The Rocheforts

Christian Laborie

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The Rocheforts

The Rocheforts Two very different families are bonded by scandal in this sweeping story of love greed and betrayal Anselme Rochefort has built an empire manufacturing serge de N mes or denim His biggest client Le

  • Title: The Rocheforts
  • Author: Christian Laborie
  • ISBN: 9781480461208
  • Page: 376
  • Format: ebook
  • Two very different families are bonded by scandal in this sweeping story of love, greed, and betrayal Anselme Rochefort has built an empire manufacturing serge de N mes, or denim His biggest client Levi Strauss As the craze for blue jeans begins to sweep the globe, Rochefort Industries seems poised for untold success But Anselme can be as cruel and ruthless with his faTwo very different families are bonded by scandal in this sweeping story of love, greed, and betrayal Anselme Rochefort has built an empire manufacturing serge de N mes, or denim His biggest client Levi Strauss As the craze for blue jeans begins to sweep the globe, Rochefort Industries seems poised for untold success But Anselme can be as cruel and ruthless with his family as he is in business The Rocheforts neighbor Donatien Rouvi re has one of the region s most prosperous farms and is desperate for a son to carry on his legacy After the births of three daughters, the Rouvi res adopt an orphan from the Sisters of Charity convent and raise him as their own When Anselme suggests uniting the two families by arranging for their children to marry, it seems like the perfect match But as the lives of the two clans grow increasingly intertwined, dark secrets come to light, including the mysterious circumstances of the death of Anselme s eldest daughter With The Rocheforts, Christian Laborie weaves a captivating tale of deceit, intrigue, and the dynamic tension between industrialization and a way of life rooted in the land.

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    One thought on “The Rocheforts

    1. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede on said:

      It all started with a lie and a lie that decades later almost ruined two people's lives.This is grand family saga concerning two families, the Rochefort, owner of Rochefort Industries manufacturers of denim and the Rouvière, owner of a prosperous farm.Anselme Rochefort proposes to Donatien Rouvière that their families should unit, his son should marry Rouvière daughter. At first this seems like marvelous idea, but as the years go and the two families lives gets more and more get intertwined, [...]

    2. Melinda on said:

      A juicy entertaining family saga spanning from the late 1800’s to 1930’s set in France focusing on two families the Rocheforts and the Rouvières. The former a family of wealth and station, prosperous in the textile industry, the later an able, sufficient, simplistic farming family.The two families are joined by marriage as well business purposes. Various dramas play out as a level of mystery ignites the reading adventure, revealing itself towards the end of the saga.Pre WWI, Russian Revolut [...]

    3. Jill Meyer on said:

      Remember the "family saga"? Those long, involved novels which follow a family from generation to generation? The ones where the sins of the father were visited on the sons, and their sons, etc? The late author Taylor Caldwell used to churn them out and all were entertaining in their overwrought way. (Side bar: I wish Caldwell's publishers would publish her "Dynasty of Death" trilogy in ebook).Anyway, French author Christian Laborie's novel, "The Rocheforts", is being published in English. It was [...]

    4. Chris on said:

      Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley. Something in us loves the big family sagas. They capture the imagination and whet a reader’s (or a viewer’s) appetite. Perhaps because of the juiciness of soap opera but with a layer of class that we can disguise the real reason by the veneer of “art appreciation”. No, no, I’m not watching soap; I’m watching Dame Maggie Smith. It’s culture. It’s on PBS. They have accents. No, no, this is not a romance book. Do you see one of those semi naked couples [...]

    5. Patty on said:

      The RochefortsByChristian LaBorieKey charactersd what is going down with themWe have two major families in this novele Rochefort family and the Rouviere family. The Rochefort family is more elegant. social. apt to be dishonest and adulterous. They make silk. The Rouviere familyers, vintnerswere much more honest and real. These families unite through marriage and make each other relatively miserable from that point on.What I thought about this bookThis book was rather interesting for me. It was n [...]

    6. Lucy Pollard-Gott on said:

      I found The Rocheforts to be an enthralling family saga, one which kept me intensely engaged from its dramatic Prologue, set in 1898, to its Epilogue, thirty-two years later. Although this is Christian Laborie's first novel to appear in English, I was not surprised to learn that he is an accomplished author of many other novels, a total of 16 books to date, two of which have won prizes for regional fiction related to the area he has made his home, the Cévennes, a mountainous region in the south [...]

    7. Tammy O on said:

      This was a great story of two families, their lives and their relationships. I enjoyed the setting in France, along with details of the Rochefort business--manufacturing denim and silk. The end seemed rushed--I wish the events from the last few chapters had started to unfold earlier in the book--but still a good read. Advanced eBook copy provided by Net Galley for review.

