Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, Vol. 2: Redemption

Kaare Andrews

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Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, Vol. 2: Redemption

Iron Fist The Living Weapon Vol Redemption Can the broken hands of Danny Rand re form to IRON FISTS There s a hostile takeover of Rand Tower VERY hostile Young Danny Rand discovers the mechanical heart of K Un Lun COLLECTING Iron Fist The Livi

  • Title: Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, Vol. 2: Redemption
  • Author: Kaare Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780785154365
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can the broken hands of Danny Rand re form to IRON FISTS There s a hostile takeover of Rand Tower VERY hostile Young Danny Rand discovers the mechanical heart of K Un Lun COLLECTING Iron Fist The Living Weapon 7 12

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      446 Kaare Andrews
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    One thought on “Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, Vol. 2: Redemption

    1. Paul on said:

      I've seen nothing but hate for this book on t'Interwebs but, once again, I'm going to be the one swimming againts the current on a book. I bloody loved this 12 issue series!Kaare Andrews' artwork was breathtakingly phenomenal. His sense of design is amazing. Everybody else seems to hate it but I put that down to most comicbook readers only liking stuff that looks like a slight variation of Jim Lee these days. (Is that arrogant? It's probably arrogant; just ignore me.) Andrews' work on this book [...]

    2. Chris Lemmerman on said:

      This is a weird book. It's very wordy, and often says a lot without actually saying anything. The ideas and themes behind the story are clever, but I don't know if they fit properly with Iron Fist's character. The discarding of Misty Knight in favour of a random new love interest definitely rubs me up the wrong way, but the rest of the story seems okay if not something anyone's going to remember in a few years, which is a shame because as I said, there are some good ideas here.The art is going t [...]

    3. Scott on said:

      I enjoyed this in a way I can't describe. I am not sure what it was that I just finished, but man did I enjoy the heck out of it!! It was awesome how this seemed to be a continuation of the Immortal Iron Fist series. This has been just one big long story and the title changes have been symbolic. The different series have not been reboots but more of a new chapter in the Book of the Iron Fist. Kaare Andrews created a hell of a story. It feels like he poured his whole self into creating this. It m [...]

    4. James on said:

      Just like the first volume, this was way out there and I loved it. Things lead up to an unconventional climax with a weird demigod and Danny Rand's undead ninja-lord father. And man does Iron Fist have daddy issues. After reading this, Iron Fist has got to be my new favorite super-hero.

    5. Silas on said:

      Let me preface this by saying that I really like Iron Fist as a character, and have followed his adventures through at least the majority of his published history, and this might be the worst Iron Fist story I have ever read (and it got pretty spotty in the nineties). There are some interesting art effects (the folding and aging of the paper), but the majority of the art is superdeformed and difficult to interpret, which is not great in a book where it's hard to tell what is real or not. Ultimat [...]

    6. Paul Vance on said:

      I agree with some reviews that the artwork is really nice. The only reason I rated it a three is because the story jumped around too much for my taste? Sometimes I found that there was to much action of the page and that it was difficult to focus on some really nice panels, Andrews could of scaled it back a bit and really highlighted how good his artwork is. There are definite throwbacks to some of the old Sin City / Frank Millar work in Andrews style which I really like.Definitely worth looking [...]

    7. Daniel on said:

      Pretty good pay off for the darkness of the previous volume.Really liked Sparrow - hope we see more of her in the future. The three (six?) page splash is epic.Not quite as good because (view spoiler)[ 1 The transformer building thing was a bit stupid and 2 Danny fell in love with Brenda in one issue - and most of that was 'off camera'. (hide spoiler)]

    8. Luiz on said:

      Read this in anticipation of the new netflix defenders show (and having watched the iron fist show) and the art is fantastic, awesome to see him with weapons, but the character is such a whiny baby. Always asking others what to do, as a highly trained monk he shows no calm or confidence. Liked the interaction with Luke Cage at the end.

