Lesbian Assassins

Audrey Faye

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Lesbian Assassins

Lesbian Assassins There are lots of people who think these guys can t change that respect and decency can t be created overnight They haven t spent three minutes with us in an alleyway Meet two women with sharp knives

  • Title: Lesbian Assassins
  • Author: Audrey Faye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There are lots of people who think these guys can t change, that respect and decency can t be created overnight They haven t spent three minutes with us in an alleyway Meet two women with sharp knives, soft hearts, and a big secret Oh, and a new recruit they can t seem to dislodge from the back seat.Carly and Jane travel the roads, helping women in need This time, som There are lots of people who think these guys can t change, that respect and decency can t be created overnight They haven t spent three minutes with us in an alleyway Meet two women with sharp knives, soft hearts, and a big secret Oh, and a new recruit they can t seem to dislodge from the back seat.Carly and Jane travel the roads, helping women in need This time, someone has asked for their help but the guy she wants them to take care of isn t scared of their knives And probably hasn t done anything worth ending up dead for Yet.

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      208 Audrey Faye
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    One thought on “Lesbian Assassins

    1. Tam B. on said:

      I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but it was a delightful surprise. For anyone hesitating, don't let the title throw you. Yes, there are lesbians and they say they're assassins, but if you're picturing Charlie's Angels gone girl on girl - this is not what you get.Instead you get a delightful tale of a community coming together to aid a young woman in trying to open her sister's eyes to the real side of her fiance. He is all charm, cheating and no substance.The book is not a novella but [...]

    2. Maria Elmvang on said:

      You can't hide talent. And that also goes for this author, writing under a different pen-name in a completely different genre. The wordsmithery is still there, as is the ability to create engaging characters and wacky situations.I've put off reading "Lesbian Assassins", as I wasn't sure it could live up to my expectations, being so completely different from what I'm used to from this author. Fortunately, my concerns were unfounded, and I ended up reading the book in two quick sittings. It's ridi [...]

    3. Deb Smith on said:

      Unique story line and some familiar writing style.As a longtime fan of Deborah Geary, especially her writing style, I read Lesbian Assassins with some fear. Would I still like the story? And how would it compare to stories of witchcraft, love and family? It took about 3 chapters to feel the familiar phrasing, humor and delightful story telling I hoped for. I look forward to the next story of Jane and Carey. I hope Audrey will fill in the back story and I hope that somewhere down the road both of [...]

    4. Jo Bass on said:

      I read Lesbian Assassins several months ago -- shortly after reading Sleeping Solo. It was camp, it was funny -- but mostly it was full of the heart-ache that comes with putting your life back together after it has come apart. I reviewed it on at the time I read it. Jane (the first person protagonist) is the irrascabile common-sense member of the team. Carly is the pretty one -- with a deadly set of knives. Together, they scare guys who are behaving badly into much better behavior. But they hav [...]

    5. Alexandra on said:

      Brilliant, real characters as usualAudrey Faye has a talent for creating beautiful, authentic characters who seem like real people, and seamlessly weaving them into fantastic scenarios. Lesbian Assassins was witty, and fun, and I feel like I have some brand new friends in my life. I love how the characters are introduced to the reader slowly, and we learn their secrets slowly, like a real life friendship. Thank you for your stories!

    6. Sandra Beeman on said:

      New directionsme audienceI loved the Modern witch series from the 1st chapter and wasn't sure about this series, but I really enjoyed it. I can't wait till the next book comes out. The characters become important to you right away. I'm sure all the witch fans will soon be assassins fans.

    7. Lenora on said:

      Quirky characters, humor, and the same caring and heartwarming type of interactions that I've come to love from this author. She may have a new name but her voice comes shining through. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.

    8. Cyndi on said:

      Enjoyable bookI enjoyed reading the story so much that I read it in one day. Ms. Faye has developed a story with twists that maintain the need to complete the reading. I look forward to the next book.

    9. Jaybird on said:

      I followed this author from another pen name/life/series, but this is not about that. I kept putting off reading the series from the name. I know, don't judge a book by it's cover (or it's name). It was the Assassin part that was throwing me, I'm not a gore/rip em up/kill em person. I should have known better. Audrey has this style of writing that I don't have a word for, it makes you feel like the characters are family. Whenever I finish reading one of her books I want to grab my phone and text [...]

    10. Jeene Hobbs on said:

      Interesting concept, but it never hooked meTwo women carry out vigilante justice on deadbeat and abusive husbands and boyfriends. They use both technological (electronic funds transfer) and physical threats to goad men into doing the right thing or leaving for good. This is the first of three books. I am choosing not to read the other two books at this time. I read all of the Modern Witch and associated books by this same author, which were written before her marriage failed. I loved each and ev [...]

