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Kate Allure

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Lawyer Up

Lawyer Up All riseThree sizzling hot deliciously taboo erotic romances to stoke your mood Wrongly accused in Attorney Client Privileges sexy but innocent Beth has nowhere to turn but straight into the arms of

  • Title: Lawyer Up
  • Author: Kate Allure
  • ISBN: 9781492602354
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • All riseThree sizzling hot, deliciously taboo erotic romances to stoke your mood.Wrongly accused in Attorney Client Privileges, sexy but innocent Beth has nowhere to turn but straight into the arms of hotshot L.A lawyer, Jon Can this attorney manage to get her off in time Liza reaches a meeting of the minds and when she unleashes her inhibitions and gives herselfAll riseThree sizzling hot, deliciously taboo erotic romances to stoke your mood.Wrongly accused in Attorney Client Privileges, sexy but innocent Beth has nowhere to turn but straight into the arms of hotshot L.A lawyer, Jon Can this attorney manage to get her off in time Liza reaches a meeting of the minds and when she unleashes her inhibitions and gives herself over to the primal allure of Main Street lawyer Hawk in Of Unsound Mind and Body.In Of Writs and Writhing, fearless defense attorney Pat gets than she bargained for when she goes toe to toe with New Orleans infamous Playboy Judge When things get heated both in and out of the courtroom, than temperatures rise.

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    One thought on “Lawyer Up

    1. Geri Reads on said:

      I liked that the characters are on the older side of the scale and some of the sexy times were hot. Unfortunately, the stories were all over the place except for the third story. I liked the third one best. ARC courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

    2. Kathie (katmom) on said:

      Happy Release Day!!!!These are three very short stories in one book. They are centered around lawyers and judgesd all of them are pretty steamy. I really enjoyed Ms. Allure's Playing Doctor and looked forward to reading this one.Wrongly accused in Attorney-Client Privileges, sexy but innocent Beth has nowhere to turn but straight into the arms of hotshot L.A. lawyer, Jon. Can this attorney manage to get her off in time?This one starts with a lawyer getting up close and personal with a lady of th [...]

    3. Talk Books To Me on said:

      Karia’s Review:To be honest…I was less than thrilled with Playing Doctor. The last story in that book and the last one in this one were the best in the whole set! Pat…what an unfortunate name…is a buttoned up lawyer of 44 who’s last relationship ended 5 years ago. Emmitt, aka the playboy judge is in his early 50’s and is past his divorce antics of trying to show the “who’s who” that he was not as dumped as he was…he is now looking for something real…something real sexy, but [...]

    4. Limecello on said:

      I hated - HATED - the first novella. Oh. My. God. DON'T FUCKING FUCK YOUR CLIENTS!!! Also lawyers can't post bail for their own clients!!! And if you're going to be all "HE'S AN UBER BADASS AWESOMENESS OF AWESOMESAUCE OF THE SAUCIEST AWESOME OF LAWYERS" he should know that. Also - if his usual practice area isn't criminal law he wouldn't (shouldn't) be doing pro bono criminal cases. *blink* Or you know, assuming his client is guilty before even meeting her. Or going to the jail to pick a clien [...]

    5. Mazmum on said:

      Book Review - Lawyer up by Kate Allure - 3 hot little legal shorty starsLawyer Up is the first book I’ve read by Kate Allure and I was introduced to her via netgalley. I say book but what it really is a collection of three erotic shorts all set within the legal profession.Attorney Client Privileges was probably my favourite of the three. The hapless down on her luck Beth stumbles into the wrong place at the wrong time, wearing the wrong clothes and ends up on the wrong side of the law, thrown [...]

    6. Penny on said:

      Overall Rating: 2.5 StarsAttorney-Client PrivilegesBeth is having the worst day in existence when she is picked up by the police along with a bunch of prostitutes for solicitation and thrown into jail, all for a stupid boot broken heel and her skanky waiter outfit.Well, not everything can be that bad when a hot-shot hunk of a lawyer takes her as a client pro-bono… even if he doesn’t believe she is not a hooker.But it seems her luck didn’t change completely, as she soon finds out her house- [...]

    7. Shelly on said:

      This is my first time to read this author and I'm not sure why I decided on this other than the blurb being interesting at the time. The first in Allure's 'Meeting Up Men' series is about doctors, not sure what kind of doctors but I'm guessing the stories are similar in their content. Even though these are very short pieces they told enough of a story to grab my attention.The first story in the anthology, 'Attorney Privileges', was my favorite. Actress/waitress Beth is in jail when good guy lawy [...]

    8. Gaele on said:

      A three story anthology, the second in this series I have read, that uses the common threads of a slight disillusionment and the legal profession. I’d read the first (Playing Doctor) to mixed reaction, and found some of the similar emotions in this one. The stories in this book are Unsound Mind and Body, Attorney Client Privileges and Of Writs and Writhing. Each story is a quick bite, between 50 and 100 pages with a legal issue or scene/setting at the forefront. Attorney Client Privileges is b [...]

