Reeva: A Mother's Story

June Steenkamp

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Reeva: A Mother's Story

Reeva A Mother s Story The tragic story of the girl at the heart of the most dramatic trial of the st Century In the early hours of Valentine s Day Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenka

  • Title: Reeva: A Mother's Story
  • Author: June Steenkamp
  • ISBN: 9780751558715
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The tragic story of the girl at the heart of the most dramatic trial of the 21st Century.In the early hours of Valentine s Day 2013, Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, shooting her multiple times while she cowered behind the locked door of their bathroom His trial attracted international media attention and public scrutiny than anyThe tragic story of the girl at the heart of the most dramatic trial of the 21st Century.In the early hours of Valentine s Day 2013, Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, shooting her multiple times while she cowered behind the locked door of their bathroom His trial attracted international media attention and public scrutiny than any since that of OJ Simpson.What went on behind the scenes though And what was the real Reeva like, away from the photo shoots and the attention of the media A beautiful 29 year old from Port Elizabeth, Reeva graduated as a lawyer and campaigned passionately for human rights causes before deciding to try the world of modelling and the party scene in South Africa s most vibrant city Her relationship with international hero Oscar Pistorius seemed like a fairy tale of triumph over adversity double amputee turned champion athlete meets small town girl with beauty and brains wanting to make her mark on the world No one could have predicted the tragic and horrifying conclusion.Reeva s mother, June Steenkamp, has kept a dignified silence in the face of public scrutiny, media intrusion, and of course, the bereavement she has endured Until now, no one has truly known what she is feeling, or how she has coped since her youngest child, her darling daughter and late lamb , was shot dead Powerful and unflinching, and revealing all the details of the sensational trial and its verdict, REEVA offers the only true insider s account of this heartbreaking tale.

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    One thought on “Reeva: A Mother's Story

    1. HFK on said:

      One of the famous last tweets (technically not the last because Reeva took the time to answer to a few tweets that she got from her followers) during the history of Twitter, and perhaps one of the saddest and angering when knowing what was the outcome of that dreadful Valentine's Day in 2013.Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp was shot to death by her boyfriend Oscar "Blade Runner" Pistorius, a South African athletic hero and an inspirational proof of how a man with amputated legs can run like a wild wind, [...]

    2. Jennifer Larmar on said:

      Reeva: A Mother's Storyby June SteenkampThis is a story straight from a mother’s broken heart, written following the most horrifying of circumstances that any parent could ever have to deal with. June Steenkamp has written this account of her beautiful daughter’s senseless murder with her emotions pouring out, making you almost drown in sorrow for her plight. Along with this, she displays an openness and fragility which leaves a reader feeling overwhelmed with a deep sense of compassion, yet [...]

    3. Stellenbosch on said:

      Taking into context that this was written at the height of a mother's grief, it is a very good look into the life of Reeva Steenkamp with whom the world is fascinated with due to her untimely death. Although the book can be repetitive in terms of her facts and heightened by the emotional trauma that June clearly suffered while writing this book, it remains consistent. Her characterization of Reeva although canonized through a mother's eyes is consistent with what the press is saying- that she is [...]

    4. Kim Ebner on said:

      A very sad read as the pain that Reeva's parents went through and are still in is just horrendous. Over all I did really enjoy this read especially the sections about Oscar and the relationship and about what her parents thought happened that night. I did find some bits, for example about Reeva's childhood, a little long winded. I'm also not sure I totally believe everything that is said in this book about Reeva. Obviously it is written by her mother and so we are told how fabulous Reeva was and [...]

    5. Sharon on said:

      Thoroughly enjoyed this book and could not put it down! One of the fastest reads this year, 6 days! My heart goes out to both families because both have lost so much. I don't think the truth will ever be known for certain but this book certainly gave me an insight into Reeva,which was lovely. Would highly recommend!

    6. Pashnee Naidoo on said:

      I enjoyed reading who Reeva was and understanding the person. Seeing it through a mother's eyes is heart wrenching. A lot of repetition which I did not like however you can see that this was written from the heart

    7. John on said:

      Utterly brutally honest and truthful and heart felt. Without question one of my top reads of the 2000sYour heart will break with every turn of the page

    8. Chrisi McGlone on said:

      A moving tale of a Mother's love for her beautiful daughterwhat an inspiration Reeva is.e has made me appreciate the beauty and joy in life and to hug my daughters any chance I get

    9. Saturday's Child on said:

      Reeva Steenkamp deserves to be know for being so much more than just a headline. Her loving mother June has written this heartfelt book so that she can be.

    10. Judy on said:

      This was a sad event, as they say, only two people know the truth and only one can tell us. Even today it seems domestic incidents are not seemingly as serious as other violent deaths. I'm sure Reeva was a lovely person (ok, ok, about 200 pages of the book dedicated to this did drive it home!), but she lived a high-risk and high-profile life, which ultimately led to keeping company with the wrong person.

    11. Kolumbina on said:

      Injustice! Wouldn't end up on that way if it was my daughter.As a book, not too bad. Shows quite well what happened and what kind of people were involved.

    12. Lynette on said:

      While I really feel for her parents and everything they have been through, I did find this a very repetitive book. A sad case and my heart goes out to them all, but not a good book.

    13. Odelia on said:

      Very moving. A heartfelt account of Reeva Steenkamp through her mother's loving eyes.

    14. John Morris on said:

      Without doubt a tragic story but I felt there was not enough to fill a book

    15. Tina Joy Smith on said:

      Although the book tended to be repetitive, it was utterly sad to read. A mother's love for her child truly knows no bounds. And a mother and daughter bond is truly unlike any other. Truly heartbreaking to read of what an exceptional human being Reeva was, how nobody had a single bad thing to say about her, how she stood for all that she believed in and then, how suddenly, that part of her began to slip when he came into her life. She knew he was no good for her, but she continued seeing him none [...]

    16. Andi Ali on said:

      Loved this book - could not put it down. I would recommend it to anybody.

    17. LT on said:

      I absolutely loved this book! Reeva was so beautiful & the way her Mother writes this book really does warm your heart! Highly recommended!

    18. Mala Naidoo on said:

      A heartfelt memoir of a beautiful daughter loved and tragically lost. The truth behind media sensationalism and the struggle to come to terms with the horrific loss of a child are deeply entrenched in this mother's reflection on the circumstances enshrouding her beloved daughter's death on that fateful night. A mesmerising read that grips the reader from the beginning through to the end - even more so if you followed the international live screening of the trial of Oscar Pistorius. The reader is [...]

    19. Kellie Mackrell on said:

      As a book I found this was quite repetitive and not all that well written. I understand that the mother was obviously grieving for her daughter and I did like that it contained a lot of who Reeva was as a person. After reading this book I actually think they got the verdict right as there was not enough evidence for me to be convinced he was guilty of premeditated murder. Sadly I don't think we will ever know the honest truth of what happened that horrible night but it was a tragedy and my heart [...]

    20. Carla on said:

      A sobering and heart-breaking intersection between the wheels of injustice and the impact of a brutal, senseless murder on a family thrust into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Each page just makes you fall in love with Reeva who left a legacy of love and passion for life in such a short lifespan.

    21. Simi Olivier on said:

      Very good and so, so sad; you can feel the grief as you read this mother’s story. It’s a different perspective on the whole trial and was written before the appeal.

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