    11. Lea Setegn on said:

      With a title like that, how can you go wrong? This is a short novel that's long on heart - and snark. The Lesbian Assassins are a two-woman team who set slimeball men on the path to clean living - or just on the path out of town - when the wives/girlfriends of said men are at the end of their ropes. This story starts as the assassins pick up a teenage wannabe who needs their help getting rid of the slimeball-in-training who is going to marry her sister. Add in a small town, a gypsy florist and t [...]

    12. Linzi on said:

      I'm being generous because I'm a huge fan of the modern witch series and Debora/Audrey hasn't really settled in with the characters yet.It was more 3.5 stars really and I would have been within my rights to take at least one star off for overuse of the word flannel. Dear Goddess, woman! We get the point she's hiding behind butch clothing. There are other items of clothing that would have worked. If I read the words "flannel shirt" once I read it 50 times. It was distractingly bad, unnecessary an [...]

    13. Starla on said:

      I'm not sure how to rate this. I hated the first two chapters, but loved it from the middle to the end. I think perhaps the author was finding her footing in a new series, and now that she has it figured out, the rest of the books in the series are going to be great. If you liked the author's Modern Witch series, and the first couple of chapters in this book turn you off, don't give up; keep reading. It's almost as though she began by trying too hard to write characters the opposite of what she [...]

    14. Elizabeth on said:

      Overall, I would give this book a 3.5 Having been a big fan of the Modern Witch books - this is a pretty big departure. However, fans will see that it is not as big a departure as it might seem on the surface. Faye (formerly writing as Debora Geary) has managed to create more kookie characters who work within a community of fellow quirksters to solve a problem. There is a little more anger in this book (the beginning of a series) and a misandry (understandable given the author's looming divorce) [...]

    15. Adrienne Testa on said:

      A new series that has the potential of becoming a great series in the future. Carly and Jane travel the country to give justice to abused woman and children. When a sixteen year old tracks them down, wanting their help with her sister's boyfriend. The women learn there is more ways then killing to bring justice for the underdog. The characters are likable, makes you laugh out loud and teaches lessons along the way. Ms. Faye is a talented story teller and weaves a story beautifully and has the pa [...]

    16. Tami Lynn on said:

      When I read one of my favorite series was ending because the author was going through a personal time and needed a change I was at once both disappointed and supportive of her need to move her stories in a more healing direction for herself. I didn't think I'd like this book, but loving her other writing I gave it a shot. Wow! J and Carly are amazing characters who are fierce but in pieces on a personal journey to make a difference and take one day at a time for the,selves. Ms Faye does not disa [...]

    17. tami burden on said:

      Lesbian AssassinsA good book that every girl should read. And if to young mommas should teach them about the situation s in this book. Females of every age face the same thing everyday and everywhere, unfortunately we don't have a couple of lesbian assassin's to call and fix it for us, we must beware.

    18. Leelaswann on said:

      New incarnationme wonderful voiceA fan of her series written under the Debora Geary name, I was pleased to discover that Faye has founded another great series. Different concept, New characters, and yet the sense of connection, of heartfelt caring continues. Entertaining read, look forward to more.

    19. Lauren on said:

      Audrey Faye previously published books under the alias Debora Geary.Books published under both aliases have the same rhythm and flow.This was fun, even if the characters are not as developed as her previous Witch Central characters.Will probably give the second book a read once published.

    20. MartyAnne on said:

      Great voices in fully flawed but likeable charactersI just kept liking the characters more, as the plot became clear --and true to the need of the situation. I can't get enough of this author; can't get enough of the characters.

    21. Ralph Trickey on said:

      Fun storyIt doesn't take itself too seriously in case you can't tell by the title. Two vigilantes ride around looking for misogynists they can convince to straighten up. In this case no d bags were killed. They're in it for revenge not money.

    22. Pat Welte on said:

      I really loved this book and I was surprised by it. Audrey Faye writes wonderful books, and I care about what happens with them. This story grabs you from the beginning, I couldn't put it down until I read it all.

    23. Swanbender2001 on said:

      I enjoy the characters created by Audrey Faye (Debora Geary) and I like the premise behind this story. I look forward to reading more about these two as there seems to be a wealth of information to learn.

    24. Trine on said:

      An interesting new series. So far I like the characters and find their troubled pasts intriguing. I will be looking forward to seeing where Audrey Faye will take this.

    25. Rain on said:

      A deliciously light fun ride, and so very well-written for a short novella. My first time with Audrey Faye's work, but won't be my last, recommended to all.

    26. Richard Givan on said:

      Entertaining bit of fluff, but I wouldn't wish to carry on.

    27. Kate on said:

      Not bad. The ending fell a little flat and it has the same humor as her other books in the Witch Central series under her other name.

    28. Elisabeth Waters on said:

      I like the characters, and I'm looking forward to reading the next four books in this series next year.

    29. Jenelle Glanz on said:

      I loved it!I was worried about losing Debora but we haven't! it was a great book and I can't wait for the next one!

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