Wound Up in Murder

Betty Hechtman

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Wound Up in Murder

Wound Up in Murder In the newest Yarn Retreat Mystery from the national bestselling author of Silence of the Lamb s Wool dessert chef Casey Feldstein continues to develop her hidden talents for knitting and solving mur

  • Title: Wound Up in Murder
  • Author: Betty Hechtman
  • ISBN: 9780425252659
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the newest Yarn Retreat Mystery from the national bestselling author of Silence of the Lamb s Wool, dessert chef Casey Feldstein continues to develop her hidden talents for knitting and solving murders.With two yarn retreats in the bag, Casey is looking forward to running her third one at Cadbury by the Sea s Vista Del Mar hotel on the Monterey Peninsula This time, eacIn the newest Yarn Retreat Mystery from the national bestselling author of Silence of the Lamb s Wool, dessert chef Casey Feldstein continues to develop her hidden talents for knitting and solving murders.With two yarn retreats in the bag, Casey is looking forward to running her third one at Cadbury by the Sea s Vista Del Mar hotel on the Monterey Peninsula This time, each knitter will get a Mystery Bag of knitting materials to turn into a personal project.But Casey gets tangled up in another retreat at the same hotel, when the organizer and his wife have a very public spat As Casey is delivering her baked goods later that night, she finds the woman dead in the bushes with a magician s silk scarf nearby just like the scarf Casey s ex boyfriend, Sammy, used during his magic act at the retreat As Sammy takes center stage as the prime suspect, Casey and her friends will have to stitch together the clues before the real killer pulls a disappearing actIncludes knitting patterns and a recipe

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      124 Betty Hechtman
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    One thought on “Wound Up in Murder

    1. Lisa Ks Book Review on said:

      New and returning readers alike are really going to enjoy this installment in the Yarn Retreat Mysteries. The book starts off with a nice recap that helps new readers to this series feel right at home. No guessing on how series lead, Casey Feldstein ended up where she is doing what she does. That being said, do get the first two books anyway, because who wants to miss out on a good thing?  Oh . . . and you don’t have to know how to knit to read this series! Author Betty Hechtman certainly k [...]

    2. Gaele on said:

      AudioBook Review: Stars: Overall: 4 Narration: 3 Story: 4Starting with a quick recap and introduction gave me the perfect amount of information to not feel lost in this first for me story, while never stepping over the line of too much information. Hechtman has a light touch with her prose: she presents each character with clear purpose, giving them a voice and presence from the start that serves as a base from which to build. Casey is a relative newcomer to Cadbury by the Sea, after her mother [...]

    3. Kristi on said:

      Casey Feldstein's third yarn retreat is all about mystery. Each knitter is given a mystery bag of supplies to turn into a project. The knitters are thrilled when they are also allowed to participate in the Best of 1963 retreat events, which is also being held at the same hotel. However, things take a sour turn when Casey stumbles upon a dead body. When her ex-boyfriend becomes the prime suspect, Casey sets out to find the real culprit.I enjoyed this book. I was surprised when the culprit's ident [...]

    4. OpenBookSociety.com on said:

      openbooksociety/article/woBrought to you by OBS reviewer JeanieCasey Feldstein sounds like a wonderful friend and member of her community, Cadbury by the Sea in California. Even though she has not lived there long, Casey had visited there when she was growing up and as adult. In spite of her mother despairing of her ever sticking with any job or situation, Casey is currently preparing to lead her third yarn retreat at the beautiful Vista Del Mar resort – and enjoying it. At least until learnin [...]

    5. Susan on said:

      Casey has taken over her aunt's yarn retreat business, although she's only learning fabric arts herself. This time, her group is sharing the resort with a much larger group that celebrates past years. When one of the 1963 people is found murdered, Casey's magician friend, a doctor who has moved from Chicago, she fears, because he's still not over her, becomes a suspect. Casey hides him in her tiny guest house while she tries to investigate the murder and avoid the handsome policeman who lives ju [...]

    6. Kristie on said:

      Wow!! The ending of the book had me floored. I suspected a lot of people as the killer but not the actual killer or the twist that occurred with it!! Casey's discovery of the heir was also interesting, can't wait to see if she clues others in or not. I was a little disappointed that Casey let others handle most of the retreat. She was too busy with sleuthing and left her early bird retreaters to handle a lot of it. I did enjoy seeing more of Madeline Delacourte and her being more of a "regular" [...]

    7. Michelle Beese on said:

      Fun! Fun! Fun! I love mysteries and I love knitting. Put that combination together and Betty's Hechtman's book are certain winners for me. There is always a special twist as to "Whose Done It" and I love the surprise endings. This third book in the series did not disappoint!

    8. Alexis on said:

      I just have a question. Does Casey ever sleep?!It seems she goes from a whole day of retreating/sleuthing to baking to delivering. Then starts all over again.Girlfriend, you need to take a nap!

