Bitten by Night

Milly Taiden

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Bitten by Night

Bitten by Night Kiara wants Royce but felines and wolves don t mix Until she goes into heat and finds herself being chased by big bad himself Will Royce get her to submit to his desires for a lifetime or will she t

  • Title: Bitten by Night
  • Author: Milly Taiden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kiara wants Royce, but felines and wolves don t mix Until she goes into heat and finds herself being chased by big bad himself Will Royce get her to submit to his desires for a lifetime, or will she take their night of passion and walk away from the promise of a mating by moonlight Reader Note This title contains explicit sexual material.

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    One thought on “Bitten by Night

    1. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ on said:

      Super short. Insta-lust / insta-mate book.

    2. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ on said:

      Now this is the kind of erotica I prefer. I just can't wrap my mind around BDSM. Although having a man in control is nice, I prefer hurt-free sex.Kira and Royce are two shapeshifters (a tigress and a wolf). Kira is in heat, Royce wanted her all along, so it has to be love.Seriously now, a story like Bitten by Night is nice every once in a while.

    3. April on said:

      Yummy smexy shiftersI love this author and her deliciously hawt reads! There is just enough story to create a world and great characters. I would love to see this longer with more build. Sassy gal and Alpha guy, my favorite combination!!!It is a mixed narrative, we get both Kiara and Royce in the POV. It is my favorite way to read, you really get into their heads.The steam is uber hawt! Be prepared to change you panties or jump your guy after this one! I love a little chase before a rough mating [...]

    4. Deetimes on said:

      New and short series love characters and mating connection!5 stars *****

    5. Marsha Spohn on said:

      Reviewed at Shifter HavenBitten By Night is certainly a hotter Paranormal or Shifter Romance, and that is also one of the reasons why I read Milly Taiden’s stories.This is a brief story of Royce and Kiara, two shifters, different animals and getting the mate of their dreams… in a totally hot, sizzling, sexy encounter. To say much more would totally negate your need to read this one for yourself. Yes, it’s short and it’s hotter than a fireplace.I enjoyed it, I had fun with it and this cou [...]

    6. DanishaWade on said:

      Bitten by Night (Night & Day Ink Book 1) by Milly TaidenThis story is about Kiera a tiger shifter who is lusting after her boss Royce a wolf shifter. Kiera know that tigers and wolfs aren’t a good match. But Kiera is going into heat and her tiger want’s Royce and so she is determined to stay away. The company is throwing a Halloween party and her friend Stephanie tells her she need to come and she agrees to go once she know that Royce won’t be there. But what she doesn’t know is that [...]

    7. Maria on said:

      O.K.Kiara Cruz and Royce Night. Kara is a curvy employee of Night and Day Ink. This tigress is in heat and needs to stay away because the one who calls to her animal is a sexy wolf shifter who is one of her bosses. She goes to a Halloween party and the scent of someone calls out to her. Can she stay in control or will her animal dominate and seek what it wants? Royce knows that Kiara is his mate and he is bound and determined to have her. Not only does he want her, but so does his wolf.This was [...]

    8. Selina Durio on said:

      This book is more of a short story than even a novella. Even though it is short, it seemed complete. Kiara, a tigress shifter, is in heat and is trying her best to avoid one of her bosses, Royce. What she does not realize is that he is definitely not attempting to avoid her. He and his partners come up with a plan to get her alone with him, outside of work and things happen very rapidly after that. This was a nice read, but as stated everything happens very quickly.

    9. Natalie Johnston on said:

      This is my first Milly Taiden book. Her books were highly recommended to me by a friend. Sadly this book was all sex, no substance. There was no story, we didn’t learn anything about the characters. There was nothing, just one continuous sex scene. I think I’d have had a different opinion if it was longer and the characters were more fleshed out. I’m pretty disappointed as I had high hopes for this book. Have to say though, the sex was pretty hot.

    10. Lorrie Moar on said:

      A very short, hot read about mates finding each other and mating

    11. Linda on said:

      Not really sure This book was a little bit of a let down for me. I am a huge fan of Milly Taiden and have read many of her books. I felt like I came into the story at the end with nothing but the bam and happily ever after!

    12. ( Jo ) bubbles the book pimp on said:

      Super fast read by milly taiden. Fun, flirty and steamy. Simple story but if you want a quick simple read it won't disappoint.

