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Donna Grant

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Passion Ignites

Passion Ignites He consumed her with that kiss leaving no question that whatever was happening between them was meant to be that it had always been meant to be HE LOVES FOR ETERNITYThorn is the bad boy of the Dragon

  • Title: Passion Ignites
  • Author: Donna Grant
  • ISBN: 9781250071941
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • He consumed her with that kiss, leaving no question that whatever was happening between them was meant to be that it had always been meant to be HE LOVES FOR ETERNITYThorn is the bad boy of the Dragon Kings, a gorgeous, reckless warrior whose passions run wild and fury knows no bounds When he sees the brave, beautiful Lexi being lured into the Dark Fae s trap, he has no cHe consumed her with that kiss, leaving no question that whatever was happening between them was meant to be that it had always been meant to be HE LOVES FOR ETERNITYThorn is the bad boy of the Dragon Kings, a gorgeous, reckless warrior whose passions run wild and fury knows no bounds When he sees the brave, beautiful Lexi being lured into the Dark Fae s trap, he has no choice but to rescue her from a fate worse than death But by saving this tempting mortal, he exposes himself to his fiercest enemy and darkest desires As the war between Dragons and Fae heats up, so does the passion between Lexi and Thorn And when love is a battlefield, the heart takes no prisoners SHE LIVES FOR VENGEANCELexi is on a mission of justice Every day, she searches for the monster who murdered her friend Every night, she hides in the shadows and plots her revenge But the man she seeks is dangerous than she ever imagined He is one of the Dark Fae who preys on human life, who uses his unearthly power to seduce the innocent, and who is setting a trap just for her Nothing can save Lexi from a creature like this except the one man who s been watching her every move

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    One thought on “Passion Ignites

    1. Vanessa theJeepDiva on said:

      Vacation with your friends should be an experience filled with fun memories. Lexi’s trip abroad turns in to everything except for that. Just a few days before they are to leave for their return to South Carolina Lexi watches her best friend get murdered by a man with red eyes. After realizing that the police are not interested and the death toll is escalating Lexi decides to stay in Edinburgh to find the Red Eye monster all on her own. The one thing Lexi doesn’t realize is that she has jumpe [...]

    2. Samantha on said:

      4 burning and kingly stars for Donna Grant's Passion Ignites. I've been reading Donna Grant for some time now and have to say I really enjoyed this book. Thorn and Lexi were pretty good characters alone and were even better together. I couldn't remember Thorn from the previous novels which might be because he wasn't a major player in them but I loved him in this novel.As with all the Dark Kings books, the major plot involves the Dark Fey, the traitor king, and the specific king in question falli [...]

    3. L.E.Olteano on said:

      Originally posted at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on Nov 6 , 2015:In a Flutter: Exciting & entertaining!Fluttering Thoughts:Worldbuilding: The awesome world of the Dragon Kings, with all its magic and fab scenery, meets Edinburgh, and I loved every setting of it!Characters: Lexi was a charmingly stubborn and gutsy heroine to read about. I loved her attitude, her strengths, her vulnerabilities, her approach to things. We just clicked and I loved her pretty much from page 1.Thorn was nothing short [...]

    4. Emalie on said:

      For more reviews, visit Bookgatherer.~ Book provided by NetGalley and publisher in exchange for my honest opinionPassion Ignites surprised me a lot. Why? Well because(1) I was invited by the publisher over at NetGalley to read this and I immediately liked the synopsis, hit the button to accept the invite then I looked it up on and found out it was the seventh in a series. I thought to myself: "Fabulous, just my luck. Once again I'm stuck reading a book that I won't understand. I should really s [...]

    5. Valerie on said:

      4 1/2 stars!It's really only fair that Thorn's book was next. He gives poor Warrick such a hard time about Darcy that it was nice to see him get brought to his knees over a women. And his storyI wanted to know why Thorn didn't want any relationships. Turns out to be a very good reason. I definitely get why he felt that way.Lexi can resist the dark Fae. I still wonder about that. Does that happen because she's a Kings mate or is she a mate because she can? So many questions still plague me about [...]

    6. Eva Millien on said:

      As the bad boy of the Dragon Kings his passions run wild and his fury knows no bounds especially when Thorn rescues Lexi from the Dark and exposes himself to his fiercest enemy and his darkest desires in this spectacular paranormal romance.On a mission of justice, Lexi is heading right into the trap of a Dark Fae and the reader can’t help but get pulled into the exhilarating events as Thorn sweeps and rescues Lexi from the Dark’s evil clutches. The chemistry is scorching but the relationship [...]

