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Retribution THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN Once the top leader of the Sur del Calle cartel Colombia s largest drug trafficking organization Pablo Sanchez has declared revenge against Blake Barnett the FBI agent who d

  • Title: Retribution
  • Author: Kim Cresswell
  • ISBN: 9780992084172
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN Once the top leader of the Sur del Calle cartel, Colombia s largest drug trafficking organization, Pablo Sanchez has declared revenge against Blake Barnett, the FBI agent who d killed his twin brother over a decade ago.After one failed attempt forced him to flee the United States, Pablo has a bold new plan and he s even determined to kill BlakeTHE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN Once the top leader of the Sur del Calle cartel, Colombia s largest drug trafficking organization, Pablo Sanchez has declared revenge against Blake Barnett, the FBI agent who d killed his twin brother over a decade ago.After one failed attempt forced him to flee the United States, Pablo has a bold new plan and he s even determined to kill Blake and his fianc e, Whitney Steel.From Las Vegas to the militant infected jungles of Bogota, Blake has no choice but to risk his life and infiltrate the cartel s inner world and eliminate the ruthless drug lord.But the price of failure is higher than ever as he s forced to use the woman he loves as a pawn in a deadly game where the events of the past and present collide.WARNING This book contains graphic language, adult situations, and violence.

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    One thought on “Retribution

    1. Jonel Boyko on said:

      Cresswell has done it again! She’s created a fantastically unique novel that will keep you on pins and needles throughout. Her writing is impeccable yet quite inviting. It keeps you fully immersed in the fast paced & suspenseful tale at hand. Cresswell combines action and danger with all the best of a political thriller giving readers of all walks something to enjoy. Cresswell cleverly sets up her novel so that new readers can join the series here with little trouble, while at the same tim [...]

    2. Dianne on said:

      A man who caused so much loss in both her life and that of her fiancé, ex-FBI agent, Blake Barnett has had his sentence read for his evil crimes and Whitney is there, live with her cameraman to capture the moment. Little did she know she would, within seconds, become the kidnap victim of a drug cartel overlord on a mission to avenge his twin brother’s death at the hands of Blake. What better way than to take the woman he has planned a future with? Little did he know, he was trying to capture [...]

    3. Sharon Xuereb on said:

      This is the second book in Kim Cresswell’s Whitney Steel series and wow, what a ride!I feel that you need to have read book 1 in this series – Reflection, to be able to understand this book fully as it continues on from that. Even though the story should still make sense otherwise, but have the familiarity of these characters, both good and bad helped me to understand the motives behind their actions.This is a fast paced read once again and is so well written that I had trouble putting it do [...]

    4. Kath on said:

      This is the second in the series and I have to admit to not having read the first although, through clever use of flashbacks, this did not hinder me in any way. That said, I will probably go back and read it as its storyline as hinted in this book quite piqued my interest.This book starts off where book one finished. Blake is distracted by a blackmail plot whilst his fiancee Whitney is kidnapped. The book then follows Blake's attempt to solve the blackmail issue whilst also trying to figure out [...]

    5. Nolene Driscoll on said:

      I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Retribution and from the first page I was hooked. As this was the 2nd book in a series I liked that the story started by putting everyone in the picture of what happened previously but also gave us a glimpse of what was about to happen. I settled in and waited for the story to unfold. The story was fast paced and action packed and kept me glued to the book.I also liked that not only was there a strong male character but also a strong female character who d [...]

    6. Noelle on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It is certainly action-packed, full of suspense, fast-paced and with a good twist at the end. You have a combination of a large Columbian drug cartel, the FBI, a Journalist and a death row inmate all linked together by their past. Revenge is on the cards and in the main, I just did not know what would happen next as I turned each page.I particularly enjoyed the characters in this book. Pablo Sanchez--the revenge seeker, loves his cocaine and womenough he treats them b [...]

    7. Hilary Weinstein on said:

      This is not a book that I would normally have picked up by the title alone, except that I was privileged to have been given an ARC copy as it was a legal thriller of which I am quite fond. Am I am delighted that I took that opportunity as it was a really great read.Full of excitement, drama, action and much more, it was difficult to put down. It went from the US to Columbia and was about drugs, guns, kidnapping, a heroine who was as strong and powerful as her FBI fiancee. I was captivated by pag [...]

    8. Book Monitor on said:

      I recieved a free copy of this book for an honest reviewI enjoyed this book but it didn't blow me a way. Although the second in a series it did stand alone- just, The story of the first part is briefly retold near the beginning and in small paragraphs throughout the story however I did wonder if you have read the first one (and I hadn't) whether this would be irritating. The action is pacey and the lead female character is a strong woman able to think for herself, but I wasn't convinced by the b [...]

    9. Alexina Golding on said:

      Lucky enough to receive an arc to review.This is the second in the series of Whitney Steele, it is full of action paked storylines, sub plots that weave extremely well with the main story. Although you can read as a stand alone, the book will make you want to read the first instalement.Which i intend to do. It has flashbacks to the previous book, but not too many to be annoying.I don't want to give the plot awayWhitney is as much if not more of a hero than the FBI. The story moves from America t [...]

