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Home Short story featuring Clay Talin Jon and Noor from Nalini Singh s November newsletter Author s Note This short story fits in between Play of Passion and Kiss of Snow but if you haven t yet rea

  • Title: Home
  • Author: Nalini Singh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 247
  • Format: ebook
  • Short story featuring Clay, Talin, Jon and Noor from Nalini Singh s November 2014 newsletter.Author s Note This short story fits in between Play of Passion and Kiss of Snow, but if you haven t yet read the series or those books, it does also stand on its own Enjoy

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    One thought on “Home

    1. Vicky (the Blowtorch-Wielding OotCDCB™) on said:

      Nalini Singh is not an author, she is a creator of BRAIN-CANDY. The most fabulous brain candy! Seriously, my face hurts from so much smiling.Noor is impossibly cute, Jon melts my heart with his brotherly gestures, and I am overjoyed by Clay and Talin finally having their much deserved “honeymoon phase”.

    2. Dina on said:

      I know Clay and Talin isn't readers' favorite couple, but I love them - so I loved this peek into their lives too, of course.

    3. Dali on said:

      I love the family dynamics in this series! How about this sweet scene between big brother and younger sister? “You can come in my room if you like. I’ll let you sit on the bed.”Laughing at the generous offer, Jon scooped her up and plopped her in his lap. If you want to read these free short stories you can always to to her web page and/or subscribe to her newsletter.

    4. Fanny on said:

      Clay y Tally son una de las parejas que menos me ha gustado de esta serie pero esta escena fue muy linda, principalmente porque Jon y Noor son tan dulces que me hacen olvidar mi odio hacia Talin * risa malvada *.2.75 Estrellas!

    5. Sophia on said:

      At the risk of being thought repetitive as I mention, yet again, that my response to this short vignette was smiles and ahhhhs. Clay and Tally do some remodeling of their aerie home so Jon can have some personal space and they make the last touches and then spring surprise gifts on the kids. Clay reflects with sheer joy on the blessings of family and a loving mate.

    6. Kathy Davie on said:

      A very short story available on Nalini Singh’s site and accessible by subscribing to her newsletter, “Home” is 9.7 in the chronology in the Psy-Changeling paranormal romance series. The family focus is on Clay, Tally, Jon, and Noor.My TakeIt’s a sweet story — Singh easily played on my compassion for an abused child and my appreciation for a loving couple wanting to make the children welcome and feel a part of the family.I do wish I knew if Jon was their natural-born son or an acquired [...]

    7. Darcy on said:

      This little short was so cute. I love that we get to see Noor and John secure in their new family and that Clay and Tally let them know by giving them something special in their personal space. It was also great to see Noor willing to share her present, even though John probably wouldn't be caught dead in it.

    8. Sarah on said:

      Nalini kills me with these short stories & I love every minute of it! This one gives us a chance to catch up with Clay & Tally and we get to see how Jon & Noor are doing. The family has come such a long way & it makes me happy to see them getting on so well :-)

    9. Ellis on said:

      So this snippet is one of the moments that made me retroactively become a lot more fond of Tally and Clay, which makes me wish all the more that these scenes has been a larger part of their own book (Mine to Possess). Looking at my notes I apparently thought it was very rude of Nalini to once again go full domestic and endearingly cheesy. Case in point:- Noor insisting on wearing her ponytail the exact same way as Tally. - Every day he woke to her scent, and every night when he fell asleep, it w [...]

    10. Angel Ruess on said:

      A short story about Clay, Tally, Jon and Noor, that was full of love.

    11. Sandra on said:

      me encanta esta serie!!! excelentes historias, excelentes personajes!!!

    12. Kathy on said:

      Psy-Changeling #9.7Home features, Clay, Talin, Jon and Noor on the day that they finished the additions to their aerie so that each of the two children has their own rooms.Read:June 17, 2017 - Free on Authors Website.

    13. Les Chroniques Aléatoires on said:

      Nalini Singh nous a habitué à nous offrir des petites scènes bonus sur certains personnages et couples afin de nous dévoiler des moments normaux, personnels, touchants. C’est de nouveau le cas cette fois-ci, Clay et Tally décide d’agrandir leur aire pour les enfants.Le fait de voir cette scène du point de vue de Clay est génial. On sait que c’est un changeling taciturne, qui ne se livre jamais ou peu sur ce qu’il ressent. On comprend tout de suite qu’il aime sa nouvelle famille [...]

    14. Sheila Melo on said:

      HOME is one of Singh's reward for fans. She has various free short vignettes that give glimpses into the lives of her Psy-Changeling series characters apart from the drama of the novels. HOME features Clay and Talin from MINE TO POSSESS along with their adopted children Jon and Noor. The story is about the changes to their home that Clay and Talin make to accommodate their children. As the title of the story suggests it about making a home for their family. I like the story. It is sweet and cute [...]

    15. Racquel on said:

      Clay and Talin finish some new home additions for Jon and Noor. The kids are just too cute as they take in their new surprises. While the story is said to be set between Play of Passion and Kiss of Snow, the epilogue makes more sense at the end of Kiss of Snow, so you might want to finish both books first.

    16. Laura Beth on said:

      Nalini Singh gives her readers a wonderful set of free short stories and deleted scenes. The can be found here:nalinisingh/extras/psychanTake the time to read them. They provide an insightful look at the things that Singh thinks about her characters but does not have room for in her novels.

    17. Christy on said:

      I love these free short stories that Nalini Singh writes! They give me a little glimpse back into my favorite series and my favorite shifters/Psy. This was so cute with Clay, Tally, Jon & Noor. It's so sweet to see how far these kids have come, and to watch Clay's leopard be all content and proud is priceless! Thanks, Nalini!

    18. Jenny Delandro on said:

      A tiny look at Clay and Tally extending their aerie to accommodate Jon in an extension that gives him privacy but still links his pad with the main houseLove the insight into Noor's healing

    19. AiraseemPerdomo on said:

      I love the short stories that I get every month in mail. This was was so sweet! LOVE it.

    20. Kitlina on said:

      A very nice short story. Reading about Jon and Noor is very interesting. I cannot wait till their time comes.

    21. Anna on said:

      Great insight into Clay and Talin's homelife with Noor and Jon, lovely being able to see how they're moving on.

    22. Betzacosta Betzacosta on said:

      Ayyy fue la primera de Clay, ame esta pequeña historia

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