Disfigured Love

Georgia Le Carre

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Disfigured Love

Disfigured Love Once unmasked can beauty love the beast My name is Lena Seagull I should still be in school hanging out with friends meeting boys falling in love just like you But on my eighteenth birthday my fat

  • Title: Disfigured Love
  • Author: Georgia Le Carre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 198
  • Format: ebook
  • Once unmasked, can beauty love the beast My name is Lena Seagull I should still be in school, hanging out with friends, meeting boys, falling in love just like you But on my eighteenth birthday my father sold me Now, those are yesterday s dreams.My home is now a remote castle And the man who owns me I have never seen him.Guy Hawke keeps his face hidden under a maOnce unmasked, can beauty love the beast My name is Lena Seagull I should still be in school, hanging out with friends, meeting boys, falling in love just like you But on my eighteenth birthday my father sold me Now, those are yesterday s dreams.My home is now a remote castle And the man who owns me I have never seen him.Guy Hawke keeps his face hidden under a mask At first, I knew only fear, but now his voice and touch make me unashamedly want him Each night, his hired help blindfolds me, and takes me to his room He whispers that I am beautiful and we have wild, torrid sex When I awaken he is always gone.He and his castle hold dark secrets that I must unravel, but what he fears most being unmasked is my deepest desire.Will either of us survive the consequences of my desire

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    One thought on “Disfigured Love

    1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ on said:

      BONUS EPILOGUE AT BOTTOM OF MY REVIEW!★★★★★! Disfigured Love (stand-alone). Masked Billionaire recluse, Guy Hawk purchases a young Beauty to satisfy his kinky desires!“She would be my pet. A human pet. To do with as I pleased.”Disfigured Love is an erotic, modern day take on Beauty and the Beast, very much told in the fairytale spirit.Billionaire Guy Hawk has a disfigured hand and face, but most of all a broken soul and spirit. He still feels anger and guilt towards the event that [...]

    2. Candace on said:

      While I love a great, dark story, 'Disfigured Love' ended up being a disappointment for me. It definitely had plenty of "dark" content, but it failed to trigger much of an emotional response. I never felt a strong connection to the main characters and the heroine's reactions seemed forced.Lena Seagull grows up in an extremely abusive household in Russia. Her father is a real bastard and her mother is the embodiment of Battered Wife Syndrome. For years he abuses everyone in the household, until h [...]

    3. Lisa on said:

      3 “Go to the devil.” Stars!“They must have the forbidden fruit, or paradise will not be paradise for them.” ~Alexander Pushkin, Eugene OneginDisfigured Love is my first book by Georgia Le Carre. This is a modern-esque and fairytale-like take on Beauty and the Beast where both our hero and heroine are emotionally fragile and scarred. The story is dark, gritty, painful and harsh – a far cry from the Disney version we all know and love.Lena Seagull was raised in a log cabin located somewh [...]

    4. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ on said:

      “Disfigured Love” by Georgia Le Carre is a modern retelling after the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast”. The story has a fairytale vibe, even if it’s an erotic story and tells the story of Guy (The Beast) and Lena (The Beauty). Guy is a Billionaire who was disfigured in a tragic car accident. He has half of the face disfigured, wearing a mask and one of his hands. He is lonely, lost and unhappy, but he still craves a woman’s touch, a woman’s curves. Guy is not the type that has [...]

    5. Irida on said:

      5+ Magical Dark Stars OMG this book was AMAZING!!! I loved every part of it <3 I'm so sad now that it ended. This is one of those books that you don't want to end. I think it tops all Georgia Le Carre stories!Guy and Lena are two heroes carrying a lot of scars. physically and emotionally! This is an our days Beauty and the Beast written amazingly by Georgia Le Carre.Lena Seagull is an 18 years old Russian girl with grey eyes, blonde hair, pale skin, tall and with an angel face. Lena lived all [...]

    6. Anna on said:

      I am a sucker for beauty and the beast stories. This one was good although I could have gone without a thing or two. Just saying. I read the first 75% with my heart in my throat and then next thing I know. The end. It was a little rushed at the end and I would've loved an epilogue ❤️

    7. Snow on said:

      5 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST starsthis was a modern fairytale based on my fave classic fairytales ever - Beauty and the Beastyes, i am sappy, yes, I am lame and cheesy right nowd it was so fuckin' beautiful and romantic I even shared a tear! Fuck me, i criedLena Seagull and Guy Hawke couldn't be more opposite people and yet they were the sameo souls shattered by the circumstances of life and were miraculously or destinly brought togetherLena was prepared for hardship, was brought up that way, was supp [...]

