Thrill of the Night

Mina Carter

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Thrill of the Night

Thrill of the Night Part time diner waitress and hotel manager Gwen s days are filled with serving locals and making sure the sleepy back road motel doesn t have a crisis of epic proportions like running out of clean to

  • Title: Thrill of the Night
  • Author: Mina Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Part time diner waitress and hotel manager, Gwen s days are filled with serving locals and making sure the sleepy back road motel doesn t have a crisis of epic proportions like running out of clean towels She s a woman with a routine, a cleaning roster and that s the way she likes it But Gwen is a woman with a past A past which involves guns, knives and a whole lot of wPart time diner waitress and hotel manager, Gwen s days are filled with serving locals and making sure the sleepy back road motel doesn t have a crisis of epic proportions like running out of clean towels She s a woman with a routine, a cleaning roster and that s the way she likes it But Gwen is a woman with a past A past which involves guns, knives and a whole lot of weird shit like vampires and werewolves A past she gave up three years ago for the mediocrity of normal life She s not sure she s ready to go back to it but then a mysterious customer turns up in her diner Hot and sexy as all hell, he sparks all kinds of erotic fantasies in Gwen s sex starved brain When she finds him bleeding from a were s claws, can Gwen walk away Or will she give into her carnal urges and risk being pulled back into her old life Please be aware this is an Erotic Short

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      356 Mina Carter
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    One thought on “Thrill of the Night

    1. Carol [Goodreads Addict] on said:

      4.5 STARSThrill of the Night is book one in the Avalon series by Mina Carter. This is my very first book by Ms. Carter. Although it is very short, approximately 22 pages, I was shocked by how much was included! And I love the sarcastic wit in which it was told. Gwen (Guinevere) is a waitress in a roadside diner. But this wasn’t always her profession. Gwen is a retired hunter of things most of us only think exist in the books we read. Things like vampires and werewolves. But that’s all behind [...]

    2. Hayat on said:

      A short but hot read with a distinct female lead character who is a waitress by profession and a hunter of were-creatures by blood, a hot alpha male type hero in distress, and a setting with hidden paranormal community makes for one interesting plot with potential. The sequel is the final instalment of the Avalon two-part short stories. This book was free and it was also such a great introduction to a new author. The only thing I didn't like was the heroine's lack of self confidence, it just did [...]

    3. Sophia Triad on said:

      Perfect before nap time. A short sexy smut story about a waitress who used to be a slayer of anything dark and paranormal. One day the perfect male steps into the diner and her new life and identity is not enough any more. An one night stand with him will change her life again.

    4. Laurie on said:

      I was immediately drawn into this delightful short read that captured my fancy and tickled my funny-bone. Told from the heroine’s viewpoint with self-deprecating humor intermixed with confidence and saucy wit, Gwen is a character I could not help but to love. When a mysterious man enters the diner, Gwen is handed some unexpected fodder for her active imagination, but that hardly prepares her for the seductive and dangerous encounter to come. Ms. Carter certainly got my attention with this stor [...]

    5. Netanella on said:

      Mina Carter does short and smutty extremely well. There's a lot of crap out there that's so much window dressing to badly written erotica, but Mina Carter has a way of creating a real story with real people (or real paranormals, if you will), while keeping it hot, in 50 pages or less. Kudos to you, my dear author.

    6. ☣ Jessica ☣ on said:

      GreatThis was really fun to read. It's pretty short, but it grabbed my attention from the get go. I can't wait to read the rest of the series! Starting now! :)

    7. Brendy on said:

      I actually fell asleep with this one Lets say that the ending for the next day was acceptable. Not great scenes or any of that kind. But good before nap time I guess

    8. Sarah on said:

      3.5-4 stars. It was super short but I really liked it! I will read the second book!

    9. Ann Leona on said:

      It was shortI liked the story. It was short but it was an okay read. I wish there would have been a little more depth to the handsome mans side of the story.

