Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet

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Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet

Neris and India s Idiot Proof Diet India Knight and Neris Thomas s top top ten bestseller Neris and India s Idiot Proof Diet is a hilariously honest account of a low carb diet that actually works Ever wanted a diet book by and for real

  • Title: Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet
  • Author: India Knight Neris Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780141027432
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • India Knight and Neris Thomas s top top ten bestseller Neris and India s Idiot Proof Diet is a hilariously honest account of a low carb diet that actually works.Ever wanted a diet book by and for real people you know, people who actually have a life Congratulations You ve just picked it up.We lost ten stone in a year and if we can do it, then just by following our tiIndia Knight and Neris Thomas s top top ten bestseller Neris and India s Idiot Proof Diet is a hilariously honest account of a low carb diet that actually works.Ever wanted a diet book by and for real people you know, people who actually have a life Congratulations You ve just picked it up.We lost ten stone in a year and if we can do it, then just by following our tips you can do it too There s never been a diet book like this for women, by women, with simple advice that is not hard to follow plus jokes And read our new chapter on keeping up the good work Amazingly frank the honesty of their confessions exceeds anything previously published Evening Standard A compulsive read with good advice, whether you want to lose five pounds or five stone It addresses the emotional issues of eating Completely delicious and simple to make recipes Mail on Sunday Crammed with real dieters hilarious motivation boosting tips and anecdotes CosmopolitanIndia Knight is the author of four novels My Life on a Plate, Don t You Want Me, Comfort and Joy and Mutton Her non fiction books include The Shops, the bestselling diet book Neris and India s Idiot Proof Diet, the accompanying bestselling cookbook Neris and India s Idiot Proof Diet Cookbook and The Thrift Book India is a columnist for the Sunday Times and lives in London with her three children.Follow India on Twitter indiaknight or on her blog at indiaknight.tumblr Neris Thomas is a film producer and artist, she lives in London and is married with one daughter.

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      454 India Knight Neris Thomas
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    One thought on “Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet

    1. Reb on said:

      If you are a vegetarian like me do not bother buying this book as the diet revolves around meat, meat, fish and more meat. There are some interesting sections about why and how people overeat, but they also go on and on about how if you cock up even once you will have ruined the whole diet and have to start again. What a load of rubbish! I am also highly suspicious of Neris and India's 'after' photo in which they are both wearing M&S Magicwear dresses - basically the whole-body equivalent of [...]

    2. Gina on said:

      There's nothing new here in terms of diet/food information. What is new is the refreshing "voice" of the authors -- both of whom were overweight. There is less in-your-face bitchery than Skinny Bitch.

    3. Melody on said:

      Apparently my Anglophilia extends to reading diet books written by chatty middle-aged Brits, provided I see same on the NEW shelf at the library. I can't figure myself out sometimes. Disclaimer: I am not a dieter, nor do I intend to be. The tone of the book was convinced and evangelical regarding the Low Carb Way. The authors are also more than passing fond of stranglingly tight control knickers, the mere thought of which gives me the heebie-jeebies. That being said, I read the whole book. More [...]

    4. Shelly Clark on said:

      As a serial dieter for all my life (now 50) I have tried everything from drugs to starvation. I'm just completing the first week of this diet and I'm feeling really good about it. The book is easy to read and understandable, the advice clear and concise and it really does make me feel that I'm being supported by friends who want me to succeed. Check with me again when I've got to my target weight about what I think of this book.

    5. Khushboo Sood on said:

      I never did follow the diet - this WOE is ketogenic and not something i can subsist on. but the authors have been very frank and amusing in their tales of dieting. They are two normal people who actually went on a strict (for some) diet, and have given a day by day account of their experience. The wordplay truly is reminiscent of talking to your girlfriends about your weight issues and the continuing conversations to cheer you.Would highly recommend as a self-help diet fiction :D

    6. Vicky on said:

      I’ve read a lot of diet books. This is the first one written by someone who actually followed the diet. Neris and India are not dieticians, health experts, doctors, or any other expert on losing weight. What they are, is two women who were overweight and tried multiple diets until they found something that worked for them. What they came up with is basically a modified Atkins/South Beach diet that puts you through a heavy carb detox the first two weeks.The language is frank – sometimes a lit [...]

    7. Rachel on said:

      It was a wonderfully informal books which started off really well, addressing emotional eating and other topics that other diet books skim over. Then it revealed itself to be an atkins/south beach style diet with very expensive eating options. A normal Brit living on minimum wage cannot afford that amount of organic produce, that much meat and all those supplements. Then there is the dubious nature of the results. India and Neris, for all their amazing chatty open writing and brutal honesty, don [...]

    8. Angela Mcclanahan on said:

      I found this book not very helpful for me. I would say it may be helpful if you are planning on doing an atkins diet as they want you to cut out all carbs for your first two weeks and then ease them back in. Then you gradually move to an organic diet filled with healthy foods in moderation. I can see that the intial 2 weeks may help "jump start" your weight loss but I have never heard this to be a healthy option.The authors state they give you help on dressing but they mostly just repeatedly tol [...]

    9. Lynne on said:

      This means I have to actually start the diet now, right?!**Update** I never did. I decided not to bother as the diet is VERY restrictive for the first fortnight, and I'd been suffering from some (still as yet!) unexplained health issues for quite a while and thought I'd better not do anything as severe as this until I was better. It's a very middle class type of diet, free range and organic ingredients are seen as essential! I also didn't like the way some of it made the feminist in me angry, ye [...]