    10. Jackie Roche on said:

      Pablo Sanchez was once the leader of Columbia's largest drug trafficking organisation and now wants to exact revenge of Blake Barnett, the ex-FBI agent who killed his twin brother. Sanchez hatches a plan which involves Whitney Steel, Blake's fiancee. Blake must risk his life in order to save Whitney.I loved this book from page 1. I kept on turning the pages to find out what would happen next and before I knew it I was at the end, having read the whole book in a couple of sessions.There's never a [...]

    11. Dorian on said:

      Kim Cresswell has done it again! The second installment of the Whitney Steel series is just as amazing as the first if not more. I would give it 6 stars if I could. This book was riveting, captivating and so exciting. There are so many twists that you are never bored. I loved the story and how it is execute. This book was absolutely amazing. I was so drawn into the suspense, I had to remind myself to breath. I was blown away with the intensity of the emotional struggles Whitney and Blake face in [...]

    12. Trisha Perry on said:

      Whitney has been kidnapped and Blake is on the trail, but Blake has his own problems, there is a bounty on his head. If Blake is to get Whitney back he must travel to Columbia's biggest drug trafficker, Pablo Sanchez.This is another wonderful, kick butt book by Kim Creswell. I love Whitney Steel, she is one tough lady, I want to be her when I grow up. The action and suspense in this sequel to Reflections is so intense you can't stop reading/listening you just have to find out what happens. Rebec [...]

    13. Jo Reason on said:

      The is very action packed from the first chapter to the last, there is no quiet moments. This is the second in the series, I haven´t read the first and it doesn´t matter, it can be read as a standalone.The two main characters are very strong a man and a women, who are in a relationship, one of them gets kidnapped and has to deal with everything thrown at her and the other is trying to find her and rescue her. Drugs, travel, well maybe not so much travel, but at least there is more than one cou [...]

    14. Mary Johnson on said:

      I was delighted to get an advanced copy of this book from the author. If you like the pace fast and bloody, this is the book for you. Not just one 'live action hero' but two - and one of them is a woman! The killings are plenty and nasty, reaching from USA into the 'badlands' of Columbia. Our femme fatale is just that. A very lethal woman whose dangerousness is equal to that of her partner / husband to be. This book reads like a script for a movie just rearing to go. It could be a 'stand alone' [...]

    15. Sarah Bernacki on said:

      I was really lucky to receive this book as an ARC copy. Having not read the first book I was unsure if I would be able to follow the book but luckily the writer added enough information for me to understand the story. This book is action all the way from the beginning and see's the plucky Whitney Steel being kidnapped and the story commences with a a race to find out who masterminded the kidnapping and save her before its to late.I really enjoyed how fast paced the book was and how you were root [...]

    16. Laurel on said:

      Retribution by Kim Cresswell. From the very first page this book had me hooked. To me Kim Cresswell was an unknown author,but having read this I will watch out for more of her books. She managed to write an excellent story. It was well written, pacy and credible with great characters. I look forward to more books from her and will definitely recommend it to others.

    17. Mary Daniels on said:

      Totally Awesome!!!Another totally Awesome book! Just as good as the first one! I made myself read it slowly so it wouldn't end as fast I can't wait for the next Whitney Steel Novel! If you like action, a love story, good guy's, bad guy's, and suspense, read this one it has it all!!! Thank you Kim!!!

    18. Paula Genereau on said:

      THE WAR HAS JUST BEGUN…Once the top leader of the Drug cartel has declared revenge against Blake Barnett, the FBI agent who’d killed his twin brother over a decade ago.WAR has begun Hurricane readers book reviews gave me this book for a honest review

    19. Sherri Wyman on said:

      This is a gripping fast paced book full of twists and turns. It will having you craving the next page while being simultaneously afraid of what is waiting behind that next action packed page!

    20. Susan Angela Wallace on said:

      absolutely loved it. the action was great. loved it. lots of action. didnt realise it was a book 2. will get book 1 later. 10 out of 10. kim cresswell keep writing girl. fab.

    21. Bridget McKeown on said:

      Audio versionA great follow up which flowed flawlessly from the first book. Will check Kim out to see if there are any more

    22. Glenda Findley on said:

      An Enjoyable ReadAs a fan of Kim Cresswell's, and delighted with the first Whitney Steel novel, REFLECTION, I was excited to revisit her well-developed characters, Whitney and Blake. I love her easy storytelling style and character building skills. RETRIBUTION is packed full of action, adventure and intrigue where many of the characters we grew to love/hate returned. I was disappointed in the back history revealed as dialogue flashbacks rather than narration to bring the back history up-to-date [...]

    23. Roxanne Dugger-Martinez on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the Hurricane Readers Review group. I would rate this book 3.75*. It was good but the first was much better. There were some scenarios that seemed too unbelievable to me and the whole situation could have been over with easily if things would have went a simpler way, but I am really enjoying this series and I love Blake, Whitney and the rest of the gang. I will definitely be reading Resurect, the next book, when it is available [...]

    24. S.I. Hayes on said:

      What else can I say without giving up the goose of some grizzly plot points? Not a lot, suffice to say that if you liked the ass kicking's Whitney gave in Reflection you will not be disappointed in her this time around. Sanchez is just as sadistic as you'd expect and the adrenaline junkie in us will be well satisfied. Overall it's a really great read and I recommend you go grab a copy!!

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