Langston's Daughters

Juliette Harper

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Langston's Daughters

Langston s Daughters Kate Jenny and Mandy Langston Lockwood s daughters His tyranny drove them away His suicide draws them home They inherit his land his millions and his mysteries Meet the women of the Rocking L and

  • Title: Langston's Daughters
  • Author: Juliette Harper
  • ISBN: 9780986240706
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate, Jenny, and Mandy Langston Lockwood s daughters His tyranny drove them away His suicide draws them home They inherit his land, his millions, and his mysteries Meet the women of the Rocking L and the men who come into their lives Together, they begin the journey to discover the truth about The Lockwood Legacy From the pain of the past they find the strength to bKate, Jenny, and Mandy Langston Lockwood s daughters His tyranny drove them away His suicide draws them home They inherit his land, his millions, and his mysteries Meet the women of the Rocking L and the men who come into their lives Together, they begin the journey to discover the truth about The Lockwood Legacy From the pain of the past they find the strength to build a dynasty.

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      407 Juliette Harper
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    One thought on “Langston's Daughters

    1. Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts! on said:

      You can also read my review and enter the $100 GC giveaway HERE."Someone murdered Langston Lockwood, and regardless of how he had treated them all, she owed it to her father to find out who did it."I like being invested to the story of these three sisters. The book is told on three different POV's and I thought it was going to confuse me, but it actually worked for me instead. I became more into the story because of it and I understand the characters even better. People said Langston Lockwood ki [...]

    2. Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff) on said:

      njkinnysblog/2015/03/bLangston's Daughters first attracted me when I saw the cover with its beautiful background and a mysterious woman who is facing the other side. Then when I read the blurb, I knew I had to read the book!Juliette Harper is a new author for me so I started out with the book not having any previous impressions about the author. The book narrates the story of three sisters who are back home after their tyrannical father commits suicide. Faced with his unusual last terms, the new [...]

    3. Keshia Driscoll-Cook on said:

      I ordered this book on my kindle because I really liked the cover. Whatever- Don't act like you've never done it ;) Book Overview:The Lockwood daughters are as different on the outside as any strangers but inside they all have the same love for each other and for their home ranch. Kate the oldest is strong willed and just plain old strong. She has a passion for ranching and never left her hometown but she did leave the family ranch to start her own. Jenny the second daughter is creative, stubbor [...]

    4. GinnyGallagher on said:

      3.5 StarsKatie, Jenny, and Mandy have tried to distance themselves from their demanding and overbearing father, Langston Lockwood but death has a way of bringing everyone back home.The three sisters try to put their memories and emotions aside as they return to the Rocking L Ranch and investigate the claims that their father commented suicide.Langston’s Daughters offers a strong dose of family drama, commitment, and the healing of old wounds as the daughters learn that the man that everyone lo [...]

    5. Miranda Young on said:

      Intriguing at its bestI enjoyed the mystery and romance,I especially enjoyed the girls characters. They are strong independent women who has been hurt by their father's bitterness. My only disappointment is the this is three part series. I am a bit frustrated by the trend and long for a good book such as this to end in one series even though it may be a long story. But I like this style of writing and I endorse this book.

    6. Lavinyaa Pash on said:

      SORRY NOT SORRY!This is a 155-pages long book that I couldn't connect to at all. I forced myself to read it till page 100, but except from a lame family affair and lame dialogue, nothing came out of this story. The story is supposed to be set now-days. But the dialogue sounds like it's from nineteenth century. What the hell? Plainly bad.A better kind of review is to come.

    7. Rebecca on said:

      It was interesting and pretty good except for the unwanted extra POVs. But then it ends on a big hook. so only a low 3*

    8. Melissa on said:

      This novel is not only the debut novel from a writing partnership I'm sure will go on to great success, it is the first in a series about Langston Lockwood (now deceased) and his three grown daughters, Kate, Jenny, and Mandy. It's a romance. It's also kind of/sort of a western, in that it takes place on a ranch in Texas. Neither of those is my favorite genre, but even if half of the writing partnership that makes up "Juliette Harper" wasn't one of my oldest blog-buddies, I would say the same thi [...]

    9. Maria Mitchell on said:

      Full review also available here: fangirlsreaditfirst.wordpressFirst off I’d like to thank the author of Langston’s Daughters, Juliette Harper, for allowing Fangirls Read It First to read and review her book.Langston’s Daughters was a quick, easy and very entertaining read. It’s about three sisters returning home for their father’s funeral, but once all of them discover the circumstances of his death, they know their father was really murdered. The terms of his will stipulate in order t [...]

    10. Wattle on said:

      Why I read it: I thought it sounded interesting, what more of an excuse do I need? ;)Plot: Jenny, Kate and Mandy are sisters who are all flew the nest (though one remained closer than the others) and are reunited due to their father’s death. They return to the house they were raised in; where questions are raised about his death and what it means for their futures.Characters: I liked all the characters, they were nothing overly memorable, except perhaps for Langston himself, who isn’t so muc [...]

    11. Charlie on said:

      Kate, Jenny and Mandy Lockwood are all incredible women in their own right. They are drastically different from one another, yet very intuitive and perceptive to one another. Despite their differences in how their relationships went with each of their parents, the three sisters band together after the suicide of their father, Langston.There’s just one problem. None of them believe he committed suicide.At least not wearing his thousand-dollar Stetson and most definitely not with his favorite gu [...]