    10. Habrewer on said:

      Thrill of the Night by Mina Carter* I received this ARC free from the author in exchange for an honest review*Gwen has had enough of the nomad life of a hunter. She has settled down in a small town where she works at the dinner and lives in a motel room rent free. She has convinced herself that she is happy with her new life, until the handsome stranger walked into the diner during her shift. She can’t get the stranger out of her fantasies, um mind.Even now, Gwen is always in hunter mode when [...]

    11. A.M. on said:

      Gwen used to be a Hunter, but now she works at a diner and lives in the cheap motel next door. One drool worthy customer keeps her imagination fired up long after he saunters out of the diner, but some hours later on her way back to her room at the end of her shift, she notices a bloody hand print on the veranda post. The trail ends at a door. Suspecting it is another Hunter in trouble, she knocks on it and offers to help.It’s the same dude. And he’s very thankful.***I was listening to a pod [...]

    12. Laura on said:

      Short and Spicy read!This is the first book in the BBW Paranormal Hunters Erotic romance series. This is a short novella, but has a lot going on that leaves you wanting more. Gwen works as a waitress and hotel manager in a small town. She enjoys her current job, she can’t forget her past job as a paranormal hunter. While she is working at the diner a sexy stranger walks in and leaves her ovaries whimpering. While walking home from work that night she notices blood on a motel’s door. When she [...]

    13. Melanie-Smokenator on said:

      Gwen, a previous hunter, has her ovaries whimpering Until Jasen walks into the diner she is working at. He is a serious pieces of hot yummy male! After years off her game, she still the instincts of a hunter. Luckily she hasn't killed a paying customer.While Jasen has his coffee Gwen is drooling over him with her whispering ovaries (it tickles me). After he left he is still the main character in her fantasies while serving her regulars. When she gets to the motel, she notices blood and what happ [...]

    14. Melissa Weeks on said:

      Gwen is a former hunter who is know a waitress a stranger walks in and she finds him attractive after her shift end she finds a bloody hand print on a motel room door she knows that it's bad and that it could be a hunter like she was so she goes to see if the person is alright and it's non other then the man that was in the diner earlier in the day injured by a wear attack after brandishing him up thing go from warm to sizzling and to do n d out what happens next I suggest you get this book it i [...]

    15. Laura on said:

      Thrill of the Nightis a short story about Gwen, an ex-monster hunter who now works as a waitress in a diner. When a mystery hunk walks into her diner, she doesn't know that she's going to find him injured and bleeding. She then learns that he's a monster hunter just as she once was.I wasn't a fan of this short story. I was a bit turned off by how much Gwen talks about the hotness of the stranger. I didn't feel the conflict or strength of the paranormal element in this story, either. I wish I lik [...]

    16. Debra Johnson on said:

      Thrill of the Night (Avalon, #1) by Mina Carter is an Adult Paranormal Romance Serial Shorty. About 25 pages filled with snarky humor and hot sex. Gwen made me laugh and grin. She is in her 30's, and full of sarcastic humor. You don't get to know Jasen much. But he is hot and younger than Gwen. A load of fun to read.No editing problems. The story is fast and highly entertaining!I loved it!

    17. Samantha Woods ( LSK Sweetheart Reviews ) on said:

      This is a very yummy short. Gwen is a retired Hunter. Now she is a waitress a diner. When a very sexy younger man walks into the diner she is instantly attracted and finds it hard to get him out of her head. When she is heading home after her shift they have an interesting and steamy run in. That is until an interruption from a werewolf! This was definitely an enjoyable read. Mina is very good at giving you a quick spicy read that even the busiest person can enjoy! I definitely recommend reading [...]

    18. Crissy on said:

      OMG!!! I knew this was a short read but I need the next one immediately. Gwen was a hunter but has settled down and is working at Betty's Diner and Jasen walks into the diner looking extremely gorgeous. Who knew one meeting would lead to incredible sex and the sex is extremely hot but before you know it and as soon as things kick off, BAM it's over. This short read definitely leaves you wanting more and excited to see what else will happen. This is one page turner and Gwen will have you laughing [...]

