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Jessica Sorensen

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Awakening You

Awakening You This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B S NS Y Lately life has been going well for Ayden His relationship with Lyric is starting to heat up and his career in music is taking off But the disap

  • Title: Awakening You
  • Author: Jessica Sorensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00S5NS39Y.Lately, life has been going well for Ayden His relationship with Lyric is starting to heat up and his career in music is taking off But the disappearance of his sister still weighs heavily on his mind Desperate to find out where his sister is, Ayden decides to take drastic measures But his dangerous risk leads to tThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00S5NS39Y.Lately, life has been going well for Ayden His relationship with Lyric is starting to heat up and his career in music is taking off But the disappearance of his sister still weighs heavily on his mind Desperate to find out where his sister is, Ayden decides to take drastic measures But his dangerous risk leads to the unraveling of secrets, and he s left facing a darker past then he ever could have imagined.

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      496 Jessica Sorensen
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    One thought on “Awakening You

    1. Christy on said:

      4 stars!I’ve raved about this series so much because of how much much lighter (in a way) and different it is than her other series. Even though it still has some mystery and emotional times, it still has so many moments that make me smile. And that reason is still Lyric. Every book I think I love her more. I love her upbeat and optimistic outlook. She is exactly what Ayden needs. Especially right now.Ayden is going through a rough time. Looking for this sister, and looking for answers about hi [...]

    2. Mysza on said:

      **** 4,5 stars ****Another good part of this series. If you're a fan of Jessica Sorensen's books and YA stories then you will enjoy this one. Well written, a bit sweet, a bit mysterious, a bit dark.Lyric with her dazzling personality is once again a wonderful character and a huge support for Ayden. She knows when to push him but also when to stop doing that. Ayden with help of Lyric, his family and therapy is visibly more opened. Though sometimes still in the dark place, he is trying to overcome [...]

    3. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ on said:

      3.5 Stars“Awakening You” is the third book in Jessica Sorensen’s series “Unraveling You” and picks right up where the second book ends.Ayden still visits the therapist who should help him deal better with his past. He remembers about his life when he was living with his drug addict mother, his brother and his sister. He also remembers how his mother left him at the house who will change his life forever, how he practically sold them because she needed her next fix. But he can’t remem [...]

    4. Michelle on said:

      3 Stars!Loved the first two in this series but lost interests while reading this third book. I had a hard time finishing this one and I'm sad to say I skimmed after 40%. I might read the last book later but right now I'm not really interested in it at this time. Good grief! Three books and still no answers! Talk about being dragged out! Grrrrrr!!!

    5. Michelle on said:

      Noooo u can't leave it there I need moreThis series is just amazin I can't believe how good it is I did expect it 2 go like this from the first book I knew it was goin 2 b a different read 4 me but good I m luvin it I luv Ayden so much his character just draws u in so much an I luv how lyric is with him she just luvs him so much an will do anything 2 help him they r just made 2 b 2gether even though there so different it doesn't matter they just fit so well 2gether even with Ayden goin through s [...]

    6. Veronika on said:

      Wow! This book kept me on edge the whole time! The author makes you feel everything the characters are going through. Fear, pain, anger, hope, love. You can feel them all to the bones.The contrast between Ayden's "Shy Boy" persona and Lyric's bubbly personality works perfectly. I couldn't love these characters more. I'm equally waiting for and dreading the end of this series. ***** 5 stars *****

    7. Trisha Harrington on said:

      BR with Momo May 3rd!!I want to scream right now. That ending! How the hell could it end like that after everything that happened? Why couldn't things have ended happy? I guess that's what you get when you know there's another book to come after this one.I feel so bad for Ayden. He's my favorite character in this series. He's lived through so much and he still has more to face. I'm not sure how he has managed to cope so far. All I want to do is give him a big hug and tell him that everything wil [...]

    8. Glire on said:

      Luego de dos libros ligeramente entretenidos Jessica Sorensen vuelve a aplicar su MO; series interminables con poco cero desarrollo y repletas de drama sin sentido. Está vez, convirtiendo el pasado del pobre Ayden en algo digno de una película de terror.¿Lo recomiendo? No.¿Leeré la continuación? Solo el futuro (y mi masoquismo) lo dirá.

    9. Karlijn on said:

      It was a quick read. But it was not so good, exciting and beautiful as the first two books. The story is a bit slow and less exciting, only at the end I was feeling what I had felt reading the entire two books before. But hey, there will be a fourth (and last) book and despite this book I'm still curious for Ayden's past.