    10. Laura on said:

      It's basically a no-carb diet, starting off like Atkins, South Beach, etc. They claim upfront that they know nothing about nutrition (though they did get their cholesterol, etc checked and it actually went down), which is one reason I wouldn't follow this to a T. They also state that most people who write diet books don't know what it's like to be fat or have issues with food; while there are tons of books out there, I have read several written by recovering fatties and people with real food iss [...]

    11. Saritha on said:

      I was scouting books on Change Management and thought the best place to look would be a book on weightloss. This one popped up at the library and turned out to be darned good research material. Basically, this is a low carb diet and has been written in a sort of join-the-dots manner where if you do everything the authors tell you to do,and you do it exactly the way they tell you, you're bound to lose weight and look fabulous. This proceeds initially day-by-day, then a weekly guide comes in once [...]

    12. Abbey on said:

      Basically this book is a story about how these women did the Atkins diet and lost like 70 pounds. But, I actually loved the book for any woman on a diet. Dieting is very alienating. As soon as you tell even your closest friend that you are on a diet its like you moved to a foreign country. This book is a kind of "girlfriends guide." You really feel like India is your friend (she seems to write most of the book). She is honest and loving. The first 70 pages are about how they got fat and stayed f [...]

    13. Sandy on said:

      I have never done the low carb diet, so when I saw this book it looked like a great way to get some weight off, try to kick my addiction to sugar, and have a good laugh reading the frequent witty comments found throughout. Well I had a good laugh. I've followed their instructions to a tee for two weeks now and I have lost a few pounds AND inches, which is great. The not so great part is that it has played havoc with my blood sugar and I find myself thinking I'm going to tip over half the time. T [...]

    14. Erica on said:

      I really enjoyed the author's voice in this book - the British sense of humor came through loud and clear - and frequently caused me to laugh-out-loud. However, it's greatest asset was the manner in which it addressed common food issues and reasons why people overeat - and gave much more attention to this subject than any other "diet" book I've ever read/browsed/glanced at. I would have appreciated a bit more scientific explanation behind their reasons for "eat these foods during this phase", ot [...]

    15. Gina Boyd on said:

      Here's the thing: I have no idea whether I have the stones (or the money, frankly--because if I'm doing it, I'm going local/organic/grass-fed all the way) to try any version of a low-carb diet, but if I *were* to try one, this would be it. Why? Because Knight is a funny writer. She's foul-mouthed and over forty, and I like that in someone who wants me to share something. Plus, even though both women look fantastic now [they've lost (and kept off) a total of 140 pounds], neither one of the women [...]

    16. Jill on said:

      I was amused by all of the cute British terms and the light writing and the whole style of the book. Then I got to some of the rules, which they said they cherry picked from other weight loss programs for themselves. Great idea, but they weren't for me. I'm a Weight Watchers believer, so I'm not much for the never drink anything but coffee, tea, or water again. That would never do. Some good all-around tips in the book, but I wouldn't even attempt to follow it to the letter. I don't think one si [...]

    17. Lucy Nickson on said:

      One of the (unintentionally) funniest books around. Eat cheese with a side of cheese. People at funerals may look at you oddly whilst you are scooping out just the centres of quiche. You can still eat out, go to pizza express but only eat the cheese topping. India Knight herself has since said she's grown up and this was all a load of rubbish and she now eats normally. 3 stars for the humour not the actual diet.

    18. Spook Harrison on said:

      Didn't expect much from the reviews, intro, and fact that the pages were multi-colored, but actually got some good ideas from this one that I think will stick with me. The stuff (lies) we tell ourselves and are encouraged to believe by advertisers about how 'fun' food is, the fat friend myths, the friendly diet saboteurseaned much from this silly book!

    19. Juliette Morris Williams on said:

      Common sense stuff written with honesty and a lot of humour. Think of Edina writing this while Patsy sits at the counter with champagne. I'm not one to read diet books, but after reading another of Knight's books I thought I'd give it a try. And I'm actually going to give the plan a try as well. :)

    20. Nicole on said:

      Haven't finished the whole book, but I've read enough. This is a good, interesting take on diets. Rarely does a book on dieting call you "fat". Yes, it might be true, but most authors don't go out of the way to say so and then ask how you got that way. There was lots of sharing and some tough love as

    21. Sabina on said:

      Found it on a shelf at the library and got hooked by the writing--the two women are likable and definitely have clear voices. The content isn't thrilling, but then again I'm not on their diet plan, so who knows. Cute, but not profound.

    22. Amy Matthes on said:

      I wish more diet or food books were written this way. I truly enjoyed reading this book, and the author's voices were fresh and interesting. It was a good jump-start read for me to get back to eating right!

    23. Brendon on said:

      I really liked this book, not necessarily for the specific diet that they recommend, but for the way they talk about weight loss and all the mental/emotional things that go with it. They have good days and bad days; they cheat and get back on track; and they tell us all about it.

    24. Lisa on said:

      Just another low-carb diet book, and the authors admittedly know squat about nutrition. Don't waste your money or your time. And a note to the authors: losing weight IS as easy as eat less and exercise more.

    25. Ophelia London on said:

      Basically the Atkins diet, but the book was very cleverly written.

    26. Lisa Nocita on said:

      Funny and honest. I don't know if I'll give it a go or not but I enjoyed reading about their experiences.

    27. Kori on said:

      great so far, a different, very entertaining book! we'll see if it works!

    28. Nikki on said:

      Enjoyoed it. Liked the idea of it, while reading it, but not to actually don't live with out carbs for years!

    29. Heather on said:

      fun read - not sure i follow their theories entirely though it did work for them

    30. Eli on said:

      India Knight just makes me laugh. She gets to the point & I appreciate that bluntness.

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