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Quick A fun short story written by Mark Lawrence originally published in the Triumph Over Tragedy collection Available free at the URL link below

  • Title: Quick
  • Author: MarkLawrence
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
  • A fun short story written by Mark Lawrence, originally published in the Triumph Over Tragedy collection.Available free at the URL link below.

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      343 MarkLawrence
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      Posted by:MarkLawrence
      Published :2018-011-26T21:07:58+00:00

    One thought on “Quick

    1. Mark Lawrence on said:

      I really quite like this one. I wrote it about ten years ago and it's still one of my favourite short stories. I humbly submit that it deserves a better average than it has here :)A rather less violent story that you might be expecting.Give it a try. It's quick! It's free. It's here:marklawrence/story/qu

    2. Dannii Elle on said:

      "if you pile enough accidents on top of each other sometimes it ends up looking like success."

    3. AhmedEjaz on said:

      2 STARSThis was not a story which I was expecting. It was just like its title "Quick" or should I say very Quick. I didn't get many part of story due to its quickness. QUICK OVERVIEWIt's a story of kitchen boy (works in a restaurant) who has been sent to bring quails' eggs from Madam Jimla who lives on Street Seven. When he reach there, he come to know that Madam knows everything about him like: why he is here? After he gets the eggs, he begins to go back during which he hits a guard with whom h [...]

    4. José on said:

      An extremely entertaining short story by one of my favourite authors. Fantasy in an asian setting, I wish it was longer

    5. Susie on said:

      I added it, I read it, and it is done in short order. Nothing can be quicker than Quick. A fun little short story, where opportunities are high or low for someone who's quick enough. Not bad at all. And I did like the ending.Final rating: ★★★★☆ – Really liked

    6. Barna Roland on said:

      A great little story that shows things can be viewed from different perspectives.Not everyone wants to rule the world, sorry Tears for Fears. I enjoyed seeing a main character who is special but not so prone to violence although I must admit, that bloodthirsty bastard Jorg will forever be my favorite.

    7. Rich Mainville Jr. on said:

      This short story was AWESOME. Quite easily the best short story I've ever read. It could easily be turned into a book, or novel, or an entire series. PLEASE MARK, turn this into a novel.

    8. Ryann on said:

      3.5 Not much to say. Nice story albeit really short. I just like his other stories a lot more so it's kind of underwhelming. But that's just me and it's far from bad.

    9. Fiachra on said:

      Forgot that I had read this quite a while ago. It was fantastic! Literally fast-paced and fun to read. I want a full novella for this storyline! It was so engaging but what else would you expect from Mark. Sometimes I find myself more impressed by Mark's short stories than I am by his full novels, but for different reasons. He manages in less than 4k words to give you the perfect build of a protagonist you can't help but to root for, with the right balance of reveal so that you want to know more [...]

    10. Rob on said:

      The big problem with this read it is a short story. I want more of it. More. Should probably give this one 5 stars. What Mark Lawrence delivers is very fast, action-packed, with a little mysterious under-tone. Hiro, the kitchen servant, is destined for some greatness for which he does not yet know. This short episode is only a glimpse of the future. And maybe a full length novel? :-)

    11. Debra Mcmanus on said:

      A great short story featurning a ADD kitchen boy who dreams of a beautiful dark haired girl.

    12. Tim Goyette on said:

      A fun bit of action and I want more of it. This could be a great action packed full story.

    13. Governor on said:

      Well written and interesting, a bit short though. Like the ending.

    14. Ravi Anand on said:

      Nice one. I liked the plot. The story has pace and also keeps the reader glued.

    15. Molly on said:

      Nice. Wish it was longer. It's been too long since I read some fantasy fiction in an Asian setting (even this short).

    16. Belinda on said:

      Very clever- manages to have quite the depth despite how short it is.

    17. Simon Harris on said:

      4.0Nice short story, very well written. Not every person needs riches and power to be happy.

    18. Nerine Dorman on said:

      A thoroughly charming little story – and a very quick read. Some lovely imagery.

    19. Poornapragna Rao on said:

      It played like an anime piece in my head. I didn't get it though.Hiro chose his smaller dream of becoming good at his server-boy job than a chance at becoming king. I didn't get the point of this. Something like the Alchemist? Find happiness in what you have? Still don't get it.

    20. Dorian on said:

      It came and went, quickly, with some vivid writing and a twist to make you think.

    21. Karolina Kat on said:

      The short-story that lives to its title. I'd really love for the setting to be presented more thoroughly, as it is a novelty for me when it comes to Mark Lawrence's writing.

    22. Joel Minty on said:

      A quick short story that came together by the end to speak with depth and feeling.

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