      This is my fourth Brad Thor novel, and it's my favorite so far. Fun plot (and a reasonable one), great story, lots of action, suspense - everything I would expect from a Scot Harvath novel. Highly, highly recommended. If I could give it six stars, I would!

    24. Martha on said:

      A very thought-provoking book on a way to cripple America's power grid and render citizens to a primitive culture that we are not prepared for. Thor is always a good read, but I thought he did too much preaching of politics in this book.

    25. Jay Deb on said:

      I read a couple of Thor's books before. This is the best. The Chinese are planning to destroy America and then reclaim our resources as payment for the money they lent. The story moves around the globe, including the Koreans, Muslim terrorists and what not. Action packed and fun reading.

    26. Linda Munro on said:

      Accolades for Brad Thor and his ability to look at “our friends” the Chinese, realistically! I only wish more governmental people would read and research this type of book! While they are a work of fiction, they are so well thought our & researched that I feel the author has climbed into my own mind before writing these stories!With the United States facing an imminent attack, set up by the Chinese and to be carried out by the Somalia refugees in the U.S. two teams are sent to find indis [...]

    27. Angela Austin on said:

      Good reading.enjoy the stories. Sometimes it's scary to think how close they can be to reality. It's not hard to imagine some of the plots from actually happening in today's world.

    28. Niles on said:

      Brad Thor's most recent installment of anti-terrorism expert Scott Harvath hits the ground running, with nearly non-stop action from beginning to end. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this book is for you.The story is broken down into three major sub plots.The first follows a group of three Navy Seals, led by lietenant Jimi Fordyce, and a CIA operative Billy Tang. Their objective was to find out what the Chinese were doing in North Korea, under cover of a massive net placed to conceal their acti [...]

    29. Monnie on said:

      Never let it be said that Brad Thor doesn't have an opinion - particularly when it comes to what's wrong with America (and just about every other country in the world) as well as what needs to be done to make those wrongs right. On a few issues, we see eye to eye; on others, my scales can swing either way and on still others, I really - I mean really - want to smack the guy upside the head.It's also a bit of an irritant that he seems to begin with a political point of view - or several - and the [...]

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