    9. Joe on said:

      Ya know i was very reluctant going into this volume as its a bit confusing but im gonna have to say that was a pretty cool read.So much to say about this book.I could see how it may not be for everyone because no matter how much i enjoyed this weird is the one word i would use to describe it.I did like how they addressed some some of the details of Iron Fist in this like why they always white and come from privilege.This book is filled with themes expressed in Buddhism.So much so i would totally [...]

    10. Michael on said:

      Sometimes I was blown away by the bold artwork and stylized feel, and at others lost in how broken and childlike it felt. The story has dark elements while having some comical relief in it, but it is mostly dark and sad. I'd like to say the artist kept that theme and committed but the ending went from gun to the head to funny fist bump comedy that it felt cheap. The story in general interested me and I love seeing Danny struggle back from utterly destroyed to a place of prominence. I want so muc [...]

    11. Michael Church on said:

      This was a fun read. A little weird, but definitely unique and clearly a work of passion. Kaare Andrews was definitely a fan heading into this and delivered a pretty interesting story. The visuals were totally unique. Honestly, part of it was hard to follow, but that may have been intentional. I also think my lack of previous knowledge of really anything Iron Fist related had an impact on that. It's a quick romp and I enjoyed it for the whole two volumes it lasted. Not sure how it ranks compared [...]

    12. Angela on said:

      Review based on the individual comic issues contained in this collection.Spoilers to follow.I'm going to file this one under "WTF did I just read," pretend like I didn't read it, and move on. I knew things were going to be bad when the identity(ies?) of The One were revealed last volume, but I didn't really think it would end up (view spoiler)[Chi-fueled Rand Tower robot vs psychotic giant glowing celestial guardian (hide spoiler)] level crazy. The (view spoiler)[total retcon at the end (hide sp [...]

    13. Trece on said:

      Otra de esas historias en que el arte me engancho. El comienzo es interesante sobre todo para lectores nuevos, pero las historia se diluye demasiado y el arte va perdiendo calidad. Al menos es una buena base para que ojala se haga un nuevo run de Iron Fist con el tratamiento que Hawkeye tuvo. El nuevo traje tributo a Bruce lee esta genial.

    14. Roman Colombo on said:

      This was definitely better than the last volume, but still had some of the same issues. The art--though at times spectacular and interesting--is often confusing. And the story, which is much stronger, is actually a bit overwritten. The stuff with Brenda at the end was a bit too much. I'd actually give this 3.5 stars, but rounding up.

    15. Joe Young on said:

      Kaare Kyle Andrews - writing and artThe pulse-pounding, full-blooded conclusion to Kaare's excellent run on Iron Fist: the Living Weapon. I find myself shocked that one person could create such a powerful story along with incredibly compelling art. I eagerly look forward to whatever Mr. Andrews produces next.5/5

    16. B on said:

      This felt kind of wild. There are a lot of crazy splash pages. Some people could see them as sloppy. Others could see them as energetic. The whole series kind of feels crazed. It's interesting. It made me sad after the end of the Swierczynski Iron Fist wrapped everything up with a happy ending. This was such an unhappy ending. And unhappy everything, kind of.

    17. Sarah on said:

      It was pretty good. It got better towards the end. I might like it better if I knew what was going on. It was not clear that this was volume two from the store I bought it from so I didn't know the backstory. I did enjoy the way it changed drawing designs from when it was the past and present.

    18. TJ Shelby on said:

      Not Bueno, then it grows on you, then it gets weird, then I started liking it again, then an odd power ranger storyline where he merges with his dad to become a building fighting Godzillaor something. I just did not really like this volume.

    19. Brandon on said:

      Without hyperbole of the worst things I have had the misfortune to read.It reads like an artist who has no knowledge or interest in the character or lore, wrote a comic based solely on what he thought would be cool to draw.

    20. Christopher on said:

      The plot was a little iffy at points, but the combo story/art was great, a real neat experiment and something we dont see enough of at Marvel or DC.

    21. Lukas Holmes on said:

      interesting but hard to convey this type of action in this medium.

    22. Sonic on said:

      Though this has some over-the-top moments (most of it!):)I feel this is well done and much fun.And the artisGorgeous!

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