Agnes Moor's Wild Knight

Alyssa Cole

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Agnes Moor's Wild Knight

Agnes Moor s Wild Knight Agnes Moor knows her place in the court of King James IV as one of the exotics in his employ When the king makes a kiss from Agnes the prize of a tourney a mysterious knight plows through his opponen

  • Title: Agnes Moor's Wild Knight
  • Author: Alyssa Cole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Agnes Moor knows her place in the court of King James IV as one of the exotics in his employ When the king makes a kiss from Agnes the prize of a tourney, a mysterious knight plows through his opponents to claim it But it isn t chance The Wild Knight has come for her, and her champion is after after the most elusive prize of all her heart.

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      239 Alyssa Cole
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    One thought on “Agnes Moor's Wild Knight

    1. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears on said:

      I just wish this story had been a damn sight longer. Normally, novellas are not my thing because they feel so incomplete, but Agnes Moor's Wild Knight was a full, lush and gorgeous tale that didn't leave me feeling cheated.I mean what's not to LOVE about a historical interracial Highlander romance? Not only that, but it's based on an actual historical incident known as The Tournament of the Wild Knight and the Black Lady. James IV was a wily ruler and it was known that he did have African courti [...]

    2. Erika on said:

      2.5 starsDecent sexy parts, but I didn't really like the heroine. For such a short story, she was really negative, argumentative and b****y for most of the book. One thing I DID like: she actually had had lovers in her past, instead of being the usual virgin heroine.

    3. Tiffany Reisz on said:

      I read this last year and forgot to review on GR. Something reminded me of it yesterday. This was a fantastic historical romance novella. Loved every page of it. Great premise, based on true events. Only complaint was that it was so good it should have been a full-length novel. If you're looking for a well-written historical, I highly recommend this one.

    4. Kim on said:

      I initially heard about Agnes Moor's Wild Knight on Facebook--not much information was provided by the poster other than that it was IR historical romantic fiction and set in Scotland. I figured I'd give it a shot--and I wasn't disappointed.Set in the intriguing world of the court of King James IV and Margaret Tudor, Alyssa Cole's Agnes Moor's Wild Knight is inspired by a jousting tournament called the Tournament of the Black Lady, which King James held in honor of his black servant, Ellen Moor. [...]

    5. LPJ on said:

      So short, but nicely done. It's really too short to have a real emotional connection to these characters, though I do really like Agnes and respect her. Still, having a black woman in 16th century Scotland and pairing her up with a Highlander Alyssa Cole wins for that. The story was intriguing and developed nicely. The side characters were engaging, I really liked Queen Margaret. I want more from this world, more tales of the "exotics" - people invisible in our modern recollection of history bu [...]

    6. Suleikha Snyder on said:

      Interracial Scottish medieval? Where do I sign up! Wait, I DID sign up, and it was well worth it! Alyssa Cole's short, sexy tale of an "exotic" in James IV's court and a mysterious knight is the kind of diverse historical romance readers need to see more of -- not just because of the (historically accurate!) representation, but because her writing is evocative and the banter is smart.

    7. Megan on said:

      Rich and nuanced without being overwhelming in such a short format. I loved Cole's voice in this one. (I didn't like Sweet to the Taste very much, but this short-but-strong romance is SO GOOD.)

    8. Ines Johnson on said:

      Fantastic read! Agnes is a strong, intelligent, witty character having to swallow her unfair lot in life, but still full of hope. There was just the right amount of racial angst in this book which did not overshadow the steamy and fulfilling love story between these two memorable characters.

    9. Delaney Diamond on said:

      This story was short but was very satisfying in the details and the connection between the hero and heroine. I enjoy Highlander stories and was excited to read one that included a heroine who is an “exotic”—rescued from a Portuguese slave ship—in King James’s court. Very well written.

    10. Monique on said:

      Wow! I really enjoyed this little literary gem. Besides being very well-written and historically accurate, the story was very engaging. Yes - there could realistically be a tale of a African lady of King James IV's court, who is wooed by a Scottish knight. It was short, sexy and sweet, with a very likable H/h. (And the 'Wild Knight'hot damn).I hope that Alyssa Cole has more stories like this! 4.5 stars!Note: There is a 10 minute animated film of the actual history behind this story, called 'The [...]

    11. Connie on said:

      This was an excellent story for it being under 50 pages. It was a complete story with distinct characters, great plot, the language and spelling fit the time period that the writer was trying to achieve (for the most part), and there wasn't any overcontrived drama. I felt the attraction between the characters Agnes and Gareth even though I didn't even know who Gareth was for the first at least 25% of the book. :) A knight fought in a tourney to win the kiss of our fair Agnes. She was an exotic s [...]