    10. Chris on said:

      In book 3 it's nice to see Ayden beginning to heal and becoming stronger, but at the same time the mysteries of his past keep you on the edge of your seat. On to book 4!

    11. BookHookup on said:

      This book was originally reviewed on The Book Hookup. squee I. LOVE. THIS. SERIES. This won’t be a long review, just long enough to tell you all the reasons why this is another 5 stars. Everything in this installment progressed: the relationship, the love, the drama, the threats, the self discovery, and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.The story started out with the same crazy intensity as the last book ended, and I had my heart in my throat as I began…and as it ended. Just know the threats [...]

    12. Anne OK on said:

      Dang - those cliffhangers are killers. The clues are more forthcoming and the relationship between Ayden and Lyric continues to deepen and Ayden's determination to find his sister and to open up more to Lyric is captivating.Great series and I can't wait for what hopefully will be the final installment with all the answers and a happy-ever-after.

    13. Elodie on said:

      The first two books were really good, but this one was just disappointing Almost useless ? The story doesn't progress at all, we still have so many questions and not even the beginning of an answer

    14. Layla on said:

      4.5 Stars!!So goooood!! I love how Ayden is slowly getting better, especially when it comes to Lyric! I just love their relationship :)

    15. Ash on said:

      This was just a filler book. Absolutely no progress from the previous book except towards last few pages.

    16. Sandy on said:

      I feel like a lot of this review will be a repeat of my Raveling You review. This is a different kind of series than I’m used to. Instead of each book feeling like a separate piece of the overall puzzle, each book in this series really just feels like a continuation of one story. Awakening You picks up pretty much where Raveling You left off. Ayden is still in therapy trying to recover his lost memories. His relationship with Lyric is continuing to grow and deepen even if it’s not really mov [...]

    17. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      AWAKENING YOU by Jessica Sorensen is the third book in the Unraveling You series. When I got the ARC of this book, I knew I wanted some uninterrupted time with this novel because Sorensen has this unique way of pulling you in and making you care about her characters.Ayden has been undergoing some therapy that should help him with his amnesia. After the death of his brother, he is more than determined to find out what really happened to him and his siblings. Knowing that his sister, Sadie is stil [...]

    18. Desiree Gorman -A Love Affair With Books on said:

      In "Awakening You," Ayden is more desperate than ever to remember his past in the hope of saving his sister. Dangerous decisions are made that has the darkness taking over his life. He will need Lyric now more than ever. Lyric knows that there are pieces of Ayden she still hasn't discovered. His self-worth is at an all-time low but her constant reinforcement of her feelings is too much for Ayden to ignore. The pressure from the police, the guilt surrounding how his past is affecting his family, [...]

    19. Sydney on said:

      Another great sequel in this series.But I am not impressed. This was supposed to be a 3 book series, but instead Jessica separated it and made book 3 200 pages long. Seriously, I finished this book in one sitting (an hour or so). I kept waiting and waiting, but it felt like a buffer.You know when you watch a TV show and they have that awkward buffer episode between episode 5 or so and the mid-season finale episode? And it usually sucks (at least on most TV shows)? That's what this was.Not saying [...]

    20. Witchy Richey's Booktastic Reviews on said:

      5 Completely Frustrated StarsUgh I so love this series which is why I am frustrated, I want to know what those people did to this poor boy! I NEED to know the rest of the story! Jessica you are killing me here, but I will be a good soldier and wait until May for my next fix!Lyric and Ayden are back in this next installment. Ayden is still struggling with trying to resurrect memories of his horrible past. There are people who are trying to mess with his mind. He must find his sister or a least kn [...]

    21. Tangerine on said:

      4.5 STARSI absolutely love this series! I love the characters and the storyline. I didn't realize that this wasn't the last one in the series and that there would be another. I know to expect that with this author and sometimes it's really agitating, BUT I love this series and theses characters so much that I don't even care. I will be (im)patiently waiting for the next one!

    22. romance enthusiast on said:

      I thought this was the last book, geez, so much suspense, i didnt even got any answers to Ayden's problem.

    23. Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog•• on said:

      Wow. Wow. Wow. Give me the ending. Can't wait to read the final book in this series!!!!!!! Bring it on. I hope they get the happily ever after they both so deserve!!!!!!!!

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