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Kristi Pelton

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Old Enough to Love...

Old Enough to Love Emma Hendricks Zach OwensShe s He s She s experienced nothing He s experienced the world What happens when their worlds collide Never allowed to date will the relationship survive Emma s overly

  • Title: Old Enough to Love...
  • Author: Kristi Pelton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Emma Hendricks Zach OwensShe s 15.He s 18She s experienced nothing He s experienced the world What happens when their worlds collide Never allowed to date, will the relationship survive Emma s overly protective, older brother and his friends And what happens when his past is revealed and she discovers he s on probation Even if she accepts it, she must lie to her pEmma Hendricks Zach OwensShe s 15.He s 18She s experienced nothing He s experienced the world What happens when their worlds collide Never allowed to date, will the relationship survive Emma s overly protective, older brother and his friends And what happens when his past is revealed and she discovers he s on probation Even if she accepts it, she must lie to her parents and those around her She s always been Just one of the boys and now a man sees her as so much Can she convince him that she is old enough to love Old Enough to Love is the story of Emma Hendricks, or Runt as she s known to her older brother and his friends Emma born prematurely has always been physically smaller than other girls Protected by a posse of guys, led by her brother, she s pretty much off limits as dating material for anyone in their small high school until Zach Owens, a senior from San Francisco moves to the small town of Ashland, Oregon and is oblivious to the unspoken rule Emma, an inexperienced fifteen year old, is smitten with Zach and the undeniable attraction brewing between them She attempts to compete with the older girls to maintain Zach s affections and believes she is ready to take the relationship to the next level Though she is eager to easily bid her virginity farewell she misunderstands his hesitations Zach is on twelve months supervised probation and caught a lucky break the first time around He adamantly refuses to participate in any activity that would lead to juvenile detention, and he is frightened he ll lose Emma if specific information about his past is revealed Zach and Emma uncover blooming passionate emotions while discovering first time love, all the while reining in nearly uncontrollable desires Meanwhile, their biggest obstacles are the battle with her brother, her brother s buddies and Zach s elusive past.

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    One thought on “Old Enough to Love...

    1. Beth on said:

      4.5 Torturous First Love StarsOh MyFirst Love. Is there anything sweeter, more endearing than first love? Anything that gives you that warm feeling. Or that "I am going to throw up" feeling of losing your first love. That uncertain "does he like me the as much as I like him?' feeling. First loves, first crushes, lots of firsts. And I wouldn't go back and redo those days for all the chocolate Ghirerdelli Square. What sweet torture! Emma is a little bitty petite thing. She is 15 years old and surr [...]

    2. Liv Howard on said:

      Author Kristi Pelton gives us a delightful birdseye view of the angst of first love. Emma is experiencing all of the emotional and physical responses that come naturally to a teenage girl in the throes of her first "real" love. With those feelings come a host of questions and conflicts. With Zach, the object of Emma's affection, the author takes us into the mind and thoughts of a teenage boy. This story is a funny,yet startlingly true to life snapshot of today's American teenager. This is a grea [...]

    3. Addie Sullivan on said:

      Loved everything about this book!! especially the writing and the characters, plus the dual POVs.Emma was completely adorable, although there were instances in the book where I just wanted to shout at her. But I understood her, being a 15-year old in such circumstances. She's definitely one of the guys, and not by choice (LOL) that's because of her "overprotective" brother Ryan. He is the perfect brother, at first you might think he's overprotective but you'd see that it's because he really care [...]

    4. Haley on said:

      Aaaahh!! I loved this story!! I loved Emma and Zach. Seriously. I thought Emma was such an endearing character. Her innocence is so sweet and yet she is feisty and funny. I loved her relationship with Ryan and all his friends and it seemed pretty realistic. I am a sucker for first love stories and these were the perfect characters for that. Zach was so sweet and sexy!! I liked that they obeyed their parents most of the time and tried to follow rules. Emma was quite young and I thought Zach reall [...]

    5. Beth on said:

      4 Knock Knock StarsSome times great things coming knocking on your door. Things like books from . Or a really cute guy looking for your brother. One time we had someone leave a piglet on our doorstep. His tail has gotten frost bite and dropped off. Yeah, I get damaged pigsd Kristi Pelton gives us really cute boys. With a history. You choose which door you want to open.Emma is a freshman whose older brother and his football friends have appointed themselves as her protectors. Not that she needs p [...]

