The Fifth Son

Blaine D. Arden

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The Fifth Son

The Fifth Son A prince without powerIn a land where magic is commonplace Prince Llyskel has none He can t command spells he has never been taught to fight and as the fifth son of the King he will never rule Eve

  • Title: The Fifth Son
  • Author: Blaine D. Arden
  • ISBN: 9789082296617
  • Page: 198
  • Format: ebook
  • A prince without powerIn a land where magic is commonplace, Prince Llyskel has none He can t command spells, he has never been taught to fight, and as the fifth son of the King, he will never rule Everyone believes he s a weakling, most of all himself.Powerlessness is Llyskel s problem and his pleasure In his secret fantasies, the prince dreams of nothing than findA prince without powerIn a land where magic is commonplace, Prince Llyskel has none He can t command spells, he has never been taught to fight, and as the fifth son of the King, he will never rule Everyone believes he s a weakling, most of all himself.Powerlessness is Llyskel s problem and his pleasure In his secret fantasies, the prince dreams of nothing than finding himself helpless at another man s hands particularly the hands of Captain Ariv of the Guards.Then Ariv makes Llyskel s dream a reality, and as the powerless prince surrenders to the soldier s desire, he finds his own true strength at last But a web of royal politics is closing around Llyskel, threatening to tear him from his lover, and it will take all his newfound courage to escape ___________________________contains five shaded black and white illustrations by Yana GoyaNOTE This is the second revised re edited edition of The Fifth Son It was previously published by Storm Moon Press.

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      198 Blaine D. Arden
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    One thought on “The Fifth Son

    1. Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion on said:

      3.5 StarsThis may sound like a cop out and it probably is, but I have a really hard time reviewing shorts. I love reading them, though so I'm hopeful that practice will make perfect. I get caught up in the cycle of, 'the world building could've been better' or some derivation thereof followed shortly thereafter by, 'but it's a short. Don't be a pill.' And on and on it goes.I will say this little fantasy did surprise me with some kinky rope bondage and an unexpected fetish that I'll get back to s [...]

    2. Serena Yates on said:

      A fairy tale from beginning to end, this story about an artistically talented prince who is different from everyone else around him because he possesses no magic captured me from the first page. The whole setting enchanted me as well: secret spots in the forest, water nymphs, a wonderful castle, and a yearning need for love are the perfect background for a story designed to take me away from it all, off into a world where spells and magic are as normal as breathing.Llyskel is the only one in his [...]

    3. Macky on said:

      What a fab quirky little book this was.Perhaps some would class it as fantasy but the way that Llyskel narrates it in his own sweet voice was for me reminiscent of a " Once Upon A Time " fairy-story about magical kingdoms, wicked Queens and Princes and well princes, because of course this is m/m and in this world there is no homophobia, people fall in love with who they want and same sex love is the norm They also court each other using the language of flowers and they ask permission to court t [...]

    4. Cole Riann on said:

      Review posted at The Armchair Reader.3.5 starsThis is the second work I've read by this author and I'm really liking what she has offered. This was a sweet fantasy that touched on a few different subjects without fully committing in any direction. It was like a tapas lunch, light with variety ;) There was a nicely delectable bit of shibari, which was the slow heat in the sex between Llyskel and Ariv, capped with the sharp taste of danger (even though that is technically a relative term to Llyske [...]

    5. Gabbi on said:

      top2bottomreviews.wordpressSince the blurb really described the book quite well, I’ve decided not to rehash it. The Fifth Son is an addictive, sweet and sexy book from start to finish. I loved all of the characters in this book and was immediately captivated by the story the main hero, Llyskel told. Since the book is told in first person, with his point of view, I really enjoyed his charming personality. He’s an interesting and complex character and experiencing the world through his eyes wa [...]

    6. Тамрико on said:

      I have a soft spot for books with illustrations. Half a star for that :)

    7. DarienMoya on said:

      Llyskel likes to paint and he does it in abundance, since he has no other duties as a fifth son and prince in his family. His life is even more dull because he is magic less in a world filled with magic. He is doted on by his parents, and protected like a newborn because he has no way to protect himself. So Llyskel spends his time painting, and watching his brothers and soldiers train. There is that odd time when he gets to spend a little time by himself but it takes a bit of scheming and hoping [...]