    8. Zakirrah BookBlogger on said:

      5 Beautiful Beast Stars!!I loved this book! When I first saw this I was like, I need this book because this sounds great. I loved beauty and the beast (though I wanted him to always stay the beast and not turn back to a pretty boy) and I just couldn't wait to get started. I really needed this one to work for me since the previous book I had been reading had just been too slow and really wasn't working for me.So when I got this one I just hoped it would bring me out of the book funk.And it soooo [...]

    9. Jen on said:

      ****4.5 stars****I loved this book! Once again Georgia Le Carre has blown me away again with her fabulous writing, and her passionate sex scenes--with a little kink thrown in!! LOL I went into "Disfigured Love" knowing that it was a Beauty and the Beast themed story, and what I hadn't realized was there was quite a gothic feeling to this book. In fact, this is more on the gothic, dark side (if there is such a label!!) and I think that if more readers know that going into this story; they will en [...]

    10. BookLover on said:

      I acknowledge that I am likely just being super sensitive since this is just fiction and it’s meant to be a “dark” romance but I just couldn’t get past the human trafficking part of the story. Guy Hawke, the main character (I won’t call him a hero) did not have good intentions when he bought Lena. “I would use her as if she was an object existing purely for my pleasure. I never wanted to know one fucking thing about her or her miserable little life, or her inevitably sad story.”I j [...]

    11. Amanda on said:

      2 "I don't feel the romance" starsI felt that the hero, Guy Hawke background was not well-developed. Apart from a mentioned of a car accident, I don't know anything about him at all. The rough sex and degrading talk didn't bother me, but it felt too much like 'wham-bam-thank-you-madam' kinda sex. I don't felt the connection between the couple. Unlike Tax Draconi and Jameson Kane, these two men mastered the degrading talk that can make you wet and the rough sex full of passion.I like the idea tha [...]

    12. Nawal on said:

      This book proved to be a little different than what I'm used to. And not in a bad way at all. I like to think I'm all grown to spend time divulging in fairy tales but I guess this book changed my mind a little. I did indulge. And badly at that too.The writing in this book was fantastic. Believe me this author can create such wonderful feelings with wonderful words. It does have a whole fairytale like feel to it as I mentioned before and I think it was the fantastic writing which made me really e [...]

    13. Vanessa on said:

      3.5 Fairy Tale Stars!Not bad. A very quick read. I am a complete sucker for a Beauty and the Beast story. This one was pretty dark and fucked up to start. Could've used a lot more time at the castle with Guy and Lena. Overall ok, but seemed rushed. Good plot twist though Never saw that coming! Recommend it if you wasn't a quick, intense read with some decent smut.

    14. Simona Misevska on said:

      You are mine. You will always be mine and only mine. And while I am alive you will never have another man in you body." I knew from the start i will adore this book,It' Georgia work,her writing is addictive and this book is PERFECTION(like all her book are) Lena Seagull. lives in forest somewhere in Russia,with her 7 sisters and her twin brother Nicolai.Her father is hunter and very cruel man,they learn from little age to obey him in everything.Without no phones,electrisity,TV,and the local vill [...]

    15. вιвℓισρнιℓια кιηgѕℓєу & ѕøяєη ƒσяєνєя on said:

      4.5 ★

    16. LPJ on said:

      For some reason this book was popping up everywhere, enticing me to read it with its promise of a Beauty and the Beast story, which I generally like. Georgia Le Carre definitely knows how to put a sentence together. Her writing is truly lovely and evocative, but this was a terrible book. I don't know that I've ever had this reaction before adored the writing, but hated the book. That's why I'm somewhere in between 1 and 2 stars. In short, this is a disturbing tale of a girl sold into sex slaver [...]

    17. ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews on said:

      Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages @ FacebookSizling Pages on TSU Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: sizzlingpages@gmailFeel so blessed after the dedication !!! You are one genuine soul. Georgia Le Carre has totally did a complete and uttershake up on my heart. She is the only author that I trust implicitly to safelycarry me over certain elements that normally I couldn’t deal with. This modern dayfairy tale has a very very dark theme to it.   Disclaimer:  From [...]

    18. Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance on said:

      A fabulous rendition of Beauty and the Beast!Lena, her seven sisters and brothers, and their mom suffered terribly at the hands of her father. Isolation and abuse is all they've ever known until it was their turn to leave the isolated cabin on the edge of a forest in Russia. Each year their family became smaller and smallerLena begins her journey in the Volga. Midway in her journey she is introduced to her beast. Their love affair is wild, uninhabited, and end just as wildly. How could two peopl [...]

