Ranma ½, Vol. 2 (Ranma ½

Rumiko Takahashi Satoru Fujii

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Ranma ½, Vol. 2 (Ranma ½

Ranma Vol Ranma Follows the adventures of half boy half girl martial artist Ranma whose transforming gender problems began at the Accursed Springs in China when he became cursed to turn into a girl when splashed wi

  • Title: Ranma ½, Vol. 2 (Ranma ½
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi Satoru Fujii
  • ISBN: 9781569319635
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Follows the adventures of half boy, half girl martial artist Ranma, whose transforming gender problems began at the Accursed Springs in China when he became cursed to turn into a girl when splashed with cold water, and back into a boy with hot water.

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      123 Rumiko Takahashi Satoru Fujii
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    One thought on “Ranma ½, Vol. 2 (Ranma ½

    1. John Wiswell on said:

      You know that Ranma turns into a girl whenever he gets wet? And the same turns his father into a panda?You remember that Ranma’s nemesis, Ryoga, carries an excessively heavy umbrella everywhere?You’ve probably figured it out from those questions alone, but I didn’t see it coming. When Ryoga lost his umbrella, was rained upon, and turned into a piglet, this book got five stars. It was twenty pages in. I don’t care.The book kicks off with the revelation that Ryoga tracked Ranma to the same [...]

    2. Qt on said:

      Just as addictive, funny, and exciting as the first, and I quite like the artwork!

    3. Brenda on said:

      P-chan finalmente ha salido ¿Quién no amaba a este adorable cerdito negro?En este tomo comenzamos a ver los primeros indicios de preocupación de Ranma por Akane, e incluso se logra apreciar en la obra como la chica comienza a dudar aunque sea un poco debido a la sinceridad que Ranma no puede evitar.También contamos con la presencia de la rosa negra un personaje que me gusta bastante, ¡quiero el siguiente tomo!

    4. Lauren on said:

      Well, this one was at least funnier than the previous volume. I found Ryoga/P-chan more likeable than the mains and enjoyed whenever he showed up. That said, the willful obtuseness on the part of some of the characters as to each other's secret identities and affections (even when it's being told to their face) gets in the way of my enjoyment. Yeah, I know, it's supposed to be part of the joke, but here's the thing: when there's one character who's like that, it's amusing, especially if there's [...]

    5. Odd Stavem on said:

      Liking this a lot more than I thought I would. The comic timing is just impeccable. Very funny stuff.

    6. Ruby Escalona on said:

      Super cute - even though this was a manga and not a TV show (like what I grew up watching), the wit and the humour is still there in the comic book. The action sequences were plotted out very well as well, and you won't get lost even while reading. This manga hooks the readers up because it is a mixture of action, drama, romance, comedy, and animals lots and lots of animals! My favorite is the panda (Mr. Saotome) You probably need to read them in order -- and there's a lot of books that you'll h [...]

    7. Jodie Rosenbaum on said:

      The madness continues! I love how each of the characters have their own unique quirk it makes for a hilarious story

    8. Jeff Suter on said:

      The saga continues. Ranma finds himself the love interest of another boy, but only in his female form. Ryoga is still lost.

    9. Ella on said:

      It gets even funnier. I didn't think I'd enjoy a high school manga so much.

    10. S. J. on said:

      *3 Stars*My Review of Vol. 1*WARNING: Because of the occasional female nudity (and male though they always have carefully placed legs), this is not really for younger manga readers. *The Gush*As mentioned in the previous review (see above), the Ranma chapters follow a rather predictable pattern. In the two stories (part of the second as well as the end of the Ryoga tale) in this volume, we meet Kuno's sister Kodachi, who challenges Akane to Martial Rhythmic Gymnastics, falls in love with male Ra [...]

    11. Sarah Crawford on said:

      Part 1: The Transformation Of Ryoga. Ryoga returns, wanting revenge, but Ranma realizes he also has a curse. Shortly thereafter Akane comes across a small piglet while Ranma thinks a dog is Ryoga. Ranma in her girl form takes a bath with the piglet who then turns into Ryoga. Ranma-chan is nude in several panels.Part 2: He's got a beef. Ryoga explains how he fell into the cursed spring. Ranma-chan chases him and P-chan (Ryoga in pig form) ends up sleeping with Akane (no sex). There's a technical [...]

    12. MissAnnThrope on said:

      25 January 2013Ranma ½, Volume 2 has you laughing out loud within the first five pages. It is another hilarious, action-packed installment that does not disappoint. I absolutely love the rivalry between Ranma and Ryoga. I am constantly entertained when those two share the page. Ryoga is stubborn and can be piggish *wink*, but I find those qualities in him to be endearing. There is something about that hard-headed fool that I find adorable.There are a slew of new characters introduced, including [...]

    13. Mosley Allen on said:

      Spoilers!!!!!Ch1: Lol Kasumi traded the sword in for a training weight.Ranma: "Dirty minded pig! I knew it! A male!"Ch2: Akane totally gave female Ranma a titty twister! 0.0Nabiki: " Ranma if you're going to sneak into a girl's room do it quietly."Kasumi: "Personally I don't think it's right to sneak in at all."Soun: "It just shows he's a healthy lad."Ch3: I've never been a big Kodachi fan. ._.Ch4: Kiss rape. Ha! Akane left him outside on the roof unable to move.Ch5: What it is with the Kuno's a [...]