    12. Erika Messer on said:

      So far I really like this series even though I am not normally a fan of novels with cowboys and cowgirls. But this isn't the normal western novel, it's a story about 3 alienated sisters who come back to the family ranch after their father's death and find out that in order to inherit the land they must all live together. Kate is the one daughter who stayed with their father and worked the ranch and she loves it. So the thought of losing what she has worked SO hard for is devastating for her and [...]

    13. Maureen on said:

      In ‘Langton’s Daughter’ we meet the three sisters Kate, Jenny and Mandy. All three Langton’s Daughters have been living their own lives, trying to get away from their unkind Texas father. But when their father ends his life they are forced to get back to the town they grew up in. They are surprised to learn that all three daughters inherited their fathers land and a lot of money. But there is a catch to the inheritance and soon they learn that there father had a lot of secrets. This book [...]

    14. Kelly on said:

      We have 3 strong independent daughters of a man who killed himself. The girls are coming back to figure things out. Because their dad killed himself with his best Stetson on his head and his daughters know he would never ruin a good hat, so they investigate what happened. Jenny and Mandy left home without thoughts of coming back. Kate owns the ranch next door to her late father’s. None of them had plans of returning to their birthplace as their dad was so mean to them, his late wife and everyo [...]

    15. Lorna Holland on said:

      Full review now available on my blog: thewritinggreyhound/As this is the first book of the series, it's little more than a set-up for the following books. I haven't read the other books, but if you want to get any sense of completion and have read a full narrative, there's not really any way around buying the boxset!Despite the fact this book is little more than set-up for the rest of the series, I still enjoyed it. It's quite a short book and a very easy, quick read (I read it in an afternoon) [...]

    16. Victoria Simcox on said:

      This is a tale of three estranged sisters who reunite. Langston Lockwood is their father and in the past he has treated his girls cruelly, even to the point where they abandoned him. It’s not until he ends his life that they are drawn back to their roots―the ranch. He has left them his property and his abundant wealth. In the process of picking up the pieces of their lives the young women learn of their true heritage. Though their lives were filled with hurt, they with summon the courage and [...]

    17. Kasey Cocoa on said:

      This is a quick easy and enjoyable read. The content is both light and meaningful while not being heavy or overloaded. I like the various characters as they feel unique and well fleshed out and maintain their personalities throughout the book. It's an interesting story with a little bit of twist although I don't feel it lands squarely in a particular genre. It's a touch sluggish getting started but don't let that deter you. Overall it's a good book and great for when you don't have all day to re [...]

    18. Alice on said:

      Liked the book well enough to want to read the next in series, but I'll have to purchase 2nd and wait for 3rd. Book confirms the theory that having enough money to make adjustments makes it much easier to do so. The more money, the less obstacles.Change of heart of father just doesn't seem logical/true to advertised character.Did enjoy the sister's willingness to support each other. Appreciated reference to homes made from container boxes.

    19. Sue on said:

      First book in a series about three daughters/sisters and their horrible relationship with their father - a Texas rancher. When he shoots himself and leaves the ranch to his daughters with them having no choice but to all move back and run it together, he gives them the beginning of a mystery as to who he really was, and why he would shoot himself.These three girls need to rebuild their love for each other, and for the ranch that is in all of their blood!

    20. Patty on said:

      A "Got To Read"Recommended reading! Enjoyed reading the first book of the Lockwood Legacy, a legacy left by a father to his three totally different daughters. Each daughter had big dreams but something happens that stops every one in their tracks. Read to see if the sisters can get their lives back and continue to go forward.

    21. Susan on said:

      Perfect book for a cold, rainy day. Three daughters are reunited when their irritable father dies. But is it suicide or murder? All three girls unite to find the answer. Steps for the next book, just when a few answers start coming together. Good mystery with light romance, it would be good for junior-senior high readers.

    22. Brianne Whitley on said:

      It took me a little while to get into this book, but once I did it was really good! This clean mystery had me wondering exactly what happened throughout the whole book! I loved how it went back and forth between all three girls, and sometimes even one of their friends (Jolene). This book left off on a cliff hanger and I’m excited to see what happens next! Good book!

    23. Terrie Stamey on said:

      Johnston's Daughters-Great story of mystery and greed!I thoroughly enjoyed the three sisters, all different, but still loving each other. A father who was just terrible, and not knowing why. On top of all that, a murder mystery! Just loved this book and it will keep you glued to it till the end.

    24. Elaina on said:

      InterestingThis is a series worth reading. Family drama and a crime to boot. Set in the south with a whole lot a southern charm! I can wait to see what book 2 has in store for the 3 Lockwood ladies.

    25. Gail on said:

      Good bookIt's a series, so don't hope to find out the ending in this book. But, I enjoyed reading it. The characters were interesting and since I was born in the great state of Texas, I enjoyed the descriptions of the land.

    26. Julia on said:

      Book 1 of the seriesI liked the country feel of this story and the relationships between the three sisters. I will definitely be reading the next books as I want to find out why their father killed himself.

    27. Jewett on said:

      An interesting story if you like both mystery and romance One that leaves you eager for the next book in the series.

    28. KAREN RAY on said:

      I'm from Texas and it was nice to read a book that had towns I new and phrases I reconized.I cried and laughed out loud. Loved it and am starting the second one.

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