    8. Sally on said:

      This is one of those stories I really wanted to love, but just couldn't quite get into. Don't get me wrong, The Fifth Son is not a bad read by any means, it just lacked that something special to really find its way into my heart.I think part of what distanced me from the story is the fact that we're kind of bashed over the head with the fact that Llyskel is an outcast. He doesn't fit in with his royal brothers. He doesn't have a role to play in court. He's an arist in a warrior's world. He lacks [...]

    9. Elena on said:

      It was a very strange story Somethink like a mediaeval setting with sci-fi/fantasy elements (the weapon for example?).The plot was strange too, I did't see the point of the whole "twist"I liked the MCs though, especially the strong, brave Captain Ariv ;)Prince Llyskel's problem (his abilities or rather the lack of them) was somewhat stilted for me, but he was a likeable character.However, the rope play bondage scene was exquisite!!! And even better with the picture (there are a few drawings in t [...]

    10. JR on said:

      I enjoyed this very much, but I was disappointed that it seemed to end so abruptly. The characters were very interesting. I wish there had been a little more to flesh them out. I admit that by the end I didn't really understand what a "shooter" was. I still recommend it as a very pleasant fantasy.

    11. Alex on said:

      Stars: 3.5/5OverallFor some reason I had a difficult time sitting down to review this story. I enjoyed the writing, the characters, the world, and the relationship, but I still felt as if something were missing--or perhaps there was too much of something else. Still, the main characters' dynamic is appealing, despite having some difficulties coming to an understanding Llyskel's shooter kink (even being able to make the connection between it and gun kink). A good fantasy setting with interesting [...]

    12. multitaskingmomma on said:

      Original Blog Post: Happy Happy Release Day! eARC Review & #Free eBook #Giveaway: The Fifth Son by Blaine Arden where you can meet LlyskelWe would like to thank author Blaine Ardenfor donating an ebook copy of The Fifth Son, to 1 lucky commentator who gets chosen. Make sure to leave a comment in the link to get a free ebook copy of The Fifth Son.I love fantasy and it is really nice to stumble upon one that is light enough to read within two hours and still end with a nice smile on my face. I [...]

    13. Victoria Zagar on said:

      Llyskel is a prince who can't use magic in a world where everyone has some semblance of magical power. Considered defenseless and weak, he is guarded wherever he goes and has little freedom, except when he paints. He also harbors a secret desire, something which the knight captain Ariv senses in him and seeks to satisfy.The Fifth Son was sweet and spicy, a lovely little romance set in a fully-realized fantasy world where magic is so commonplace it is even used to open doors and windows. Llyskel [...]

    14. Riayl on said:

      3.5Fairytale-esque, easy read, ends sort of abruptly but actually felt like a much longer story than it was (in a good way).

    15. Susana on said:

      3.5 stars In a world where magic is commonplace, Prince Llyskel has none, that's why he longs to feel it against his skin. But when his beloved Captain Ariv tries to use magic against him, Llyskel discovers that his power is that he's immune to magic, which is going to help him to get rid of a very dangerous situation…This is a nice story, quite short, but enjoyable anyway. I wish it was longer, I have the impression the world and the characters could be exploited to the full, and it would res [...]

    16. Jayhjay on said:

      This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully JayLlyskel lives in a world where magic is everywhere, but unlike everybody else, he has no magical powers. As the fifth son of the king, Llyskel is sheltered and protected, unable to serve in the military or go out unguarded, his family worrying that he is unable to protect himself in the face of others with magical abilities. Although Llyskel's passions lie in his artwork, part of him still chafes at the restrictions he faces and wishes [...]

    17. Annette Gisby on said:

      Reviewed for The Romance Reviewsglbteromancereviews/vieA romantic fantasy with the touch of a fairy tale.In all his life, Prince Llyskel has been sheltered by his parents and the guards of the palace due to his lack of magic. He has no way to protect himself and so his parents insist on guards accompanying him on every outing, even if he was just going to the river to paint.He is not allowed to train with other warriors, in case they accidentally use magic on him, and so Llyskel has to content h [...]

