You're Getting Married Soon... Now What?

Eeva Lancaster

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You're Getting Married Soon... Now What?

You re Getting Married Soon Now What Wouldn t it be great if you could talk to your partner about anything If you could discuss your plans and share your dreams openly like friends If you could look inside their thoughts and know where t

  • Title: You're Getting Married Soon... Now What?
  • Author: Eeva Lancaster
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wouldn t it be great if you could talk to your partner about anything If you could discuss your plans and share your dreams openly like friends If you could look inside their thoughts and know where they stand on the hard issues If you could ask them the questions in this book You re Getting Married Soon Now What is a recommended read for all couples who are planning tWouldn t it be great if you could talk to your partner about anything If you could discuss your plans and share your dreams openly like friends If you could look inside their thoughts and know where they stand on the hard issues If you could ask them the questions in this book You re Getting Married Soon Now What is a recommended read for all couples who are planning to take their relationships to the next level Many couples forget to talk about the situations they will encounter, leaving them unprepared and unaware of how their partners may react Many have unrealistic expectations which are not based on reality, and that results to disappointment and frustrations Feelings which lead to contempt, until one day you realize that the love you once felt is gone.

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      294 Eeva Lancaster
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    One thought on “You're Getting Married Soon... Now What?

    1. Adri Sinclair on said:

      Curiosity gave me a grin!Eeva Lancaster address a few very loaded questions with this book, and then proceed to help you out with practical, intelligent reasoning behind it. Having been married myself, for 20 years, I wasn't sure this book would carry much weight - until I read it. We live in a society that can be pretty wasteful, and that includes marriages. This book certainly makes you stop and think about your motives, your ideals, your dreams and then help you put your feet firmly on the gr [...]

    2. Odelia Floris on said:

      This short, easy-to-read guide presents engaged couples with a useful series of questions to ask themselves and their spouse-to-be. The book encourages couples to look at the practicalities of married life, in an effort to avoid clashes and arguments occurring over different ideas about lifestyles and living arrangements. It also aims to get couples talking about things now, such as ex partners, that may come to light later and cause strife.This book is practical and readable, but it does only a [...]

    3. Patty Seitz on said:

      For those getting married or newly married and just getting used to your new married life, this is an excellent book to have handy. It's the type of guide that can be read and discussed many times, even after some things have been addressed, since habits, feelings, ideals can change over time. It's a wonderful way to keep the lines of communication open, especially if you have a difficult time getting serious conversations started or don't know what questions to ask and talk about. The author di [...]

    4. Jennifer Senhaji on said:

      Anyone in a committed relationship, should read this book. Questions we should all be asking our partners, that give insight into who they are and who they will be in the relationship. A very valuable read, not just for engaged couples. I think an excellent group of topics to discuss with your partner. The goal: to avoid unnecessary conflict and bring you closer together. Yep, even after 15 years of marriage, it's a great reminder that I don't necessarily know everything about my partner. "Honey [...]

    5. Isis Sousa on said:

      First, let me tell you, my husband and I have dated for six years before we joined our toothbrushes… And we’re now together for almost 12 years in total. However, I thought that reading Eeva’s book would be quite interesting as I wondered how she would address the issues of getting married to the readers.Starting with the layout and presentation, it was a pleasant book to browse through. The fonts and formatting are beautiful and it has also some nice illustrations here and there to comple [...]

    6. Stephanie Collins on said:

      This book is a great balance of sweet, friendly encouragement and no-nonsense, straightforward advice. The subjects suggested for in-depth conversation between future partners before they tie the knot are useful and common-sense. They are topics any couple needs to be on the same page about for any hope of a successful "happily ever after". Some may be difficult to discuss, but if you can't even find the courage to discuss a subject before marriage, I don't know that you're ready to LIVE it afte [...]

    7. Shaheen Darr on said:

      In this gem of a book Eeva Lancaster tackles the practical subjects that arise after marriage. She raises important questions like “where will we live” and “are we going to share household chores” or “how do you want to spend your free time” which might appear trivial but after marriage can test even the best of relationships. She also touches on subjects like sex, family planning, infertility and the problems that arise when couples share financial commitments. Using a simple and ho [...]