    9. Itsy Bitsy Book Bits on said:

      Lawyer Up by Kate Allure is three short stories with sexy lawyers that is a 3 star read because there is so much packed into it. You can't really beat getting a little of everything in one book with some hot moments in some fun settings. With them being shorts they go fast and hard (hehehe) without much build up on character development. Still you get enough to work with so you can enjoy the fun everyone ends up having. The first story is Attorney-Client Privileges that brings to mind the quote [...]

    10. bookaholic ge on said:

      Lawyer up is a 3 part book that is filled with stories of the fun lawyers can have in and out of the courtroom.I received this book as an ARC from Net galley for my honest reviewAttorney-Client Privileges:Beth is having a horrible day all because of her being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily for her hot shot lawyer Jon is doing some pro bono work and decides to help her get out of trouble. What starts as a simple case changes both Jon and Beth life brining a new meaning to the term [...]

    11. Katinka (Unquietly Me) on said:

      LAWYER UP by Kate Allure contains three contemporary erotic romances.In the first story, "Attorney-Client Privileges," a lawyer Jon falls for his sexy but innocent, wrongly-accused client Beth. It opens with a role-play, with Beth playing a prostitute Jon had hired to please him. This scene is narrated from Jon's point of view at the start of the story, and narrated from Beth's point of view near the end of story. What happens in between is uneventful in comparison. I skimmed pages to get to the [...]

    12. DawnMarieCarpintero on said:

      5 StarsI was given this book for my honest reviewLawyer Up is 3 reads and I have found that doing a individual review for them would be the best so here it goes.Jon and Beth’s journey was amazing and will become a sexual fantasy for some.Jon groaned and rubbed his juddering dick against her pussy again. “I want to make you come with me inside you, but I’m too far gone. Seeing you come for me with my mouth was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. It’s all I can do to not explode right [...]

    13. Deborah on said:

      This is a compilation of three books all centering on the taboo subject of judges, lawyers and clients.I read two of the three stories and whew! Give me a cocktail! I read Of Unsound Mind and Body and Of Writs and Writing. Both were well written and very pleasing-wink, wink! Of Unsound Mind and Body, dives right into the story. Not much setting or character building, but it was enough to set the stage and take off. The chemistry between Hawk and Liza was burning me up! They were hot and had an e [...]

    14. Lloyd Russell on said:

      Back on December 15, I posted a review of a book called Playing Doctor, by Kate Allure. I liked it. It was 3 light erotic romances, each featuring a doctor. Now Kate has another one. It's called Lawyer Up, and it's 3 stories again, this time, not surprisingly, with lawyers. Much of what I said the 1st time applies to this one too:1. I like the length of the stories - they range from 55 to 110 pages.2. I like the fact that each book relates to a specific profession.3. I like that the women and me [...]

    15. Raynell on said:

      Lawyer Up was an intense erotic contemporary novel containing three short stories. Setting taking place in the legal profession. Hot steamy scenes!!! Second chances and finding love again.Full review to come.Lawyer Up is an intense erotic collaboration of three contemporary short novels. Settings are centered within the legal profession where worlds collide, sparks fly resulting in hot lascivious sizzling scenes. Discovering unexpected second chances and finding love again. Every tale is unique [...]

    16. LisaMontgomery on said:

      In truth, I only read one of the three novellas in this book. I read "Of Writs and Writing." Up front, I must say that I do not customarily read erotica, but a friend asked me to read this one. I liked the characters, but what I could not understand was how Pat Laroque, a successful defense attorney, could give herself to bondage. I realize I don't understand this concept, and it likely colored my opinion of the story. That being said, I will repeat: I liked the characters (up until the ending). [...]

    17. Bambi Unbridled on said:

      DNF at 20%. The dilemma of reading a legal book when you are a lawyer is that you are extremely critical of them. I realized by 10% that this book was not likely to fall in line with my legal experience, but I pushed on through for a few more chapters. The storyline of an uneducated girl from Alabama being mistaken for a Hollywood prostitute was just not for me I think her lapse into hick-speak is "sure as shootin'" what finally killed it for me.I received an advanced copy of this book from the [...]

    18. Sj on said:

      Lawyer Up sizzles! As someone else wrote on , it’s a great beach or vacation read. Three short, quick, and VERY steamy stories. But what’s unique is that each story features different ages for the three heroes and heroines and different locations, a sort of romance travelogue. I particularly liked the story set in New Orleans—makes me want to plan a trip there and try out the places mentioned in the story.

    19. Tiffany on said:

      Unfortunately, I'm marking this as DNF. The writing style seems a bit dated to me, despite the fact that the book opens with a pretty explicit scene. I didn't have any context for that scene, so it didn't resonate with me at all. I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my review. No star rating since I did not finish.

    20. Pam on said:

      The story's were a nice length for a short story. I guess I am just better reading longer books so I can get a stronger connection with the characters. Not my cup of tea, I wanted to enjoy them.

    21. Maria Rose on said:

      DNF - no interest in these characters, despite an interesting sounding blurb.

    22. Stephanie Powell on said:

      I will post a full review closer to release date. Thanks netgally and the publisher for letting me review. Reviewing for Night and Day book blog ndbbr2014 Stephanie Powell

    23. Susan Fortune Pinheiro on said:

      Ooh la la. Super hot, super sexy. The book is broken into three parts, all of them great. I especially liked the first story.

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