    9. Val on said:

      This series has really caught my interest. It shows how many things can go wrong at a retreat and also how Casey, the main character, deals with the different issues, along with her complicated personal life and the odd murder or two.Recommend

    10. Becky on said:

      The mystery was quite interesting since there were multiple suspects and both retreats at the resort had neat themes. There was just a little too much repetition of not taking cookies for the participants and what people's jobs were. The main characters make a good core group for the series.

    11. Jane Night on said:

      I didn’t have much in the way of feelings for Casey. I don’t know what it was but I just couldn’t get fully invested in her though I actually really liked some of the secondary characters especially Sammy the ex who is the murder suspect. I also like Casey’s cat Julius.The mystery itself was so so. I had times where I was pretty into the mystery but also quite a few times when I could have put the book down without finishing. Sammy being the prime suspect felt wrong and the fact that the [...]

    12. Cathy Cole on said:

      One of the things I enjoy the most about Hechtman's Yarn Retreat cozy series is that readers get a good feel for the business of conducting these things. Not only that, but we can watch Casey commit several beginner mistakes and actually learn from them.In Wound Up in Murder, Casey's instructors work together like oil and water, and her "early bird" friends take up so much slack during the retreat while Casey is off investigating that I actually missed the knitting parts that were in the first t [...]

    13. Lucretia on said:

      Every part of this series makes me wish I lived somewhere close to a yarn retreat or that I traveled well. Could you imagine a retreat with your fellow yarn addicts? This part had the same awesome characters. As you may recall, I bonded with Casey because she is real, messes up, a reminds me of someone I would sit down and knit with, especially if she brought the muffins. The Vista Del Mar, where the retreat takes place, has really grown on me and so has Kevin the slightly unpleasant manager. I [...]

    14. Kathie on said:

      Another cozy mystery where the main character makes the police look like idiots. I have read books where the main character and the police work together very nicely to solve mysteries but not this one. Also not happy with the old boyfriend just hanging around waiting for Case to turn to him in love. And the cop neighbor does not give me goose bumps. All pretty fluff stuff in this mystery. It's pretty darn bad when I don't even feel anything for the cat in the story. And who wants to live in a pl [...]

    15. Peggy on said:

      Wound up in Murder a yarn retreat mystery book 3This this third book in the yarn retreat mystery is even better than the other two.Casey Feldstein is personally involved in this murder at the Vista Del Mar inn. The main suspect is her ex boyfriend,Dr Sammy Glickner and he's hiding in her guest house.Meanwhile her maybe current boyfriend,Dane,is a cop looking for Dr Sammy.You Dr Sammy is also a magician who while performing his act is rudely interrupted by the murder victim.Great read.

    16. Cheryl on said:

      Casey is excited about running another yarn retreat, this time each knitter will get a mystery bag of knitting materials to make something with. At the same hotel there is a 1963 weekend where everyone dresses and listens to music etc of 1963. When Casey delivers her bake goods she finds a women dead. A women who had a fight her Casey's ex boyfriend. Casey hides him and helps to find out who really did it.

    17. Sylvia Feicht on said:

      A good cozy for knitters. Casey is living in an idyllic seaside California town where she bakes for restaurants and hosts knitting retreats. In this installment the Vista Del Mar has two events scheduled, the knitting retreat and a "Back to 1963" retro group. When the soon to be ex-wife of the 1963 event is found strangled with a magician's scarf. Casey must prove that her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Sammy, isn't the murderer. A quick, satisfying read.

    18. Venessa on said:

      As if Casey Feldstein weren't busy enough running her dessert business along with her weekend retreat business, this book sees her trying to solve two mysteries, the murder mystery of a parallel retreater, and the mystery of the unknown Delacorte heir, which began in book 2 and will continue in book 4.

    19. Grey853 on said:

      I wanted to like this book, but found it really hard to enjoy because of the writing. It was all telling and very little showing, with narrative that was way too simplistic. There was also a lot of repetition and I didn't care for the main character much. I liked the premise, just not the execution.

    20. Pat Plummer on said:

      Loved it!!! The ideas for knitting and other yarn crafts are a great addition to the well-plotted mystery. The recurring characters in the series really shone. I can't say more because of possible spoilers, but I will say--get it and read it!!

    21. Sherri on said:

      Another delightful mystery in this series! Casey finds herself involved with another murder case but this time it wasn't one of her retreaters. She also unravels the mystery of the Delacourt heir after she solves the murder and clears her ex's name.

    22. Gillian on said:

      I couldn't put this book down until I finished. It was a quick read and I am excited for the next one in the series.

    23. Esther Griffiths on said:

      Fun and intriguingThis book kept me wanting to read it and it was hard to put downloaded the suspense of it all.

    24. Laura on said:

      nice story/plot just a little light on "bulk"aning-? Maybe I was looking for character development.m

    25. Linnea on said:

      Interesting ending but the plot with Dr. Sammy seemed to drag on some. I am looking forward to see where the characters develop in the next book.

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