    8. S.J. Hermann on said:

      When reading a self help book, one must ask themselves if it achieved the goal it sent out to do. In the case of You're Getting Married Soon, Now What?, it does. The book asks several questions that every couple should discuss before taking the plunge into marriage. From the obvious questions like finances to having children, it also dives into discussions that you might not have thought of. Being married over 25 years I can confirm the questions posed in this book are important and should be ta [...]

    9. Suzie Jay on said:

      This book is an easy to read guide to topics that every couple considering marriage should discuss. The book is written in a non-judgmental way, with easy to relate to examples. The author not only talks about topics that need to be discussed but why and how to discuss certain sensitive topics. I would highly recommend this book to any couple who are seeking marriage or a long term commitment. It would even make a great gift to give a couple at their engagement party. What better gift than the c [...]

    10. Barbara Land on said:

      You’re Getting Married Soon Now What? by Eeva Lancaster takes a thoughtful look into married life before the event begins, which really is the most practical time to start examining the coming challenges. The problem, as Ms Lancaster astutely points out, is that most couples don’t really know what’s coming and therefore, have no way to choose a path that will lead to success (or at least give one a fighting chance to get there).This volume handily covers the most common events that can cau [...]

    11. Ava Coffier on said:

      Eeva breaks down the conversations that should be discussed before enduring the life-long commitment of marriage. There is a lot involved in marriage and understanding what you are committing to is a huge part of determining success. From the simple everyday hassles, to uncomfortable topics, Eeva provides advice to approach the problem efficiently. The theme of this book is communication, and that is a huge part of what keeps a marriage strong. The topics were diverse and real, because sometimes [...]

    12. Eeva Lancaster on said:

      He loves you you love her but can you talk? My book covers the issues that often cause marital conflicts and the questions couples must know the answers to before they make a commitment. These questions sound simple if it's so simple then why are they often left unasked? Yes, we do not know what the future will bring, but expectations should be aligned before taking the relationship to another level.So often, relationships fail because of unrealistic expectations and disappointments caused by wi [...]

    13. Aderonke Moyinlorun on said:

      Let me say I'm not a fan of relationship books because most of them are misleading, making you think relationship is supposed to be sweet all the time, but this one is definitely different. This book deliver an objective and clear guide in resolving marriage difficulties by communicating. Laying a good foundation for the marriage by talking things through before saying I do. This book presents marriage to you in a realistic way and raises a lot of practical questions. My only criticism is that m [...]

    14. George Rodriguez on said:

      There is a chapter in Eeva Lancaster’s You’re Getting Married Soon…Now What? titled “The Practicalities of Married Life.”It is the practicalities of married life – conversations that may be uncomfortable, but must be had on topics like intimacy, starting a family and money – that the author explores so well in her short and extremely helpful book.The first few months of a marriage are called the Honeymoon Period for a reason and any couple would be wise to read this book and heed t [...]

    15. G.S. Bailey on said:

      Cards on the table: Not being any kind of expert on marriage, it’s hard to say whether the topics addressed in this guide are comprehensive. They strike me as a package of important and useful things to know about your partner. Through open communication, you get to know each other better. I like the notion put forward here, that when you and your partner encounter one of the typical issues in marriage, you will be better equipped to address it if you have built a foundation by having previous [...]

    16. Aditi Chopra on said:

      I remember buying a plaque of wise words when I got married. After all these years, we still treasure the words on that plaque and refer to them from time to time. Eeva’s book reminded me of that plaque. In this book, author very aptly reminds us all that marriage is not a joke and it should be taken seriously. This book reads & flows very well and I enjoyed the cute graphics. I particularly related to the concept of “unnamed expectations” and “red buttons”. The questions mentioned [...]

    17. Michelle Murray on said:

      I found this book helpful even after 15 years of marriage. It is filled with good tips and questions to ask your life partner. I recommend it to any one getting married and newlyweds and newly engaged couples.

    18. Carol on said:

      Eeva Lancaster's book, You're Getting Married SoonNow What? is a smart, practical guide to the questions and situations that most married couples will face. Ms Lancaster urges open, clear communication on such varied topics as money matters, division of labor or chores in the home, jobs, children, and even your sex life. For those who are unsure of where to begin she provides a excellent list of questions on each topic that are sure to spark a healthy discussion, all in a non-judgmental, friendl [...]