    8. Chrystal on said:

      The Rocheforts family saga, as painted by author Christian Laborie is a sort of immigrant epic of achievement in 19th century France. The story views the Rochefort family from the inside. Read complete review at TerrificReads

    9. Debbie on said:

      (Fiction, Historical, Melodrama)After visiting France in late 2014, I could not get enough of that country so I was happy to receive an ecopy of this book from NetGalley. I tried several times to ‘get into’ this, even skimming and re-entering, with no success. calls this a “sweeping story of love, greed, and betrayal” but I found it trite, predictable, and overly-long.2 stars

    10. Erin Al-Mehairi on said:

      I really love a good family saga, or this case, an epic saga at almost 500 pages. Don’t let the length deter you though, as you might not even feel like it’s such a length once you start flipping the screen pages. It’s a translated novel, from French to English, and the author’s first English novel. But he’s an author of many other novels in France. Possibly with a writing-style much like most foreign authors, in which they tend to tell their story and be less visual, or maybe due to i [...]

    11. Kate on said:

      Intended as a sweeping saga of two families, one headed by a rich industrialist, the other by a farmer, this book reads like a bad Dickens novel, with every twist of fate the could be thrown in. It is set in the early 1900 in France. Each character of the book moves through a series of complicated plot twists, and by the end, a series of unbelievable conflicts are unbelievably resolved. The patriarch of the Rocheforts, the rich family, is a cold and scheming business man. He marries his son the [...]

    12. Jacqueline on said:

      This is a family drama set in the early 1900’s when the farming of silk worms in the mulberry trees of the Cévennes and the denim and silk mills in Nîmes were big businesses. We meet two families, the Rocheforts and Rouvières whose different backgrounds and lifestyles don’t stop them being bound together in drama and deceit. The Rochefort men were ambitious and proud (to the point of arrogance) which often led to heated disputes that threatened the family unit. The Rouvières were more do [...]

    13. Mandy on said:

      This isn’t a particularly bad book, but it was all very predictable and I soon lost interest. It’s an old-fashioned family multi-generational saga, set in France, telling of two families – the Rocheforts and the Rouvieres – from the 19th century into the 20th, with some nice historical detail, especially about making denim, but overall I found it all very dull. The characterisation is flat, everyone talks in clichés so the dialogue is unconvincing and the plot twists and turns are all s [...]

    14. Sarah on said:

      I didn't hate it. I didn't like it. In fact, I'm quite indifferent towards this book. I was really drawn towards the premise--I love a good historical fiction; however while this one started out interesting, it quickly fell off and became increasingly more boring the more I read. As I understand it, the book has been translated from French. It is always hard for a translated book to feel fluid in any other language besides the one it was originally written in, and I feel like this is my source o [...]

    15. Trish on said:

      I have always loved historical fiction and family sagas, so I really looked forward to reading The Rocheforts. It did not disappoint!I really enjoyed the story of the intertwined Rochefort and Rouviere families. The Rochefort patriarch, Anselme, is not a sympathetic character, but his actions play an important part in the story. I found the characterizations in the book varied and interesting. The Rochefort dynasty is financed by denim. One of their major clients is the Levi Strauss Company in A [...]

    16. Caroline Wilson on said:

      The Rocheforts is a sprawling family saga that take a hard look at two families in late 19th century France. It's a great departure from the usual Parisian set novel featuring royalty or aristocracy, instead choosing to focus on the hardworking landed gentry and a family with wealth from industrialization. Anselme Rochefort is deliciously bad and stops at nothing to get his way, even if it means destroying those close to him. Conversely Donatien Rouvière is a family man more concerned with his [...]

    17. Kristine on said:

      The Rocheforts by Christian Laborie is a free NetGalley ebook that I began reading in early April. I believe I was initially interested in this book, due to it being like a New Money family dynasty biography, like that of Huguette Clark.While reading The Rocheforts, it's hard to deny the feeling that something is missing from the narration, like a crate without a bottom or (because the dialogue is so dramatic, secretive, over the top, and "Who's the Daddy?" in nature) a stage without scaffolded [...]

    18. Kell Andrews on said:

      Interesting perspective on the conflict between traditional and industrial ways of life at the turn of the 19th century and into World War 1. I've read a number of English books on this time period, but this book offers a French view. It's a sweeping family epic, but unfortunately I did not feel connected to the characters.

    19. Karen on said:

      ⭐️⭐️Nothing new here. I finished the book just to see what happened to the family, although the end was predictable. Would have liked a lot more history, and a lot less drama of a disfunctional family.

    20. Tina Price on said:

      The story is fine, quite interesting, but the writing is sloppy. It's quite American in the initial section, which is set in France. Can't see a French nun telling anyone to "Go see" about anything! Drove me mad.

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