Casual Friday: A Kill Your Boss short story

Shane Kuhn

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Casual Friday: A Kill Your Boss short story

Casual Friday A Kill Your Boss short story Wanted Discerning reader with an open mind and an appetite for destruction John Lago is an intern But that s just a cover his real job is to kill people The problem is he s still very much learning T

  • Title: Casual Friday: A Kill Your Boss short story
  • Author: Shane Kuhn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wanted Discerning reader with an open mind and an appetite for destruction John Lago is an intern But that s just a cover his real job is to kill people The problem is, he s still very much learning Tasked with taking out a corrupt movie boss, John heads to Hollywood for a mission that will see him fall in love briefly , work his way to the top again, briefly Wanted Discerning reader with an open mind and an appetite for destruction.John Lago is an intern But that s just a cover his real job is to kill people The problem is, he s still very much learning Tasked with taking out a corrupt movie boss, John heads to Hollywood for a mission that will see him fall in love briefly , work his way to the top again, briefly , and find out what it takes to make heads roll in Tinsel Town.Discover the filthy gorgeous world of KILL YOUR BOSS in this raucous short story prequel No previous experience required.

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    One thought on “Casual Friday: A Kill Your Boss short story

    1. Will M. on said:

      I read this right after reading the first novel of the series, The Intern's Handbook That being said, I already had a good idea who John Lago was and what he did for a living. While I really enjoyed the first novel, this prequel was not as enjoyable.This novella talked about Lago's very first mission as an assassin, disguised as an intern. It was fun to read about how he did in his first mission, but the mission itself was just okay for me. It wasn't as grand as the ones in the first novel, but [...]

    2. Carl Kleinebecker on said:

      SO. I found out about The Intern's Handbook and was intrigued have not bought it yet but the "Prequel" was free (Kindle addition) What the hell right? LOVED it wanted more defiantly could have been MORE Could be its own movie HELL should be its begging for it has a stronger story line then a lot of the sholck that's out there It was enough to wet my appetite for the "real deal." The Intern's Handbook is going on my WILL read list!

    3. MelissaI on said:

      Wow!! Okay, so it's no secret to some that ever since I readby Shane Kuhn I've been dying for the second book in the series of John Lago. "The Intern's Handbook" sat on my feature shelf for the past year until I reluctantly took it down to make my feature shelf for my fave 2015 reads. However, even though it's not on my feature shelf at the moment, it's still in my top five favorite books ever. With that said, I just read "Casual Friday" which is a kind of prequel and sequel to "The Intern's Han [...]

    4. Jack on said:

      This recounting of John Lago's first assignment as a contract assassin is a nice short read (free from , and still free as of today's writing, 10/27/14) full of some serious deadly humor. It will kill you before you know what hits you. Then it will quickly disappear as though it never existed.Really, this was a fun short read (along with a copy of the first chapter of The Intern's Handbook, which seems promising in its own right). John Lago, rescued from the streets at the ripe old age of 12, is [...]

    5. Natasha Chowdory on said:

      Dear Mr Kuhn,Please stop writing stories about assassins that makes them seem like the coolest characters in the world. Also, I would kindly like you to write more short stories because I want to know everything about John and where he goes next. I would also like comment on the amount of pop culture references - thanks for those - I also like the occasional dig at various institutions. I would like more of those please. I could do without the romantic interludes, but I get it, he has a penis, i [...]

    6. Conal on said:

      This was an OK read but the story did not really capture me and the characters were not very likeable. I will have to read the first full length novel in this series to get a better idea of what the author is trying to do here.3 Stars for an OK read.

    7. Scott Siegel on said:

      The short story Casual Friday: A Short Story Prequel To The Interns Handbook by Shane Kuhn was a short story (100-120 pages) about John Lago, and his first assignment at HR Inc This story includes a good amount of action and a perfect dash of adventure and thrill to tingle any reader.In this book, many topics are repeats about the first book, The Interns Handbook. The story in Casual Friday was talked about in the main book, but is put in with little extra detail in this new copy. He was put on [...]

    8. Lisa on said:

      "Casual Friday" by Shane Kuhn is a short story that is a prequel to the awesome book, "The Intern's Handbook". If you read "The Intern's Handbook" I don't think you will be disappointed. You don't have to have read "The Intern's Handbook" to understand and enjoy "Casual Friday". There are no spoilers in "Casual Friday". It details John Lago's first assignment with HR Inc and of course nothing goes as planned. I really enjoyed seeing how John got his start in the company, and what he was like bef [...]

    9. Chris on said:

      Not that quick of a read. It felt more like a rambling less polished version of the novel. Perhaps as an introduction into the story this would be good but after having read the novel, going backwards made it a bit of a slog. It could be that the story was just not that good. It details John's first assignment: Hollywood studio producer. Essentially an intern gets hired because he is a nobody, but in this story he sure moves up the ladder pretty quick and unbelievably so. Perhaps it was all just [...]

    10. Filip on said:

      Povídka je součástí Příručky stážisty a funguje jako spíše taková perlička na ukončení celé knihy. Popisuje první Johnův případ ve filmové brandži, ve které Shane Kuhn ukazuje svou genialitu a schopnost manipulovat se čtenáři, aby věřili cíli, který se na konci stejně otočí o 360 stupňů, takže pouze a jen mile překvapí! Sice tenhle případ neměl na ten, co byl v celé knize, ale i tak autor ukázal, že dokáže překvapit a využít jakýchkoli detailů a [...]

