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Dark Tide

Dark Tide A short horror story originally collected in the Fading Light anthology

  • Title: Dark Tide
  • Author: MarkLawrence
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: ebook
  • A short horror story originally collected in the Fading Light anthology.

    • ☆ Dark Tide || ↠ PDF Download by Ð MarkLawrence
      437 MarkLawrence
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Dark Tide || ↠ PDF Download by Ð MarkLawrence
      Posted by:MarkLawrence
      Published :2018-010-11T08:58:26+00:00

    One thought on “Dark Tide

    1. Mark Lawrence on said:

      Part horror, part fantasy. I like this story. Hope you do too.It's free!marklawrence/story/da

    2. Dannii Elle on said:

      Um, please excuse me while I never fall asleep for the rest of my life!

    3. seak on said:

      This short story, by the author of the excellent Prince of Thorns and Red Queen's War trilogies, was a powerful story. I was up late already and could not put it down once I started - talk about creepy. I will say no more for fear of ruining it. (5/5)

    4. Daniel on said:

      Odlicna pricica o pocetku kraja. Atmosfera je mracna i neudobna, bez previse razumevanja ali sa trackom nade.Jedino sto mi smeta sto ovo vise dodje kao uvod u neko daleko vecu knjigu. Valjda ce se i to dogoditi.

    5. Nerine Dorman on said:

      A lovely, nasty little weevil of a story by one of my favourites, that skirts the blurry line between dark fantasy and out-and-out horror. This is a free read off Mark's site so if you've a moment, it's not going to take long to read. There's something quite claustrophobic about an environmental horror beyond our ken, that rises up like a dark tide. And that is all I'll say.

    6. Ryann on said:

      very curious, very unsettling. This really highlights how good he is in juggling both the horror and fantasy aspects of this short story. I read many horror books that tried to incorporate fantasy but it wasn't done masterfully so it ended up really weird and random. But in this case, it really works and I could say that this might be his best short story to date.

    7. Molly on said:

      I read this one four days ago, rated it four stars and turned to the next chapter of Prince of Fools , which is so goooood so far, by the way (almost done). The thing is, I kept thinking about it. I re-read it today without interruptions.It's a nice, creepy , clever story.I really hope that that book of short stories featuring the brothers of the Broken Empire series is still on.

    8. Christopher on said:

      Just finished Mark Lawrence's newest short story and I absolutely loved it! It had everything I like about his writing style combined with a healthy dose of oozy black Lovecraftian suspense. Conjured up memories of Stephen King's Langoliers & The Mist but didn't feel at all like an imitation. Freely combined elements of several "genres" while maintaining it's integrity as a unique bit of wordsmithery. I could go on all day singing this story's praises but I'll leave off after saying that in [...]

    9. Tim Goyette on said:

      Great little horror story really had my heart pumping but I don't know what it was about to be honest.

    10. Sophie Tallis on said:

      Intriguing, dark and unsettling, just the way a dark tale should be. Excellent!

    11. Kjetil on said:

      A nice short apocalyptic horror story from the author of the Broken empire trilogy.Definitely a different kind of setting than Lawrences most famous fantasy works - this is a more contemporary piece with normal people in a normal family setting - who experience the a sinister apocalyptic event which is a bit different than the "usual" zombie and nuclear threat.An entertaining action filled read, which can be completed in under an hour, which works well for the flow of the particular story, I thi [...]

    12. J.A. Ironside on said:

      I read this ages ago and completely forgot to add it to GR. This just shows the breadth of Lawrence's talent. While the world of the Red Queen's War and the Broken Empire is fabulous, the author is far from being a one trick pony. This is dark and sayisying. A little brain worm that burrows in and comes back to you long after reading it. excellent stuff. I'd also recommend checking out Lawrence's Wattpad writings - particularly Gunlaw.

    13. Rich Mainville Jr. on said:

      I really liked this short story, although I was confused by what the beginning section had to do with it. I returned back to it after I read the entire story, and it still just doesn't make much sense. This may just be out of my depth of understandinge foreshadowing, and other literary tools used by authors.

    14. Rob on said:

      Another short story by Mark Lawrence worth reading. When a very good author writes short and publishes for free what is not to like? The Dark Tide is Stephen King without the 700 page commitment. Good stuff.

    15. Leo Moro on said:

      I really liked the butterfly effect feel of the beginning. The story also reminded me of Stephen King's short story called The Raft in a good way. Great job Mark!

    16. Brian on said:

      I really enjoyed this story. It's very straightforward, but also very well done. It reminded me of the old Stephen King stories that I used to read.

    17. Belinda on said:

      I love Mark Lawrence's scary short stories. Perfect October read.

    18. Hannah on said:

      This story had some fantastically chilling imagery. It also needed some serious editing. Not bad, but I'll stick with Lawrence's polished novels in the future.

    19. Simon Harris on said:

      4.5Another great short story. Fast paced and thrilling, had my heart racing throughout.

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