    6. Shannon on said:

      4.5 stars!!! A GR friend recommended this, and she was right - it totally sucked me in. It was full of teenage angst, first love, and secrets that haunt.The story is basically about Emma, a 15 year old who has lived in the overprotective shadows of her brother and his "jock" friends. They scare off anyone who is interested in her, until Zach shows up. he is sweet, protective, and so respectful and loving. Emma is a bit immature, but has learned all she knew from being around her brother and frie [...]

    7. Riza on said:

      *5 I-HEART-Zach Stars*I read this book without expectations or anything then as I started reading the prologue and it made me cry in page 1!? Can you imagine that and now here I am, writing a review while nursing a good hangover at 1 in the morning! ZACH AND EMMA'S story held my attention from start to finish. Zach's secret sucked me up even more with the story. What I love more in this book is the new words that I've learned such as PUMA, scrog and weirgin I laughed, i got nervous, I feel the " [...]

    8. Ketty on said:

      A friend recommended that I read this and every time I saw her she asked me, "Did you read Old Enough to Love?" I read the book out of guilt because I am over New Adult. I started this book and I couldn't put it down. I loved the two point of views and a story that shows the hero growing. This book is part of a of a series but the book can be read as a stand alone. I will definitely be checking out the rest of the books in the series.

    9. Stevie on said:

      I only recently discovered Kristi and I HATE that it took me this long!!A story of first love with so many obstacles to get through, this book was filled with the kind of drama that had me anticipating what will happen next! I couldn't put it down and I can't wait to get straight on to the next one!! 5+ stars for sure!!

    10. Elaine on said:

      Old Enough to Love is a wonderful book about teenage love & all the drama that goes along with it. As a first time author, Kristi Pelton captured my attention from the first page, & never let it go. I can't wait to read her following books to see what happens with Zach & Emma's story!

    11. Kimberly Beale on said:

      Being a book junkie I have to say that this book captivated me from start to finish. I laughed with the characters and could feel their frustrations. I would Definately recommend this book as a must read.

    12. Tracy on said:

      I think I read this entire series in three days! It was a great way to come home and just get lost in a great story! I can not wait to read other works by Kristi.

    13. Tara Jacobs on said:

      This is a well written book. Love the fact that the author is local, looking very forward to reading more of her work!!

    14. Clista on said:

      Emma was born premature and has always been fiercely protected by her brother Ryan and his best friends. "Runt" as she is annoyingly called by all of them, because of her small stature. She's 15 and has had crushes on 2 of her older brother's BF's. An unknown boy comes to her door, looking for Ryan, and Emma is instantly taken by him. Zach, 17, has recently and reluctantly moved to Ashland, OR, and is not one bit happy about it. Coming from SF, he thinks this OR town is a joke. He has a bad atti [...]

    15. Michelle Rene on said:

      If you believe in love at first sight, this is the book for you! Zach Owens is getting a fresh start, in a new town, at a new school. Emma Hendricks has been protected by her family and her brother's friends her whole life. But when the new guy shows up at her door, no one is able to protect Emma's heart from Zach. This amazing book is the about journey of young love, and I think we all need a reminder of what that is like sometimes. I can't wait to read the others in this series!

    16. Amber on said:

      I was suggested this book by some friend and they didn't disappoint me. I LOVED it!!! Kristi did an amazing job. about high school kids. Emma is protected by her older brother and friends. It's second nature to protect her from trying to date or get hurt. that it still Zach comes into picture (swoon) she starts to have feeling for a Sr. in school and feels can't compare to other girls. I don't want to give to much away but will suggest you read this. very good can't wait to start book 2

    17. DaHonna on said:

      This book was amazing, I couldn't put it down. This book had suspense, romance, & even drama. Emma is so caught up in her own world that I just wanted to shake her & say my goodness just trust this man & be happy!!! But as a first love for Emma I can understand the insecurities she had. This is a definite MUST READ!!!!

    18. Megan Fall on said:

      I need more stars! This book was so sweet. I loved Zach and Emma. It was about young love, but the story held my heart. I really loved Ryan and her other "brothers". They would make amazing spin off bookshint, hint! Great read, I am starting the next one immediately.