    7. Sonja on said:

      Darius makes a comment in this book about how humans no longer look up. I would definitely have to agree with him tood that's sad. Except, I am ALWAYS looking up. Granted, I've never looked to the skies in hopes of seeing a dragon. But perhaps I should be. How I would love to have my own Dragon King!Thorn turned out to not quite be what I was expecting of him from what we got in the last book. I think I thought he would be slightly more of a playful kind of guy. And he's not really. But that's n [...]

    8. KathyAnne on said:

      This is not a stand alone part 7 of an on-going series! In this installment, we have yet another Dragon King fall into the mating trap yep, this time it's Thorn and he falls hard for the determined and spirited American southern gal Lexi. Lexi is out for revenge and Thorn has stepped in to make sure her need for revenge doesn't end up getting her killed. What follows is an undeniable passion between the two while at the same time the Kings are in neck deep with the beginning of a war with the Da [...]

    9. Dayreader Reviews on said:

      *I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.Passion Ignites is the seventh in the Dark Kings series. This installment of the highly popular series, introduces us to Lexi, a normal, American girl on vacation. She's lost one of her best friends to a Dark Fae and she is hell bent on revenge. Thorn, one of the newly awakened Dragon Kings, is fascinated with and immediately drawn to this woman. He feels a need to try and protect her, even if it's from herself.While Passion Ignites is a roman [...]

    10. paperysoul on said:

      It is another Dragon King being wasted because he mated with human.Why I said that?I just got tired reading the same thing over and over again in a couple of previous books and also this book that a human heroine got into trouble she's helpless because she's no supernatural that she needed a knight in shining armour to save her or in this case a dragon and then yay another battle is over, I love yous lets mated. Boring, okay?Alas, regardless of the aforementioned, I took interest only to these i [...]

    11. Janet Robel on said:

      I had a really hard time getting into this book and kept putting it aside. Good premise and well-written but I just didn't like the characters as much as I had hoped. There was plenty of heat and I normally enjoy this author. I guess we all have times where a book didn't meet our expectations and this was one for me.

    12. Nicole on said:

      3,5 passionate stars What a journey!!! Now that i've read the whole story not in parts i have to say thatit was an enjoyable story with her pros and cons.Let's talk about the book, Passion ignites is a fantasy-romance story,Thorn is the bad boy of the Dragon Kings, a strong warrior who hunts dark Fae and protects humans. One day he sees Lexi being lured into the Dark Fae's trap, he has no choice but to rescue her from them. Lexi was out on the hunt for avenging her friend's murder, then she meet [...]

    13. WTF Are You Reading? on said:

      Passion Ignites is the seventh full length novel in Donna Grant's Dark Kings series. Featuring Dragon King, Thorn, and his vengeful vixen, Lexi. This story has all the trademark fight, fervour, and frustration that it has become known for. With leading lady Lexi making a strong showing in the department of badassery. As she embarks on a one woman quest to find the Dark Fae responsible for the murder of her friend. A quest which lands her right in the middle of the on going battle between the Dar [...]

    14. on said:

      openbooksociety/article/paPassion IgnitesDark Kings, Book #7By Donna GrantISBN# 9781250071941Author’s Website: donnagrant/Brought to you by OBS reviewer HeidiLexi was on vacation with friends when her friend Christina left a pub with a man that gave Lexi a bad feeling. Soon after, she went looking for Christina, but it was too late, she found her naked and dead. Then the guy she went with and a couple of his buddies came out laughing about it, she saw their hair color change and their eyes tur [...]

    15. Linda on said:

      The Dark are getting darker and I can't wait for the next installment in this series! "Look at me," she demanded. He whirled around and held out his arms. "What do you want me to say? Aye. I'm a dragon!"PASSION IGNITES by Donna Grant is an action-packed installment in the author's Dark Kings series. First of all, you should know that I'm a huge fan of Donna's Dragon Kings. While PASSION IGNITES is not one of my favorites in the series, it's nevertheless a good, solid addition. Honestly, the fir [...]

    16. Shauni on said:

      Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookWhat Donna Grant has done with this series of series is nothing short of spectacular. She had a concept and allowed it to grow without damaging the original idea. Book 7 in her Dark Kings Series dances the line between touching base with the history of the series and introducing some new concepts (more on that in a later review). And of course she does it brilliantly.Thorn is considered the "Bad Boy" of the Dragon Kings. He's spent his entire waking life walk [...]

    17. ReadingDiva Book Reviews on said:

      Passion Ignites by Donna Grant **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's BlogREVIEW: Passion Ignites is the second book I read by Donna Grant and it certainly isn’t going to be the last. In Passion Ignites we witness once again the fight between the Dark Fey and the Dragon Kings that seem to be getting even more dangerous.For Thorn, finding his mate was not in his plans. He wasn’t even thinking about the possibility when it just happened. While in the streets fighting the Dark, Thorn meets Lexi, a [...]