    19. rm2h on said:

      One issue I had with the story and it was lack of backstory. It would have made it easier to follow along as things would suddenly come up. This does have stranger sex but as it is a paranormal I tend to give it more latitude compariable to a cont. or regency. The sex kinda of made sense but I did not get why the hero did so as there was not much written about his side of the story. All I read about was the heroine. I did not even realize that the hero had left after his encounter with the heroi [...]

    20. Nenya on said:

      **warning** this is a short novella very, very short!! somehow it just feels shorter, because well, i read it as a standalone (hmm apparently there is no background, bcos this is the first of a series) and well, we aren't given any background oh well, maybe if the author had sketched all that out, it wouldn't have been as much fun this was a very short, tiny, but awesomely fun short story (where **caution** werewolves are the bad guys).

    21. Lori on said:

      A good short story!When in the mood to find a quickie it can be hit or miss, unfortunately. Luckily we have Mina Carter who is quite reliable and certainly came through for me today! Good story and good characters with a fully built setting so you can picture this in your mind, almost like a movie reel. Nicely suspenseful, I love books that keep me guessing! I didn't look but am going back now to see if there will be more books along the same lines. I hope so.

    22. Judy Lewis on said:

      Oh my goodness! This is Book one of the Avalon Series and Wow! I love it! Well Written! Smart! Gripping! Powerful! Exciting! Thrilling! Addictive! Sexy! Steamy! So Hot! Oh yeah! Ms. Carter expertly lays the ground work for the beginning of an exciting and thrilling story. The story is fast paced and flows beautifully. The dialog is smart and witty. The characters are quirky and intriguing. An exceptional read! I can hardly wait to read Book 2.

    23. LisaMarie on said:

      Thrill of the Night was my 1st experience of Mina Carter and I have to say, I enjoyed it. I'm not really a fan of short stories or novellas. They lack the depth of character and storyline that I crave.But this was am enjoyable, fun, sexy, fast-paced read.Minas writing style is intelligent, witty and flows like water.The sex scene was extremely hot!!!!If you enjoy short, erotic, fast flowing stories, you will no doubt enjoy this!

    24. Tanya on said:

      Steamy. This story was way better than I had expected. I loved Gwen's humor, and the chemistry between Gwen and Jasen was a nice touch. The sex scene was hot, the plot was tight and intense, and the characters were likable. The only problem I have with this story is its ending. It was too rushed for my liking, but the majority of this tale was still enjoyable nonetheless.

    25. Patty Smith on said:

      Funny and hotI love Mina Carter's books. The writing is wonderful, the editing pretty thorough (a biggie for me), the characters fleshed out even in her short stories. The heat level is always high, and her males are definitely alpha. This story is also laugh-out-loud funny. My only complaint? I wanted the story to keep going! I highly recommend this short story.

    26. RutyB on said:

      I like this short story. A former hunter who now works in at a dinner. When a sexy stranger walks in all her fantasies fill her head.Funny, sexy and fast.The main character has a fantastic sense of humor and reading what's going on in her mind was great.Even though the paranormal element has a minimal appearance it was a good story.

    27. Helen on said:

      What a great story. I so enjoyed Gwen's character, a strong alpha woman. The story itself was well written and imaginative. Gwen who works both in a diner and motel, has a stranger who comes into the diner and he is tall dark and handsome. On the way home ,she sees a smear of blood on the post outside one of the rooms and peeks in the open door. What she sees is the end of her new quiet life.

    28. RaChelle Holmberg on said:

      Great fast break from every dayFab short story - just what you need sometime tons of excitement, fast paced , I appreciated that it wasn't part one of a hijack attempt. . I just signed up for your newsletter!

    29. Joanne Dee on said:

      A sexy short story about Gwen and Jasen. She used to be a Hunter of all things supernatural now she's a waitress. He's the sexy stranger who turns up at the diner and ends up fulfilling all her erotic fantasies. Throw in a some humour and a werewolf and you have a great little read.

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