    19. Tera Chastain(Co-Creator of The Book Bistro) on said:

      Wonderful start to a fresh lovely series's a little sweeta little drama. characters and storylineThat pull you in.d make you want the next book.t me!!

    20. Tonya Vorisek on said:

      5+++ Amazing stars!!! Truly fantastic!!! Once again Kristi Pelton knocked it out of the park. I couldn't put the book downeven though I'm on vacationon the beachwith my familyI had to know what would happen between Emma and Zach. I needed them to get past the ugliness and find happiness in each other's arms. They are absolutely perfect together!! I was freaking out at about 88% in but I told my husband "I won't be able to sleep until I know!" Beautiful love story that encompasses everything you [...]

    21. Jessica on said:

      4.5/5 starsThis review will be short and sweet.#1 Fantastic writing job. Loved the duel POV, and every part of the story seemed to flow together real well. #2 This books gave me some craaaazy good feels! Man, I felt like I was teleported back to school again! Fantastic job in capturing the personality of teens at that age!#3 I cannot stress enough And I mean ENOUGH How often I come across a book I refuse just because of the name of the characters. If the names are so out of this world, how am I [...]

    22. Dg on said:

      The book was good and there were times that I had to remember that Emma is only 15 because the immaturity in her was all over the book. I loved Zach and at times I did think that HE did not deserve to be with her but I also understand this is her first love but she at times with her insecurity and her thinking just frustrated me to the max. THe part with the list and how she wanted to create her own just threw me over the edge and wanted to strangle her and then of course there is Grant and Aust [...]

    23. Charli ღ Denae on said:

      My first Kristi Pelton book. How did I not discover her sooner? I had, Old Enough to Love, in my Kindle library but, as happens all too often, it was forgotten in the masses. Ms. Pelton's new book, Slick, was recommended to me by a friend and I decided to read this first. I absolutely loved it! Full of first love angst, assumptions and misunderstandings, it sucked me in from the very first chapter. The characters are realistic and very likable. They do humanly, stupid things that are typical fo [...]

    24. Liz on said:

      There's so much to love about this book, the characters were great, the story was highly addictive and the added drama was a surprise. The only thing that I didn't like about the book was the fact that it was part of a series and I hadn't expected the story to continue! First romance stories are always a joy but this one really stood out. Zach is such an interesting character elements of his past were a surprise especially as the book reaches the end. I loved the older brother and the band of fr [...]

    25. Sharon Mariampillai on said:

      Actual Rating: 4.5 This was an amazing book! The story was great as well. The story is about a fifteen-year-old girl who falls in love with a eighteen-year-old. She is a virgin and he has a lot of experience. However, he has a secret.Emma is a fifteen year old girl who was born prematurely, so she is tiny. Also, she has asthma. She loves Zach. Zach is a eighteen year old boy who is very smart and plays football. He is experienced in "other" stuff. He falls for Emma. It was cute, funny, and charm [...]

    26. Lisa on said:

      Old Enough to Love (Just One of the Guys) was longer than most YA stories and filled with dr-a-ma. My only problem was Emma's age (she just turned 15 when she meets Zach) and her drive and planning to lose the v card. And Zach, the boyho that he was preEmma (view spoiler)[ (The Scoreboardyikes!)(hide spoiler)] matured into a personally and legally responsible man. I am looking forward to the next part of their story. Is Emma going to still be "too young"? How is Emma going to mature? How can the [...]

    27. Priscilla Garcia on said:

      I loved loved this book series. Loved the characters and the story. Zach is the perfect boy with a bad past. Em is a inexperience naive girl. Oh boy! I do want to say more about Zach but I can't without giving spoilers. If you love YA books this books is for you. This book is worth to be in every readers mouth. If you read it and like it recommend it to friends who love to read as much as you. I recommend it to my reading buddies. Thanks kristi for giving me the chance to read this amazing book [...]

    28. Laura Brunn on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, going to start on book 2 so I can find out what other troubles Emma is going to cause and get herself into. I liked Emma even though there are times I want to smack her upside the head, but hey she is young and learning. I loved Zach of course. He has a lot of patience poor guy. Of course I also loved big brother Ryan and her secondary brothers Grant, Austin, and the rest.

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