    13. Theresa on said:

      Amazing Halloween Tail (spelling intended). Really enjoyed reading this hot tale about shifters during Halloween, Heat & Full Moon! It was the perfect paranormal storm. And now a bit about the storyKiara is a tigress trapped in a woman’s body. Royce, one of the three partners at the firm she works, is the wolf shifter to whom she is attracted. She is trying to fight it – he is a wolf, she is a cat – it is like oil and water, they don’t mix. Royce finally decides to make his moon duri [...]

    14. Lauryn King on said:

      Why am I just finding out about Milly Taiden??? Why didn't someone hold a meeting or post a bulletin. She has a new fan. Read three books by her so far and will be reading more very, very soon! As far ar the story, it was a hot short read and involves a hot chase before they made passionate steamy love in a wooded area.

    15. Sarah on said:

      Book one in the Night and Day series by Milly Taiden. Royce is a partner in a huge corporate tattoo and piercing company Kiara works for the company as a assistant and struggling with her shapeshifter cat that's in heat. Royce has known kiara is his mate since she started at the company and has struggled on how to approach her. At a Halloween party Royce takes the chance and catches kiara literally. Very hot and sexy. Love the tattoo and piercing theme. Absolutely loved this extremely short stor [...]

    16. Kandiss on said:

      Mating heat, Oh my!This a short story, only 4 chapters but it packed quite a punch. Great sex scenes, very hot! The story does not have a cliffhanger ending but does lead the reader into what I hope is the secondary characters, the Day Brothers story. I'm hoping with the Day Brothers story, that the author will include some follow-up story on Royce and Kiara.For a quick hot read, I highly recommend this book.

    17. Lourin on said:

      I love Milly Taiden's writing! She knows how to give us some naughty lovin between the characters.This is a great short read with instant chemistry between the two main characters. I mean who doesn't love a big bad wolf who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it.Can't wait to see what happens next with the twins and Steph =)

    18. Abby Amos on said:

      Great Read! Another great read by Milly Taiden! I so love this Author! Every book I have read by her I have enjoyed! I have one dislike with this book tho, it was just too short! I wasn't ready for it to be over. I think everyone will enjoy this book and I will recommend this to my book club, members of Real Divas Read Book club 1/28/12.

    19. Vettech on said:

      Really cute short story about forbidden love between a beautiful curvy tiger-shifter and a hot sexy wolf-shifter.When feline Kiara is in heat and meets up with hunky wolf Royce, the old saying that cats and dogs don't get along, goes right out the window. See what happens when these crazy sexy animals get together and can't keep their paws off each other.

    20. Anna on said:

      Okay book, just not much going on. Obviously there isn't much space to work with as it's very short story but a little world building would have been appreciated. Very hard to understand what was expected and what was normal for the world they were in aside from that wolves and tigers don't get together very often. A whole lot of lust and not much relationship here too.

    21. Carmen Pescod on said:

      I love Milly Taiden's writing style, it's fun & sassy & extremely exciting. Again great characters, the girls are curvy & sexy & the guys are drop dead hotness. Hot sexy shorts that keep you begging for more & more. These are not for the faint hearted these are for the ladies with the dark side, oh yes hot & sassy, just the way we like them.

    22. Wendy coling ( trowbridge) on said:

      Royce wants keira but she scared as wolf's and feline are suppose to mix but Royce show her that can't go or window cause her feels for her. The book is quick but reads well as usual milly a wrote it well.

    23. zoegrl on said:

      Short & SweetTigress & Wolf, can they actually make it work if they Mate? All about the sex & being together. I enjoyed it, but then I've enjoyed what I've read from Ms Taiden so far!Enjoy!!!

    24. Barbara on said:

      This book has a mix of sass and hot sexy romance. Royce wants Kiara but she does not mix well with wolves. Royce want to make Kiara his for a lifetime but will the heat make it so or does she walk away. Mildly has wrote some awesome scenes for this book that will leave you wanting more.

    25. Florence on said:

      Nothing worse then being in heat and lusting after your bosses business partner Her cat is clawing at her, she wants the wolf Royce has every intention of making Kiara his and plans out exactly how he will mate her and where Hot & sexy just like all of Milly Taiden's books

    26. Amanda Gard on said:

      4.5 StarsI knew this was a short one, but the ending felt a bit abrupt. Don't get me wrong, it was still complete - just was bam it's over.

    27. Kathy Harrington on said:

      Milly, you nailed it with this oh so hot cat/dog Little red riding hood, huh? This was one hot, fast, panty wetting ride to heaven.

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