    12. ★ Codie Abibliophobic ★ on said:

      Loved it, although I wish it could've been a full novel.

    13. Ariadna on said:

      A short (it's only 38 pages long) but entertaining story about a former slave raised in King James IV's court and the mysterious knight who is determined to win a competition in order to kiss her.Normally, I would have given the story a pass EXCEPT that it's by Alyssa Cole (whose published works always melt my heart and my mind.) Among the things I liked were:+ Agnes is not a virgin. (Meaning the story was able to sidestep that boring trope of the virginal--usually female--characters saving them [...]

    14. Silvana [The Book Voyagers] on said:

      Alyssa Cole keeps dazzling me with her historical romances. They are so good and I believe Agnes Moor's Wild Knight is ten times better? It's really short like I totally want a complete novel of this or like maybe another novella? I am in neeeeed. We have a black heroine in a medieval Scotland, where the king organizes this tournament that has Agnes' kiss as the prize if you win. There is also this really tol and big Scottish hero who is also like really romantic and loves the heroine? He is a S [...]

    15. Meka♥books on said:

      This was my time reading something from this author and will not be my last. I truly enjoyed the setting of the story which historical centers around The Tournament of the Wild Knight and the Black Lady during the 1500s. This is a well written short where the author talentedly captured a time period of women and race excellently in the court of James IV. All the characters are rich and the story is richer. In the midst of the history was the racial disquietude that did not overshadow the love st [...]

    16. Ciera on said:

      THIS.RIGHT. Listen, its got a black girl in medieval Scotland! Maybe I'm biased because I read so many Scottish Highland romance novels but also love books with a black girl lead. But still, this put together a lot of the things I love to read! Like most other reviewers, I do agree that I wished it was longer. It was only 38 pages and I was intrigued the whole time. In a short time, Cole managed to create a likable heroine that complemented her love interest perfectly. The ending was satisfying [...]

    17. Re8ecca on said:

      This was a wonderful way to spend a few hours. I love medieval POC and having a Black woman as my smart politically astute heroine was a treat! Add a hot highlander and there's romance magic. But don't mistake this for a throwaway. Research was done! (Check the appendix). Characters were developed. (There's a reason they go so well together.) And this is just well-written. Would love to see these two together in a full-length novel. Can you imagine the scheming they could do, the court politics [...]

    18. namericanwordcat on said:

      I really like this writer's voice and storytelling. The hero is in fierce knightly pursuit of his lady who is not your ordinary romance heroine. She is smart, insightful, multilingual, and not white. The romance is based on a true event. My issues is that the book was just jsut too short and we didn't get to really see the full falling in love or making to work. I will be on the look out for longer novels by this author.

    19. Savannah- Quad Motherin' Book Readin' Diva on said:

      Really different read. Love the idea that its semi based on a real legend/story even if the details are romanticized. Full romantic license done right. Gareth is the best kind of alpha and Agnes the best type of heroine. The type whose misgivings are completely justified considering her circumstances. Love their falling in love. Just wish it had been longer. Would love a full length sequel!

    20. Heidi Belleau on said:

      this was a very refreshing change from the usual highlander romance (which I love but have grown bored of the sameness of)the heroine is lovely every moment and every word, and the hero has his moments too. I just wish it were longer! I think this story absolutely could have shone as a fatter historical with some more intrigue and secondary conflict.

    21. Trickiegyrl on said:

      WonderfulThis such a breath of fresh air in the IR genre. I loved the historical setting of 1500's England/Scotland, heroine Agnes, hero Gareth, his battle for her and how realistically that era is portrayed. It received three stars for the length. But, there is a great depth in such few words.

    22. Tina on said:

      Really well done story. Nice tie with actually history. Too short. Wish it were a full length.

    23. Flip on said:

      Pretty good it was short but I liked the whole Black woman in medieval times you don't really see that in many books that are out there.

    24. Jacquie (Rattle the Stars) on said:

      I discovered this short story while browsing diverse book aesthetics on Twitter. It was described as a steamy story set in medieval Scotland with a black heroine. I’m down for anything based in Scotland but the description just sounded so unique, unlike anything I’ve heard of before. So, I downloaded it right away! And oh my gosh was this story so good! Yes, it was quite short, being about 38 pages in length, but it felt completely satisfying.The story revolves around Agnes, a young black wo [...]

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