    19. Allan Mann on said:

      Eeva lays out the necessary questions for young (and old) couples need to be asking themselves and others. It takes the difficult topics - money, ambitions, sex, etc. and lays out a logical set of questions to guide couples through the discussions they need to have.This is a quick read, but full of insightful information, requiring the reader to come back often to absorb everything. I particularly related to the "red hot button" issues that can set off your partner without you knowing why.I woul [...]

    20. A.M. Manay on said:

      Eeva Lancaster is like your cool aunt who tells you the truth about adult things and doesn't hold back. This book is about marriage, not weddings. She takes you through all the tough topics you need to discuss before you put a ring on it. A lot of those type of books are overly wordy or patronizing, but not this one. Lancaster cuts to the chase and tells it like it is. You would not believe how many people tie the knot without getting on the same page about money, kids, religion, in-laws, and se [...]

    21. Jolie Mason on said:

      Out of curiosity, I picked this up. Later in my life and considering re-entering the dating pool, this book seemed like an interesting exercise. I can attest to the advice being sound, and I believe I will pass this on to my children as they get older.In my youth, I already made a few of these mistakes. In marriage, most of our mistakes come in the form of conversations we didn't have soon enough. Had I seen how the deck was stacked against me, would I have gone through with the wedding? Having [...]

    22. Sandra Kerns on said:

      This is a must read for newly engaged couples, or people thinking about getting engaged. The straight forward advice in a sometimes humorous, sometimes personal tone, keeps you turning pages because it feels like a friend talking to you. Someone you trust, who has maybe been through it themselves. I wish I had a guide like this when I was first thought of marriage. It would have made life so much easier.

    23. Julie Greenawalt-Hacker on said:

      How everyone could use such practical advice before getting married. And, this guide even serves double-duty as it is even a good refresher for those who are already married and maybe need a little push to start over in certain areas, or for those who are getting married for the second (or even third) time. Eeva Lancaster's advice and guidance are timeless, very useful and condensed into trinkets of a lifetime of counsel. Definitely recommended for couples who are getting married soon!

    24. Nikki on said:

      Thinking of taking the plunge? then this book is for you!A quick read packed with lots of useful tidbits!I've been married for 20 years, but I still really enjoyed this book! This novel would also make an excellent gift for couples that are thinking about getting married. It tackles sensitive topics, but even manages to keep the audience reading and gets them to smile from time to time.A great read!

    25. Lisa on said:

      This book should be handed out the beginning of relationships. This is a very thorough look into living with someone in whatever category. I found it well written, thought provoking. The little smatterings of humor interspersed in the book gave it just enough of a laugh, even though they are serious topics. Great book. Highly recommended!

    26. Nanette Day on said:

      Handy guide to make you think about your relationship in practical terms. The author presents insightful and thought-provoking questions about your expectations for your life and your partner, your hopes, and where you draw the line. These questions are helpful for anyone in a serious relationship, whether marriage is on the table or not.

    27. L. Benitez on said:

      I enjoyed this book. It was very insightful and the author brought up points that I hadn't thought about before. I'm not getting married soon, but I am in a serious relationship, and the encouraging voice of this book was very enjoyable.

    28. Pandora Spocks on said:

      Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. You're Getting Married SoonNow What? is one volume in Eeva Lancaster's 'Now What?' series. I was particularly interested in this book because my son recently got married and I wish I could have given him and his bride a copy before the wedding.In You're Getting Married SoonNow What?, Eeva Lancaster makes the case that while many happily engaged couples spend months or even years planning for the bi [...]

    29. Fionna Guillaume on said:

      When my husband and I were deciding to get married, we read a book very similar to this. How refreshing, to find a book that guides you through that most important pre-wedding list of questions. And no, it’s not about the flowers, or theme colors, or even the wedding guest list. It’s about your vision for your marriage together. And it’s the most important conversation a couple will ever have before starting their married life.Eeva Lancaster’s guide is concise, friendly, and to the point [...]

    30. Hock Tjoa on said:

      Writing a book of advice is a brave thing. I think of travel books, for instance, and worry about the right level of detail, or of cook books and wonder if the recipes should be the focus or the techniques and principles.There are literally thousands of books giving advice to those getting married. Some talk about being a "good" wife or husband, others concentrate on the sex or the money. Lancaster has some wise words on Communication. Couples must learn to talk to each other.I think the author [...]

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