    19. Lan LLP on said:

      5 Unique StarsI've been a loyal fan of Miss Le Carre's writing since her Billionaire Banker series. She has a natural ability for capturing reader's attention, keeping their eyes pressed to their tablets until they've finally reached the end of her captivating stories.Disfigured Love was beautifully written. I love the mesh of old and new world and the blending of sweet and dark romance. I read the first few chapters with my jaw ajared, imagining the suffering that Lena went through. It felt so [...]

    20. ~ Cariad ~ on said:

      4.5 starsMy full Sizzling Pages reviewPRE_REVIEW:Sqeeeeee Excited already!! I really want this one : )

    21. Christine on said:

      I can't You're just going to have to read it to see for yourself.

    22. Maria Kaye on said:

      **3 Beauty and the Beast stars**Lena isn't your average girl. She isn't from an average family. She was raised in isolated part of Russia, away from society with her father, mother and 8 siblings. Each year her siblings leave. They're sold by her father. One day, it's her turn to be sold. She leaves behind her twin brother Nikolai but promises to return for him. Lena is then bought by a masked man called Guy Hawkes in England, he has many secrets hiding beneath his mask and within his castle's w [...]

    23. Vixster on said:

      I couldn't categorise this in one word, I'd call it Grimm, Classic and Disney 18+Lena's childhood was so sad. Her father was a disturbed monster who treated his wife unthinkably even though in his twisted mind he loved her very much. He sold his virgin daughters one by one till there was just Lena and her twin brother Nicolai left. When their mother passed away I could not believe Nicolai's fate, my heart broke for him. When it came time for Lena's fate she begged her brother to wait for her to [...]

    24. Ragatnia Clara on said:

      3.5 stars"Please don't ever fall out of love with me.""Nothing can change the way I feel about you. Don't you know it was dark and lonely in my world until you came? I thought I was dreaming the first time I saw you."I spent my night reading this dark romance because I was intrigued. And intrigued, the story was. I expected a mild dark romance, though I know compared with other dark romances, this was quite light. But since I am not into the dark romance, I counted this book in.Why 3.5 stars? Fi [...]

    25. Jos on said:

      5 Very Moving Stars5 StarsWow, I saw this on FB the other day and although I hadn't heard or read anything by this author, I felt like something "different" to read. Boy was I surprised and in a very good way. Loved this book It definitely had a Beauty and the Beast vibe going and it reminded me of a modern take on a historical novel if that makes any sense. I found the beginning of this story very dark and very disturbing for this poor girl, I mean the heartache I felt for Lena was just indescr [...]

    26. Michelle "Chelle" Thompson on said:

      **ARC provided for an honest review**Another amazingly phenomenal book by Georgia Le Carre. This book not only captivated me as a reader but it also captivated my heart. Pure, raw emotion. Guy Hawk and Lena Seagull’s story pulled every emotion out of my heart. I felt everything from pure hatred to conditional love, the tear jerking sadness, the cold loneliness, the fear of the unknown, and the pure happiness that can fill your heart. You can just feel the passion in the words of this story. I [...]

    27. Krystel Theodore-Branker on said:

      Oh I just could not put this book down. I recently discovered this author and I am so glad that I did. I absolutely love your writing style. Georgia has a clear vision and you the reader see it unabashedly in every detailed described throughout one's reading experience. When you read her stories if doesn't feel like reading a book but reading a well-written, well-developed, properly executed literature. Here is what I loved about this story, its a story about a modern day beauty scarred and hurt [...]

    28. Kinga on said:

      Sweet chocolate and strawberries! This was utterly beautiful, I feel complete and peaceful after reading this. It might have been a little harsh in the beginning but I understood the necessity and the cruelty and the feelings. All those emotions crammed into a book.I wanted to cry and scream and smile and dance and howl. I feel the ending of a book is always so close. As the tragic things subside, happiness is all but a fluttering thought in the whole process. And I'm starting to like these twis [...]

    29. Mariela Rmfl on said:

      A beuty and the Beast kind of story set in modern day. It is perfectly executed and beautifully portrayed and what I loved the most about this was that Lena's and Guy's characteres were crafted in such way that I connected with them really fast and I felt their distress, their longing for love, for home. Be aware, almost the 70% of the book is more like a dark romance, it is quite gritty and I pretty much wanted to damn to hell to all the characters in Lena's life but life goes on and while I ha [...]

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