    18. Tanya Davis on said:

      Passion Ignites starts off with Lexi hunting down her friend's killer. She is obsessed. The difference here between Lexi and a lot of the heroines in the earlier books is that Lexi knows there is more out there. She has seen the Dark Fae without their glamour. She knows they are not human. However, that does not stop her from tracking them down and trying to kill them herself.Luckily Thorn has observed Lexi's quest and is compelled to help her. It is implied that he has past issues, and the othe [...]

    19. Melindeeloo on said:

      3.5 stars= pretty good. I've been curious about Grant's Dragon Kings series for a long time - since each book is released as a four part serial it seems like there is always a new book coming out, which is somewhat appealing. So, coming into this series for the first time I knew that I was many books behind but I didn't really clue into how many. This is book seven and it is clear that there is a lot of history that a fan of the series would have brought with them. Author Grant does throw in bit [...]

    20. Kristin & Sue Ellen ~ GirlyGirlBookReviews on said:

      Passion Ignites is Donna Grant at her finest! I loved, loved, loved it!!! There is constant action and you will not want to put this book down because you will be dying to know what happens on the next page! The intoxicating tale she weaves of love and lust are filled with heart pounding action and will for sure keep you on the edge of your seat! I swear each book just keeps getting better!The world as the Dragon Kings know it is changing drastically and they are in an all out war with the Dark [...]

    21. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      Grieving over her friend’s unexpected murder, Lexi is determined to find her killer. However, the Dark have lured her into their embraces and when Thorn spots the curious woman, he knows that she is in immediate danger. Unfortunately, Lexi trusts no one. Not even the handsome warrior who seems to know more about what’s going than she does.I’ve been a fan of this series for some time now. However, the beginning of this book felt a little choppy to me. It begins after Lexi’s friends die an [...]

    22. Candace on said:

      Donna Grant is sizzling in Dragon fire in the 7th installment of her dragon kings series, Passion Ignites. And I have to say it's my favorite so far. there is action, love, steamy sex scenes and we get to see a whole new side to a few of our favorite dragon kings, hint hint: King of Kings. The war has just begun and with every page you read, you find yourself sucked into the fire and passion of Thorn and Lexi. all the while Donna Grant Keeping hold to the secrets we all dying to know. Passion [...]

    23. Deannie on said:

      ARC kindly provided by NetGalley for an honest review.*********************What do you think? NOT ENOUGH STARS!I have absorbed each and every book of her Dark Warrior and now the Kings series. I love the main story-line of conquering the Dark and protecting humans from all who seek to control and kill. In the midst of all the chaos is this beautiful story of a King who finds his mate in a war that is being driven by the need to conquer all.The Kings are so awesome and each book has it's own stor [...]

    24. Heather andrews on said:

      n's body is like a heavenly present for Lexi, I mean the girl can't focus on just one part, "Lexi let her hand trail down Thorn’s magnificent chest and his tight abdomen. She wanted to look closer at his dragon tat. The ink wasn’t just black. It had a mixture of red in it as well. But her attention was pulled away by his thick member. He was impossibly hard." I liked this book, I love the Dragon kings they're fiercely protective and when they fall they fall hard.

    25. Myra Espino on said:

      EEEEKKK!!! Love this book! The way the story started until it ended is FREAKING-AMAZING!!! Ms. Donna did an amazing job in this book! The story and the characters are great. I was easily pulled in into the story and the characters are easy to relate with and like. This book is one of my favorite books this year. Things that I like about this book are: the characters are kick-ass! The story is full of surprises and there are no dull moments in this book! Ms. Donna just NAILED IT!!

    26. XxTainaxX on said:

      Can't say that it's easy to read this as a standalone without knowing the history of the world and characters but after muddling through a bit I found my footing. You would think Thorn's broody personality wouldn't match Lexi but somehow it works. The plot is very intricate and definitely has me curious about the secondary characters. I am quite on the hook for themC provided for an honest review.

    27. Candy Ann Varty on said:

      This was an awesome book, Thorn was such a heart throb. So gentle and sexual man I really need me a dragon

    28. Barbara Stewart on said:

      Thorn finds Lexi following the dark. The dark they are the ones that she calls the red eyes. He saves her a few times she pays and back by stabbing in with a knife. She didn't realize that he was healing himself until one time she stepped in and watched it heal. Lexi had gone to Scotland with her friends on a vacation when one of the three got murdered she took it upon herself to find the the one who murdered her friend she saw who did it and he had red eyes and change the color of his hair it w [...]

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