Dragon Eye, Vol. 3

Kairi Fujiyama

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Dragon Eye, Vol. 3

Dragon Eye Vol Captain Issa and hsi squad have been deployed on a dangerous mission to investigate a sighting of bloodthirsty Dracules just outside the city But when a surprise attack from a mysterious villain threa

  • Title: Dragon Eye, Vol. 3
  • Author: Kairi Fujiyama
  • ISBN: 9780345498847
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Captain Issa and hsi squad have been deployed on a dangerous mission to investigate a sighting of bloodthirsty Dracules just outside the city But when a surprise attack from a mysterious villain threatens the very future of Mikuni City, Issa is forced to make a terrible choice To save his home, he must reveal a dark secret from his past.

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    • Best Read [Kairi Fujiyama] ☆ Dragon Eye, Vol. 3 || [Crime Book] PDF ✓
      410 Kairi Fujiyama
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Kairi Fujiyama] ☆ Dragon Eye, Vol. 3 || [Crime Book] PDF ✓
      Posted by:Kairi Fujiyama
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    One thought on “Dragon Eye, Vol. 3

    1. Conan Tigard on said:

      I love a manga book with a lot of fighting scenes. And Dragon Eye: Volume 3 is just that. The entire book is one long battle in the tunnels with the Dracules. I did enjoy that we got to learn a little more about Issa's past when he lived with the Dracules. The creator has hinted of it in past books, but this is the first glimpse of Issa's life with them. What I find humorous about the Dracules is that most of them look like cute Pokémon. They look kind of cuddly, like you want to hug them. But [...]

    2. Shazza Maddog on said:

      When we last left our heroes, Sosei and Issa had been separated from Leila and the rest of the troop sent out beyond Mikuni's city walls to investigate the Dracules reported by the local farmers. Issa and Sosei stumble across a mass gathering of Dracule, being led or, possibly more to the point, instigated, by a trio of high level Dracule. If they're going to keep the Dracule from invading Mikuni from beneath the city, through the underground tunnels, Sosei and Issa are going to have to take on [...]

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