    14. Leila Anani on said:

      Gender-bending comedy and love triangles galore continue in this second volume of the hit manga series following the adventures of Ranma, a boy who turns into a girl when hit with cold water.The main focus is on Ryoga, Ranma's inept rival who we learn followed Ranma and also got knocked into a spring and now turns into a black piglet P-Chan when hit with cold water. Unsuspecting Akane lets P-Chan sleep in her bed making Ranma inexplicably! upset.The second arc in this volume deals with Kuno's si [...]

    15. Frahorus on said:

      Il secondo volume di Ranma ci presenta un nuovo personaggio, tale Ryoga che, come Zoro di One Piece, non ha un senso dell'orientamento ben sviluppato e, tra uno scontro e un altro col suo rivale Ranma, passano anche mesi perché si perde per la strada. Nel finale del volume arriva un'altra nuova sfidante, stavolta contro Akane, colei che si fa chiamare La Rosa Nera.Continua a divertire la storia di Ranma, il ragazzo che è sia uomo sia donna (vedi volume uno) con tante gag e con le cotte dell'ad [...]

    16. AGamarra on said:

      En este manga se tratan de muchas cosas importantes!, bueno si consideramos importante al corte de cabello involuntario de Akane (que quedará así para siempre, y que dicho sea de paso toda su vida lo había usado en verdad así) y la aparición de Ryoga, el enemigo más tenaz quizás que tendrá Ranma. Gracias a Ranma Ryoga también cayó a los pozos malditos de Jusenkyo transformándose en un pequeño cerdo, al que Akane bautizará con el nombre de P-Chan. Para empezar a complicar las cosas s [...]

    17. Matthew Hunter on said:

      Tread carefully around the Accursed Springs in China. If you fall in, you transform into a being that drowned in the spring long ago. Ranma becomes a girl; his father Genma becomes a panda; Ryoga becomes a small black pig. Takahashi uses their transformations back and forth to provoke mayhem and laughter. Ranma 1/2, Vol. 2's funny, and it raises questions about gender as determined by nature (innate) or nurture (a societal construct). You'll digest the 230 pages in an hour tops.

    18. Joseph Monaghan on said:

      More zany characters are introduced in the second volume of Ranma 1/2. Characters that are already existing from the previous book are developed and made more interesting, and one of my favourite characters called P-Chan makes his debut.Unfortunately for me personally, there was a little too much action here. I prefer the more 'comedy' and 'romance' genres in Ranma's story, but even though I am sure I am not alone in this, I cannot declare the amount of action to be a flaw. Takahashi did not go [...]

    19. David on said:

      Well sometimes the problem with manga is that additional volumes are basically the same content but different context. It's repetitive and stuff. This volume of Ranma 1/2 reminds me of the previous volume. I'm willing to wager that the next volume will as well. Granted, this was a humorous and quick read. Ranma faces martial gymnastics and soon will face martial ice skating.Oh, and he gets kissed. By a boy!I think I would like this scenario with a bisexual boy who turns into a bisexual girl.

    20. Miss Ryoko on said:

      Another great, hilarious volume! I loved when Ranma announced himself (in his female form) that his/her name was Ranma Saotome and both the Kunos didn't get it. Especially when Upperclassman Kuno was like "NOW I KNOW HER NAME!! I MUST WRITE IT DOWN!!" I was laughing so hard.I also love Ryoga and his little story. Hilarious!I hope the greatness momentum doesn't die because this series is so long because so far I'm lovin' it!!!

    21. Becky on said:

      Volume 2: we learn Ryoga's terrible (and adorable) secret, we meet Kuno's equally deranged sister, and then gymnastics. And also figure skating. (I personally think that figure skating should have been included in ALL volumes from here on out. There is a lack of Martial Arts figure skating in my life, and two volumes just doesn't cut it for me!)

    22. Ronyell on said:

      "Ranma 1/2 Volume 2" is just as good as the first one. This time, Ranma has his hands full when he deals with a transformed Ryoga and meets up with a famous pair of martial arts skating champions. Anyone who is a true fan of the Ranma 1/2 series will definitely enjoy this volume as it is full of good humor and action.

    23. Ryan on said:

      Ranma continues to be more fun than it probably should be, although there's not much to this one that the previous volume didn't have: satirically over-the-top action, confused gender roles, and lots of casual nudity. Recommended if you're a fan of that kind of thing, but read the first book first.

    24. Jason on said:

      Dang, everybody challenges everybody else over the littlest things in this book! That gymnastics battle was crazy ridiculous and crazy awesome. Also, I love the fact that Ranma's father seems to enjoy being a panda more than a human, because he's a panda most of the time. Details like that make this books oh so much fun.

    25. Rebecca on said:

      Ranma manages to get himsel into spectacular trouble again, this time with a gymnastics competition against a girl who likes his male self, but doesn't realise that the girl she is trying to maim during the gymnastics competition is really Ranma when the curse is activated. Ahh, funny, funny.

    26. Jean-Pierre Vidrine on said:

      The hilarity continues! The scene of the rhythmic gymnastics fighting constitutes some of the best action conveyed through still art that I have ever seen. Of course, there is a lot more than action here. Teenage emotions and manga weirdness stand right by the action in this stand-out series.

    27. Raj on said:

      More silly adventures of boy/girl Ranma Saotome, his/her dad/panda and fiancee Akane. This is great fun, very light and very quick to read. There are, unfortunately almost 30 volumes in the series, so I'm going to have to keep my eye out for further volumes in charity shops etc.

    28. Eden on said:

      Just as wonderful as the first volume. But Ranma still has to deal with Ryoga, but this time he has two forms to deal with.Really great manga series so far. I'm going to start reading the third volume right away.

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