    18. Love Bytes Reviews on said:

      3.5 star review by TaraIn an alternate world we are introduced to Prince Llyskel, the fifth son of the King of Eizyrr. A world in which magic is used everywhere and it is unheard of for someone to have little or no magical ability. One such person without magic is Prince Llyskel. Since he has no magic, he has to be constantly watched at all times, never allowed to roam free and experience the world like his other siblings. His bodyguard Neia must accompany his every move according to his parents [...]

    19. ItsAboutTheBook on said:

      Review can be read at It's About The BookPrince Llyskel is tired of being trapped in the castle, only allowed out with a guard for protection. Sadly, he needs it. Occasionally, he even needs a guard for protection against his own niece. Llyskel was born without magic into a magical world. He’s also the fifth son of the King. He’s beyond the spare. Nothing about Llyskel’s life feels important, and it all feels sheltered. Llyskel does have a secret. He’s stunned to find out it’s not as s [...]

    20. Stella ╰☆╮╰☆╮ on said:

      REVIEW @Scattered Thoughts and Rogue WordsI can officially say I’m becoming a fantasy girl! I’m reading a lot of fantasy books lately and I’m really loving them. This one too. A really well done short story and the beautiful black and white illustrations helped me to visualize better the MCs. The Fifth Son was only the first book I read by Blaine D. Arden but it surely will not be the last. I loved the writing, the plot, the setting, almost everything, except I’d really like to read a li [...]

    21. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews on said:

      4 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress Llyskel is nothing like anyone else in his kingdom or the country. Everyone else has magic and Llyskel doesn’t and because of that he is protected in and out of the castle. a captain in his father’s army captures Llyskel’s eye and his imagination. Ariv is attracted to the young prince and has guessed his secret desires; he sets out to court the prince and discovers a secret that nobody knew.I enjoyed this story and [...]

    22. Helena Stone on said:

      I loved this story, I loved the world it was set in and I loved Llyskel and Ariv. I find myself amazed at how the author manages to create a vibrant and vivid picture of a fantasy world in such a short story. At no point while reading was I aware of world-building, never mind information dumping, and yet I had a clear picture of where I was and how that world operated, almost from the very first paragraph.Llyskel and Ariv’s story almost reads like a fairy-tale and I loved that aspect. The comb [...]

    23. Dumbledore11214 on said:

      In the world where everybody (at least everybody in his royal family, because we are not told as to everybody in his world) has magical skills, Llycel is kind of an outcast. He does not seem to have any magic and I guess this is why his family is so very overprotective of him. He is a talented artist but of course he also wants to feel that he can stand up and fight for himself as all warriors in his family. I think I fell in love with Llycel from the very first pages of this novella. I loved hi [...]

    24. Wax on said:

      Rounding up from 3.5 stars due to a really interesting courting custom. This short read is really the story of Prince Llyskel growing to find himself. He is the fifth son in a kingdom where magic is commonplace. He, however, has no magic. So he feels "less" than others. He secretly paints and lusts after Captain Ariv.Speaking of that interesting courting custom, an interested party will declare themselves by giving a kozal bud to their intended, who can either refuse or respond with an answer. T [...]

    25. Viridiana Kylar Blint on said:

      Une prémisse qui a piqué mon intérêt, mais malheureusement une réalisation bien pauvre et des personnages dont on n'effleure que la surface.On nous dit les choses, sans nous les faire ressentir et je n'ai pour le cas, pas accroché.D'autres aimeront peut-être. L'idée du monde n'est pas mauvaise et le fait qu'on découvre un jeune homme sans pouvoir alors que les autres en font usage comme d'un sixième sens n'est pas sans rappeler la série de Codex Eleira, mais la comparaison s'arrête l [...]

    26. Erin on said:

      I liked the fantasy setting and the premise, but found myself wishing there was a slower build (and more communication) before the MCs got together. Instead of just KNOWING what Llyskel wants, I wish we had gotten to see Ariv DISCOVER it and talk to him about it. However, given the brevity of the story, I feel like the author did a good job building the world and making me want to know how things turned out for the character. A solid three stars!

    27. Diane on said:

      I received this from the author through a contest!This is a really great fantasy story. I loved the main characters and even the interfering brothers! Thank goodness their dad was the wisest of all.

    28. Petronella Ford on said:

      Magic :-)I loved this story, a world where no one cares about your sexual orientation but have no magic and you are strange. I love the whole setting, so easy to get absorbed in, the story was great and there were a few fantastic illustrations!

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