I Don't Dance

Lani Lynn Vale

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I Don't Dance

I Don t Dance HerBlaine didn t understand the true meaning of lonely until she spent her first Christmas away from her husband She was never one to believe in love at first sight Then she met Elliott while he was o

  • Title: I Don't Dance
  • Author: Lani Lynn Vale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • HerBlaine didn t understand the true meaning of lonely until she spent her first Christmas away from her husband She was never one to believe in love at first sight Then she met Elliott while he was on leave from the Army From that moment on, they loved fiercely, and never wasted a day She knew that deployment was a very real possibility one that scared her to death.HHerBlaine didn t understand the true meaning of lonely until she spent her first Christmas away from her husband She was never one to believe in love at first sight Then she met Elliott while he was on leave from the Army From that moment on, they loved fiercely, and never wasted a day She knew that deployment was a very real possibility one that scared her to death.HimWhen the orders are handed down, he has to go, leaving his new wife at home while he risks his life half a world away Elliott did his best He loved Blaine with his whole heart, but he had a responsibility to his team and to his country Regrettably, that meant being away from Blaine Christmas after Christmas, year after year.HerBlaine made the best of her situation, and did what any good military wife should do, even if it tore her to pieces to do it She stood by her man Years go by, but one thing holds true They re meant to be Blaine and Elliott have a love like no other, and time and distance will never change that.

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      165 Lani Lynn Vale
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    One thought on “I Don't Dance

    1. ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews on said:

      Wow so freaking good. I loved how head over heels Blaine and Elliott were. So many tears just so emotional but so good and sweet too. Sexy. of course. I adored seeing how they met and all the trials of being married. Really can't say enough about this author. I'm finally caught up and can now start the Swat series yay.

    2. CC on said:

      Over the course of the series we got to know Blaine and Elliott. But not really. I loved this novella. It was sweet but sad at times. Then devastating. But overall happy. You cannot miss this one if you read The Freebird series. Safety gang (view spoiler)[Miscarriage. (hide spoiler)]

    3. Megan Fall on said:

      I love Elliott Lelliott!! He has been one of my favourite characters and I loved getting a glimpse of his story. What an apply named book!!!

    4. Diana's on said:

      I love it when books jump into the future and give us glimpses of everyones lives in their epilogues or last chapter **sigh**

    5. KimBrewing on said:

      She did it againThis is a novella that showcases Elliott and Blaine' s love story through Christmases past and present. I loved how they metd I loved Christmas present. Okay, so I loved it all.Merry Christmas to all the service men and women around the world, and to their families always there to welcome them homede me laugh(I swear I love the chapter headings of her books as much as the stories) and she made sniffle. This video was making the rounds on facebook after I finished reading this: yo [...]

    6. Danielle on said:

      5 Stars!Finally, my Blaine & Elliott curiosity has been sated!! As usual, it was done in Lani Lynn Vale's usual effortlessly humorous and steamy voice. This was a great, quick read giving LLV's readers and Freebird series fans the history of a favorite couple, Blaine & Elliott, as well as a glimpse into their future. Loved it!!

    7. ~Steph K~ on said:

      Glad to get a bit of Elliott and Blaine's relationship - only made me want to hear more of their story!! Really enjoyed this series so much.

    8. (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick on said:

      Sweet sexy novella that takes us back and shows us how Elliott and Blaine met and fell in love.

    9. Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog on said:

      4.5 starI was pulled right into this short story. The story has laughs, surprises, pain, grief, and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading them first:Boomtown (Freebirds #1)Highway Don't Care (Freebirds #2)Another One Bites the Dust (Freebirds #3)Last Day of My Life (Freebirds, #4)Texas Tornado (Freebirds, #5)This is Blaine and Elliott’s story. This story takes you through how Blaine and Elliott met. It also takes you on a journey of how they spent their Christmas [...]

    10. K. D. Grace on said:

      So unbelievably sweetI'm not one for novellas. I don't know why. I like full length novels. But when I saw that it was about Blaine and Elliott, I have my "no novellas" policy the heave-ho the dairy-o! It was. It was funny as all get out. Little heart breaking in few spots. A true love and friendship story. A story about soul mates. Through thick and thin. This book is great read. Oh, if you thought Blaine and Elliott were priceless in the other books, you ain't seen nothing yet! You will be smi [...]

    11. Kimberly on said:

      The Final StoryElliot and Blaine were already married at the beginning of book 1 and have been a part of each book in the series. Although this was only a novella, jumping from highlight to highlight over 25 years of marriage, it was a poignant wrap-up to the series and a well-deserved Spotlight on this couple. I hope the author will build on the next generation of Free children, which she touched on in the epilogue of each book also.