    11. Freda Mans-Labianca on said:

      For the most part, I liked it.I hated the ending though. With a passion.I was enjoying the flow of the story. John Lago is quite the character, and he introduces the reader to a world we wouldn't otherwise know anything about. I liked how this story was a twisted take on that world. That definitely appealed to me as a reader.At the end, I think the author was going for dramatic. It didn't work for me though. I said out loud, 'That's it?!'. Then I shook my head a few times. Yup.I hope The Intern' [...]

    12. John on said:

      This was just a short (and free) e-book to give readers a taste of the Interns Handbook series. John Lago is an 'intern' who works for Human Resources Inc, an assasin who works by getting placed in key internships and then executing his target after getting close to them. After all, who gets noticed less than an intern?Casual Friday tells the story of John's first job and gives a tiny bit of his backstory. It's a quick read with the same flavor as the first 2 books in the series. A fun read and [...]

    13. Jami on said:

      This was a short prequel to the Intern's Handbook. It was enjoyable, but if I had not already been interested in reading the Intern's Handbook, this prequel alone would not have enticed me to read the full book. In some cases, I have read prequels that were the main reason I took a chance on the complete book; this was not the case for me with this one. However, since I am interested in the book already, this was a good intro to the main character's history and motivations.

    14. Wing Kee on said:

      A short tale that introduces and acts as a teaser for the first book of the series, I went into this blind and I found the story to be amusing. The pacing was way off, the dialog snappy, the characters cardboard cutouts. I don't know if I want to continue with the series, but this is not really a fun read. Also, it just ends so lazily that I don't even want to comment on it.Onward to the next book!

    15. Carl Nelson on said:

      3 stars. Fun and exceedingly violent little short about John Lago that whets the appetite for The Intern's Handbook. This short stands on its own, as the descriptions and setups duplicate those in the novel a little bit. The intro to John Lago's character and Human Resources Inc. is breezy and satisfying. I read this after finishing The Intern's Handbook; nothing from this short is essential when reading the novel.

    16. Marianne on said:

      This prequel novella is much too short, and is wrapped up by the time you reach the 75% mark. The rest is an excerpt from the novel The Intern's Handbook.John Lago's first solo mission brings him to Hollywood and the movie business, which happens to be John's biggest passion. While it was entertaining, it was also a little too outrageous for me. An intern as a producer? Riiight? Still, I give this one 3.5 stars. PS: I still want a sequel!

    17. Mosh on said:

      Having read "The Intern's Handbook", I thought this prequel would be a fun tale to supplement what was a fun book. Not quite. Kuhn tries to cram too much into too little and in doing so takes away the charm of the original book. Everything goes down so quickly that nothing develops; it just happens. There is no character development and everything that is done so well in the novel is not given a chance here.

    18. Scott on said:

      Short. Feels a bit like something edited out of The Intern's Handbook; perhaps Kuhn and the editor disagreed with whether it should've been in, and he published it anyway. Prequel is a stretch, since the Handbook is essentially a retelling of past events anyway. Whatever. If you dug the Handbook, and want another crazy-ass almost-dead rescued-at-the-last-minute tale of absurdity, get your fix.

    19. Aric on said:

      I downloaded this short story for free since it is a prequel to a Daily Deal I purchased from . It is okay just a little over the top. It just probably didn't achieve its desired effect towards me because it takes a book I bought because of an interesting premise and knocks it down several spots on my 'to-read' list.

    20. Jim B. on said:

      Great introduction to Lago's writingI read The Intern's Handbook before I read this story. This story fills a gap in the overall narrative and is a good place to start your Lago experience.

    21. Jeri on said:

      I really liked The Intern's Handbook It was like a cross between Mission Impossible and Get Smart, but this one was just meh. Boring, predictable, and totally unnecessary. It actually detracted from the original novel and left me feeling like the author was just exploiting his earlier work.

    22. Don ツ on said:

      This is the first John Lago work as a full-fledged assassin. Few scenes are very confusing but knowing John from the novel I wouldn't mind. It's very fast pace short pusher to the real book. xoxoDon

    23. Duffy Pearce on said:

      My sister Alice gave it a 3 and I gave it a 4 because 3.5 isn't an option. It's not great literature but it's the perfect read for a day at the lake when your husbands doing winterizing projects you'd just as soon avoid. Very fast paced, funny and ultimately romantic in a twisted kind of way.

    24. Paul on said:

      This story was entertaining, and hints at Shane Kuhn's day job. It tells the story of John Lago's first assassination job, on a movie set. It was short and enjoyable, perhaps more so than the full book.

    25. Jay Damschroder on said:

      John Lago is my heroShane Kuhn expertly mixes a fresh voice with enough crass comedy overture to entertain and delight amidst the gunfights and Hollywood beauties; highly recommend Casual Friday!

    26. Cailey on said:

      Not the most satisfying prequel. I guess it must have been written before the book, especially since it seemed like the style wasn't super consistent with the book. Same swagger, but not yet perfected. I liked the case he was on okay, although it ended quite abruptly.

    27. Rebecca on said:

      This had a good premise, but the execution was not good. The writing itself is juvenile and the voice of the main character sounds like someone a lot older than the age he says he is. I wish that this was better. written.

    28. David Dalton on said:

      A short fun readThank goodness my digital library has the two full length John Lago thrillers This novella set things up perfectly. Looking to read more.

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