    12. AlligatorSmith loves to read on said:

      Elliott and Blaine were in all the Freebird novels, and it is nice to see their backstory since they were together before the series began. Although a short novella, it covers five Christmases from when they met to while Blaine coped when Elliott was at war. I especially enjoyed seeing all the other guys before their books and also the great epilogue (which is chapter 10).

    13. Barbara on said:

      As always another great snippet into the lives of Freebird Blaine & Elliots love story short but ever so sweet Novella of how they became them. the worries ,the stress , the love that is B & E. if ya love the freebirds then this is a Book Not To Miss So Get On Board the one Click Machine Can't Wait for the Next Dixie Book in Series :-) Kevlar to my Vest :-)

    14. Emily on said:

      This is the story of how Blaine and Elliot met. The story is a quick glimpse of there life around Christmas Holiday over the years. It wasn't my favorite and had a few things that did not mash with their story from other books. Overall fun, just not as good as the rest of the series.

    15. Deb B on said:

      this was really great for a short read and to bring me back to the point where i am going to reread this whole series.i loved the style of the book it was so unique and encapsulated the whole series

    16. ℸℎℯrℯᏕα on said:

      A great novella about Elliott and Blaine. As a couple, they have always been kind of in the background. So I absolutely loved reading about their romance, their heartbreak, and their future (view spoiler)[ as well as Justin and Tawny's (hide spoiler)].Reading about Dougie also always gets to me.

    17. Natasha on said:

      NiceA quick good read . I am glad I bought this book it's a perfect book that ties in this whole series

    18. Ginny Littlefield on said:

      Cute and nice finish to the series. Was glad to see a little more background on Elliot and Blaine. Certainly worth the read.

    19. ☆MichelleNicole☆ on said:

      Short read but it tell us all about Blaine and Elliot

    20. Kayla on said:

      I was so excited that Lani wrote Blaine's book because I have loved her in all the other stories so it's so fun to see how her love story played out. My only complaint really is that some of the “Facts” don’t line up with what was told in other stories, but this does not take away from the overall amazingness of the story and how much I love Blaine and Elliott. This story shows also the rawness of what soldier’s and their loved ones have to go through and that it's not easy but worth it [...]

    21. Maggie Perez De Molina on said:

      Finally, Blaine and Elliott get their story! The couple that have been in the background of all of the previous Freebirds stories now have their own and it is both sexy and romantic! Not much is needed for this tale as their story is told via flashback of previous Christmases. I was both touched and laughing at their adventures towell, you know. If you don't, then you must read this book!

    22. Diane on said:

      It's over I'm Sad5 STARS for Elliot and Blaine the last book of the Freebirds. What a great series by an author who cannot write anything that isn't amazing. Every series she writes is better than the previous one. I'm now looking for the next one. Thank you Lani for a beautiful mind!

    23. phoebess on said:

      With the first book in the series, Elliot and Blaine quickly became a couple I wanted to know more about. And this novella was written perfectly—their story was sweet, sexy, funny and emotional, just as I expected and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    24. Becca Stanfield Vernon on said:

      A glimpse into the start of Blaine & Elliott. These two met young & had instant chemistry. I enjoyed their story, didn't enjoy the slight glimpse into years down the road of their kids story. The what's going to happen has me so intrigued.

    25. Anne ·curlingtoesbooktalk· on said:

      Ooohwhat a way to end a series. Happey here that Elliot and Blaine had their story shared. Although I wish the author focused more on their separation while the hero was deployed. Alas, this was only a novella. Nevertheless, swooning.

    26. Amber on said:

      I loved this book I am a huge fan of this author I have enjoyed everything I have read by Lani Lynn Vale to date this is an author that never lets me down for a guaranteed good read I can't wait to read more in the future

    27. Amy on said:

      This short story is about Blaine and Elliott. You get to learn how they meet and about there life. It feels in the gaps about them from the rest of the stories.

    28. Taylor Freeman on said:

      I liked the epilogue to end the series but I felt like it should have just been all of their POV's in the future instead of Elliot and Blaines story. It was too quick and I didn't get invested.

    29. Terri Handschumacher on said:

      Blaine and Elliot have been characters that you were just given glimpses of in the previous books. And they are ones that I have wanted to hear their story. A story that I am glad to say was worth the wait. You can tell that they were soulmates from the start and fit together perfectly. Their life was never perfect, but they did what they needed to do to show that the other is the only one in the world for them. They went through things that made my heart hurt for them, and then there are moment [...]

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